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DTX22- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 22

1993-07-18-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 22
Dallas TX #22


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon7-18-93 July 18 1993
Lesson 22

Possess your soul in patience. Live in God’s love.
Saturate cover up and delight in the Father’s peace and serenity. Living the spiritual life is not something to avoid with distaste. Living in the burdensome lifestyles as you do now it is good riddance for this is a heavy load to carry around and a low energy in which to do your work. This is not what you want and this really will be shown to you if you take up the lighter brighter loving lifestyle. Let go of needless thinking. Let go of burdensome problems. Let all the trash drop out of your life into the dumpster. Kick scream yell and rebel as you do it BUT DO IT. Now you will have ROOM for all the delightful thoughts of creativity.

You will have the TIME to do what YOU REALLY WANT TO CARRY FORTH OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE. TAKE THE extra TIME YOU HAVE NOW TO PONDER and commune WITH THE LOVING FATHER. Sit in his presence and rejoice as you think of the spiritual road ahead. The Father loves you. He will take your hand and be with you every step of the way. But we see a hesitation! We know of your concerns! Question: Are these concerns helping you get closer to God? Are they bringing God closer to you? Think along with us. Gather up your wisdom which has accumulated over the years. Look at this wisdom and see the happiness it has given to each one.

I see you smiling WITH HAPPINESS about all of your accumulated wisdom /truth. My dears you love the spiritual values YOU HAVE GAINED OVER THE YEARS. YOU WORKED HARD FOR THEM. YOU EARNED THEM. YES REMEMBER THE WORK YOU PUT INTO CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDES when you first read The Urantia Book. Yes remember this smile when you hang on to useless thoughts useless burdensome problems needless duties. Life can be much more simply lived by you if you remember the good that has come from applying your spiritual knowledge.

We will not go into the nitty-gritty details of your grievances of why you wish to hang on to heavy dark clouds that weigh you down. You are very familiar with your own stuff. We wish to stress the good. We wish to allow you to glimpse the peace of mind you can have on the spiritual road with the Father by your side. When concerns appear in your thoughts you can easily discern if the problem is yours to review. Let others take into review their own problems. You concern yourself with so much that is not your business.

BE EFFECTIVE. BE EFFECTIVE IN YOUR FAITH. Drop your worries. Most of the time your concerned worries do not come true. Take only yourself in hand with a critical eye. TURN THE SPOTLIGHT ON YOURSELF. LET THE GOD RAYS SHOW YOU THE WAY TO CHANGE TO GO FORWARD. Let the working you so laboriously DO be for your OWN awakening in enlightenment. Keep allowing your thoughts to arise in your mind but discard the ones that are not yours to take up. Life will be much simpler. You work on yourself. Love yourself.

And when you learn to love yourself and fix yourself this love will pour out to others. This love is the only thing that you can truly in the truest sense give to others love thoughts without judgments. Love thoughts see potentials. Love thinkers are genuinely interested in hearing what others have to say hearing others with the ears of God’s love and being merciful. Beautiful thoughts will emerge from your work in this manner. You will see love in others their goodness by doing so. You can help each other become the spiritual children that you are meant to be. Concern yourself not with how others will do their work for each person will take up the tasks that they enjoy doing.

They will see the VALUE FOR THEMSELVES in this work where they choose to put their energy. You will notice the excitement in their voices. Yes you will see the delightful joy in their eyes for they have discovered what they want and need to share with their friends families and other beings that cross their path each day. Each person will discover the supreme values that they want to teach.

Don’t be hesitant about finding your love work. Do something. Act so you will have a task to delight the Father and yourself. These works will be evident if you allow your natural tendencies to surface if you allow your natural abilities to be given in service to others. Yes this is not a mystery just merely undiscovered by most of you in this group. Many talents are blossoming as you grow spiritually. Many talents are added to your natural abilities. Each one of you is very capable and willing. Grow spiritually my children and you will see the enhancement of yourself in the higher path to service.

YOU WILL BE EMBELLISHED IN THE FATHER’S WORK WITH MANY MANY EXTRA BLESSINGS THAT YOU CAN USE FOR OTHERS TO SEE YOU AS THE EXAMPLE AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS PERFECTLY CONTENT TO ACCEPT THE BLESSINGS TO USE THEM. These very important statements here are a clue to the new awakening that awaits each one of you. The spiritual life is fun cheerful lively joyful delightful and so rewarding.

Yes we can see the laughter AS YOU BEGIN TO follow our suggestions here. You will laugh and laugh at your own hesitation to TAKE UP this pathway of living. You will compose many jokes about your own hesitation. You will have fun in the path of rejoicing and really living fuller. Your lack of understanding is what is delaying your progress. When you assist yourself by being with the Father each day you will see CLEARLY. You will understand. Your confidence in yourself will soar upward and we will have to caution you to keep that big toe on the ground. For your tendencies to go overboard once you have found the truth is then another side of the growth problem you will experience. Don’t worry about this; keep your balance in your growth in the spiritual lights of love. Let yourself soar so you can see all that there is to see.

Experience it all. Let your heart sing with the Father in his universe songs of love. Oh yes we dearly wish each one would allow this to happen. We would rather you soar than sink in the darkness of the heavy burdens that you carry and take anew each day. We are happy for your growth and as we once stated we celebrate with each one as you grow. Yes this is our work we do with you. And we see this happening much growth. We send the Father’s love when you are experiencing growth. In the GROWTH process you DO have to change to take action or grow heavier with burdens. As you see what we are talking about here we won’t elaborate but YOU know yourself well. Most of you do.

Some keep secrets from themselves but most of you are faced with your problems every day. It the problem stares at you. You stare at the problem and do nothing. It becomes a staring contest! And we root for you to win the contest! Some of you do something about the problems; others let the problems sit IN their minds. You face it everyday as it stares back at you. WHY is this problem staring nudging you? BECAUSE IT needs attention EITHER IT IS A DISCHARGEABLE PROBLEM OR it is a problem that will TAKE some action SOME STEP FORWARD TO ALLEVIATE IT. THIS IS HOW TO BEGIN THE PROCESS OF INTELLIGENTLY DOING YOUR PART TO HELP YOURSELF. These mortals who just slide by in life have kept the same problems from years ago. They invariably pick up another problem here and there each day.

See how problems and concerns pile up and you have your own dumpster full of problems if you don’t act to remove the rubble each day. Don’t you find this amusing that you choose to live this way? Don’t you find this way of living exhausting? Don’t you see the futility of living such a life? Do your spiritual work each day and you will be lighter brighter and so much happier. Do your spiritual work each day and you will become accustomed to the debris that comes your way but you gladly step aside; WISELY dodge it and return love. Don’t take the problem inside. But DO LOOK at the problem staring you in the face. This is your problem to solve to act on. Take up your own problems and as you become more skilled in your sorting ABILITY it will be an automatic process. ACT OR DISCARD!

You take charge and act with God by your side insomuch as this refining action will occur each day of your life. When you have problems say to yourself: This IS life. This is THE life! And! This is MY life! I choose to be a good sorter and worker who knows how to move forward slowly and steadily. I know the way to go now. Nothing can keep me from God. Not silly worries not another’s problems not my own problems for I will take some action today. Now I feel better just thinking in this positive way. Yes I feel better just knowing that I am capable of keeping my mind free of unnecessary thoughts useless thoughts that are not serving me. God and I together will work blending my thoughts so that I know how to keep what I need or discard. You are my guide in this process God. You know best what I need. With your help all WILL WORK OUT FOR THE GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED.

I take up my problems each day with cheerfulness and I will allow others to do the same. They are very capable and have your help too. When I begin to see that each person is in charge of their own problems and I freely allow them to work on them I am showing others respect. This respect will encompass the thoughts that will show me the way to spiritual living as the way that I want to live. When another person has a problem I will see them in a new light of being able and capable of solving their confusions as well or better than I can.

I see them as very capable too. This new freedom will add to them my thoughts and energy that they are okay in the sight of God. I will affirm their power that they are spiritual beings too who can do their work in a wise generous and enlightened way. I can enjoy others now for I will not be thinking in my mind of my plans for them of my way for them to be. No I will just enjoy them love them and encourage them with their work and be supportive of their plans. I will see the potential that is budding within. I will rejoice that this is so. I will not fall back into my old habits of making plans for others.

NO no no! Instead I will be happy with them;I will sing praises about them;I will entrust their lives to God. Yes this is the way for me to be. It is the way I want to be. It is a new way to live in God’s love. I will sing this song of praise to all who will listen. Yes it is the way I want to be. ”

You see the benefits of singing instead of frowning. You see the benefits that you will reap in happiness alone. Now dear children have we not been faithful in our trust to you? Do you not see: all that is given to you will be for you to give to others? This is the universe workings. It is! That is why we now encourage you to teach to others inside or outside of the group what you are learning. You teach! You learn anew! You plant the seeds; then you will see the tiny sprouts emerge into new thoughts.

The seeds arise in this student’s mind for her/him to see in a new way. Now a new task is set before you again: How to plant seeds? When you willingly teach you will experience you will see the right and the wrong way to plant little gems of wisdom onto another’s path for the seed to germinate or for the seed to drop along the path. Place your minds in our capable hands to teach you the right way to plant wisdom for others to take up as their own.

1. Place into your heart the love of teaching by experience. When you experience the joy of sharing your will to learn will provide the momentum to move you forward into the learning processes. Do you understand how much a part experience plays in your life? Do you understand how experience will move you into the mode of searching for information that is applicable to any situation that you experience?

2. You will be inspired. You will possess enough energy to fortify yourself inasmuch as you want to learn to teach. It is your idea. You willingly put forth the efforts that are required to participate in the sharing of your new-found knowledge. The teaching process is like this.

3. You need to share God’s love because it wells up in your heart to be given in just such situations as sharing with whomever you meet. Don’t be so concerned with WHOM to share as with the willingness on your part to be the one who WILL stop and share. You are the one who will listen to others and share. You are the one who will see the opportunities where you CAN share. Positive actions result in positive feedback.

4. Why do you have to share? Your heart is running over with love. You share your experience of God. You give to others your experience from your heart and this will prove to be an inspiring example for others. They will want this same enthusiasm that you have. They will be touched by your words as your words have substance a force behind them. You are willing to extend yourself to them so they may be questioning this kindness. But that other person may figure it out themselves: You are sharing because God’s love is welling up inside you and you have to share it with someone.

5. Make a list of possible topics or better yet bring these statements that people say where you are ABLE to talk about your personal experience your personal religion. We will discuss the important points to stress or answer. This point is about being ready being prepared. Of course you could ask the Father to help and YOU CAN BE SURE HE WILL. But it is fun to practice these exercises in that the enlightenment is sent out into the universe when you mail these lessons to other groups.

This is the economics of the spiritual life. We teachers share our lessons among us. We each have our specialties. We are each encouraged to interpret the process from our own experience but the subject matter often is the same. Or we each partake of our specialties by giving the lessons and then they are shared out into your world by you. Do you understand how saving of our time we are here? Much is planned and often there is much more that you could see if you have the eye of the spiritually hearted and truth gleaner.

All our undertakings are worked out this way. So we are asking you to participate in the learning process in a greater way. We value your participation we value your input we value your questions and we love to participate with you in these sessions where you actually do most of the talking the working. In this arrangement you grow more in your knowledge of learning. Allow us then to put these lessons into our Wednesday night meetings.

Thus you will have something to learn and talk about and we will make enlightened comments or ask you questions. How does this sound to you? Is it a deal? We would so like to be the proud teachers of such a willing group. Now it is much that we have imparted to you about your work here in these lessons. The lessons are your work if you would really like to grow in wisdom and in love.

You see us as great talkers and you let us talk on and on. But we know you can talk a lot too for we hear you daily expound on many subjects except rarely about our lessons. Does this touch a nerve? Look again at yourself. You think back. It was by your own request that lessons were given. Okay let us look and look and understand here. We will continue to allow you to be as you are if that is what you want. We will be more general in our answers in our wisdom. But truly is this what you want? Think again of the progress you have made but think also of how much more progress you will make if you are engaged in taking the lessons more seriously. We are stating the facts here. If we are wrong about you and the lessons we definitely will apologize. Definitely let us approach this matter in our sessions with you. Okay?

Let us have an open discussion together about this topic. Let us bring this topic out in the open. We will explain our side and you please comment with your opinions. Let us hear from each of you on this our question. Always remember we love you above all else. We are here with you in love. It is our love that will take you forward when you grasp how much the Father loves you.

It is our love and respect for each of you and your love and respect for us that will bring us closer to harmony by understanding. Please take up this love as your own your own choice to give. It is yours to give out to all people. Your world is so needy. We see the need and we are saddened. We long for it the spiritual awakening to begin to lighten up your world with love in a greater way. And it has. Yes the awakening has begun. In our sadness we speak as we do. We want to help your world. But we initially influence only you directly and immediately as our students. We want you to take up the flame of love and hand it out to all that you meet. So our children our students give and give the Father’s love. It can never be given too much nor too soon.

Consider this: If each of you is directly influenced by us and each person that you meet is directly influenced by you this influence can be phenomenal. Can each of you do a little more? Can each of you do something extra? Can each of you think more seriously about what you can do? Can each of you be a positive influence on the others in the groups by taking SOME ACTION in reaching out to your fellowmen? Will someone be the leader and act? Now we will close by asking you to go in peace with the Father by your side. Ask him to be the one to place peacefulness in your mind and heart. In your peaceful ways give out to others your love. Be calm but be active. Be peaceful but be active.

Be all the things that you desire but be active. Find someone to teach. For when you are learning if you fail to teach you are not really learning/experiencing. When teaching you experience what you do not know what you do not understand what other questions you need to ask to receive more information on the subject. Learning is the way to experience by proof if you truly are understanding and getting the information. But in most cases of learning you are in need of additional data. You come back to the teacher and say: I was not quite knowledgeable about this subject. Could you enlarge on it more especially about this.. . or that. . . ? Do you see how to tell if you are truly learning something?

Teaching provides a space for you to really know of what you speak. It provides you a larger arena for learning. Now dear ones when you learn you are also proving that the lesson is true. It is real. It does work. Love in service is beautiful. It is exciting. It is so enthralling and all encompassing. You will love it. We need to share more about your successes in the group for it will compel others to seek out the universal way of learning/teaching. Transmission from Anastacia to Jeannie.

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