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DTX23- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 23

1993-07-22-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 23
Dallas TX #23


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon7-22-93 July 22 1993
Lesson 23

Be patient, be brave.
Step forward into action.
Risk all in God’s love.

You are all ready to step up to action. We urge you to see the benefits that this action will bring into your life. It is this action in the Father’s service that is your life. It is life. Yes it is your life. Now let your personal service begin. Do your personal work with the Father by your side. We say this because you will enjoy the work of personal service your personal giving to others on your planet. Place your hand in the Father’s and allow him to guide you forward. Be the one who will take a step some extra step forward. This is what we would have you do now. Take an extra step forward. Be the one who prays about how when and where you will take these steps forward. Give these steps more serious thought.

  • 1 Be more interested in your personal work with others. Be alive and alert so you can see the opportunities to service.
  • 2 Be willing to take the time to share.
  • 3 Be the willing one to be aware of how you can serve. Yes my dears be alert be aware be willing.

The three Be’s will allow love through.
We want your lessons to be fun. Have you ever had fun while you learn? Have you ever had so much fun you didn’t know you were learning? This is another lesson that we will speak of later when we see your understanding peaking; but we speak of learning now by being alert being aware and being willing. How have you learned from someone else? Where you were so willing to look at the truth and so proud of this truth that you wanted to experience it so much you took this truth and tried it in your life. Do you remember a time as this?

This is one way to learn from your experience. Have you shared with someone who took the truth and very carefully told you Thank you? They not only took the truth into their mind to process but they used it with heartfelt thanks. Be alert to the method you used. This is another way to learn from your experiences. How many times we have seen you share with others? And we see you learning to share by teaching. You plant the seeds of truth in your everyday life. Be aware that each one of you influence people each day by your actions your example your words even of what you don’t say.

You influence even when you aren’t intending to teach. It is our pleasure to teach you. It is our pleasure to influence you with our words. Yes have you thought about the limitations that are placed on us because WORDS are our method of communication with you. Our words represent us personally. You are beginning to recognize us by our words and the tone of our voices. Words are our means of communication. Our words are used to teach you but more importantly our words reach your heart.

We set the example of being a good teacher by our messages questions and answers. We use techniques of teaching. We touch your hearts with our words and sharings. Our concepts touch you and our urgings help you move into action. If you recognize our handicap in expressing and reaching your minds you are realizing one of our challenges in this mission.

Is it our difficulty or another obstacle to jump over in order to build a relationship with you? What is your opinion here? Words have power. Our thoughts build in substance and reach your heart when you allow the spirit to breathe life into our messages. Hear the spirit whispering in your ear building trust and faith as you reconcile for yourself the truth. How else can you explain the mystery of this situation when you only hear and/or see our words on paper? You listen!

And we thank you in gratitude in the spirit. Your responses to us have been amazing. Your willingness to gather to hear our words brings joy as bright as day. Truly we thank the Father that this is so. The Father will bless you too in the willingness to be the student and the teacher. As we have said before each one is a student in life and each is a teacher. This is a fact of existence. If you influence then you are teaching. Someone is looking noticing and learning from you each day. Each action you take has repercussions.

Each action has an impact. Your active influence will either uplift you and the influenced; or it will set you and possibly the two three or indiscriminate spectators back. Ponder this statement. You fill up your days with your actions your learning and your teaching. Have you ever really been aware or considered how important your actions are to others?

Do you see now how each one is a teacher in their life role in your example? But you my dears are stepping up to take an even higher step than before. Your dedication is to share more fully more meaningfully more efficiently more willingly. You are extending your personal work of sharing a step higher with more dedication and devotion. God then takes steps to see that you have help in this endeavor of seriously working in his behalf with the Supreme. Yes this is noted on the records of time. You are receiving our help as teachers who will show and encourage you to be this teacher that you are increasingly sensing that you want to be. Now let us refresh your memories.

We asked of you if you wanted to keep the meetings in a more general sense or if you wanted to have more direct training. Your answer was yes. We as your teachers will take our direction from you. When you are willing to work we willingly work with you. Otherwise we slow down our pace and go back to the general information and general questions. Is this agreeable with everyone that we move forward? We will wait for this answer from you again.

For now let us say more about the learning/teaching process. As your teachers we learn too. We experience joy in your efforts and earnest attempts the same joyful expression when your two-year-old picks up your ideas and uses them. We experience so much more than we knew we would in our roles as your teachers and friends. Your influence falls on us too. We watch and are inspired by your efforts. We love you dear ones; truly we do. We never grow tired of telling you this. Our records show that you are progressing forward at a high level of learning. Most of you were already aware of the principles of getting along with each other. You needed encouragement to exercise your mind muscles and to reinforce these ideas. You saw the need in your life for these higher ideals to hold more importance in your spiritual enhancement of progressive living.

Inasmuch as we see you getting frustrated when situational encounters puzzle and perplex you we see the information in the depths of your minds. You want to experience harmony and love instead of confusion but out of confusions comes clarity from experience. Your soul knows the way of love. Your soul will lead you into practice until you are not taken off guard. Knowing and experiencing holds the facts to reality. You handle encounters in your best judgment.
Often you react without forethought in your tendencies of letting the feelings flare up and upon whomever is in your path.

We do not say that you are pleased with these reactions. We know you are not. So you seek verification of how to change yourself so these repeated unwanted episodes end. Undesired and untamed reactions are the lures that help you move forward to seek your spiritual connection with the Father in sincerity. The need to improve your behavior brings you forward to God. You are well aware of your love expressions when you stay in communication with God. WE ASK YOU TO TEST THIS THEORY AND PUT THE EXPERIENCE IN YOUR REALITY.

Act without spiritual guidance OR just notice your quarrelsome attitudes when you neglect your spiritual work. You have many many experiences of these undesirable reactions but we ASK YOU NOW TO UNDERSTAND WHY YOU HAVE THEM to really understand why you lose yourself in unwanted reactions when you aren’t attentive to your spirit work. This habit of being with the Father gives you the operative energy to stay secure in his love. Throughout the day reaffirm that you VERY MUCH WANT to enable God to assist you in giving his love freely and willingly. You are each excelling in your behavior of correcting; adjusting in your awareness of how to proceed.

We are pleased and assured that you are consecrated to the Father’s will in all that you do when you are keenly attuned. We praise the Father that this is so. We celebrate with you. We sing praises to our Father that his love will heal your whole planet and that individual by individual you will grow stronger each day. We pray for peace to permeate your soul as you step forward in the joy of service to your fellow men. We sing often of the harmony in your work together with each other. We visualize you smiling in happiness each day.

Indeed we picture you in our minds as happy creatures who delight in doing anything that the Father has planned for you. In willingness you will take up your work in joyfulness you do the work and in thanksgiving you thank the Father for these blessings. In our lessons we speak so to influence you directly. We make words stand out in your mind by painting vivid pictures in hopes of giving you information that you take immediately and use. You by seeing our example will take up these words and use them. Our words will stand the examination and the test of time.

Our love grows stronger as we work together. Our love evolves into trust and acceptance. Our work together will be rewarding and enriching for each person who partakes of our lessons. Those who will listen and learn will enjoy this enrichment each day of their life. Those that are too busy to listen will still learn the lessons at a later time. No one will be exempt from learning and teaching love. Each person will learn the power of love in the Father’s workshop of life. The Father is the love that each one seeks. The Father gives the love by filling your heart to overflowing. He floods your heart adequately.

No one need ever be digging in the dumpster for help nor digging frantically in the dry sands for water when you have the fluid love eternal flowing generously into your heart. Picture a fountain of water reaching upward. See the rainbow of colors shining through the bubbling water. Each drop of the water is a precious powerful bead of love. You feel the refreshing cool spray fall on your face and these beads of love melt your cares and worries away. Nothing but this experience is in your mind now.

Feel the presence of love emanating from the light rays that shine through the water of color. With renewed gentleness you gather strength from the Father’s love. The love of the Father is like the fountain of continual cool water of love that cleanses. It is renewing life renewing itself again and again each day. It flows freely through the air currents in droplets out to the person sitting close to you out to others in the room. If you listen you will hear the melodies of love as it touches all people on your planet.

The light glimmers through the living water of love and reflects the colors. The rainbow changes colors as it touches each person. The colors vibrate brighter as the melodies are sounded forth back to God. Each person has a color that is more predominate than the other colors. Allow your color to be seen by everyone. It is beautiful so beautiful. The light of the colors covers you and whispers its melodies. Hear the melodious music of love. It sings; it is beautiful to hear to see. Love brings lightness brightness and more strength.

You are feeling so much lighter so energized in love. Picture this reflection of color. Each person is reflecting back to others the light that shines from them. This is how love gives reflection back to you and then continues on being given by others. It is the process of give and take the beautiful networking of love moving from one person to another and out into the world. It is colorful to see and very melodious. Listen to the sounds of love as they touch your heart as others send their love to you. Is it not beautiful and clear?

So clear and pure is the love of the Father. Let this music dance across your ears and your face. Allow yourself to enjoy this music. Listen for this music every day as you travel about your duties. Hear your own heart sing in joy that it is so. See the colored rainbows of love beads around the people you meet. Enjoy this display and seek this picture whenever you need reinforcement that God’s light does shine on each person. His light rays make the colors and the music. It is the Father’s love that creates such beauty among you. It is his love that allows you to see and hear this sound and color presentation everywhere that you go. In love we each teach and learn learn and teach. Everyone learns and teaches.

Please give to others the precious fluid love of the spirit to touch the truth into a colorful rainbow that glimmers and shines. Speak out for the Father and see your words arrayed in colors. Speak of your experience with the Father. You can share of your daily routine with the Father. Speak by letting the spirit speak through you always in love. By the love teachers Anastacia & Ordon

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