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DTX24- Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 24

1993-07-29-Dallas Collection Part 2-Session 24
Dallas TX #24


o 1.1 Topic: Love Teachers
o 1.2 Group: Dallas TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
o 2.2 TR: Jeannie George

Topic: Love Teachers
Group: Dallas TeaM
Teachers: Anastacia, Ordon
TR: Jeannie George

Anastacia & Ordon7-29-93
Lesson 24

Forget not that you are all brothers and sisters under the Father.
He has created you and brought you into this world as his children. Your awareness of the Father as the creator and you as his creature will promote within you much thought about what you can give to your Father. Your happiness comes from pleasing your Heavenly Father. You will look and see the Father as the one who indeed tends to your needs. Yes this is truly what happens everyday of your life. The Father’s watch care is ever in play around you and every child of the universe. The Father sees only your good. He keeps the good thoughts and your efforts and actions of courage in his heart; it’s his gift from you.

His satisfaction comes from seeing you happy and working in the joy of certainty that he is lovingly watching over you. Oh dear ones be aware of this way to reciprocate to the Father. In giving back you receive much more than you ever can give. The Father gives and gives to each of you. His love creates for you new openings of growth new experiences in his love of how to show it to others. Live in the Father’s love. You are not alone. You have this excellent watch care loving care and guiding care in which to grow and prosper. What is there to be hesitant about when asked to take up your work in your realm of duties?

When each person watches and sees the duties that they can do then we will have more peace and love on your planet. Each person will reach out to others in love and lend a helping hand then we will have peace and love on your planet. Your choice of reaching out to others in love is what you can do. Reach out with love in joint effort. Only BE the person to reach out. Reach out by sending out your transcripts. This is a beginning a starting place. Your own needs are beginning to seem trivial as to some of the problems of your neighbors and friends and others on your planet.

You watch and wait. You are waiting for someone to invite you to be the leader of the group. You are each leaders. You each show the other ones the way to go. Begin to see your role as a teacher/learner/leader. No you say I will stay in my house and never come out except to buy groceries. But you are still being a leader of sorts. You are directly influencing others around you to act the same way. You are being a leader in quietly suggesting by your behavior that doing your duty is to be quiet live quiet and direct your own business by yourself.

This is your teaching to others. How do you lead each other into action? By quietly taking your life and acting on your desires to love others. You are directly influencing others around you. You are too the leader of the group by your actions. We will say that all of you have leadership qualities. Each of you has the ability to speak out and share what you are doing to change yourself.

Only you have the knowledge of what is going on in your life; how you see the change slowly happening in your mind first then you see these ideas being acted upon and used by you. These lessons are slowly changing each one for the better. You are each using these lessons in your daily life. We praise you and celebrate with you when you take up our words to use and aptly apply to living a freer happier more liberated life from your previous confusion. But if your confusion had not happened you would still be in the previous state of not really knowing how to step forward into the enlightened level arena. You continually grow as you live bravely in the Father’s care. Yes you are reaching forward to learn more fully the awakened state of mind. You each desire this and we see that you were very weary of the old method of being right about everybody and everything. Now you are able to allow another to speak and listen.

You let them be in the growth stage that they are currently living for it is how you step to the next level. Why not grow in love together? Why not be in the flowing mist of love that melts away all turmoil from the mind by keeping refreshed daily? Yes refresh daily by communing with the Father heeding his call from the routine of existence and taking shelter in the abode where the Father lives within you. Rest in this sheltering place of care with love and wise counsel. You are each so beautiful. You try so hard and you do succeed by your efforts. We see your efforts. We see your longings for improvement. We know of your wishes to be more satisfied with your walks through your daily routine. How can you bring this into fruition? How can you grow each day as you walk with your family friends’ group members and coworkers?

The only way to go to be truly satisfied with your daily fruits is to take the Father’s hand. Don’t go anywhere without the Father by your side. Take his love in your heart; picture him by your side always. This is something we insist that you do. Yes this is the way to go. This is the way to be. You insist each day that the Father or your dear brother Michael walk with you. This will bring glorious experiences. You will indeed be so impressed and awed by the work that can be done when you insist that this is the way for you. Your insistence that you no longer want to walk alone will completely change your life from confusion to one of joy in service. You surely hold the key to greater awareness when you try this experiment with the Father.

You need only say: Father take my hand as I go about my daily routine. Walk by my side. With you all will go well and with you I will learn how to better show the love that I want to show to each person that I meet. Nothing can keep me from God. Not anger not confusion not other’s reactions. Nothing will ever be so important again to keep me away from Michael my dear brother and loving friend. I have all the help I need when I am enjoying the company of my Father and my brother Michael. Nothing can delay my work. It will begin today. The Father knows of his plans for me and I will step forward to invest my time with him in my daily chores. He will show me what needs to be done. I will be very aware of this way for me in all things.

Everyday I grow surer and stronger in my direction. As I step forward in God’s behalf I will be quite sure and able to oblige him of doing a good job. My personal work will shine in the love that I have gained from truth to use for others to see. Nothing can stop me from my task. Nothing can delay me now but myself my own hesitation. Importantly Michael will be there pointing to the way to go in all that I undertake in his name. Nothing can stall me with his power and right direction; I know the way. I see the way to travel with Michael by my side. In all earnestness I will deliver my work to God as the best work that I can do the best fruits that I can produce as I walk through my life. I have nothing to fear; therefore I will cheerfully take up my work in joy of service and thanksgiving. ”

Children of mine the Father will say let us walk together in the garden of time. Let us think as one and soon we will be of like mind. I will lead you dear child through the dark waters; and the light of truth will be in your heart as we travel and work and enjoy our daily journeys together. We will invite others to join us as many are waiting just to be asked. They will follow us as we walk together talk together and love all who come into our path. It will be satisfying and deeply rewarding for many hungry souls are waiting for the truth. They are looking for my love and it will be shown to them by many like you who are earnestly willing to speak in my behalf. If you take my hand I will ever be the example of love in a much greater illumination.

Have faith in my power as your willing guide who will lead you safely to the shores of eternity. You will delight in our cheerful demeanors together for the spiritual work is light and joyful. So much of your concerns are not necessary when you invite me to fight with you as I can suggest another attitude of faith in my plan in my way for you to trod. Happiness is our energy of harmony in love to fill the hearts of all we meet. Because another soul has walked and talked with us together their life will be lighter and brighter too. Love spreads from one person to another like the wind that blows the leaves. You see the leaves sway in your yard but think again of the movement in other yards.

Think of the wind as my love. Think then of my love refreshing as the breezes on a very hot day. The wind is everywhere but it can’t be seen but you know the wind moves the leaves. Love is more powerfully contagious than the wind; and it touches the hearts of as many people comparatively more than the leaves that you can see. Love will be our unity of purpose. Children of mine be love personified by living in my love.

Together as friends we walk and talk; and everything is as it should be. Stay by my side and we will closely be one in mind. Ask me your questions. In my love you shall know all that is possible to know. Trust my words that I place in your heart. Dear child of mine be with me in the silence so you can hear me speak of love eternal to you. Be with me in your heart and mind. Be with me in all that you do. I love you with a Fatherly love; there is none more lovely correcting and encouraging as a Father and child relationship. Our love will be forever.

You see the beauty of these messages. You feel them pull at your heart strings. You are blessed in hearing them. Now let us begin to see beauty in all areas of our lives together. Let us begin to have trust in each other. Let us confer together as partners who are diligently working for the same goal. We are as one. No longer do you have to work alone. No longer will you not know the way to go. You are enlightened and equipped with the spiritual radar. It will help you perceive all that is necessary for you to do to start forward. Trust in this urgent message. Take it to heart. Step out with the Father by your side and the willing crew members of the mission are waiting to assist you also. Never will you travel alone again for we are here also. Allow ALL THIS HELP to be utilized each day.

Allow our powerful crew members to begin to assist you in any way that we can. Listen to our messages and let your heart sing with proud assurance that you have chosen this way to go in your life. Please let us be with you more often now that the summer months are halfway over. It is our intention to be around you as we plan together in our lessons and how to be effective outreach workers. Now silently let us praise the Father for all his beloved care. Let us give homage to our friend Betty. She lived bravely and passed on to a higher way of living. Yes her life was lived as she wished it to be.

Worry not now about the reasons for her transference at this time. When you meet again on another shore you will see and chat with her about the good old days on Urantia. This will be an enjoyable meeting for you will see the Betty who is transformed from her material body to one awakened in the light of everlasting love. Forget not her acts of kindnesses but do let us have peace in our minds about her departure for the Mansion Worlds. She will be with friends and family too. Let us wish her well and allow her to be free to proceed in her life as the scholar and seeker of truth that she was here.

In understanding another’s life (seeing it from the viewpoint of its origin history and destiny) you will never again hesitate to give to another your truth nor your beautiful beliefs of God’s love. It will linger in your mind as the only way to be here. It is true in all your endeavors to be true to yourself and share what you see of the beauty that surrounds you now. Look now and see this beauty. Allow it to be the focal point of your day. In doing this you will understand from the Deity viewpoint of living. Never delay your living to your fullest for tomorrow may be on another world. Understand this idea and you will see that tomorrow is now and yesterday is history.

You will see today. You will see tomorrow anew but today is for your enjoyment in living. Treat each day as precious. You won’t have it tomorrow. What will happen today that can be special and so rewarding that you won’t ever forget it in all eternity? Make this day as perfect as possible. Let us have a time together soon to discuss our everyday life which specifically includes having joyfulness explode while we work. Could joyfulness so become part of you that IT is the normal way of acting? Can you be happy no matter what you have to do? Let us gauge our happiness by how joyful we are each morning to be part of the day that is before us. You are aware in your life that you have the morning to arise and shine. Do you approach each day as a gift from the Father for his association with you?

Nothing will be quite as important and as joyful as keeping this appointment every morning as you rise to meet your family. When you smile your eyes twinkle. Just by being happy you will cause others to ask themselves some questions. Why is she/he so happy? Happiness comes from inside you. It can’t be produced unless you consciously give your smiles and your humor. Practicing will help it become habitual. Happiness is more than smiling. But happiness can happen if you allow a lighter spirit to permeate your attitudes. Think of the happiness you have missed because you dwelt on the negatives instead of the positives! All is possible with the Father. Happiness comes from letting Michael shoulder part of the load each day.

Lighten the burdens by seeing yourself in capable hands to produce the best way to deal with your days. Each day is another opportunity to be who you want to be. It is as we say. See how important it is FOR YOU to be in the state of mind of joyfulness. It is your choice. Your freedom is of the inner work. This is in your control. Who among you thinks of yourself as being part of the mission will indeed have much to smile about. You are the workers who will be blessed and happy. We are in the mission work so we are experts about the happiness that comes from honest hard work. You come to this conclusion as you are more adept at changing attitudes from one of worry about what you will do to one of love peace and understanding. Everything happens in its own time. And you can be happy while all about you others are losing their heads with worry.

No one compels you to worry. You allow it to happen. All is well with those who steadily daily commune with the Father. All will be as it should be. Let God take up his part as you do your part. This is all that is asked of you. Be at peace. We speak of you each day as we pray. Include us in your prayers for in joining together our work becomes more fruitful. We love each one of you dearly. Our prayers are for each one daily. Be happy dear children and love each other more fully and sincerely. Happiness will be yours as you vividly picture yourself this way. Thoughts have energy. Naturally we suggest positive happy thoughts. Think happy! Think joy! We are your teachers. Anastacia and Ordon

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