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ERE135- Wealth

Erethea #135


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Wealth
o 1.2 Group: ERETHEA
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Vince
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Wealth
 3.1.2 Materialism
 3.1.3 Spirituality
 3.1.4 Progress
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Wealth
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Vince



There are many people in your world who think they would like to be wealthy and a relative few who think they are; and yet, from my perspective they are all very poor indeed. Wealth in your dimension is mostly regarded as money in the bank a number of houses in different countries, garage loads of cars, mountains of gold and jewelry, yachts, planes, caviar and champagne.

In a deficient society such as you have on Earth, the wage slaves look up from their toil and dream of financial wealth and the sense of security which it appears to bring; some go on to realize this dream, but most do not. Every person on your planet who becomes financially wealthy does so at the expense of many other citizens of the global population. This is true whether it is old money which was gained through actual slavery, or more recent riches based on the rape of raw materials from poorer countries.

Those of you in “western” society have had a relatively better material life than those who exist in mud huts and shanty towns of what you call “third world” countries, where abject poverty and hunger are the norm. It is thus because some of the rich and dark ones took their mineral resources, hydrocarbon deposits, and crops; and paid a pretty poor penny for it. But, they can buy these resources for just a few rupees, cents, or renimbis, and the finished products are sold for a huge mark-up, far over and above any justifiable service charge.

There are many people in “western” countries who can no longer afford to buy life’s essentials as they are now too expensive, for the rich dark ones have inserted a layer of taxation at every stage of a product’s manufacture, distribution and sale to the end user, and vast profit margins are also another fact of life. That’s what you get if you are an ordinary person living in a Capitalist society. Communist states are no better, for the leeches at the top suck out most of the juices and leave just a carcass for the vultures to finish off.


What makes the world such a miserable place for the majority, is the desire of the few to become financially wealthy at the expense of others. Now, I know there are many good people who run small businesses which provide valuable services, and do their best to give value for money, but really these are in the minority and many of them have been forced out of business by global corporations who operate locally with worldwide or localized branding. When a manufactured financial downturn arises, yet more of them go to the wall and the stinking rich get even richer.

Well, bully for them; but they aren’t wealthy at all; they have a comfortable life while they are busy stealing from the rest of you, but what is there to show for it at the end, negative karma mostly. Life in the material dimension on an evolutionary planet isn’t supposed to be easy, but you are not supposed to be robbed from to support a parasitic class of individuals who are often called the Illuminati. In the end, if we didn’t stop them, there would be mass extermination and prison camps for those of your society who they regard as human “shit”. That’s one of the milder terms I have heard used, for without their knowledge, members of the Spiritual Hierarchy have attended many planning meetings where the full and very evil plans for how they are going to deal with the massive global population are discussed. These are projected over a long period of time, and usually most of you miss the implications when things are introduced or abolished, for they are very small segments of a process planned out over decades and centuries. They are not wealthy though, they are just spiritual dwarves.

Once you step out of the world in which you exist, and step into another dimension, things are very different. When you have “died” you still exist in a dimension which is currently invisible to you, and money is of no use there; nor is it in most corners of Creation on planets too numerous to name individually here. There are other evolutional planets where tokens of exchange are used, but what happens on your planet is certainly up there with the worst of them. But there are corners of your society where people perform miracles on a daily basis when they go out of their way to assist those of you who are less fortunate than them. They too are increasingly in the minority as there were many more of them, but education for the masses deteriorated over the decades by design, and sadly true spiritual growth is notably absent in so many of the population.


At this point I shall make my usual statement, that actively belonging to a religion does not necessarily bring spiritual growth, and if it does it is in a very limited form. This is because they have all been hijacked by the Dark Ones and exist rather like businesses and are tasked with diverting you from the truth. Please feel free to disagree with me, for I know that many of you do, because you are not in a position to see behind the scenes; but I tell you truthfully that religious knowledge and worship will not provide you with an adequate education for what lies ahead, after your present life is completed; or at the division of your population at the end of this current cycle.

True wealth comes when you are able to love your brothers and sisters of God in an unconditional manner and can share both the good times and the bad with the whole community. This is the true commonwealth, not the former countries of the British Empire who belong to an organisation by the same name, where the shadows of the former slave and master relationship hang heavy in the air. The commonwealth of a truly spiritual society ensures that every single person has a say in how they would like it run, and their resources are shared with everyone equally. Your so-called democracies are anything but.


There is a way for every human in your world today to pursue a path of spiritual progress, and it will be tailor made for you. You don’t have to join any organisation, and there are no fees to pay either. But, it will be difficult, because it will place you in a position where you will have to look at what you really are, and to make progress you will in all probability need to make changes in yourself as your future path unfolds. Many people drink large quantities of alcohol or consume “recreational” drugs as an anesthetic which helps ease the pain of what they have become, which is due to spiritual poverty.

If you decide that you do want to follow a spiritual path, unfortunately there isn’t a store in your shopping mall or in your high street where you can sign up for a course. Your world religions extinguished any hope of that a very long time ago, so you will have to find that connection with God which exists deep within you, on your own. Most people are unaware that within them there is this link to God and if they try to find it, they are almost at the beginning of putting their feet on the bottom rung of the ladder of spiritual growth. If you will, why not look for it, then when you have, you should ask your true God to show you the way forward, and by expressing your true wishes, you will then find yourself being taken through the development process by various means, including intuition, apparent coincidences, revelations, and in many other ways besides.


This is your choice to make or reject, but are you really going to embrace financial wealth which is only valid for this lifetime, against real spiritual wealth which will be with you for ever? I’ll leave you to decide.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing this message to you through Vince, and who made his choice some decades ago.

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