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ERE134- The Nature of Soon

2011-04-01-The Nature of Soon
Erethea #134


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Nature of Soon
o 1.2 Group: ERETHEA
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Vince
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Materialization
 3.1.2 Fashion
 3.1.3 Catastrophism
 3.1.4 Process
 3.1.5 Timing
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: The Nature of Soon
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Vince



This is a relatively short message to explain the perception of delays with the Ascension process in your earthbound material dimension. There have been many messages given to you by various members of the Spiritual Hierarchy over a number of years, and on most occasions there has been precious little evidence of anything happening afterwards as viewed with the naked eye, which has made many people quite frustrated, and some of those have wandered off into the spiritual wilderness, thinking they have been forsaken.

Some predictions of upcoming events have been a mixture of information and disinformation, some have been perfectly true, and others completely false, for some things originate in the offices of the Dark Ones and are intended to deceive. In the overall scheme of things, disinformation adversely affects the authors of such nonsensical drivel far more than it does you ones, and it is merely like flies at a barbecue, which have to be swatted before you can enjoy the feast.


If, for a moment, you can suspend your belief in the clock and calendar method of your timekeeping, and just imagine the “now” you are living in at this precise moment to be a better replacement for time; then you may begin to see things differently. You also have short attention spans, and that helps humanity skip from one craze to another, and many years ago Hula Hoops and Davy Crockett hats were a craze which swept your planet, and today it would be the latest version of the iPhone or PlayStation. But there are also crazes and buzzwords associated with messages of a spiritual nature, and quite recently in your time construct Stasis and The Wave have been used, with the latter now gaining more popularity than the former.

These are also crazes as people reach out for the next development to support their expectations, which they have constructed to suit their desires of having a finite time for an event to happen. After all, if they can book two weeks in July or August for a beach holiday why can’t God just fit His arrangements in to suit humans’ understanding of time?

(If you live in the Southern Hemisphere perhaps late December, just after Christmas through to February is a more appropriate time for two weeks at the beach.)


It is a monumentally difficult task to get you to understand the vast complexity of the Ascension process, so I won’t even try because much of it is totally outside the understanding of ones in a physical incarnation, so let me try another tack. What recently happened in Japan has already made your world a less inviting place, because if you take it beyond the suffering of the Japanese, radioactive particles have spread across to many other countries around the world. There are smaller and less reported events elsewhere, but the tropical storms and floods of Australia were another unpleasant surprise for many. It doesn’t matter whether events are totally natural or manmade like the Gulf of Mexico oil leak, and the dreadful conflict in the Middle East, it is all grist to the mill along the path to Ascension, as your environment deteriorates.

There will be more events of various kinds which will make the situation even worse, and it matters not from whence they come, only that they make life on Earth more challenging. Before any of you can move on to the next phase, the bulk of mankind has to understand what they have done collectively to your wonderful planet. It matters not whether you are a polluter stripping vast swathes of natural resources from Earths’ body, or using a car, computer or TV containing components produced from these raw materials, you are all to blame; even those who look the other way.


There is no single date for a big bang, and Hey Presto, Ascension happens!!! It is a series of events which gradually bring mankind to an understanding of what his species has done to your planet and its other creatures. It is a gradual realization that if things are not changed, then life will no longer be possible on Earth. That does not exist in the minds of the majority yet, and it is essential that it does before things can move on.

What of “The Wave” then? Will it not touch everyone, and then “Wham, bam, thank you Ma’am” you’ve got Stasis and the main part of the Ascension process gets under way? Well, the Ascension process is well and truly under way, except most of you can’t see it yet, and there you are hanging about for it as if you were waiting for the last bus of the day back to town. The Ascension process is a series of events, some big, some small and they will arrive in your dimension often without you knowing, but they are all part of the whole process. The speed of their arrival is to a certain extent dictated by their impact upon humanity, but there is an overall finish point by which the final result must have been achieved, as dictated by Source.

In your parlance, I am connected with your dimension and a few of its people 24/7, and I see what’s happening with an overview you would have difficulty imagining. I see a relatively small number of people who understand how bad your lives have become, but most people do not see it yet. It will take a few more notable events such as happened in Japan, before any kind of understanding by the masses begins. That is unlikely to take one day, or even two weeks; but I can assure you it will be soon.


You can’t just put your lives on hold while you wait for the signs of activity to be evident, because if you do, you will stifle your own spiritual development. Your current cycle had a start point and it has a finish point too, and that’s really important to understand, but it happens when it happens. Whatever your circumstances, I suggest that you look after your own spiritual development for then you will be properly able to reap the benefits of living in a really new age.

For those of you who may be new to my teaching, then “spiritual” is not an alternative word for “religion”, for you will not make adequate spiritual growth if you follow a religion. The religions of your world are various kinds of business dedicated to controlling the masses through the dogma and using corrupted texts replacing the original truthful ones. Some of the leaders and functionaries of these organisations describe themselves as “God’s representative on Earth”; so I must tell you quite simply that they are nothing of the sort.


At that point I will bring my message to a close by asking you to be patient while waiting for events to unfold, you owe it to yourselves to do so, and unless you pass over in the meantime, please trust me when I say that you aren’t going to miss them. I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this message through Vince.

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