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ERE14- Political, Financial, and Banking Vermin

2010-06-10-Political, Financial, and Banking Vermin
Erethea #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Political, Financial, and Banking Vermin
o 1.2 Group: ERETHEA
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: S333
o 2.2 TR: Vince
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Political, Financial, and Banking Vermin
Teacher: S333
TR: Vince


S333: Hello Dear Ones, If you watch what’s going on in your world, you will see a pattern repeated in every major ‘Westernised’ country, and that is the onset of austerity programmes where services are being cut, and even more taxes are being extracted from populations groaning under the weight of over-taxation which exists already. When it is suggested that members of the population of certain countries select where the cuts are to happen, this is just one more cynical ploy which the Dark Elite are using to make themselves’ even richer than they currently are.

Make no mistake, the Global Banking Crisis was engineered for the Dark Elite’s own agenda, and the subsequent austerity programmes are just the same. They have ruled you thus for thousands of years, and they continue to do so. Democracy is their practical joke which they inflict upon you, and whichever political party you vote for, you will be voting for the Dark Elite, who are also referred to as the Illuminati; or Bilderbergers.

Over a very long time they have made sure that they own all of the top politicians in every political party in every so-called democratic country on Earth, and whatever suits the elite, is what will become the policy and the law of the land. The object is to keep the money flowing into their bank accounts; and since they control the banking system at all levels they always make money in vast quantities. They own the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, the central banks such as the US Federal Reserve Bank, and the British, Bank of England. Did it ever occur to you that having private corporations running the central banks of nations wasn’t in the people’s best interests?

Very few people ever make a profit or a living from gambling, because the odds are stacked in favor of the casino owner, and the operators of other gambling systems from national lotteries, to dice games in the street. The Global Financial, Banking and Political systems are exactly the same, because they are not designed for the benefit of the population, simply to make the rich even richer.

The position of the ordinary citizen is that of a financial slave, robbed from and taxed at every turn, where wars and banking frauds are initiated to upset your stability and rob you blind. There is also a corps of middle management and ground troops who do the dirty work on behalf of the Elite, and the majority of them have secrets they wish to keep hidden, which their masters use to blackmail them into doing the dirty work.

Well my friends, the dirty games are essentially the same now as they have been for a very long time; only the technology has changed, which allows them to rake in even more money with computerized systems. But their days are now limited, and in the near future you will be rid of these vermin, and there will be a return to fairness and honesty.

There is no hope for a civilization founded on lies, corruption, cheating and double dealing by those only concerned with lining their own pockets and that is what the situation is in every country on earth, whether a dictatorship or a democracy. So successful have these schemes become, that the majority of the population have been conned for a very long time, because they have allowed themselves to be lied to, and have failed to see the reality of the situation.

Well, it has to change, and that has been established by a Divine Decree, whereby the current systems are going to be cleansed as required, and the Dark Ones removed from their seats of power. The roots of this corruption lie in a rebellion a very long time ago and the correcting time is upon us, whereby mechanisms are in place which will bring about great change for the benefit of mankind as a whole.

After the great cleanup, the systems of Government, Banking and Finance will no longer be controlled by the Darkness and thus a great burden will be lifted from mankind, allowing everyone to have a better and fairer life, based on Divine, or Natural Law, instead of the corrupt laws which keep you in slavery.


S333: I am S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this telepathic message through Vince. 10th June 2010.

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