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CIN36- Conscious Awareness of God’s Presence

2002-02-25-Conscious Awareness of God’s Presence
Cincinnati #36


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Conscious Awareness of God’s Presence
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Presence
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Terrorism
 3.2.2 Catastrophism
 3.2.3 Spirituality
 3.2.4 Purpose
 3.2.5 Relationship
 3.2.6 Birth
 3.2.7 Soul
 3.2.8 Second Coming
 3.2.9 Health
 3.2.10 Rebellion
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Conscious Awareness of God’s Presence
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen



MALVANTRA:  (Some lost) . . . comes forth in abundance with the joy that you feel sincerely, and genuinely, due to your connection with the Divine Presence. The over riding joy of all existence is the knowledge and the acceptance of a full, and healthy relationship with the Creator of All Time and Space, the Divine Trinity, eternal, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, forever sustaining the magnificent, grand universe with the coordination of the Unqualified Absolute, creating the potentials for! future development, and aligned with the magnificent purpose that over shadows all doubt and fear with a purpose of fulfilling the divine plan.

For each of you, recognition of your awareness of God’s presence, will allow you to become nurtured by the essence of divinity. Your Master, who walked the earth, practiced daily methods of prayer and meditation to sustain Himself and carry through with the challenges and the instructions of His preaching tour. He gained enormous strength and internal reserve from the practice of direct communion, prayerful meditation, restful repose, peaceful reflection and time spent in a direct communion with the Universal Father and with the Presence Within, the Mystery Monitor, your gift from the Father in Havona. Very well, we shall follow the example and carefully attune ourselves to the practice of a daily routine, vouchsafed, by the sanctity of those in authority who’ve practiced a genuine, sincere, embrace of the over control of all creation.

As your awareness is enhanced, through your cooperative alignment with the Divine Presence that resides within you, you will grow in spirit and your faith will become unshakable in the knowledge that life eternal is not a future event, per se, but can be tasted and enjoyed in this! life. Your connection to God is an assurance of life everlasting without end in the full sanctity of the peace and embrace of the Trinity’s kiss of eternal glory. Your awareness of the Presence of God within each brethren you make contact with is an enlightenment in realization that the human family is one, and is purposefully connected with a much larger extensive family, extending beyond the bounds of your planet and permeating throughout the universe and beyond.

All sentient life resident within the seven grand super universes is inexorably linked and connected, most assuredly, to the divine, majestic, Trinity, the source of all force, power, energy, gravitational pull, personality, material reality, time and spirit. Always remember, that the primary characteristics of divinity are spirit and love, present with you and beyond. Spirit is as real as your materiality, even realer. It existed before the material universe. Your alignment with your Divine Spirit will enable you to grow in understanding that the spiritual world that your Master talked of, the spiritual kingdom that is not of this world can be enjoyed and can be supplicated by your consistent comprehension that God’s presence permeated beyond the spiritual realms into the very borders of your material being. Your comprehension of God’s involvement in your life will enable you to perceive influences, elemental influences, more than coincidences, more than happenstance, but influences of divine intervention on the angelic order, on the midwayer order, with cherubim and sanobim, and with your material brethren.

More advanced, or less advanced, your connection with your community of believers will enable you to progress in the spirit, by generating your feelings of camaraderie and love. The connections and the friendships and the social contacts are an arena, are a stage, on which you can enact and display the presentation of your understanding and the display of your perception of God’s love working through you. You represent and you portray God’s workings through you and in you. May we humbly serve for the Eternal Purpose .
Your questions are welcome.



Jack: God serves through all of us. But, how do you reconcile the terrorists, those who are the Muslims and the Christians? Can that ever be resolved?

MALVANTRA: The resolution of ethnic conflict, the political turmoil, rests solely in the awareness of an absolute truth that God, as the Trinity, and as the offspring of the Trinity produces unconditional love for all sentient beings, never-ending, all forgiving, fully compassionate, and all accepting. God never ceases to display full amounts of saturated love for every being. There are different degrees of awareness and different degrees of receptivity. God never stops outpourings of love. Mortal beings have a diversity of perception. There’s a wide range of their receptivity – some, more attuned, some less aware, some less advanced. This in turn will cause added tensions and added disagreements.

If all mortals were fully aware of God’s loving presence and implemented unforgiving acceptance and love to their brethren, there would be no terrorism. However, we must be aware, each individual, at their own stage of development, and at their own rate of growth, is unique, personal, and individual. Rarely are two alike. Be aware of God’s overriding concern for every ethnic community, every race, all people. God recognizes one family of living beings, all encompassing, for the reception of God’s eternal grace and love bestowal.

Jack: But, does the current turmoil upset the Lord that much? Does He suffer from this?

MALVANTRA: When you speak of the Lord, what comes to mind is your local Universe Sovereign, your Creator Paradise Son. Or, do you refer to the Trinity, the ultimate deity? Is sorrow a characteristic of deity? Your Creator Son walked your planet and experienced the full range of human emotions and can fully relate to the full range of human emotions. He has empathy and complete sympathy to the condition, and has full understanding of the turmoil and the pain and the suffering. God is not in ignorance, but heightened awareness, full comprehension, knowledge of complete omniscient, realization of each being’s personal experience. Nothing remains secret; nothing is hidden. It is completely open and available to the perusal and awareness of the Trinity.


Student: Some say we’re in the end times. Is that true?

MALVANTRA: End times is being described as an end of an age, an end of a period of growth, a new historical chapter, an end of old ways of doing things. But an end of your planet? No. An end of God’s reality? It’s unending. Indestructible. It’s forever in place, managing and sustaining your world. You can sense, from world events, there is a shifting and there is a conflictual arrangement between nations that are created many times by mistaken notions of superiority and political power. There is a consideration of human to land ratio. There is the element of access to water and arable land for food growth. There are the conflicts of philosophical schools that profess to be the one and only way. These conflicts are not God made. The solutions lie in the awareness that, through the magnificent concept of the Fatherhood and the Motherhood of God with the brotherhood and the sisterhood of human kind, thus, will we embrace, heal and soothe your troubled world.

Your legacy is one of fervor and violent upheaval. Nothing happening currently has not been at some level, received as a precedent from the past. Events of chaos and war have been your legacy for many years, for many generations, for many millennia. This is but the latest in a stage of planetary growth. It’s an evolutionary process. It is a more risky and dangerous enterprise because of your technology and your access to more pernicious means of destruction, however, your sense of accomplishment and your sense of control remains very strong in terms of perseverance and in terms of preservation. I would caution all of you to display no fear for your future, but to rest assured that you are guided by the awareness of the God’s workings within your world.

You are not forgotten, neither are you alone. Your protection, although seldom visible, is ever present – ever present, assuredly, and your protection is vouchsafed and guaranteed. As you read about a Good Shepherd seeking a lost sheep, as you read about a prodigal son who strayed far from his father’s household, as you read of Pharisees turning away from God’s household, you read in the end the shepherd finds the sheep, the son returned, seeking forgiveness, the pharisee became enlightened and realized there’s a better path. In all things, crisis, at the initial stage, alters and becomes modified and changes into a learning experience and a lesson for those involved. You’re living through troubled times causing high anxiety, and your apprehension is recognized and acknowledged. Our guidance proposes full alignment by daily prayer and meditation, and to succor from the source of eternal essence your safeguarding and protection, as you’re aware,  is simply your internal vision and your internal mechanism of spiritual alignment.

When your Master spoke of fearlessness of death, kingdom’s crumbling, time passing, He smiled and instructed His followers they were recipients of eternal life. When you enter the Kingdom, you are guaranteed eternal life everlasting, regardless of your earthly turmoil, regardless of wars and cataclysms, environmental changes. You are connected through your faith by the glory of your choices to the inimitable, everlasting union of the God Force. Your fears are understandable, but age long, reminiscent of your early beginnings in the jungles and forests – almost innate, not quite instinctual, but so characteristic of mortals.

We sympathize with your feelings, however, we can’t help but advise and promote confident  meanings toward the positive, viewing the True, the Beautiful and the Good as your landmarks, as your signal house, as your pilot markings, always being God ward. And, be assured that you rest in the bosom of the maternal grace of Nebadonia, dispensing immeasurable quantities of seraphic over control and angelic involvement in world affairs. Systemic, spiritual administration is forever involved in mortal affairs.

Jack: Can we increase our spirituality in a world that’s so obsessed with working and making money and ignoring basic morality? You’re saying that we can do this by increasing our spirituality, but it’s quite difficult at times, with the temptations that we’re constantly faced with.

MALVANTRA: Jesus admonished His apostles to closely observe the tax collectors and the bankers. With such enthusiasm and such seriousness did they gather their funds and collect interest. Their purpose was singular and their focus was primary. They, the merchants and the business men, knew how to derive a profit and how to reap a reward. He admonished His followers to watch them carefully, study their characteristics, and use the same approach in walking in the spiritual Kingdom. What is our spiritual purpose? What is our primary focus? What is our daily business, if our security rests in the knowledge that we are aligned with a Divine Entity? That awareness will transform your being.

You are no longer the same. The adage, ‘born again of the spirit’ holds true for all ages and all peoples. When you pass the stage of animalism and realize your material being is comprised of a spiritual potential and a spiritual reality, you have transitioned and transformed your inner mechanism to realize your purpose goes beyond analyzing the tribulation and the trauma. Your sincere desire to find God will naturally propel you to seek to be more Godlike in your self identity and in your daily expression. The world and its troubles will be here, continuing apace, long after you all are gone from your planet. Worrying alters the course of world events very little. Awareness that you are aligned with cognate citizenship is certainly a badge of honor and a respect for the authority sanctified by your Sovereign, who promised to be remembered as a Good Shepherd, never leaving his flock unattended, nor unprotected.

What is the role of the good farmer, or the good shepherd, or the vineyard owner who purposely nurtures the plants with the good roots in the good soil, and vouchsafed, casts aside the weeds or the refuse? Your awareness of the parables having hidden treasures and gems of wisdom remembers the Master, who walked a short thirty three years, to story tell for the remembrance purpose of recognizing you are not forgotten and the Good Lord remembers each of His fold.


Student: What is our purpose of being here?

MALVANTRA: The purpose of human existence is to develop a well balanced personality in harmony with physical health, intellectual growth, emotional stability, and spiritual awareness, in an harmonious, cooperative balance. The incentive is self maintenance, self gratification and preservation through procreation of future generations. The purpose is to enter upon your awareness of your embryonic journey. Your soul is manufactured and developed in this life by the choices you make in alignment with God’s plan and God’s sense of discovery.

The purpose is to survive this life and enter into the morontia worlds fully aware of your cosmic citizenship and your continued ascension back to the First Source and Center, the Creator of All Things.The objectives, although many, center on primary purpose, to increase your conscious acceptance of your material status, harboring, nurturing the potential for unlimited, neverending growth in life eternal, a life that never dies. The purpose, on the mortal scale, becomes enmeshed, blended in a marriage of magnificent romance with your Thought Adjuster, a Divine Spark, that will merge, wholeheartedly with your personality,! and you will be married and blended for eternity on your ascension journey back to the Creator.

God’s ultimate purpose is mysterious, and in many elements, unrevealed. Our purpose, is full alignment, a composite of diverse, individual, sentient beings eventually progressing into a unified, coordinated wholeness in the embrace of the divine glow of the beautiful divine light. You are right to assess, ‘what is our purpose?’, for your life is short. It’s but a wisp of time, and your passage is a bridge. Your passage takes you through Satania, to Mansonia in a gentle, and most gracious, angelic transport of shared delight and never ending joy.

Your purpose is to increase your conscious awareness of God’s presence within your life. As you perceive, so shall you decide on more advanced choices, and in what direction you decide to take, never forsaking your betrothal vows of full acceptance through the seal of faith awareness that your daughtership with the Motherhood and the Fatherhood of God has left you a singular choice: your mental and emotional connection with your God identity – who you perceive God is; your experiential designation; and your experiential design – your personal experience, your personal relationship with your God, who is everyone’s God.


Gina: I have a question to that: how, in simple terms, do you explain to somebody what a personal God is?

MALVANTRA: A personal God is your unique, individual relationship, your understanding of God and your personal experience through your prayer, your worship, your awareness, and your generation of love within you and without you. Personal God is for everyone, however, we all know that the One God, the Trinity, rests in the embrace of the eternal beyond and future. Each sentient being forms a relationship with their personal God. The beauty and the mystery of God’s creation is purposefully creating diverse elements of divine patterns, both genetic-material, and spiritual.

Eventually, through spiritual gravity, all patterns go back to the Original Source Maker -personal, very unique, but eventually standing in the presence of the Trinity and being absorbed into the Zone of Immortality, being consumed with the Originator, with The Beginning, with the First Source and Center, with the Second Source of the Eternal Son, and spiritual gravity, ceaselessly, tirelessly pulling all spiritual reality back to the Center, under the cooperative coordination of the Infinite Spirit and the mind circuits, connecting all intelligent life.

In addition to the adjutant mind spirits connect all plant and animal life and material life. Every atom, the center of every nucleus, resides in the bosom of the Trinity. Every speck of atomic energy in your world, through the four rings of outer space development, is connected directly to the eternal bosom of The Three, triadic Trinity: the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit – aligned, unified, and coordinated, purposefully, to create a diverse reality -ultimately to unify it.


Student: Do we pick our existence here, and do we live here more than once?

MALVANTRA: Your existence is classified as finite – mortal status. Your birth on this planet is the beginning of your embryonic journey. The choice of a newborn is parental. The choice of birth resides with those adults capable of procreating. They’re the ones that are deciding the outcome. Your status as a mortal begins with your birth. All newborns enter your world the same way. Remember, all mortals will die and leave the world the same way – as in birth, so in death. Your passage is the same for everyone. You enter and you leave, naturally, in a preordained fashion, as is the pattern of your mortal reality.

Student: Do you choose your parents, though, or do they choose you?

MALVANTRA: Your choosing begins when your mind is consciously aware, to operate on the decision level. Prior to that time, you’re operating by innate mechanisms of animal cause and effect. The newborn suckles for breast milk, not completely by choice, but by an innate drive, an animal drive, seeking nutrients. A fetus inside the womb responds and moves. It has been known to be receptive to the mother’s voice, by choice or by cause and effect. Your choices that you have today and the mechanism by which you make your choices and your decisions today is the same mechanism as when you  were ten or when you were one.


Student: Does your soul exist somewhere before you come into human form?

MALVANTRA: God exists everywhere. Before you were born, God, in the fullness of creation, always was, before the worlds came out of the space. Your soul is real. Your soul is an experienced production of your conscious decision making in alignment with your Divine Spark, your Mystery Monitor, your Divine Presence residing in your mind. You produce your soul in your life. Your soul is a joint effort of your mind, in alignment of God’s Will. As you continue to make decisions and choices for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, you will naturally produce the morontia material of soul growth. Upon death, your soul, in embryonic stage, translates to the next world with your personality and your mind transcripts. Your soul is not a commodity that’s lined up on an assembly line waiting for distribution. Your soul is of divine manufacture and of divine essence in accord with your conscious involvement. You are a primary player in the production of your soul. Thank you for your curiosity, which bespeaks of your spiritual path in curious seeking for advancement.

Second Coming

Gina: I have one more question. Bishop Spong came out with a new book, something about the new Christianity, and in the last paragraph of the book he speaks about his version, or his opinion, that what is meant by the second coming of Jesus, that it would be the awakening of mankind to the Christ consciousness within them. He calls that the second coming of Jesus. Can you verify whether that is true, or whether Jesus will walk the earth one more time in a different way?

MALVANTRA: The clarification will elucidate that the coming of Jesus will occur on many levels, with different dynamics and different influences. You are correct in presenting a heightened Christ Consciousness occurring through advanced awareness. You are also correct that Jesus, in fact, will be to your planet and walk its shores in person. Jesus mentioned His return while He lived on your earth. Jesus promised to return and He mentioned He was aligned with the spiritual Kingdom, and those that enter the spiritual Kingdom will be One with Him, but He promised to return and be among you in the flesh, without revealing a time frame or a period where it would recognized. But, you are rightly saying that there is a mortal component of awareness of Jesus’ consciousness, which can bring nothing but goodness.

Gina: That is the awakening that he spoke of at the time, the spiritual awakening, being one or becoming one, consciously knowing that we do carry the Spirit of Truth within us. Right?

MALVANTRA: Why does your friend take his dreams? Is he aware that activities occur while he sleeps, that his mind is active while he sleeps, something transpires while he’s semiconscious? So, too, for you all. Are we walking around half asleep or fully aware? Are we somewhat connected, just a bit, a tad, a slight relationship, or is our commitment fuller, stronger, broader, deepening our awareness? Jesus transfigured on your planet as the carpenter of Nazareth, as the boat builder of Nazareth, as the merchant for Capernuum. Jesus, the Master, mortal, also i! s a Divine Being, an incarnate Creator Son, residing on Salvington, Sovereign of your local universe – Jesus as the man, and Michael as the Sovereign, still in existence. And, how to transpire a return is somewhat mysterious, however, we doubt not the certainty of Michael’s one day return as, or with Jesus, the same Jesus, the Nazarene, the babe of Bethlehem.


Saundra: I wanted to express my gratitude for the help that I have been receiving during my energy work.

MALVANTRA: Your gratitude is a sacred joy, for your acknowledgment of your perception of your energy work is beneficial, and is bearing fruit. Your sense of spiritual energies is quite enlightening for your awareness of God’s presence in your life.

Student: Well, looking at your life, or Billy Graham’s or people in our families and our every day lives – they are afflicted with illnesses. Is illness random? Is there purpose in it? Does it just happen? Is there some plan to who gets sick?

MALVANTRA: A preordained plan, through scientific cause and effect – cause of illness, genetic malformation, bacterial infection, viral affliction, birth defect – by accident? Not necessarily. You have inherited the legacy of your Lucifer rebellion. The original plan for mortals was to be imbued with a fair degree of the violet serum from the progeny of Adam and Eve from the garden. The original plan went awry due to rebellion and mishap, and a misguided sense of disloyalty, thus, your mortal races received a modicum of violet blood, which would have insured you would be protected from genetic malformation and infection.

Imagine a world in which sickness did not exist. That was the intention. That is the divine plan. Your planet was involved in the Lucifer rebellion, which disrupted the divine plan. God does not find any joy in human misery. Your admirable attempts at medicine and hygienic care have gained remarkably valuable advances in the challenges of diagnosis and treatment, however, these reasons of illness are quite objective. There is a scientific explanation. It is not by magic or by accident.


Student: When someone has a terrible accident or is stricken with illness it is part of the weakness of the human race out of the rebellion, but, is it also Satan’s plan for today’s earth?

MALVANTRA: If we recall your Master’s journey in the flesh, was there not a period of time when He meditated in the desert and had a face to face contact with Lucifer’s lieutenant, Satan, who roamed the earth? Did Jesus not have direct contact and communication with Satan, vouchsafing his power and up-stepping him to the point of removing any interference on Satan’s part? Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, as the Watchful Keeper of His faithful approached Satan and removed any influential, detrimental interference on Satan’s part.

That was more than two thousand years ago. Satan has been incarcerated and no longer creates havoc on your world. Satan is not to be feared. Satan is not the creator of illness. Jesus knew Satan, and Satan was well aware that Jesus was an incarnated Creator Son from Nebadon. They spoke in the flesh, Satan, a spiritual being, Jesus, a mortal man. They communicated and Satan recognized the power of the divine aspect of Jesus’ personality. Satan was up against a Paradise Creator Son, incarnate in world status – no longer a governor or a lieutenant to rain destruction and disloyalty on your world. Jesus altered the course of human events, by vouchsafing and castigating in a spiritual manner, Satan’s directives.

Father Bob: Is Caligastia still present on our world?

MALVANTRA: Caligastia, an assistant of Satan, roamed for many years, but is believed to be detained and incarcerated as a result of the Lucifer adjudication and disposition. Yes, these beings roamed freely for generations. After your Creator Son implemented the circuits, the power, the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth, the ability of Satan and Caligastia to interfere was greatly curtailed, if not eliminated.

Gina: I also want to thank you for the healing session that I had last Tuesday, and for Machiventa Melchizedek coming through and bringing his healing assistance and working on me through Sandy. I certainly appreciate that and I also appreciate, and I want to give my thanks for the healing that took place a week ago Friday, through a lady by the name of Thea. Thank you very, very much. I really appreciate that.


MALVANTRA: Your graciousness is accepted from our older brother, Machiventa Melchizedek, one of our kind in position of authority to oversee the Teaching Mission and the resurgence of your term God Consciousness, and Jesus Consciousness – Machiventa, having consignment to associate with the healers to bring soothing relief to your troubled planet. I bid you adieu and good night, with the splendid resolve to remember your passage through time is intended to heighten your conscious awareness of God’s existence and over reach.

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