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CIN37- Signposts of Attunement

2002-03-03-Signposts of Attunement
Cincinnati #37


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Signposts of Attunement
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Signposts of Attunement
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen



MALVANTRA:  As you proceed along your journey, you’ll come to recognize certain, significant signposts of achievement and accomplishment. You’ll see by viewing mirrored image in your brethren’s eyes a sociological perspective of seeing yourself through others. But the signpost is the recognition that your acceptance is in a more loving, fraternal and solid fashion. Your journey Godward is not fraught with dangers, however, there are uncertainties and there are situations unexpected, surprised. You’ll be astonished. And, we can not prevent these untoward occurrences, for, it is your path, your fate, so to speak, your life unfolding. But, the signposts of acceptance by your loving brethren is a soothing resolve to allow you to become more fully aware that your internal transformations, your transcendence from your material, animal urges to higher values and higher concepts of living will enable your brethren to more readily attune to a more positive model of personality presentation.

Journeys are more considerable, more adventurous, sensual, romantic and exciting when your consort…you have companionship. Solo trips are lacking in the fullness of experiential boundlessness, whereas, to share the experience with others enhances the experience and allows for additional perspectives, creating opportunity for expanded experience. Therefore, your spiritual path as you proceed will be illuminated by the appearance of signals, signs, signposts -attempts by beings of your kind, and spiritual unseen friends, midwayers, angelic interlopers, intrepid sanobim, cherubim of courageous status interfering purposefully, with the overriding purpose of attuning your internal mechanism, as a radio dial that is fine tuned to pick up the frequency of a particular divine vibration, a vibrational current that is vibrating at a specific speed, and your dial is adjusted.

And, this modification, through living of good habits and good health allow you to focus in and to attune to the reception of a divine frequency of a dual nature – both your internal Mystery Monitor vibrating constantly, and external, spiritual circuits that are available upon, I should say request, but, in fact, it’s upon attunement. So, to back step, or roll my tape back to Generalissimo Rewind, the signposts are attempts, however subtle, to alert you to an opportunity for growth, a method of proposing an alternative pattern of behavior, or mode of thinking.

A signal can occur materially, intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. We have various dynamic levels available for the interplay of our interassociation and cooperative coordination through the assignments at our disposal. I envision a cobblestone pathway, and every quarter mile is a gaslight post. As you proceed on your journey, you will frequently encounter these lighted signals, which are methods of ours to encourage and to stimulate activities, and your direction toward a specific path. We are prodding and prompting to redirectionalize your way of thinking to purposely, free, conscious choice of modifying your own radio dial, switching the dial closer to the attunement frequency.

Your methods of God search are sometimes fraught with danger on the self-gratification zone. Whereas your self maintenance can easily provide the scenario of entertaining good health and wise practice. Self perpetuation, offered, but not available to all, is another avenue which interplays your understanding relationships between you, the individual and the external world. Your familial unit allows for educational opportunities and enhanced awareness in view of our divine relation with the Trinity, as we are considered, all, offspring of the Almighty Trinity.

I belabor the point of signposts and signals because our work is shifting into high gear for increased, and more frequent occurrences to shatter your expectations of visitations and personal visitations. This attunement is ultimately your crucial goal of your earth life. You’ve heard about the gratification, perpetuation, and maintenance but, heretofore, the crucial lesson in phase two of the Urantia divine revelation is your unabated attunement to the finely honed relationship with your internal Monitor. Receptivity is innate to the beings from Divinington, the Thought Adjuster, from the source of the First Source and Center.

Your labeled, instinctual drives are an interference, whereas, for the Adjusters it’s quite natural and free form. Your abstract attunement needs to be shaved down, smoothed and polished as a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Smooth the edges; sand the corners. Each day sand. The spreadsheet of your love is your attempted pattern of smoothing your square peg to fit into the round hole of the divine gateway to immortal understanding, as the key enters into the door lock, into the void, and switches the metal plate, opening a panorama of illuminated awareness for the understanding that the crucial signal is your daily attunement to the Adjuster’s call – as a voice from the cellar, whispering up through a root cellar, whispering, and your roots are trying to reach the voice. The message grows dim… I slip deep into the mud cellar, however, as a lily blossoms in spring and a snow field glistens in winter, we gladly encourage your participatory solidarity, and we look forward to future sessions, for the brightness is overpoweringly beautiful, and your growth is assuredly prepared for the signals soon to come.

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