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CIN38- Old Days Contrasted with Today

2002-03-10-Old Days Contrasted with Today
Cincinnati #38


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Old Days Contrasted with TM Today
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen Mark
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Old Days Contrasted with TM Today
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen Mark



MALVANTRA:   By the flow of the Orinoco River your ancient ancestors worshiped the rocks on the river bed, the trees on the riverbank, the hills in the background, the stars in the heavens, the power of the sun and the moon, the fetishes that they gathered at their tribal meetings. All, in awe of the mysterious out workings of the natural world, succumbed, by their fear of the unknown, the ghosts appearing in their dreams. Where did their ancestors go? What destiny lie at the gateway of their death?

Years passed, and the building blocks of a religious foundation produced a magnificent structure in awe of modern time by direct, revelatory, coordinated, cooperative, assignment.

Forestall your fears from past legacies, vouchsafed, no longer quarantined, but garnished with the garlands of activated service. You’ve stepped forward into the fields of wonder from the outstretched desert of despair, withholding your purposeful pride, which caused you to falter and misstep because Overcontrolled Desire was hesitated, diminished, filtered out, prevented from showing forth the glory of Its light.

Now, in more progressive perspective one can see fear as a debilitating determent. Whereas, in past times it was a crutch and a self effacing defense mechanism as an internal protection, sought after for its salutatory qualities. In fact, it simply laid the groundwork for more progressive onset of higher values and greater vision for things to come. Your ability to discern the difference between the world of the ancients and your present day revelatory composite of Teaching Mission, Urantia Book teaching, awareness of church activities, only presents a more complex and complicated panorama of problem solving activities and opportunities.

You reside within the renaissance of revealed religion. Your awareness as to advanced concepts will enable you to more fully grasp and realize the potential, latent within your souls, is blossoming forth under the guidance, and propelled most assuredly in the quickened paced time ascension quality of your aligned focus with the purpose: willingfull-ness of your committed faith gesture, assigned by an Overjoyed Sentinel, direct from Divinington, vanguard of the Universal Father, in outreach to the vast outcroppings of the seven super universes, by the glorified commandeering stance of a Brilliant Evening Star, in association with The Bright and Morning Star, in grateful inter-association with the loving daughters of Nebadonia’s seraphic corps, both of destiny and of cherubim-aligned service.

Your ability to comprehend the vastness of the personality hierarchy, attuned to the delivery of the gospel only enables you to perceive a wider panoramic view of the out workings of the Mission’s program. Your realization has reached a level where you’re no longer held back by fears, both real and imagined -both contrasted – by the anchorage of ancient beliefs and legacies, contrasted with the belief that you’ve gained – enormous, proclamation of good tidings and awareness of internal, consolidated, betrothal of divine holiness of unionization – as a unified, focalized, identified, union of soul building under the guidance and direction of your mysterious, Wandering Minstrel of Divine Origin, your Adjuster -user friendly, pastoralization-agriculturalist mechanizations of complete, utter, exquisite, uniqueness, under the assurance that the Guide will garnish the most valuable service to those that listen with care – not cautiously, but with full resolve of acceptance, and consistent application of faith manifestation. I can consider the transmission, this transmittal, befuddled from static waves, as a result, not of Cincinnati air quality, but of Melchizedeks’ joyous, humorous interplay of behind the scenes, pandemonium-like partyization,

(They’re partying?)

I can assure the senders of the genuineness of a message intuned and inscribed in your heart – as a marking on the tombs of ancient pyramids, down deep in the passageways beneath the sands – from the enlightened ones, the children of light, who witnessed divine wonders of magnificent beings walking in their midst. Those were blessed to have seen arrivals and departures of angelic transportation and the visitation of Satania from the Jerusem corps of advanced visitors. You can recall, so long ago, ancients viewing with their eyes the splendors of Machiventa, desert bound, walking, teaching Abraham, cloaked in wool, with concentric rings, markings on the back of his cloak, with wind swept hair, a gleam in his eyes, a spark, a fiery glow in his delivery as he delineated that those high in authority rule in the kingdom of men by angelic intervention under the auspices of Michael of Nebadon, gainable by Nebadonia’s maternal grace, spread like honey over the clover of your lives in Palestine.

As you gather the sheep of the fold, remember to give succulent over care to the poor, and the downtrodden, and the forgotten. And, remember always, under the ministry of the Creator Son, our Mission: as was designed under His auspices, on the gem-like table top in Salvington; that the Melchizedeks joyfully anticipated, aware of your increased solidarity and your solidified commitment to the Mission; as linked inexorably, intrinsically to the Melchizedek appearance in Salem. Again, he walks the sands of your planet under time constraints, under the view of a magnificent, outstretched over control of the Teaching Mission.

Prepare. Your future is limitless, and our availability is up stepped for the purpose of encouraging your growth and projected pronouncements of your revelatory proclamations, all for the unadulterated possibility of gathering more sheep to the fold.

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