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CIN40- Release Fear

2002-05-17-Release Fear
Cincinnati #40


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Release Fear
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra, Tarkas, El Mar L Chat
o 2.2 TR: Stephen, Jim Cleveland, Doris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Attunement
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Catastrophism
 3.3.2 Correcting Time
 3.3.3 Stillness
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Release Fear
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra, Tarkas, El Mar L Chat
TR: Stephen, Jim Cleveland, Doris


SUSSI: We feel your love. We feel each other’s love. While our eyes are closed, the eyes of our Thought Adjusters are open and they see what we don’t see. They see the love in others that is hidden from our mortal eyes. We band together as a group of one. I ask you, please, unseen friends, band with us, together, to send love, and healing, and understanding.

Through all of your eyes that would cast their look downward from the Paradise Father’s path we send them love, we send them healing, regardless of their religion, regardless of their geography, regardless of anywhere. Anywhere that there is not love, we send our love and healing – mortals, and morontians present in this room. And Christ Michael, I ask that you join them. My friends here, I would ask that you take the energy that you feel in your heart and pass it to the person on the left. Pass it. Pass it. Pass it. Receive it. Let this energy grow. Let this love swell. Our morontia friends, with the eyes that we can’t see, help us gain momentum with this love. Help us pass it to each other in a clockwise fashion from left to right, left to right. Let it fill this room. Let it rise above this room. I can feel it. Feel how strong they are. Feel how strong we are. Now release to love who cannot see the love that we see. Release it everyone here, all of it gone, all of it everywhere. Release that love. Send it. Send it everywhere. And, for that we say thank you. We say thank you.



MALVANTRA: (Steven, T/R): Like the scent of fresh cloves in the garden, you will seek the Divine Presence . The Lord of All Things permeates all reality and issues forth a perfumed aroma that attracts all living things. Attune your astral nostril to the scent of your Divine Presence. As admonished, a daily practice increases your capability, enhances your faith. If a dam holds back your trust, release all fear and apprehension and let the floodgates open wide; let your faith and your belief in the Master’s gospel override all negative emotions preventing you from sensing and perceiving God’s Presence in your life. The motion of your faith is a spiraling affair, circulatory. As the tone and the musical vibration of your friend’s bowl permeates, vibrates, in wavelike splendor, in law-like pattern, circulatory, but ascending to your senses to awaken and enliven your vision of what lies ahead and what lies within, forever are you aligned with the magnificent trinity of omnipotent power at the portals of the eternal gates leading into the eternal splendor, the resting place of the divine embrace, the sources of all existence.

Your true alignment in this embryonic stage has begun as you set forth on the quest to uncover your romantic and adventurous relationship with your betrothed, unified, composite, activated fixture, the divine gift of immortal splendor, the Mystery Monitor, your true spousal relationship beyond time and space. Forthwith, you are delegated primarily to release your fears and apprehension, and, most assuredly, with confidence and enthusiasm in the solidarity of fellow encouragement, to confirm the Guarantor who holds no debt, but releases the prized reward, of the unique and ultimate consort, your union, inseparable, bonded, the true bind, chained in invisible fashion to the love link, connected to the ocean of unfathomable love, the depths of which go on forever. Taste, drink, sup, on the eternal nectar, and remember to share the exquisite meal with your brethren, for, the time has arrived in full rightness to express your portrayal of the Master’s plan in your daily life.

EL MAR L CHAT:  (Doris T/R): Greetings, my children. It is awesome for us to be with you tonight, and to be able to speak to you. We love you so very, very much – and especially this group, who is so devoted to the Divine Mind and your spiritual birth. Love is always the answer to all your fears. See only love with one another in all that is happening on the planet. We encourage you not to fear whatever occurs on your planet at this time, knowing that all is in divine order. Through prayer, some things may change, but other things must occur, as is divinely planned. He is love through all that may occur, wherever it may occur. Send only love to those countries, to those people. Love is the only cure for your planet. We wish to really emphasize this. It is not fear. What you fear will come upon you. We encourage you to extend the fear, change your thoughts only to love, love for your own family and your friends, and your neighbors and community. That’s where it begins. That’s where it is needed. Send the love, through your meditations, around the world to everyone. Love will conquer all. You’ve heard this before. Really and truly let it soak into your subconscious mind to be of love to one another, to be a support and help to one another.

We are with you always. We encourage you in time of stress to call on us. We are waiting for your call. We are not able to help you unless you call on us. Just call on your guides, or the ascendant masters. We are here to help alleviate some of those concerns that you have, with love. And, my children, we wish to give you a blessing to encourage you to continue in your meditation. So, at this time we are shining you with love, and joy, and happiness. Let it fill your heart. Let it fill every sound of your body. Receive it now. We love you. Namaste.

MALVANTRA: (Stephen T/R): How generous. How true. Her message to send the loving vibrations worldwide is a message of sharing, charity, forgiveness, generosity, largesse in the theme of the glowing, Lady Bountiful- vibratory, maternal, nurturing, graceful, powerful in the pattern. Under the auspices of Nebadonia, the ascendant masters direct, most assuredly, a message of graceful acceptance in the pathway of love. Its circuits are afire with additional force and power throughout Nebadon and is ascertained, focalized and directed toward Urantia for the purpose of enlisting the faithful, aligned, most assuredly, in a heartfelt commitment to the faith path of true resolve.

Ascendant, in the pattern of the spiraling wisp, vibratory, alive, pure, clean, golden white light, shimmering, shatters the fears and apprehension that cause you to hesitate and slow you down. As your sister has rightly proclaimed, the guides are available and waiting. She speaks as one who’s been touched, who knows our presence beyond a mirror image. As you attune to Doris’ message of the ultimate value of daily stillness, remember most assuredly, Jack and Saundra’s open generosity of providing hospitality to enable the camaraderie to unfold for the purpose of our presentation. Allow each to express the unique personality, different, at variance, but unified, in association with the divine path, the path of true, unmitigated, all- released, imperishable, love.

Your questions, your thoughts can be expressed.


DORIS: With the alignment of the planets on the twenty sixth of May, what can we do to assist those on it?

MALVANTRA: (Stephen T/r): For years there’s been talk of a planetary realignment, of a shift in the axis, of a modification of the earth angle, of an adjustment, of a tune-up, a change. Events, of planetary, of environment, appear to be beyond your control. Surely, your scientific knowledge of damages, caused by abuse to your air, water, and land from chemical abuse is an influential element as the heavens play their part in terms of planetary motion. And, your neighboring planets are also, possibly, experiencing a modification in gravitational pull or power receptivity. Fear not. Be anxious not. Myriads of celestial overseers and administrators, a full organizational command, have consistently provided a safe haven, smooth progress, efficient reorganization, and essential realignment without harm to those in its watchcare.

Your little planet, tarnished, rusted, is still considered a gem, a sparkling orb of light, notified. observed, recognized and acknowledged from the portals of Uversa where the Ancients of Days gaze, observing, and watchful, waiting, aware of Michael’s plan of reclamation without retribution. For, mercy is bestowed to reclaim a planet into the fold, as a shepherd gathers the sheep, and seeks the lost one, and sleeps not while the wolves have been put at bay, while the lamb lies down with the family.

SUSSI: I hate to interrupt, but. maybe I’m hearing only what I want to hear. What you’ve just.. Correct me if I’m wrong. and I’d like to hear from Tarkas if he’s up there. What I’ve just perhaps heard from you is that there may be a change in gravitational pull, which would effect the change in the gravitational pull in the entire solar system, which would change the gravitational pull of the earth, which is a devastating, tragic event. And, if you’re talking about axis shifting, we’re going to experience that, too. That is something that we heard about a couple of years ago, which would involve Lake Michigan swooping down to the Columbus area and the ocean swallowing up California. What you’ve just said sets off a lot of alarm bells in my mind- the Ancients of Days who watch over us when we die and stand before us.. What you’ve just said to me doesn’t sound very encouraging at all and I’d like to hear from Tarkus if he’s available, please.

TARKUS: (Jim T/R): This is Tarkus, my beloved friends. I mean to say it seems like old times, this very environment in which I was introduced to you so many years ago. And, we have both grown. We have all grown. And, we have done things that we sought to do. My beloved colleagues have reminded you of your deep and intimate connection to the cosmos, and your deep and intricate connections to one another and the things of this troubled world. Troubles will continue. You are in the middle of what some would call apocalyptic times and you must have the courage, wisdom, and above all, the powerful elixir of love to conquer these demons that beset your world. The first demon, of course, your own self, for, much of your purpose here as mortals is to conquer fear and replace it with love.

As events come to tumultuous, climactic, and often hard conclusions, human kind will wake up to the absurdity of people destroying themselves and others for some false belief. God gives life, takes it away. This abomination will require rehabilitation, for, in so many ways, human kind push themselves ahead of God consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously. But, they do so with your scriptures, with the burrows of your mind, with the incessant feeding of your egos, which must conquer fear and find security. I tell you, the times will continue to be tumultuous and hard, but present great opportunities to grow through adversity, to conquer fear.

Realize that the time and space worlds are, indeed, rough and ready. You will not be able to find the peace and good will and altruistic love that you seek on this planet without first turning you minds, and your total dedication, to the exposing of evil. This does not put you in a personally, judgemental hierarchy, for God is in control of all souls and the progression, or lack thereof. But, there can be not love, there can be little progress in the face of terror, and fear, and constant trial, which has destroyed millions of families worldwide. In the reconstruction of the family we reconstruct the aura of love and circular growth that can be sustained.

Correcting Time

But, family structures cannot be built in the face of despair, poverty, fear, violence, and starvation, and the horrors each day that many on your planet must endure. It could be said that the planet is not ready for this Correcting Time that we announced a decade ago. But, in your own lives, and in the great teacher of hindsight, you look at these ten years and see remarkable progress within yourselves, and even within society. And, ten years is, indeed, short. Often, medicines must come in incremental degrees. One of your oldest and most revered churches is in confusion and despair, but missed the opportunity to deal with this years ago. And, when these evils reported are not dealt with in one framework, or with one dose of medicine, the medicine continues to be stronger so that evils incarnate will be exposed, and will be dealt with. And these things, tantamount to war, tantamount to moral assertion in aggressive ways are actually spiritual exercises, but, you are not there yet.

You must make the world safe for light and life. You must make the world receptive. You must protect yourselves and your loved ones. You must bring these absurd evils to the fore. Deal with them painfully and traumatically. You will, and we will help you do so. Even now, in the Middle East, many, who are urged, dedicated to peace, are surging to that area. Many are praying. Many are bringing forth concerted, spiritual longing, urging empathy of the highest degree to bring to bear on these situations. This struggle will continue on Urantia, but you will learn and grow. You will learn that mortals must fight to achieve the societies that must be established in these time and space gardens for the fruition of the Father’s plan. And, You are part of this glorious reclamation and redemption that is virtually sweeping across this part of Michael’s domain. You will find despair ahead of you, for times will not be easy, but you have learned the strength of love that overpowers your fears, and that your temporal lives are challenges, schoolhouses, laboratories, opportunities to choose correctly and find salvation through a blending of mind, body, and spirit.

I mentioned that the world might not be ready for correcting times, and truly, these integral energies that continue to come into you through these reshapings of the circuitry cause consternation and despair among some, who are not centered, who are not grounded, and who have not the rock of faith, and love, and charity to hold to. And so, in this despair, they strike out and commit evils of almost unimaginable power.

And so, your planet is in a great disparity from the most undeveloped countries to the most advanced. Those in your sectors must find the key to accessing these energies and building them to collective strength. For, another great lesson of the time and space worlds is that individuals are extremely limited and great works must come through cooperative spiritual effort. As you learn this, you will bring forward your brothers and sisters from less advanced lands, whose problems of survival are overwhelming. We cannot wait longer to provide this mission to Urantia and the other worlds. And so you are in a position to help those less fortunate.

The world is shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller, and as your energy circuitry grows stronger within yourself, you will find that your empathy, your love, will grow. And, you will find yourself strongly disturbed when you encounter evidence of violence and suffering, and you will be more and more sensitive to these things. As energy circuitry is opened, it is like opening a dam of energies, and each of you, as unique, individuals, accesses that energy in different ways. So, the Correcting Time is not a neat, easily-done job, but, rather, incremental growth and expansion, building from within your heart – your hearts, your chakras, the fibers of your beings – outward, changing yourself, changing your environment, changing your family, changing your community, changing your world.

We are shrinking the world for you so that when you are ready, your influences will carry very broadly. I am so pleased to have been your colleague, fellow student, teacher, guide, confidant, and friend over these years, as there are many teachers assembled here. You have learned over the years that the Teaching Mission is but a part of a much, much larger structure that encompasses, truly, all the worlds of your local universe – those being reclaimed, and those who are sending missionaries in this area, guides, friends, associates and loved ones, bothers and sisters, to inspire you, to be inspired by you, and to lend a hand in this great mission. Thank you for being a part of it. We thank you for being just who you are. We love you very much. Thank you.

SUSSI: Thank you everyone.

TARKUS: (T/R, Jim): A number of teachers are here tonight, and perhaps there are questions, discussion topics that you would like to get into.

SUSSI: When you say the world is shrinking, the image that comes to my mind is that, places of the world will no longer be as they are, and, that there will be an opportunity for something to fill that void. Am I correct in that assumption?

TARKUS: (T/R Jim): Change is constant. Every empire ever created will fall. All of them have, except the ones in current existence. People will change, their hearts, their minds. Every generation, evolutionary change finds children with much greater potential and giftedness to carry forward, and there will be episodic aberrations in which children that are even now being born into the world will have special gifts, special powers, special insights. And, those children now being born, and even being observed, carry much of the fate of your planet. Small numbers of people can effect major changes, and upheavals, and steps of progress. Masses of people rarely have great influence upon a changing society. The select ones who may be inspired and carry forth and use those gifts can bring forward great advances in medicine, a reform of your judiciary, and truly, a reform of all of your institutions that you’ve built upon a secular framework, and therefore, incomplete and tending strongly to gravitate toward greed/power and control of the wealth. In time you will realize that there is no wealth on Urantia that is worth these great aberrations of ambition. For, wealth is not on Urantia, and I know that you know this. Is this helpful?

SUSSI: Yes, it tells me that we’re back to square one, that we’ve not come to a place where there is a safe place for the Correcting Time. I think that the Correcting Time is a continuum. It is not a safe place for light and love like we thought it would be ten years ago, that there’s a lot more tumultuous change that we thought we could avoid by amassing our love in circuitry that was opening. It’s not going to happen like we think. I’ll be plain as day. Perhaps what you had said that clicks in my mind is that the Middle East will polarize the nations – and we do have some upheaval in fighting, we do have some terrorism to see, we do have some devastation to go through, and the gifts that we have learned in the last ten years – how to love and get through it, is the illusion that we have had in the last ten years – that we would avoid it, it would be diminished – and that’s not the way it will be. Is that the way I hear I?. The Apocalypse is back on? I thought it had been cancelled.

TARKUS: Yes, but you seem to handling it so well.

SUSSI: I hate dying and I hate other people suffering. I wish, maybe in my naiveté, that we could have done something in the ten years, and I feel distressed, and I feel sad, and I wish that it weren’t so. But, I hear what you say and I’ll be a good warrior, a spiritual warrior, in any way that I can be.

TARKUS: (T/R Jim): Suffering is temporal. Salvation is sure. The soul survives. The soul grows. And, you will survive and you will conquer, and you will conquer with the power of love, which, truly, hasn’t been done before on this planet. You’ve always conquered with might, power, strength, domination, and actually hating the other side. You must fight this war on terror from a different mind set.

You must learn to love even you enemies. Love is the eternal power that can be coalesced and brought to a strong current and nucleus within you that will insulate you against virtually anything. Jesus showed this way so remarkably. What was suffering to him, was something to bear, endure, overcome, and spread forgiveness and love upon those all around him. And so, those who die horribly are brought forth to glory; the angels come to take them away. This is the fate that will help you sustain against some of the horrors to come. But, truly, you hear things that do not come to pass, so often, and you dread things as being abjectly horrible in every way, and yet, now that the Apocalypse is here, Good and Evil lines are being drawn. We find that you can carry it in stride. You can carry forth in faith and love – not only survive, but overcome suffering.

You are just part of the human experience. While, on the one hand, I tell you that you will be more empathetic, you will hurt yourself more when you see the suffering. I tell you that at the same time you are evolving the sturdy faith that tells you that this child who died needlessly will be carried by angels to a place of sustenance and glory, and you know this. Isn’t it a great challenge to read the news every day and say, “When will it end?” Certainly it hasn’t ended in the past ten years or the twenty or more that this Correcting Time was officially commissioned. But, you know, of course, that hundreds of generations have come and gone, each building upon the other, and the quest for the salvation of Urantia will require more than one generation.

They will know that you were here at a critical time and you did your part. I urge you to use our insight when you become impatient, or worried about the pace of the Correcting Time, and how rapidly all of this will come to light and life fruition. Look back at what you have accomplished. Look at yourselves. Look back at yourself and how you have changed in a mere decade. And, look at the world, itself.

While you do not see massive change yet, you see frameworks and foundations. You see disintegration and you see new growth. You see problems being brought to the surface and not hidden any more. Evil can run but it cannot hide in the Correcting Time, and, you will find the surge of enlightenment everywhere that will bring evils to bear and your frustrations toward those evils will turn to a dedicated hard work and passion to do good, and be good, to build your soul and to share your love with those around you. You will be inspired to do significant work, and, as I look about this room, I see that you already are.

I urge you to maintain your faith, maintain your connection with the cosmos, your connection to the empathy of your own heart to love your brothers and sisters and to carry forward into the strength that you can gain each day in the stillness. This is, truly, the high octane that slows you down and centers you, gives you assuredness of faith with your Father, through worship and prayer. And, it will balance you so that you may go through the days and nights; not only with courage, but with wonder – what will happen next? And, truly, it is hard to guess, isn’t it?

SUSSI: I feel really, different from any other foolish child who’s been alive for the last two thousand years, thinking that we had an opportunity to fix everything. How could I be so stupid? I feel joy and despair at the same time, but more despair. I feel ridiculous.

CARL: If you can help one, isn’t that..

SUSSI: I thought we could help them all!

CARL: Well, I think man learns by experience. Also, he doesn’t remember history very well. He forgets quickly, and, I think, possibly John was given a divine vision of seeing a vision of what may be happening to the earth today. And, I think man has to experience the devastation that he causes to other humans to realize that that’s not the way anymore, that we have to completely alleviate this from mankind. Now, Tarkus, is what I’m saying correct?

TARKUS: (T/R Jim): This is a place much more for experiential learning than expository learning. This means learning through experience rather than being told. And, truly, don’t we learn better that way?

SUSSI: I feel like a stupid child again. I don’t learn that way – stupid, impatient child!

CARL: But, you save who you can and you do what you can.

TARKUS: (T/R Jim): The best workers in the kingdom seem to be those, as you, Susan, self effacing, humble, with grace, and not with an exalted opinion of ones self. Ego under control is looking to spread love and sharing, and yet, do not carry this too far. You must love yourself as a child of God. You must not consider your efforts small, puny, or ridiculous. You must know that each of you is on a path of divine guidance – each in this room. As children you asked for this. Perhaps, you don’t remember. And therefore, you are each on a path of growth. It is a growth path designed for your talents, for your mindset, for all of the attributes of your own, unique, individual, personality. Some of you cannot split atoms or record a hit song, but I assure you, you are all doing noble, caring, compassionate, loving work. This is appreciated in its own way and each is as important as the next.

There is a balance between the grace that you show to the world and the sheer confidence that you have within your being that you; YOU are a special child of the Father. Not above, not below, but with, from within. You are part of a divine, glorious plan with all the gifts that you need – The Holy Spirit, the spirit of conviction, angels, and guides, and teachers. All of us love you so much. And, we’ll endeavor to help you find each confident footstep after another, and go forward in confidence and faith, humility and grace, service and love. Thank you.

DORIS: Tarkus, you talk about the energy circuit. How is that done?


MALVANTRA: (T/R Stephen): The answer lies in your initial presentation of seeking the safe haven, the peaceful harbor, an eternal garden, of rest, of calmness, of seeking serenity, understanding the meaning of discipline, of self love, self protection, of a calm heart, of a pure mind, of the stillness. Like the surface of a pond reflecting the clouds flying by, may your soul mirror the growth as you move through life – daily practice, daily worship. Communicate with the spark of God resting within your bosom only, by accepted convergence of desire to rest in the arms of the safe and gentle garden, haven. Seek it. Rejuvenate. Drink from the well.


CARL: This was truly a heavy one.

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