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CIN41- Defenselessness

Cincinnati #41


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Defenselessness
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elisha, Malvantra, Mantoube
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland, Stephen
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Presence, Truth
 3.2.2 Defense
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Security
 3.3.2 Correcting Time
 3.3.3 Intervention
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Defenselessness
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Elisha, Malvantra, Mantoube
TR: Jim Cleveland, Stephen



Father Bob: (Tape started late) we will arrive at whatever truth you want us to have for our lives and to share with others. We ask you to bless this group right here today and we ask you to bless all the Urantia groups throughout the whole world, all the T/R groups. We ask you to bless every single person living on the Earth today, that they will love You more and love each other more. That’s what we ask You today, Father. We ask this in Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Stephanie: Precious Lord Jesus, please come and join us today. Be with each one of your beloved children. Help us to grow our spiritual capacity to be able to allow the Spirit of Truth to enter into our lives, so that we may pray with You, not only to You. Give us the energy and the peace to be able to do Your work on this planet in our lives as only each of us can do. Be with us, Father. Thank you.


Presence, Truth

MALVANTRA:  (T/R Stephen): We are met for a noble purpose. From the heights of your consciousness you become more aware of the presence of the Eternal Being in your lives. We gather to encourage and to sustain the efforts of your fellows in the challenging problem solving that awaits you through the circumstances of your lives. Forever will you be exposed to new experiences presenting opportunities for growth and learning in accord with your union with the precious Monitor, the divine presence of the First Source, the Universal Father, the Creator and Sustainer of All Things.

Your method of presenting the revelation in accord with your capabilities and understanding is best chosen in the confines of your silent arena of eternal communication between your conscious self and your perception of divine awareness to the present activation of your personal Monitor. Angelic assistance, Midwayer intervention, and teacher overcontrol are both present, available and maintained under the auspices of the graciousness of your Sovereign, in conjunction with the mandates from Uversa on the directives from the trinitized scope of awareness.

As you attune to your internal Pilot, may you remember the legacy before you in which those brave men and women verbalized and acted out in loving fashion, worldwide, to their brethren in times of trouble, in periods of tension, in areas of conflict, and in times of emotional tribulation. Receive succor and warmth from the memory and the knowledge of those that came before you and sacrificed to courageous outpouring, full self confidence, motivated in the belief that their mission was in complete harmony with the Master’s teaching of spreading the good news to every corner of the world.

In times of trial and challenge we oftentimes neglect to remember that our true source of strength and the reserve of our courageous abilities lies deep within the confines of our relationship with our Thought Adjuster, which is a direct circuitous connection to the First Source and Center, a gift of preservation from the Unfathomable One, deathless, pure, clean, vast – the ocean of never-ending bliss. Drink from the nectar. Absorb this ambrosia by osmosis through your conscious veil as it vibrates and is stimulated by the vibratory emanations consisting with the overcontrol of eternal pattern, displayed and promulgated by the trinitized, unified, activated, eternal, exquisite outpouring of increasing, unlimited love – a vibration that shakes the entire cosmos and vibrates with feelings of health, sustainability, preservation and joy.

Through self-love you will come to understand that your precious relationship is duplicated when you extend your feelings of sisterhood and brotherhood to your compatriots. Your treasure in life rests upon the relationships that you maintain. You take nothing with you but your mind transcripts, your personality, and the memories of the beauty way and the life and the children of light. So devote your time and energy and pursue the path of compassion, of camaraderie, of solidarity, of enhancing and modifying the circuitous route that connects you all. Your peace we send to you is overshadowed only by the exuberance that’s expressed by the teachers present in the expression of your desires.

ELISHA (T/R Jim): Fill this room. Fill this room. Fill this room with loving grace, For the spirits join us in this place. Surround us with your loving light. Share your grace with us tonight. Give us joy and peaceful release. Bring us home. Give us peace.

Past all the turmoil and problems we face We find the peace and loving face Which you gave us as Jesus As Jesus came into this place Who loved us all in full embrace And showed us mercy and compassion And joy and brotherhood, An example for the ages, for the centuries, And living strongly, ever strongly Today.

The Christ Consciousness is rising. Rising. Rising within you, filling rooms and filling hearts and filling towns and filling cities and continents upon your world and all of the universe. This Christ Consciousness IS the Correcting Time. Fill this room and feel this room. Feel the love of your fellows, together in quest, needing no rest. For energies pervade and come to you each day in stillness and you are empowered, emboldened, circuitized, enseraphimed to not only stay the course, but to bring about ever-greater levels of Christ Consciousness. Feel it inside. See it and know it in your brothers and sisters. Look into their eyes, into their eyes. You can see the grace of Jesus there, As you can see it everywhere Full embrace of reign of peace, In joyful rain upon your cheeks.

In the Consciousness of Christ and the love of Jesus. Jesus. Open your minds. Open your spirits. Open your feelings. Openness. Openness. I am Elisha.


MANTOUBE:  (T/R Jim): And I am Mantoube. I am a Melchizedek recently assigned to your sphere. I would speak today on defenselessness. This reality permeates this room from your studies of the text of the Michael Order, truly a course in miracles which you can practice to full joy every day. The text, a program of mind, body, spirit conditioning, will grow ever stronger. And so you are familiar and somewhat knowledgeable of defenselessness. And you know that it is not practiced lying down. The lesson is appropriate, I believe. For the lad who transmits to you has lessons he will learn and they will grow more intensely in recent weeks as we would give forth clarification and understanding to this concept that he struggles with.

Defenselessness is a reality that requires exertion and application. It is not passivity. It is not simply praying for peace. It is not stepping back from your mortal responsibilities to expect the heavens to open before you and accomplish your quest for you. With free will and a bountiful chest of treasures and gifts you embark upon this mortal life, seeking first to survive, seeking later to move beyond survival to wealth of many kinds.

And finally, in your evolutionary quest, your [Ascension Career|ascension to Perfection]], you find that the concept becomes more real and more brilliant. Over the hundreds of generations you have defended yourself from theft, from destructive forces, that could end your life and destroy the values which you cherish. Over these many generations it becomes a necessary mandate to defend oneself, one’s family, one’s estate.

And so, it is difficult over evolutionary time to bring this concept to true light. Defending your bodies against harm is one thing. We know that the physical selves which we employ here are temporary, functional and quite adapted to your environment. But defending your ideas, your inspirations, beliefs, seems quite unnecessary. Would you defend the truths that you think you know, when those truths, of necessity, must be ever changing, ever evolving, ever expanding, and ever growing? And so, what truths do you know that you would defend? And the length of time of trying to prove yourself simplistically correct could be better spent in additional learning.

There are no truths that you know that should be defended. However, you may stand up for truths that you believe without defending them. Stand for what you believe. Stand for the faith that you have. Stand for your ideals of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, and do this pro-actively. Do this concertedly, with determination, with joy in service, that you may apply the truths that you know at this stage of your ascension to the greater glory of the Universal Father. You stand strongly, in favor of true values, while being defenseless in making them stand above all else. For you know that your perspectives are ever changing, growing, enlarging, and that makes your truth somewhat different.

Instead of railing about what you strongly believe and what you would force others to believe, be open and sharing of your inspiration, your ideas, your insight, but do not stand upon them as universal truths that will not grow, or it will certainly stagnate and develop conflicts, acrimonious relationships. Respect the others’ path. Respect the pure hearts, the growing hearts of your fellows and work with them to incorporate cooperative, caring and sharing relationships, as you discover higher levels of truth, together. Do not be adamant in favor of your concepts of Beauty, or Goodness, for truly these things are also in the eye of the mortal beholder and these concepts are ever changing, as each of you appreciates Truth, Beauty, and Goodness as you see it, and as you understand it.

How many relationships are destroyed and put to extreme stress because individuals see fit to turn on those who disagree with them and take a stand against that person. Cliques are formed. Pressure groups are formed. Each of you know that selfishness, and self-centered-ness belies the truth that you know. Move beyond tolerance. Move to a higher level of faith. There is a master plan for you, for your world, for your universe, and for the universe of universes. When you have the faith in the Father’s plan, then, what, indeed, could be threatening to you? For you know that this plan will carry you forward to ever-higher levels of Truth and Beauty and Goodness as your vessel can move forward with these things.

And so, be patient, for the things you do not know are simply opportunities to move forward and learn more. Do so, not in defense of your level of knowledge. Be proud of your knowledge. Be proud that you are a student, loving and unique, a child of God. Defense? What? Open your hearts to new expressions, to new ideas, and they will come to you as living waters and you will learn more and more. You will grow in faith and you will come to increasingly know that defensiveness builds fortresses and fortresses create conflicts which are rife upon your world.

I have worked in other universes. I am here, now, to apply what I believe I have learned in my experience on other worlds. I assure you that all is well. All is proceeding according to God’s plan. You have suffered from rebellion, but you have gained so much from being involved in that rebellion. For all returned to the glory of God, and the benefits have reverberated across the entire local universe, and even beyond into the texts that are studied in this universe and others. The example of this Lucifer Rebellion has been one of the greatest teaching aids in all the universe. This teaching aid comes to you, complements of your own Jesus.

The example of Urantia is studied, analyzed, dissected and celebrated through all the worlds. And you are so directly involved that you see, in sharp relief, the many levels of conflict that have permeated your world – such an opportunity to learn about all of these areas of conflict, in order to rise above all conflict.

This, my friends, is a primarily ascension quest – to rise above all conflict, and to realize that you create conflict each day, in many ways. Strongly from your defenselessness, then, you will greatly celebrate your abilities – knowledge which will lead you beyond and above all conflict. Look forward to your citizenship of the cosmos, to Jerusem.

I have spoken quite enough. There may be others who wish to speak, or, the group may engage in discussion. For we have barely touched upon the subject of defenselessness. I only introduce it to offer these sharings and in order that you may put it foremost in your minds in coming weeks, as individuals, as governments – indeed, all of Urantia seeks to rise up and embrace this concept.

In these dangerous conflict, it is critical to your progress on Urantia. Take a stand for defenselessness– strong, and assertive– for defenselessness. And you will still be a loving child of God who has no reason to defend. Powers may fall. They have often done so. They may fall again. But as true values are permeated within your world, so too are the blessings of the cosmos. Spiritual teachers of this new, and glorious age will pour forth to Urantia, golden emissaries of love and truth, with compassion for each and every one. Be defenseless as a child, for you are a beloved child of the Father, like no other. He will take care of you. Thank you.



Students: Thank you. Thank you.

Stephanie: Another concept that goes along with defenselessness is protection. Jesus tells us that His love and His spirit and His example protect us. Is there a sort of protection for those of us who wish to serve in a greater capacity? For those who are trying to find in our communion with the Father’s plan how we best can serve, is there a kind of way in which the love of the Father can pave a way for us, to help us to wear that cloak of protection as we seek to be even greater servants in the Kingdom? I get a sense that we are rather special, in this room – each and every one of us, each and every one of us in this movement within the Urantia group, within all of the ministries that rise up to connect us together. I just wonder, is that something that is real, or are we really beloved equally with everyone on the planet?

MALVANTRA: (T/R Stephen): God’s love in unlimited, equally distributed, unbiased, unprejudicial to all sentient beings – the Great Equalizer, the Great Unifier. Your awareness of God’s activation can help to create your assumed shield of protection. Coupled with your level of confidence: your degree of faith; your ability to withstand ridicule and pressure; your generic composition; your emotional intelligence; your personality; your sense of character; your purpose. How do you persevere? Your loyalties – where ultimately do they lie? Your mission – how committed are you to promulgating teaching sometimes not your own? Your belief – where in the potential of tomorrow, as you forsake your past and enter upon a journey of uncertainty? Your ability – is it to walk into that dark room and place the lantern on the tabletop? Your defenseless posture, indicating your degree of self-confidence is unabashed, cannot be shattered, and is anchored in the assured-ness of your conscious awareness of your cosmic citizenship.

You venture forth with an array of helpers, invisible to you, yet quite real, who purposefully present difficulties and relationship problems in an effort to promote a learning environment and an opportunity for you to experience creative decision making in areas where it’s apparent there’s been negligence, or slothfulness, or, perhaps areas that have not been nurtured or tested, areas in which you have not pushed yourself, areas that are soft. Your purpose in life, aside from developing a well-honed personality, is to be accepting of the angelic intervention and the Midwayer ministrations as you’re presented with the challenging crossroads of problem solving to propel you to the next level of awareness. Your protection is always available, but your perception of it depends on your degree of courage, on your degree of acceptability. Be open. Be receptive and have a willingness to experiment for change.

Sussi: This question is for Mantoube. The answer was a good answer. I have a better understanding that we’re protected from daily woes by our knowledge of our cosmic citizenship, and seeing the larger picture allays some anxieties about what we do when we die that most people don’t have any clue of. The ascension plan – how lucky we are moving forward. I get that part. But, here’s the direct question. I believe that part of what Stephanie was asking, (and I shouldn’t assume anything) so, this is my question, then, (it dovetails on that) – quote, unquote, if we get nuked, are we “special” enough to get protected in some way? It’s doubtful that that’s true, but I believe that that might be an extension of her question.

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim): As you reach out in loving service and ministry your level of protection grows, for you are out performing loving service and you deserve all the help you can get. There are so few, relatively few, humans who are devoted to loving service and so, as we find you, we must nurture you and help you to enhance your service in fortuitous dimensions. The business of Urantia is the growth of souls. It is a finite time to grow your soul, and the sooner you discover that this soul growth is fully enraptured in service, service, then your soul will grow more rapidly. As you give freely of yourself, your talents, your love, your mercy, your compassion, you grow in strength, and your assistance and support from the celestial side grows ever more powerful. And so, while you are fully protected by your Universal Father, in a universal sense, conflicts will come, and so what?

Still, as you step forward as teachers and ministers, as you take these steps of faith, each step is rewarded and your level of protection grows. Grow your souls. Make them beautiful. Make them loving. Make them defenseless. Be magnetized. People will see that they can talk to you without you getting disagreeable. They can talk to you and you will listen to them, without continuing to find opportunities to throw things back and state your own. Service is listening. Service is listening and hearing. Service is hearing fluently and responding with the best possible response.

As you are enraptured and spirit strengthens you to service, you will grow more beautiful to those who will receive, who will appreciate your defenselessness. They will appreciate your open heart, your open mind, your loving and caring disposition, and they will often think, “I should be that way, too. Why am I so hassled and bound, and frustrated, and confused by all these myriad of problems that beset me every day?” You put these daily woes of Urantia behind you and step forward boldly in the knowledge of your Sonship, the knowledge of your uniqueness, knowledge of your duty, knowledge of your deep and abiding aspiration for Supreme Goodness.

You will grow all of these good qualities and be a great teacher. Grow your soul in all things, in all moments of the day. Hearing a powerful ministry in a stadium full of people can grow your soul. A quiet contemplative discussion with one person in a lonely corner can make a profound difference in your life, as well, or in the life of the person you are ministering to in humility and grace. Only one thing, only one thing that you might say to this person with your open heart might be something that that person remembers deeply throughout their life, and will respond to you by becoming a better person, with a purer soul. So, perhaps you should learn some one-liners.

Truly the words that you speak very often can be powerful. And as you learn to attune yourselves to the spirits, those words will come to you more readily, and you will not be encumbered by having to defend yourself or be more right than the other person, having better perspectives than the other person. These things are of no matter – where you are on the path. It is the path that matters, and you cannot be anywhere except where you are. Where you are; there you are. I know each of you are quite cognizant of many of these things and you have perspectives which will lead you truly. So work together, in strength, and support one another and grow your souls.

Sussi: That was a fabulous answer. Regardless, spiritual orientation, which is the main goal of this life, is what is commensurate with our level of protection and help. That’s the same message we’ve been getting for two thousand years.

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim): God’s Truth has always been here.
Stephanie: To what extent do we need to try to focus on the need of the other person vs., genuinely, universally loving them? Is it our job to try to find out how best to serve what their need is, or to be, as you have said, our own ministry from our own light in a general kind of listening and ministering kind of way? And, if there is help to focus on what that need is, is that the objective?

MANTOUBE:  (T/R Jim): If I understand you correctly, I would say that you must find the person in the place that they are. They will not be as interested in your experiences, for they will be very much embroiled in their own. So, go to them. Service is going to them, understanding their place, and responding to their needs, even as they express something different, which may be their wishes.

So(me)? truly do look to the heavens to solve their problems They will turn it over to God and God will take care of it. And yet, the Father would ask you to do it. You are here. This is your place. The Father wishes for you to enjoy the bountiful benefits of service and to grow your own soul. You are a garden, meant to grow. This planet, this world, is a garden, as well. And in your service be wise and also seeking out of those who do not come to you, but consciously, are in great need of your loving touch, but too impaired to ask, too defensive to ask, too egoistic to ask, too embarrassed to ask.

I do not say intrude upon these people, but I do say, if you appear to them full blown in your loving-ness they will see that you have something to offer. They will see it in you. They will see it in your expression, and they will see the joy in you. They will want some of it. In your heart you will know, as you look upon brothers who suffer, that they will not ask for help. It is beyond some people to ask for help, even if they are yearning so deeply for it.

Each individual is unique. And I could continue on in a worshipful and long-winded discussion. It is very helpful to understand that the person you would help is also unique, as you are unique. The situation is unique. However, this could be so very confusing, to have a common faith ministry that must serve many unique individuals. That is the challenge, and that is one of the ultimate benefits of Jesus’ incarnation, for in this, Michael provided you with a pattern. Thank you.

Sussi: Thank you.

Stephanie: Wow! That was just great. I love the teaching and the wisdom that you provide for us all – so rich.

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim): Your lives can be patterns, as well. For, do not people look to you, and do they not see how you are living your life? Are you not presenting a pattern that could be considered by others?

Sussi: This is going to sound really stupid. You give us so much. I can’t speak for the rest of the group, but is there anything I could do for you? I can’t bake you anything. I can’t make you anything. I can’t worship you. I can’t do anything. I feel that I want to return some of the love that you’ve given us. How can I do that for you?

MANTOUBE:(T/R Jim): You honor me with your presence. You honor this mission with the work that you do. You honor the Father, and you honor Michael by being a loving, giving, concerning soul. Your baked goods are quite nice, too. I have no need for them, but your brothers and sisters do. Keep cooking – in all respects!

Sussi: In all respects.

Correcting Time

Father Bob: Can you tell us anything about the second coming of Christ? The followers of Reverend Moon think that he is the second coming.

Sussi: He’s not, right?

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim): Must I sit here and refute a particular ministry? With the Spirit of Truth, which is the spirit of conviction, perhaps you can make these decisions on your own. There are other ministries upon your world, large and small, with their versions of Truth and Beauty and Goodness. It is gratifying that most of them are anchored in love, and worship, and kindness, and all the good things. Mankind forever has an agenda, and those agendas often are overpowering to the small, still, general, loving voice inside. Your lessons include lessons of discernment, and discernment is a good lesson to learn, as is cooperation, and openhearted support of ministries that you care about.

There are so many lessons for you. Some involve working together. Some involve taking a stand on your own, solitary, standing up as a strong champion, leading, inspiring, defeating laziness, equivocation – overcoming them – an energetic mystery. You must learn to function quite effectively on your own as teachers, just as you must learn to respect other teachers, respect other students, and bring forth the magnanimity that will eventually bring the all one people concept to a stirring triumph of reality on Urantia.

Is there a Correcting Time? I would ask you to consider the reality of this in coming weeks and perhaps make a mental list, at least, of what corrections you think are being made. What is being corrected? What do you see around you that indicates this? Look around you and see the world with spiritual eyes and perhaps one of our great vocations here as teachers will come to fruition, and that task is, to bring forth new creative imagination to solve your problems.

War is simplistic – selfish. Greed and self-serving enterprise bring forth horrible losses. With all involved it’s hard to find any kind of victory. And so, what does your creative imagination tell you about dealing with acts of war – or acts of apathy – or acts of – whatever? Would you subdue North Korea with rancor and hatred? Would you use, not guns, but perhaps food and service to the people of North Korea? There are other ways to solve conflicts – other than hatred and brute force. Yes. Yes, there are ways to deal with all of these opposing forces. You will find that, as you and your institutions develop greater love for those who are not like you at all – mind or body – as you learn to embrace and love these people, you will find that solutions will come in creative imaginations that have been washed in the spirit.

The time for these brute force conflicts is coming to a poisonous head, to be lanced, to be disdained forever, in favor of outreaches of service and love. Your country is hated and distrusted because it has drawn lines between people based upon their politics and race, color, and more specifically, their religions. You have much to learn. This will be a tumultuous, but ultimately triumphant Correcting Time. We are so fortunate and we are so blessed to take part in this great and challenging mission. It is like no other mission that we have ever encountered. You must learn to deal with this massive reclamation and rehabilitation with all of the assets which you have seldom used.

Reaching out in love, and mercy, and compassion, and goodness to your enemies in a proactive way may give you a startling level of success. Jesus showed the way; if you would but apply the way, We would be joyously surprised at the positive results that could be engendered. I inspire you to stand up for spiritual solutions for the problems of this world, for those are the only solutions that truly matter, and will truly make a difference.


Stephanie: Is that to say that those of us on this planet who are building, building for the worship of the Father – building new communities, building temples (there’s a basilica in Ivory Coast that is the largest on the planet, and nobody ever goes there. There is a dedication for the foundation for the temple to the Father mentioned with the Celestial Nights celebration coming up in February. Our brother, Paul Kemp, who says he is working on behalf of Machiventa, is building a temple city in Nova Scotia.) Since you are speaking of all of these changes in the spiritual realm, is all of this building misguided?

MALVANTRA: (T/R Stephen): We do not interfere in the realm of your choices. Your decisions to build, to relocate, to engage, to fight, to save, are your own choices. We present lessons for educational purposes, for guidance, and for redirection. We simply will not engage in reading the future or in planning a method where you foresee before your time is ripened. The arena of free choice and personal, conscious decision-making is the mandate of universal organization. It is not to be tampered or interfered with – within any program, or within any project. Choose your path carefully and wisely.

Sussi: This question is for Mantoube. What you describe is not the American Way. And, I wonder if you guys have anyone floating around Congress who will influence, filibuster, what’s coming up. This is the second reference to impending conflict that’s been made, if you were to reread this transcript, and certainly this situation with North Korea, but, more importantly, the polarizing of nations against Saddam Hussein. I’m not asking to predict the future, but how can we make an impact as individuals, even if the people in Congress guys have any operatives over there?

Gina: It starts with the individual, and I think it starts with that which we are radiating.

Sussi: It’s ineffective right now. We need some big guns in big places where they got big guns.

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim) Perhaps you would restate the question. (Jim: I’m losing it.)

Sussi: I feel ineffective as humans, who understand this problem, but we can’t affect policy and we are hated as a nation. Are there celestials who are influencing our policy makers?

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim): Yes. Each of your policy makers has an indwelling spirit, an Adjuster who works gallantly and valiantly, constantly, to instill true values. Because the still, small voice inside is not recognized by many. Teachers and guides, of course, are coming to your world in great numbers to provide additional impetus. Do not worry to the point of stress about the conditions of the world, for the Correcting Time is a magnificent plan that is bringing high levels of fruition all around you, and truly, the mission is on track. As conditions seem to grow worse, they are sometimes getting better, for consciousness must rise to a level of identifying, isolating and working on these vast destructive forces. The world was ostensibly at peace before the events of September 11.

While the world languished in relative peace, there was no peace. There were raging conflicts throughout the globe -little publicized – and terrorist cells were organizing, growing stronger, and plotting to kill you, to kill your families, to kill all of you, and reduce your civilization to rubble, spreading disease to kill every man, woman, and child, And then the horrible events of that day. Were you at peace? Were you cognizant of what was brewing? And do you not feel now, that though you love peace and we love you, you see that there is a responsibility to save your world, to overcome evil, and to bring this world to light and life.

This is not done by inaction, or unwillingness to take on those who would destroy you completely. These are real responsibilities that you must grapple with, for the heavens will not solve these problems. You have the ability to do these things yourself if you attune your lives to be spirit led, work together for true values, and rebuild these institutions with higher light. They have been built on foundations of greed and self-serving. They must be rebuilt in a new aura of selfless service, and joyful, worshipful connection with the Universal Father, and your Creator Son who is even here now, working diligently as the inspirational head of this mission, working hard day by day to save your world. You will help Him. You will work with us. I see the commitment, desire and dedication in each of you.

Be joyous when you can bring a sparkle of light to even one person, for you are blessed to do this, and that one spark can become a joyous ministry that changes the world. Many people have special talents, which we seek out and find in Congress and other key positions. We are working with these people who are in positions to make a difference in society, just as we are working with each and every soul who can make some difference. Whatever difference you can make, you are so blessed. You are so loved. You are a child of God through these ordeals of Urantia and forever more. Thank you.

Students: Thank you.

Father Bob: In the sense that each one of us is a co-creator with God, is it true that by living up to our highest concepts of ourselves each day that we automatically raise up the whole human race?

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim): You know, Father, of course, that this is true. This is so true.

Father Bob: That’s what I thought. Thank you.

Jack: The ripple effect.

Byron: I wonder if you might summarize the lesson on defenselessness again, in the light of some of these questions that have been asked afterwards. Could you integrate some of the issues that have come up into the lesson? If you would also speak in that regard to Jesus’ teaching of nonresistance to evil. I think, perhaps, that that’s the same idea. I’m not sure that it is, so, there you have it.

Gina: Good question.

MANTOUBE: (T/R Jim): I think the analogy is well taken. Nonresistance to evil can be considered much the same as defenselessness, and yet, in both cases I think the example is that defenselessness is not inaction or passivity, for Jesus was anything but inactive and passive. He spoke strongly and with determination. He acted boldly and was strongly proactive, industrious in this wonderful life that he led on Urantia. And so again, as in all cases, Jesus has provided a pattern and shown, I think, forcefully, that it is not resisting evil, but promoting Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in a proactive way. He would not defend Himself against evil; He would simply supplant it, overcome it, and move beyond this bankrupt concept. Perhaps that is all I can add at this moment. Malvantra may wish to speak further. As you can see, this lad is tiring and will take a brief rest. Did that somewhat answer your question?

Byron: Yes

Stephanie: Maybe Malvantra will continue the answer.


MALVANTRA: (T/R Stephen): We grow weary. We retire with an outpouring of peace.

Students: Thank you all.

Byron: Very inspiring. You’ve got a good thing going here; I’m really impressed.

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