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LVP35- Next Step of Evolution-Dialogue 35

2014-07-19-Next Step of Evolution-Dialogue 35
Long View #35


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Next Step of Evolution
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Next Step of Evolution
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Monjoronson


MONJORONSON: You feel and understand the press at this time of many difficult factors. On the world stage there are wars and provocations for global war. There are precedents for conflict on a scale not seen since the worldwide war of the 1940s and there are those who are pushing for this global decimation in the political, military and financial arenas.

Perhaps the wisest contribution at this time is the understanding which escapes most of humanity and in particularly those in responsible positions of government, that violence only begets violence. Violence is not a cure for any problem and in fact will only breed further, more intractable problems in its wake. I’m not suggesting pacifism here or abandoning self-defense where necessary and appropriate, but I am stating unequivocally that militaristic solutions to disputes of any kind will not solve such disputes but in fact exacerbate difficulties.

This understanding would seem to be the next evolutionary step for humankind. The willingness to take this step is more evident by its absence, with aggression the accepted solution among the western and asian powers and the default for what passes as international governance. However, the absurdity of the pursuit of violence is being seen by many citizens around the world and a more rational path is in practice in the lesser powers of the South Americas and in some Asian countries, particularly the more Buddhist oriented nations of Bhutan, diaspora Tibet and others.

The decision to pursue aggression as opposed to cooperation is also evident in the economic sphere of banking, finance and international commerce, where greed is the accepted, even revered motivation, and the triumph of the individual over the best interests of the whole something celebrated rather than discouraged. Again, this betrays the absence of reason, not a forward step in evolution, and if humanity is to progress, concern for the well-being of the whole must become paramount.

The particular concern of Higher Intelligence is to raise the vibration, to increase the frequency upon which the mass is motivated and moved. Presently a pattern of density and unneeded weight governs the societal construct, with the masses disadvantaged by the wealthy and powerful few to the detriment of mankind’s advancement and particularly to the global environment upon which human and all life depend. The shortsighted nature of man’s environmental abuse is becoming more and more evident and this too will become an increasing pressure on the human construct to change and evolve.

The simplest way forward for those aware of these conditions is to promote cooperation and integration of common concern in the avenues that remain open, that is personal, local and regional relationships and endeavors that are not fully burdened by the ignorance that marks the larger international forums. Each individual can practice patience, understanding and the willingness to walk in another’s shoes in the affairs of daily life. In some sense this may be the only path of evolution open at this time and although there is no promise that it will affect the larger sinking ship of human society, it can promote goodness and a respect for the whole that will be important as heritage elements for intelligent life to continue.

At this time there are no immediate solutions on the worldwide level except individual, local and regionally grounded right mindedness, and where there are such holistic endeavors in practice they should be endorsed and supported. One obvious area of good intent is in the governments of South America which are steering away from military control and economic greed, ending the ruinous so called war on drugs and beginning egalitarian practices on regional and national scales.

No one has the complete picture because of the fractured present state of affairs, with directions proposed by one often seen as muddled or unworthy by another, but the important thing is to keep an open mind and a forgiving heart in place so that where there are signs of growth they can be nurtured and furthered.

Regional constructs for cooperative agriculture and commerce are one such example, peaceful associations that further the arts and culture, and care for the right education of children. Higher education has fallen victim to the cancer of growth, with behemoth institutions at prohibitive costs preventing the education of the masses rather than promoting it. However, the university remains a center for the potential of right thinking and for the creative intelligence that could evolve the structures and systems of government, finance and human culture worldwide.


At present what I have said seems enough. You are interested in strategies whereby higher intelligence can be practically and directly augmented into human affairs. For now the practical application of good sense in your own affairs will have to do. However, there are critical factors rapidly pressing forward on a global scale that will require leadership for humanity to adapt and change to a very different landscape. Let that be a source of hope and challenge for you and all who might read these dialogues.
We will continue.

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