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LVP34- Discernment Amid Disinformation-Dialogue 34

2014-07-13-Discernment Amid Disinformation–Dialogue 34
Long View #34


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Discernment Amidst Disinformation
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Discernment Amidst Disinformation
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Monjoronson


MONJORONSON: Good to continue our discussions with notes taken for further distribution. There has been a dearth of interest in what celestial intelligence is providing because of controversy over predictions, disputes between and prejudices within scribes resulting in disinformation mixed with important resources. There is no completely reliable source and thus no growing interest in what is being released.

The intelligence required is complex and difficult. There are collapses occurring at every level of human endeavor, some of which determine collapse of the systems upon which human society is dependent as well as the systems that compose the whole of life on Earth.

There is a nonsensical argument to much of what is noted as “spiritual” about glass half full or glass half empty which makes no real sense and disguises the denial in the human intellect to face the extremely difficult conditions now present and perhaps more importantly, being denied.

The economic system is in a shambles and is only being supported by the thinnest threads of ongoing deception and malfeasance. There is no reliable trust in the fiat currency systems and the weight of the economic enterprise is being shifted, dramatically if you are willing to look carefully, to forces beyond the US and Europe. Europe is beginning to align with Russia and the BRIC countries who are forming a resource and trading block beyond the dollar, the US banking system including the IMF and World Bank, and the control of the oil monarchies.

The breakdown of US dominance will not be easily accomplished and there is much ahead of financial war and serious decline for the major powers as the rest of the world gains independence and shifts authority away from the western capitals. Environmental balance is no more and the shift of climate change is already in process, not a what if factor for the future. The debate about climate change is suffused with ignorance and controlled in large part by the energy industry based in the US and OPEC. OPEC itself is coming apart with Quatar aligning with Iran and Russia in a natural gas consortium that challenges the dwindling oil supply and the catastrophic practices of natural gas fracking in the US and Europe.

Fracking as it is known is seriously undermining the foundational supports of the continental US and along with the melting of the ice sheets in the Arctic, Antarctica and Greenland, will result in dramatic changes to the US landmass and the coastal regions of the world. The growing number and severity of earthquakes are clear signals but are not being heeded in the greed based obsession with maintaining what is conceived as the status quo.

Human industry is not the sole reason for the rising global temperature but it is a major contributor and more than just climate change, the effects of industrial and agricultural poisons are destroying the environment world wide. I use the word destroying, not damaging, because the effects of such poisons are exponential in their effect and are exploding in terms of destructive impact.
The counterbalance of consciousness is simply not present.

There is a strong resource of human intelligence which is simply not in play at the global level because of the pathology required to move in the leadership circles of government, finance and commerce. Those who have enough fortitude to abide with the toxicity of national and international government and worse still banking and finance, are most often marginalized, allowing the growing global cancer that is the human endeavor to metastasize to the point where the body of the earth as a whole is severely compromised.

These are not happy thoughts. There is little of cheer or optimism in these notes and I suggest they be taken at face value and not rationalized or diluted by the fake optimism of supposed spirituality or “positive thinking.” The hard facts must be faced and what is of greatest import now is for there to be a dependable foundation of consciousness and compassion to face what is surely coming.
The most important factor in the overall equation is the influence of God to put it simply. The work of reformation will occur, with or without the assistance of humanity. However, as the human influence which cannot be underestimated in its destructiveness, such influence should also not be devalued in terms of the critical role it has between the invisible forces of Higher Intelligence and the material forms of planet Earth.

Presently those of good will are or should be focused on care for the environment, devotion to the government of God and attunement with life. You are fighting a rear guard action at this point with the dark forces of disintegration in control, although that dominance is proving delusional for those with eyes to see. We are here to provide counsel as We work at our level to bring those forces to bear that will provide the integrative elements as the dissolution of the human and planetary systems continue to degrade.


The term spiritual warrior applies and it is not the oxymoron that most of those who think of themselves as spiritual and those who consider themselves warriors would avow. This is a time for strength and steadfast courage. Much will be required of you as elders and midwives to the birth that is coming. Your resonance with the Source of Life and resources of Higher Intelligence will prove most useful. We shall continue.

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