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LVP33- Mixed Messages-Dialogue 33

2012-10-30-Mixed Messages-Dialogue 33
Long View #33


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mixed Messages
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Mixed Messages
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Monjoronson


MONJORONSON: Thank you for answering my call. There needs to those who hear and are willing to transcribe. This understanding suits my theme for this dialogue which is diversity.

LVP: I regret my last Dialogue comments that may have disparaged some of the “messages” (I continue to read) that to me appear immature.

MONJORONSON: Careful analysis is important and I would suggest you keep your careful eye and ear for truth in place. However, you can witness and evaluate without the demeaning judgments you rightfully regret.

There are over six billion souls incarnate on Earth at this time. Do you think there could possibly be a “one size fits all” message to humanity? Given the wide scope and variety of intelligence, both innate and cultivated, of spiritual maturity, from earliest developmental levels to the first expressions of becoming maturity, the teaching and revelations of this time need a great breadth of depth and difference.

The young child rightfully eats very simple food, pablum it is termed, while the adult has more sophisticated tastes. Those tastes are not always for the better as you have come to understand but the progression of what can be digested and assimilated provides useful metaphor for spiritual food.

My reason for presenting these relatively simple thoughts is to emphasize and invite a wide range into the educational community that is developing within the Magisterial Mission. Some of what needs to be transmitted and transcribed can be reasonably advanced and scientific while some needs to be supportive of simple trust and the opening that will come with growing assurance.

LVP: So rather than critique the diversity of what is coming forth, just be selective in terms of what is appealing and helpful for each individual.

MONJORONSON: It would be helpful for you to review what does not appeal to your educational tastes so that your ability to address and understand a wider audience gains more adept ability.

Events on Earth will be in advance of the large populations ability to fully assimilate. This is due to the regressive nature of spiritual development and to the advancing cycle required by the larger cosmic order. The substance required for understanding must for a large percentage of the population be pre-digested and regurgitated like the avians do, by those who currently have greater understanding. This translation is one of the foundations of sustainability upon which the new structures of civilization and human relationship with God are to be constructed.


MONJORONSON: These thoughts are enough presently. You are a little bird yourself compared to the stature you are growing into and in our continuing discussions brevity will for a time be useful.

LVP: Agreed, and thank you.

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