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LVP32- Discernment & Disinformation-Dialogue 32

2012-10-07-Discernment & Disinformation-Dialogue 32
Long View #32


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Discernment Amidst Disinformation
o 1.2 Group: Long View Project
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: LVP
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Discernment Amidst Disinformation
Group: Long View Project
Teacher: Monjoronson


LVP: let’s begin with a new blank page, though I bring my history, prejudices, ideas and conflicting beliefs with me.

MONJORONSON: We each come as we may into the light of the present moment. Your light is dimmed at this time, as is the light of mankind as a whole. Many look to the heavens for comfort and there appears to be none. You are weakening in your look to Me and others in the Celestial force because you believe you have witnessed so many failed prophesies and empty, platitude filled discourses that lack real application to the overwhelming disintegrations you and your Earth face.

LVP: I am discouraged and losing empathy with words that seem fit for greeting cards rather than Christ Michael’s ground team.

MONJORONSON: Such is the nature of this time, the Proving Time rightly called, although it is not the Celestial authority to be called into question but the polarity and orientation of humanity.

LVP: I’ve accepted that concept in the past but it doesn’t sit well with me now. Why shouldn’t the Celestial authority be challenged when mankind goes about without tangible guidance on the planetary scale? We’ve been the Kept in Silence Planet for some time and the result is a horrific level of ignorance and violence.

MONJORONSON: Are you making a case or stating your own despair?

LVP: I don’t think despair is the correct word and I’m not interested in becoming the Devil’s advocate in any sense. I’m just looking for a specific set of directions that aren’t just for the bubble headed but can be seen, heard, considered and used as a viable platform for the healing of this world.

MONJORONSON: My recent discourse through Daniel wasn’t specific enough?

LVP: Writing books with good ideas would seem an appropriate strategy for a previous century, not for today.

MONJORONSON: You see another influence required?

LVP: I see the need for Presence that carries more weight than individual human beings, with the authority of the Creator Son and the government of God.

MONJORONSON: You are asking for the Second Coming as it is popularly termed. We believe that this form of communication is that for now, a precursor if you will, for the larger unfoldment over time of the Magisterial Mission. You are a planner and doer, used to formal plans, assembling people and materials, then constructing what has been envisioned. The same process is underway now but with a much longer timeline of execution.

LVP: I’m concerned with legacy, of making a real contribution to this effort beyond nice sounding words.

MONJORONSON: This is the same concern We share, albeit with less of the mortal constraints you are limited to in your place within Earth’s present circumstance; legacy through the establishment of what will stabilize, heal, renew and begin the processes of recreation for the destitute masses and bereft Earth.

If what you can do at this time is form a team of one then that is sufficient. You are intent on continuing to bring your quality of conscious awareness into your workplace and construction career in a mode of “secret service,” and by all standards that seems the most pragmatic and effective mode for now. But other forces are at work and you have recently had encounters with other top flight professionals which are indicating a higher reach than just new forms of brick and mortar. You know there are many more of your colleagues who are only separate from this higher calling by a thin veil and you think the parting of this veil is Our task.

LVP: Most decidedly, if it is not to remain only in the ream of the esoteric.

MONJORONSON: I could say that day is coming but that might only further fuel your unrest. At this time the plot We course is for the gathering of those willing to form the beginnings of an intelligently focused base line. I suggest you are beginning to do the same and so without the stressor of dates and times in your framework, We are in essential agreement.
There are portents of much larger Earth changes to come and tribulations in the realms of human governance but at this time I’m not in the business of prophesy. The structural weaknesses of your existing systems are obvious and the continued existence of those structures in tremors physical, economic and emotional needs to simply play out. I suggest you follow the course you’ve presently set and remain more concerned about offering inspiration, spoken and silent, than the receding reception of such, and take the time if you will to continue chronicling our conversations for those who may be interested.


MONJORONSON: You are willing to bite the nickel to use an old coining phrase, which meant to test a coin for the soundness of its metal. I find your practice useful and welcome in this regard and look forward to Our renewed collegial friendship.

LVP: Thank you and agreed. Game on!

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