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FAQ5- Increasing Human Life Expectancy

2021-06-23. HEALYONS. Increasing Human Life Expectancy.

Topic: Increasing Human Life Expectancy

Q: Some historical biblical references suggest hundreds of years, is that true?

A: This is the Healyons. It can be true for individuals depending on how they live their lives, (food they eat, sunshine, exercise, low stress environments, low toxin level in the air, water, or from any source), their level of spiritual development, where they live. The most important things are how long they live their lives in their attitudes and in their intentions. Your intentions toward others how you live your life in relation to the others around you. If you’re focus on selfish survival this will not work well for you. Love and gratitude are very positive aspects for increasing the length of your lifespan.

Q: What will be our life expectancy as humans be on this biological planet?

A: This is the Healyons. Our answer would be the same as described previously here. Thank you for your questions.

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