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FAQ6- Healyon Life Expectancy

2021-06-23. HEALYONS. Healyon Life Expectancy.

FAQ#6 Topic: Healyon Life Expectancy

Q: What is the average life span of Healyon’s and how does it differ from that of humans?

A: This is the Healyons.  Well, it varies because we do not leave our bodies because of illness, disease or old age. We choose to leave and move on when we feel we have accomplished what we needed to do while we were living. We remain in perfect health until we decide it is time for us to go. The average age is approximately 400 years however it could be less than 100 years or more than 1,000 years in terms of your times.

Our lifespans  are not necessarily compatible with yours. We are different types of beings however we would like to say that these various lifespans, I just mentioned to you, are already available to you on your world.  Your records show that there were several on your world that have lived for many hundreds of years and more. These greatly extended lifespans are usually due to other factors beyond just the physical characteristics of the body. There are some amazing ways that your bodies can be treated and healed from an incredible amount of diverse beings which include those like us and it also includes all the spiritual beings that attend to you.

The possibilities are almost unlimited. The real limitations are your lack of awareness and lack of belief. Your bodies have been magnificently created and designed for self-healing to take place without any outside support. Outside support is best used in critical situations and to overcome any malfunctions that need to be adjusted. Sometimes a quick fix can get you up and going and feeling good which is most pleasant and delightful to you however the deeper issues still need to be resolved and healed for any permanent healing to take place.

It is most important that the vision you keep in mind is how you are, whether you see yourself as vibrant and healthy or run-down and going downhill. It makes a huge difference because this is the silent message you are sending to your body because you see yourself as either improving or becoming less healthy.

You can actually talk to your body and give it instructions but the visions that you keep in your mind as to how your are, are just as effective or even more effective because that’s how you see yourself happens more often than when you take the time to talk to your body. It is our hope that when you call us for healing the results will help you understand and come to believe that healing is possibly on all levels.

We can be bandaids but this is not our purpose. We are here to help you learn how to heal yourselves and as you do this healing, others will learn from your example to learn to heal themselves, and as you heal, your world and everything in your world will heal. It’s all connected just like your body, every minute piece of your body is part of the whole structure of your body and is just as important as any other part of your body. This is perhaps more than you asked for in your question however it gives us a chance to explain more why we are here and our overall purpose in being here. Thank you for your question.

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