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GEO151218- Moves Toward a World Government

2015-12-18. Moves Toward a World Government

Illawarra District, Australia, December 18, 2015.
Secondary Midwayer Thuroc the Entertainer.
Teacher Samuel the Panoptian.

Subject: “Moves Toward a World Government.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Thuroc: “This is Thuroc the Entertainer. Why is it that I should be doing the honors for our Panoptian bio-chemist friend, you may ask? Well, I’m here in the now, again, and as well, I’m vitaly interested in the subject of a world-wide government. I also fully prescribe to this receiver’s theory that a mini black hole sucked up the healthy minds of almost all western statesmen … and others … and left mostly war-crazy looneys to govern all.

“That said, I leave it to our esteemed Panoptian brother to answer the world government questions. I am Thuroc. You have my and Rihte’s love forever, humans.”

Teacher Samuel: “This is Samuel of Panoptia. Firstly, there is no such thing as a miniature black hole that could be so selective as to suck up the minds of your government’s elite only. Much as I enjoy your jesting in this way, each of you in your own free time, I add, your theory is endearing, but quite seriously flawed.

“We revisit Panoptia now. Panoptia at the time of the Lucifer rebellion was older than Urantia by many millenia. It did have a world government, yes, but more importantly, it had a much-respected over-arching advisory organization of genius-level contributors drawn from many planet-wide districts. At the time of the rebellion it was headed by Elanora, a most spiritual human leader. The outcome — our distancing ourselves from our Planetary Prince and much of his entourage — was exteme, but not quite unexpected.

“At this time in your evolutionary progress — let us call it that, if somewhat doubtfully — you have neither a common religion nor a single language. And whilst your great diversity may well be seen as a hindrance to the establishment of a world government, it does not present an impossibility. A challenge, yes, not a total impracticality.

“What has not been realized by your far-seeing, creative individuals is that whilst no method of government is perfect, more than a few are adequate. Presently there are dictatorships that are ‘workable’ or could become so. There are democracies that are effective, although they are becoming somewhat ‘lean’ in numbers. Even religion-ruled states could qualify as long as citizens in all these qualifying nation-states have approximate equal rights and freedoms.

“There are places in our universes where, at times, such scenarios have been successful in evolving and sustaining world governments to the benefit of the masses. There always remains the proviso that such is attempted in friendship and through cooperation, not by coercion and with a threat of wars.

“Presently you are experiencing an ideal situation for such collaboration to come about and … perhaps instigate the arrival of a Paradise Teacher besides. May sound minds determine the right path for all on this much-loved planet and let us pray this will be so.”

George: “Thank you both. Thank you all.”

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