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GEO151220- Thought Adjusters, Souls and Reincarnation

2015-12-20. Thought Adjusters, Souls and Reincarnation

Illawarra District, Australia, December 20, 2015.
Cherubim “I’ll be Frank” and Sanobim Alice.
Subject: “Thought Adjusters, Souls and Reincarnation.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Frank: “This is Frank and I’ll be frank. Alice is more gentle when you can get her to speak instead of observe and analyze, but I come right out with it because I’m Frank, busy to over my head, full of plans and ages from retirement, even further from promotion. We, both, have our Ph.D’s in psychology.

George: “We know you well and you know us even better …”

Frank: “… since well before 2000. And that should make you proud. Yet here you are again, always needing more answers for those who find it easier to ask you. What can I say but, ‘at your service?’ We did ask to be included in the 11:11 Progress Troupe.

“Misunderstandings, mischief and misgivings all mixed with a dash of false pride was responsible for so many cults accepting the gift of an immmortal soul and discarding the reality of the Thought Adjuster (TA). The few with a clear awareness of their having a TA — as well as an immortal soul — often saw other folks as being too lowly to have been granted a Fragment of the Father-Creator. One could suggest that the common people were seen as, well … very common.

“Especially in the Christian world and for the longest time a bishop was seen as greatly more important than a barron or even a king. And next to any of these the uneducated candlestick maker or slovenly rag trader was seen as unworthy to have a TA. Monks and vicars knew they were special, oh yes! Still, soon the knowledge of the Creator Fragment became entirely lost. Souls went to heaven and then what?

“With the lost knowledge of the Thought Adjusters and the enormous Mansion Worlds, but more importantly, TA/soul fusion having been forgotten, mischieviously withheld from the people or distorted, and I’ll say it again: you have souls going to heaven … and then what?

“Everyone and their puppy dogs know that souls are not perfect, but they go to heaven where there are mansions? The earth is the center of the universe but — touch wood — we do still vaguely know that we must become perfect. There you have it! Give the mortal a new body and let him slog it out on this planet for another lifetime and another and another. There’s nowhere else, but perfection is still a long way off. Yes, let’s call it reincarnation.

“We know that Adamson taught it right, but Ratta’s teachings were flawed after all those millennia, but why cannot you call your living on subsequent Mansion Worlds reincarnation? You’ll have a new body each time, a new planet each time and slowly on you’ll become perfect — ‘reincarnation’ until fusion — similar process, different places.

“Think about it; your friends will be all around you, too. No sweating it out on this planet, uh, uh! Alice and I love you both. And now we’re out of here.”

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