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GYR2- Helping Loved Ones in Quarantine

2011-01-23-Helping Loved Ones in Quarantine
Goodyear #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Helping Loved Ones in Quarantine
o 1.2 Group: Goodyear TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Thomas
o 2.2 TR: Georges Douyon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Mansion Worlds
 3.2.2 Pedagogy
 3.2.3 Perception
 3.2.4 Truth, Discernment
 3.2.5 Inner Life
 3.2.6 Thought Adjusters
 3.2.7 Attunement
 3.2.8 Perspective
 3.2.9 Socialization
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Helping Loved Ones in Quarantine
Group: Goodyear TeaM
Teacher: Thomas
TR: Georges Douyon


PRAYER: Father we ask that you en-circuit us with your energy. Father we ask that you open our hearts our minds and our ears to absorb what we are being taught today. We are so grateful for this opportunity to be of service. Our Father we welcome this opportunity to gather here in your name and welcome this opportunity to be of service in the movement of the correcting times plan on this planet.

Thank you for this opportunity for this is structured with honor for us all to participate with you at this time. We ask that you watch over us, guide us always. And it is always your will that we are following and doing but not ours. I ask if there is anyone, any teachers that are participating in the correcting movement that is occurring on Urantia to step forward and guide us. Thank you.

THOMAS: Hello to you all I am Thomas. It’s been a while since I’ve had this opportunity to talk to this individual. Now it seems that I may be able to be of service to you all a lot more often. This is a blessing from our Father and I hope that we will develop a long lasting relationship that not only will serve us, but also will serve this entire universe and not just this planet, as we attempt to reveal the will of our Father into the hearts of mortals. I appreciate this opportunity and without any delay I am willing to entertain any questions that you may have.

Dawn: Thank you and welcome Thomas. I’m glad to finally meet you.

THOMAS: No the pleasure is all mine. Thank you.

Mansion Worlds

  • Helping Loved ones in Isolation/Detention/Quarantine

Dawn: I would like to start off today with asking a couple of questions about when we pass on and go onto the Mansion worlds. I have read several times that people with addictions and mental problems are sometimes put into isolation until they realize where they are and then they get curious about it. The question is, if we have loved ones that are in isolation is there any way we can help them?

THOMAS: Yes, it is possible to reach out to them. When you are in stillness you can focus a thought of wellness, thoughts of healing and send it to that particular individual to whom you are concerned with. However, understand that it is very difficult to discern where that individual may be, not that it matters, but my question to you would be what type of difficulties are you referring to and how do you know that this individual has a particular problem. Do you understand?

Dawn: Yes, I do understand. My question was more referring to that when I pass, if I have a relative or loved one that has passed and they are not there, they are in isolation. My question was for that part, for when we are in Morontial form, can we help them there?

THOMAS: Yes! Most definitely! Because you are in the same realm as that individual, by that I mean that you both maybe on Mansonia #1 for instance, whereas the individual is in quarantine but you yourself have not been placed in quarantine. You do have access to these individuals. It is actually encouraged that you should try and help not just one particular individual but many individuals who have found themselves on detention. Remember, the Universe is based on service and from the start we learn to help others, so that we may benefit from that help ourselves. Does that make sense to you?

  • Helping loved ones in this realm

Dawn: Yes that makes perfect sense and makes me very happy too. Next question with that would be that if we have loved ones in this realm who are struggling with addictions and mental illnesses what is the best way we can help them now?

THOMAS: Again, the best thing you can do for your loved ones is to go into the stillness and focus positive thoughts onto them. Thoughts of well being, thoughts of healing and thoughts of love. Thank you.

Dawn: No, thank you!


  • Teaching others

Tracy: Part of the questions I’ve gathered is that I recently had a good friend of mine ask me to teach her and I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. My question is how do I teach people who ask to be taught?

THOMAS: First thing is to determine the nature of the questions. What do they really want to be taught? Sometimes people say one thing and often mean another. It is not truly advisable that you teach someone else something unless you have mastered that something. Your question being non specific, requires a non specific answer. I would want to know more as to what you mean by teaching.

Tracy: I’m just not sure how I feel towards teaching because I am not sure what I do and don’t know, especially when contemplating teaching someone else morals.

THOMAS: The fact that this individual is questioning their morals and values implies that they themselves know that which is correct and that which is incorrect. What they are truly asking for you is to be there for them, to provide them with support rather than to tell them to do this or to do that. It would not be correct for you to tell them what to do. Rather bring that person into the stillness with you. If you want to, when you are practicing stillness, you may focus thoughts of love onto that individual. Do you understand?

Tracy: Yes I do, thank you.

  • Never give up!

Dawn: My next question has to do with something that was brought up in Special Session #26 that Daniel Raphael TR’d at. It was talking about our society and the morals of our society and it was also talking about an instance of punishment. My question is how are we supposed to know or discern when to give up on an individual and punish them as far as a society goes?

THOMAS: Short answer to your question is that you never give up on anyone. That is not something for you to decide. These decisions must be made by qualified individuals who occupy certain positions within your society. On the worlds of space, these decisions are derived from mores, based on each world’s specific evolutionary process. Your society has long ago adopted certain measures to establish that which is correct vs. that which is incorrect. Again, as your society matures spiritually you will find that there exists a great deal of alternatives to inflicting punishment. There are many things that you will discover that will help to alleviate the many problems that you are now being confronted with. Do you understand?

Dawn: Yes I do, I had a feeling that it had to deal with that.

  • First desire to seek guidance

THOMAS: I would like to add something. As an individual your first and foremost desire should be to seek guidance from the Father of all, from our Father. He is always there for you to provide you with the necessary guidance. Your relationship to your Father should be your primary concern, supremely. Embrace one another. Learn to be tolerant of one another. Learn to love one another. Those are the things that are important. Punishment is secondary to the things that I have just stated. When you learn to follow the leading of your Thought Adjusters, everything else will fall into place. Do you understand?

Dawn: Yes I do, I was just confused on it because it seemed to me to be a little of a contradiction, but that makes more sense to me what you just said.


  • Perception based mainly on upbringing

THOMAS: Perception is based on many things, but mainly it is based on how you have lived your life and the things that you have witnessed during your upbringing. You have to question whether your upbringing was actually correct or whether it is in need of adjustment. It is not for the sake of right or wrong but instead to evaluate the quality of the upbringing that you all have had on this planet. This will help you determine how you must proceed in the future. Does that ring some truth?

Dawn: Yes.

THOMAS: Ok, let’s proceed.

Tracy: What is the most effective way of keeping others from hurting others?

  • Always Reveal the Father

THOMAS: The most effective way to stop others from hurting others is to reveal the presence of the Father within yourself to them. Be an example to others. Let them see how your light can shine. Let them see the love that comes out of your heart. Believe me, it has a more potent effect than trying to reason with each other. Reasoning too often leads to heated discussions which often resolves nothing. Be about the Father’s business in this moment and as of this moment in your life. Allow the Father to shine within you. Let Him be your guide in everything that you do. You will find that you get better results that way.

Truth, Discernment

  • Truth Discerning

Dawn: Thank you! My next question has to do with truth discerning. What if you miss something that you are seeking because at the time it does not seem like the truth but in reality it is? What is the best way to discern truth? I know to go within and ask for guidance. It just seems that there are times when things don’t seem like the truth but in reality they are. Am I making sense?

THOMAS: I have a question for you. What is the truth?

Dawn: (Laughter) I, uh, um…… Is it that the truth is relative to each individual or is there a universal truth?

THOMAS: You have discerned correctly! Truth is indeed relative to each individual because personality within each individual is unique. There is however a Universal truth. The reality of the First Source and Center, our Father. That is the all pervading Universal


Dawn and Tracy: Wow!!! (laughter and exclamations of WOW!!) That was awesome! Thank you!

THOMAS: You’re welcome!

Tracy: My next question is how to learn to love my brothers and sisters that have traits that I dislike?

Inner Life

  • Things we don’t like about others is reflection on us

THOMAS: That question often surfaces all over, not just here but other planets as well (chuckles). Human beings all over do think alike. (chuckles again) You have been given a Fragment of the First Source and Center for your soul to consult with. Understand this, do you know that the things that you dislike about others, often times, are a reflection of your own short comings? Have you ever thought about it in this manner?

The resistance that you put out resides within your own selves. That is why you keep on seeing things that you do not like in others. It is because there are things inside of you that are also unworthy. Ask your Thought Adjusters to open your hearts, and be sincere about your endeavors. Seek not for the self but rather for the glory of our Father and you will be able to accept your brothers and sisters.

Tracy: Thank you for that.

THOMAS: You’re most welcome.

Dawn: I have a question about the Mansion worlds. After we are reassembled on the Mansion worlds. Will we ever be able to see our Thought Adjusters? Or are they always the Presence that’s not seen?

Thought Adjusters

  • Seeing the Glory of our Father in Paradise

THOMAS: That is an excellent question. The Thought Adjuster comes from the Father, does it not?

Dawn: Yes.

THOMAS: Are you able to see the Father now?

Dawn: No.

THOMAS: When do you think you will be able to see the Father?

Dawn: When I become spirit and perfect.

THOMAS: That is a level of existence that myself has not yet achieved. But when we reach the Center of all things, we are taught that we are to behold the Greatness, the Holiness, and the Immense Love of our Father. And as we do, we are told that our Thought Adjusters are made fully manifest. As we are seeing the Father in all his Glory so will His reflection shine upon us and we will reflect the same glory. We are also taught that what we seek to see, we become in that moment. So yes, you will be able to see your true self eventually. Thank you for this question.

Dawn: Thank you for that answer! (tearfully) I was hoping that.


  • Reality more real as you attune

THOMAS: I would like to add however, on the Mansion worlds, you will definitely know the presence of that Fragment of our Father. As you grow and align your Soul with His reverberation if I can say, or as you are able to attune yourself with His, the reality presence becomes even more real to you as you ascend on your journey toward the Center of all things. Thank you.

Dawn: Thank you very much. I have a question that is off the subject from one in our group. When we close our eyes and go places that we’ve never been before and have flashes of people, places and events, is it just random things or are we actually there?

  • Soul glimpses

THOMAS: What you are seeing are flashes of images that are being shown to your Soul. Yourself, you are not actually there because you are not ready to be there, but your Soul is able to reach out to new heights and catch glimpses of what is to come or what is to be or what has been, depending on the focus of your thoughts. Does that make sense to you?

Dawn: Yes it does and thank you. I have a bit of a personal question if you don’t mind?

THOMAS: Certainly not.


  • The Right Path and what is normal

Dawn: Am I on the right path?

THOMAS: Is the path that you are on, is it a beautiful one? Is this current path leading you to know the Father better and to do His Will.

Dawn: It’s just here lately I’ve switched from being a question person to being a sponge, is that normal?

THOMAS: That is wholly, entirely normal. As human beings you all go thru cycles, moments of intense enlightenment and unfortunately moments of intense sorrow. Then you find yourself again and start over until you reach that moment of intense enlightenment again. These are the cycles experienced by imperfect beings. Worry not that someday you may wake up and feel like you don’t want to pray or that you don’t want to do anything.

That is normal. Just keep the faith that you have already accepted the call of duty launched by the Creator of your Universe. Know that always, you have already volunteered to be of service to Him and to the Father. Use that in those moments. Think not that for a moment that the Father will stop loving you or stop supporting you. Think not that this universe will let you down. Never will that happen. We are always there for you. We are always here to guide you when you ask. Again, always remember that we love you very much.

There is no lapse in the love which we provide to you. It is powerful and constant always, remember this well. I will add that the reason that mortals have so many problems and so many issues is because of the persistence that mortals have to look upon us as they would themselves. You are trying to discern us from a finite point of view as you go toward the infinite. But it would be very useful to you to reverse that angle so that you can view the perspective of life from the infinite rather than the finite. A lot of things would make a lot more sense to you all. Do you agree?

Dawn: Yes I do. I wasn’t worried about the Universe letting me down, rather me letting the Universe down.

  • No such thing as letting down

THOMAS: When you look at the Universe from an infinite point of view you no longer see let down. There is no such thing as letting down. However, (if I can say it in the right words) you can decide at any time to stop your ascension, it has been place into your hands. The Father has endowed you with free will. You can decide to terminate your life if you would so want to. Everything is ordained, but your participation in this supreme realization of cosmic realities is truly up to you.

Never think that you are letting us down because we know exactly where you are spiritually speaking. We only need to look at you to see exactly what you can discharge or carry with you or not. Continue to encroach yourself onto the Father. Never let go. Never, not even for a moment, let go of that string. Hold onto it very tightly and everything will fall into place.

Dawn: Thank you.

  • Forum very important

THOMAS: No, thank you. I would like to tell you all that this forum is very important to us. It is something that will add to the light of this world. It is my fondest wish to come to this forum as much as possible to answer your questions. This individual has already accepted me as one of his teachers and I believe it is his wish that I remain with you for as long as it is possible. Therefore I welcome the opportunity for another session with you all. And thank you again for forming this forum. Thank you all.

Everyone: Thank You!!

THOMAS: You are welcome. If any of you carry any doubts as to the authenticity of this forum please do not hesitate to bring forward your questionings.

Tracy: Sometimes it’s hard to be out there in the real world. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one out there.


  • Difficulty in relating

THOMAS: It is very difficult to relate to someone else if they are not willing or interested in hearing what you have to tell them. Do not be discouraged for what our mission calls for. Be strong. Rely on your Thought Adjuster. Know that we are always with you and continue forward on your path. Do not allow the things of this world to dissuade you from being with us in spirit and from being the individual that you are meant to be, a Son of God in service of the cosmos.

The feeling of loneliness comes from the fact that human beings are very social beings and you tend to gather together and spend time together for whatever reasons. When one becomes focused or at least when one attempts to focus his energy onto the Father you become somewhat of a distinct individual within the group and that is because your aspirations your views and your thinking eventually change, they are no longer, perhaps mundane.

There are others out there that are also like yourself. You just haven’t met them. This forum represents the beginning of that change. That is why it is so important that we have your participation. Do you understand?

Everyone: Yes!

  • Eventually our world will be devoted

THOMAS: Eventually the entire world will become devoted to doing the will of the Father and no longer will you be singled out. On the contrary you will find brothers and sisters dedicated to love and doing the Will of the Father. Think of yourselves as being pioneers within this movement and know that we are aware of your circumstances and know also that we are very close to you.

I congratulate you on making this forum possible and I invite you to ask more questions next time if you will. I invite you all to continue on this path and together we will grow and witness something bigger to come out of it, something that none of you have even yet imagined. Again, I thank you for your time and look forward to the next time. I am your teacher and friend Thomas. Until next time, I bid you all farewell and stay in the love of the Father.

Everyone: Thank you Thomas!!

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