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GYR3- Personality, Beliefs, Trusting Your Soul

2011-01-30-Personality, Beliefs, Trusting Your Soul
Goodyear #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Personality, Beliefs, Trusting Your Soul
o 1.2 Group: Goodyear TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Thomas
o 2.2 TR: Georges Douyon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Energy
 3.2.2 Marriage
 3.2.3 Belief
 3.2.4 Words, Progress
 3.2.5 Brain
 3.2.6 Correcting Time
 3.2.7 Mansion Worlds
 3.2.8 Discipline
 3.2.9 Being
 3.2.10 Personality
 3.2.11 Love
 3.2.12 Action
 3.2.13 DNA
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Personality, Beliefs, Trusting Your Soul
Group: Goodyear TeaM
Teacher: Thomas
TR: Georges Douyon


Prayer: Our Father we ask that you encircuit us with Your Love, Peace, Beauty and Goodness. Please show us the way Father. We ask that our divine parents Michael and Nebadonia encircuit us with their energy and love and show us the way. We invite any teachers who are a part of the correcting time on Urantia to step forward and help us today.

THOMAS: I gladly accept your invitation. This is your friend and teacher Thomas.

Dawn: Welcome Thomas!

THOMAS:  Thank You.

Dawn: Glad to have you back.

THOMAS: So without any delay, let’s get started with your questions for this evening. Thank you.

Dawn: Do you have any opening statements that you would like to impart before we start?

THOMAS: Not at this time. If you have questions, please, you may begin.


  • Solar system moving and new energies are being sent

Dawn: Ok, one of the questions I had was what Ron was talking about was that what he gathered from Master Spirit #1, his view, was that Urantia is entering a part of space wherein there are new frequencies that are foreign to certain life forms here on Urantia. My question is, is Urantia actually moving in space to a different part or are those different frequencies coming to us, I mean is our solar system actually moving to a different place?

THOMAS: Yes, your solar system is continuously moving into new streams of energies but remember that the energy circuits on this system have been reestablished so you are getting new energies that are being sent to this planet as well.

Dawn: ok, so it is both.



  • Marriage is a purely Human institution

Sharron: I have a question about how does the Father feel about the marriage commitment? Let me elaborate a little bit. In my previous religious upbringing, I was taught that marriage was forever. But I read recently that on other Morontial life that this is not necessarily so. I was wondering, what about here on Urantia? If a partnership does not support our ascension, our progress, here in the material realm, if our partnership is not supportive or contributive to our progress, rather hinders it by mocking at what we are being told, what is our response? What are we to do about this?

THOMAS: This subject had been discussed on many occasions. I will tell you that marriage is a purely human institution. What you do with it, is truly up to you. The point here that I want to make to you is this, have you taken the time to talk to your partner, have you taken the time to truly listen to your partner? It is always easy to dissolve a relationship and much harder to retain it. Last week we discussed the resistance that is inside us which we throw at each other.

If you truly care for this person, if you would want to remain in that relationship then you must see past the differences that you both have and find a common ground. This common ground of course is our Father. You must consult with your Father Fragment which will advise you on what steps to take appropriately in order to remedy the situation. But remember that marriage in and of itself is purely a human institution. Thank you.


  • Beliefs continue on

Dawn: So going along that same line as far as the beliefs that we are brought up with, my question has to do with something I read this morning actually. Monjoronson was saying that we need to practice and concentrate on Mercy so that when we continue on to the different worlds of time and space because we will come in contact with people who have different views on creation.

Are those different views about creation of their own planet or the creation of the Universe? Because I was thinking that as we progress and go on thru the Mansion worlds and beyond that there is a belief system, like what we were talking about last week with the one Universal truth that everybody eventually begins to believe in the same way. Is that not true? Do people keep their individual beliefs? I’m sorry; there were a lot of questions in that one.


(Much Laughter and another apology)

THOMAS: We will address the first part of your question if you care to repeat it?

Dawn: Ok, my first question was about the creation, if the differences in beliefs were about the creation of their world or the creation of the Universe?

THOMAS: It is as I stated before, based on perception, evolutionary epoch, planetary environment and how they relate to the Universe. You have been told about races such as non-breathers, have you not? Races of people that exist in such environments, that are almost totally deprived of atmosphere.

Dawn: Yes.

THOMAS: Do you believe that their views regarding life or that of the Universe would be similar to yours?

Dawn: No. It would probably be a lot different.

THOMAS: Exactly.

Dawn: Ok, but as we grow in our Morontial form, is there a point in time where those different beliefs coalesce?

THOMAS: As we grow and increase our capacity to understand the Creator, our belief system continues on. Except that we become tolerant, more tolerant of others and in that sense we gain an understanding and acceptance of their perception and understanding of the cosmos. Because ultimately, all roads lead to the Father does it not? (Yes) When we become first stage Spirits we are told that these differences will vanish completely because we will be in another stage of existence and those differences become irrelevant. Do you understand?

Dawn: Yes.

THOMAS: Ok, continue…

Dawn: Tracy, do you want to ask any questions associated with that?

Words, Progress
Music and it’s relationship to progress

Tracy: A lot of questions I gather from day to day and I write them down and are from varying subjects.

THOMAS: Please ask whatever you like.

Tracy: ok, as a musician I have a heart for music. I read an article on how thoughts carry energy and they can be positive or negative and relating that to music and does it have energy as well and how does it interact with a person?

THOMAS: And what is your question?

Tracy: What are the impacts and effects on people from music and what exactly music does?

THOMAS: What are the impacts of words in music on people?

Tracy: It’s dependent on what the words are.

THOMAS: Then why should it be different when it comes to sound?

Tracy: I was thinking more of if it can help progress, like if you can actually feel the essence of what their trying to communicate?

THOMAS: Most certainly, this is possible. Just as words are able to make you feel better or just as words can be used to hurt you, so do musical notes, depending of their arrangement, have the capacity of releasing positive energy around you or negative energy to actually make you become darker.

Tracy: I always thought that music was a good mean of communication of getting thru to people because a lot of people think of it as unbiased, that it comes from within the soul.

Dawn: Is that true?

THOMAS: Music is an excellent mean of communication because it utilizes tones that can be arranged harmoniously. If you read the UB you would know that harmony is the language of the spirit.


  • Brain wave changes

Tracy: Yeah, I need to read and study it more. (Laughter) Some of my other questions were some things I discussed with Georges, about the tingling sensations in my head because it seems to be happening on a daily basis and as a child I have felt a tremendous pressure in my head and as I grow it seems to be decreasing. Does any of this mean anything or can you elaborate on what it might mean?

THOMAS: I’d be glad to. The tingling sensation that you feel can be caused by the presence of an entity near you. It can also be caused by intense focus of your thoughts. It can also be an indication of an illness in the brain. Are you trying to determine if it is related with some spiritual experience?

Tracy: I’m just not sure what it is. I don’t know why it happens. I’ll have certain thoughts and then the tingling sensation occurs.

THOMAS: Let me ask you, what kind of thoughts are you having?

Tracy: They really range, sometimes it’s something insignificant and then sometimes I’m in deep thought and they occur.

THOMAS: When you are in deep thought the tingling sensation is completely normal. It is an indication that your physical brain wave patterns are undergoing some sort of readjustment or rewiring. So do not fear that, embrace it for your capacity to form new thoughts is increasing. Thank you.

Tracy: Thank you! That was very helpful.

Correcting Time
Others that are here helping us

Dawn: I have a question about another website that seems to have a similar message but there are some differences. They talk about the Arcturians and the Pleiadians who are supposed to be here to help us. My first question is, is that true? Are they here to help us?

THOMAS: I will briefly tell you that there are many factions that are unseen providing help to the people of Urantia. I cannot go into detail as to who they are and what their mission maybe. But I am allowed to tell you that you do have a lot of friends working as hard as they can to help this planet evolve into something better. Thank you.

Dawn: Thank you. Can you answer a question about why the message they are giving us is a little different than what we are being taught?

THOMAS: I can tell you why there would be a difference. If I were to tell you, for instance, let’s use this analogy, I will say to you that our Creator Father Christ Michael is scheduled to return to this planet. I will tell you to pass that message onto your friends. Now I ask you, do you think or do you believe the message that I have just given to you will retain its integrity when it reaches its 50th or 100th person, per say?

Dawn: No, it would be like that game telephone game where one person tells a message and by the 50th person it no longer resembles the message it started out to be. Is that what you are saying?


Dawn: Ok. Thank you.

Learn to trust your Soul
Tracy: You are talking about other groups here to help us. There have been times where I have been reading an email, there’s been one or two that I feel iffy towards and I’m not sure if they are telling the truth, or if they may be impostors. Is that a common thing?

THOMAS: Here’s what I would suggest to you. You have already been given the tools, the necessary tools to guide you in your life. Use them, use them wisely and be discerning. What is it that you are asked to do? Are you asked to love your brothers and sisters? Are you asked to maintain your allegiance to the Infinite Father? Are you asked to surrender your free will or are you free to do as you wish? If you were to follow their advices, would you be a better person? If you can answer these questions, then you should be able to form an adequate idea about who they may be and what they want. Is this sufficient?

ALL: Yes! That clears up a lot of stuff and helps. Thank you.

Mansion Worlds

  • Glimpses of the Morontial realm

Ron: I have a question about people who have momentarily crossed over to the other side and they see loved ones that they knew, they hear music that is just harmonious and have a sense of peace. They also claim to see a golden gate and city before they are sucked back into their lives. Can you elaborate on that, what that place may be?

THOMAS: Gladly! I would gladly do so. Do you believe the Morontial realm to be a very tiny environment, an environment not much bigger than your neighborhood? (No) Very well, let me continue further, your house, isn’t it different than your next door neighbor and the next one and so on? The glimpse that these people are catching is real. But, each individual may be catching a different glimpse of the Morontial realm. This does not invalidate their experiences in the least.

Some people have seen gardens, gates, some have seen walls, others have seen golden streets and some people have even been on train rides. Now, does it really matter what glimpses you are given? (No?) Learn to trust your soul and what you are seeing rather than believing that you should see something specific that relates to someone else’s experience. Your personal experiences are as real as any others experience. (Yes) It is all based on your state of relaxation at that moment and also the degree of inner personal spiritual development. Do you understand? (Yes), very well.


  • Discipline your mind

Tracy: I had a question relating to trusting the Soul. Sometimes when I go into the stillness and I ask a question sometimes I’m unsure of whether it’s just my mind answering the question itself or if it’s me as a whole, including my inner light?

THOMAS: Very well. Let’s establish the difference between your mind and your soul. These are two complete separate entities. Your Soul reflects that which is divine, that which is spiritual and the focus of your Soul is always on the Father. Your mind, on the other hand, is filled with noise; it is filled with all sorts of thoughts that it’s getting from all over.

Ranging from your local universe to your next door neighbor, your mind is filled with thoughts. So it behooves you to learn how to discipline your mind and trust your Soul. For in the moment of stillness, when you quiet your mind, in that sense you learn to give free reign to your Soul instead so it may ascend this Universe and explore new spiritual levels of reality. Do you understand?

Tracy: Yes, Yes, that was very enlightening. Thank you very much. Sometimes I have thoughts that are either violent or rude and I was wondering where that came from and this helps me to know that it comes from my mind and that all I need to do is discipline my mind.

THOMAS: Correct!

Tracy: Thank you very much that was extremely helpful.

THOMAS: You’re Welcome

Tracy: So, what other parts are there to Beings besides the mind and the Soul? And do they vary according to different Beings?

THOMAS: I do not understand?


  • What all Beings are composed of

Tracy: Are other Beings consisted of different parts like a normal person like me on Urantia or do we all have the same things internally?

THOMAS: Are you referring to Human Beings?

Tracy: Yes and all other Beings out there and how they relate to us.

THOMAS: Human Beings are made up of an energy matrix, a mind, which combines together to form what is currently known as your identity. You are also given Personality which in turn serves as a unifier to unify all these parts of the self to form one single individual. Now other Beings, such as Morontians, they do also have a superior energy matrix combined with a mind to form the identity of the personality. And let’s not forget that each and every one of us carries the Fragment of our Father within us. Does that answer your question?

Tracy: Yes it does. Thank you very much.


  • Personality is preexistent and eternal

Dawn: That brings up a question that I have had. Hopefully you can help me to better understand it. We are taught that our Thought Adjusters are pre-personal, that they don’t have a Personality that they gather their Personality from us. Can you explain exactly how a Being can have an Identity but not a Personality? Be pre-personal? Am I making sense?

THOMAS: Yes! What we know of Father Fragments is that they come from the Father and that they are pre-personal beings. This supposition does not indicate an absence of Personality; rather it is suggestive of personality functioning on absolute levels of reality. Now, Personality itself also comes from the Father, does it not?

Dawn: Yes.

THOMAS: Your Personality is also pre-existent. Do you agree?

Dawn: Yes.

THOMAS: Now, Thought Adjusters and Personality come from the same First Source and Centers and are both pre-existent and eternal. How else can the Father fragments know about their subjects of indwelling before they are even born if personality models are not made available to them?

Now identity requires an energy matrix and mind, you have already been informed that Father Fragments are pure, absolute energy and you all have had moments of contact with their divine minds during your lifetime. In the final analysis, it would be entirely incorrect to state that they don’t have Personalities or identities for they do. Rather their Personalities and Identities are simply beyond the mental grasping capacity of any beings existing on sub-infinite levels of reality.

Dawn: Yes, that clears up a lot of confusion for me.

THOMAS: Your revelatory book states that Personality is associable not addable. This should imply to you that Personality does not have a beginning, and like the Father, it is also eternal. Your Personality always existed. It can be differentiated when it has been bestowed onto an energy matrix and a mind (identity) which makes each and every one of you unique. What you need to grasp is that although your Personality is preexistent, you yourself as an energy matrix with mind did not exist before. Do you understand?

Dawn: Yes I do understand that. So when the Personality and the energy matrix come together then that’s when we actually have memory? Or does the Personality come pre-programmed or do we form the personality after we receive it.

THOMAS: No, Personality acts as a unifier of the parts and identifies you as a unique individual. It renders possible your journey as a unique value to achieve the highest possible value while your Divine Monitor assures the certainty of the final achievement of that journey. Do you understand?

Dawn: Yes I do.

The Father decides
THOMAS: For instance When thru excessive aberrations of the mind and by willful choice to reject the ascension plan, continuity of life can be suspended. In that instance your energy matrix, your connection to Morontia energies; your mind (your identity) becomes completely disintegrated. It’s as if you never existed. But with your Personality, it is not so, being pre-existent and eternal, it returns to the original Source from where it came. Do you follow?

Dawn: Yes.

THOMAS: Now I will ask you this: if our Father wanted to bestow that same personality onto a new energy matrix and a new mind on this level of reality or any other, could he not do it?

Dawn: Yes!

THOMAS: Exactly, my point being is that mortals as well as Morontians cannot even begin to exhaust the Infinite love of our Father.

Dawn: Wow, so that means in theory, one can never exhaust their options. Their second, third, or fourth chances, is that correct?

THOMAS: Not in theory, IN REALITY!

Dawn: Wow!


  • The Infinite Love of Our Father

THOMAS: You must open yourself to possibilities. You must also meditate on what it truly means to have and to be infinite in love. You must meditate on the mercy and the love of our Father, to attempt to grasp its implications, its dimensions and its depths. For you have not in earnest, begun to really think about these things seriously. This is something that I wanted to bring out to you so that you may pause to consider the word Love and apply and really try to apply its values and potentials when it comes to your relationship to your brothers and sisters.

Dawn: I have a question along the lines of that. Does the individual himself have the option to come back and try again?

THOMAS: Your personality upon its return to the Father is devoid of identity and devoid of the energy matrix. It is back to its primordial state, it has no ability to make new choices in and of itself as you understand the concept. We are not told what goes on upon their return. But we believe that all personalities are destined to universe functions. As far as the individual himself having the option to come back, this is definitely occurring throughout the evolutionary worlds of time and space where arise constantly the need for special ministries of Mercy. You yourselves, in the not so distant future may choose to volunteer for such a service.

Dawn: Ok, I don’t personally understand WHY you would want to come back but I thought I’d ask (laughter) and that it needed clarification because some other people had asked about that. Thank you.

Sharron: Would there be a will attached to a personality or would the personality have a will to make up their mind to do something?

THOMAS: Without the energy matrix and mind there can be no will to human personality.

Dawn: So will is attached to the energy matrix and your mind?

THOMAS: Will is not so much attached to them; rather it becomes manifested with your identity.

Dawn: That makes sense.

Tracy: I had some thoughts on objects and their essence. The essence of everything and how everything has its own energy and how we associate objects with words and that what your actually thinking that object is gets distorted. Is that true? How do you see the true essence of something?

THOMAS: I don’t quite follow your questions.

Tracy: That one is kind of hard to explain.


  • Words and actions have energy

THOMAS: I can tell you that the power of a word comes from the focused energy that you employ when you use that word. The energy is there it’s always there, constant. It is mainly your use of it that varies or defers, which brings up another subject of mine which I would like to discuss with you today.

Tracy: Gladly.

THOMAS: You mortals need to pay attention to the way you focus your energy. You have the tools to make this world a better place. I will explain. Let me describe to you the usage of energy and how you mortals have not taken advantage of its power. I am sure that in your lifetime you have seen two people going at it. Saying mean things to each other, going at each other’s throat, punching each other, and throwing things at each other.

Why do you think this is happening? Because they have intensely focused their energies and thoughts into something wholly negative. The angrier you become the more intense the energy becomes. Are you following me?

Tracy: Yes.

THOMAS: But strange to note that how easily you are able to achieve focus, although it is for negative ends. You are able to quickly gather these energies and focus it onto somebody, whether you want to beat them up, hurt them or even kill them. Now I ask you, when was the last time you have witnessed that same intensely focused energy directed toward your brothers and sisters manifested as Love? and I am not referring to physical love. When was the last time you truly witnessed one of your siblings focusing intense Love for the welfare and benefit of another?

Tracy:  Can’t really recall.

THOMAS: Exactly!! But you have within yourself the power to use that energy for the benefit of mankind because you use it quite often in your anger. Do you not?

Tracy:  Yes.

THOMAS: Then why not redirect it toward something constructive and positive that will contribute to the healing of this world?

Sharron: How do we direct it?

THOMAS: How do you focus it when you want to hurt somebody?

Sharron: By your words and actions.

THOMAS: YES!! How do you focus your intention? It becomes so natural to you that you are not even aware of it. You simply go at each other’s throats, do you not? (Yes) Well, redirect that energy and focus your thoughts on doing something for someone else with the same zeal, the same strength and the same force, that’s all. It is not difficult. In your minds, you’re simply ready to be at each other’s throats rather than being friendly with each other. You see others as being strangers instead of brothers and sisters and you approach them with suspicions.

Instead, I would suggest that you learn to open yourselves to your brothers and sisters. Do not be the first to worry about what they can do to you, have courage and faith and accept your sonship with the Father. Be sincere and be about this work, be about the Father’s business. You will grow in spirit and you will achieve a great many things on this planet. That is all.

All: Thank you, thank you. We learned a lot from that and it was very profound.


  • Energy changes

Dawn: I have a question regarding the changes that are being implemented in our species to prepare us for the new energy and the vibrations that we’re going to be coming into. I know that it was told to us that we would know if we were chosen for the DNA upgrade, I guess my question is if we were being physically healed are we automatically being included in that DNA upgrade or are we just being healed. I’m sorry; you know where I’m coming from on this, don’t you?

THOMAS: Physical illness has its origin mostly in the mind construct. You have been given the tools to help yourself. We are here to assist you but not to do the work for you. Understand that these energies that are being showered on this planet are the same energies that are being showered on all the other planets in this universe. Urantia isn’t being targeted specifically for these energies. At a certain time within human evolution, as you progress toward the spiritual, there is what you would call evolutionary leaps that occur.

These evolutionary leaps are triggered by these energies. So all of you would who truly wish to absorb these energies will absorb them. However, you can only absorb them in proportion to your degree of spiritual attainment. There is no purpose in obtaining these energies if your intention is to use them for selfish reasons. So the more you attune yourself with your Father Fragment the more receptive you become to these energies and that is the key. If you want these energy augmentations, if you want spiritual capacities if you want to be in service to your brothers and sisters, attune yourself to your Father Fragment. You will get more than energies if you go into the stillness and attune yourself to the Will of our Father. It is all there for you. All has already been provided; it is just a matter for you to make a consecrated choice. Does that make sense to you?

Dawn: Yes, yes that makes sense as far as attunement and intentions go, I understand that. Thank you.

THOMAS: You’re most welcome.

Dawn: You have given us a lot to think about today, we have a lot of improvements to make. (Laughter)

This Forum is different
THOMAS: I think we should end this session for today.
Dawn: Thank you so much for coming thru today Thomas, we appreciate it so much!

THOMAS: I don’t know if you have picked up on it or not, we are going to modify somewhat the way we do these sessions. You will continue to ask questions but I will also ask you some questions, we will all learn from each other and that way we can all benefit from these sessions.

Dawn: Thank you that’s a very good way to learn.

THOMAS: In that case, I will withdraw and end this session. I wish you well. Be in the Fathers love, until next time, thank you for your participation.

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