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GYR4- Mansion Worlds

2011-02-13-Mansion Worlds
Goodyear #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mansion Worlds
o 1.2 Group: Goodyear TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Thomas
o 2.2 TR: Georges Douyon
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Mansion Worlds
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Lesson
 4.1.1 Ethics

Topic: Mansion Worlds
Group: Goodyear TeaM
Teacher: Thomas
TR: Georges Douyon

Session 1
February 13, 2011
The Mansion Worlds

Q: The Mansion Worlds  …are somewhat segregated …It appears to me [that the segregation is by] behavior, negative energy, least spiritually mature. Here on Urantia, the good live among the bad, but it seems to me that in Heaven, the bad or segregated (put into detention) from the good. Is this a correct assumption?

THOMAS:  That perception is incorrect. What you perceive as segregation is instead the workings of the ministry of Mercy. You should consider the alternatives of not having a place where these undeveloped souls can be kept and allowed to continue their existence. You should understand that contact with Morontia energies entails exposure to powerful energies. Allow me to illustrate, you currently employ on your world an energy source that convert chemical energies into electrical energies (batteries).

This energy source is utilized in certain devices in order to generate physical light (flashlights). Now, would the energy source contained in these devices sufficient to operate your transportation vehicles for instance?

Q: No.

THOMAS: This illustration is similar to what takes place on the Morontia realm. These undeveloped individuals register barely enough soul growth to warrant additional opportunities to develop their souls but not enough to sustain the Monrontia investiture and contact with these Morontia energies. This is the reason why service to your brothers and sisters is so important and attunement to your Indwelling Fragment must become your priority. The more soul growth you develop, the higher you can ascend in the Morontia realms. Thank you for this question.

Question: Another question: Are the Morontia “material” bodies of children without genitalia, which would make them look like large “baby dolls” with no private parts to clean up after? And, how are the “material” bodies differ from the adult Morontia forms? Is there a Morontia and Spirit form of sex?

THOMAS: Why would these material children be repersonalized without their sexual organs? Why should they be prevented from experiencing bonding and Love in close intimation? These experiences are essential to the development of all material beings, so I ask you why should they be excluded from having these experiences? On the contrary, the reproductive life plasm is excluded during repersonalization in order to limit the material population on the mansion worlds and because the worlds of time and space are the designated spawning ground for material life. You should also realize that while some do begin their Morontia career early, others not before they become adults and still others not until they reach the last phase of their material life. The difficulties you encounter in pondering over these matters would be greatly reduced if only you could comprehend that the material realm, is an echo of the Morontia realm, which in turn is an echo of the spiritual realm, and all things come from spirit.

Question: My question is this: Are children that were aborted and were unwanted by their earth parents, awaken and raised by the Angels? And, are those children that were aborted by force or for financial reasons, but were wanted, kept in an unconscious sleep until the mother of that child graduates to the Mansion World where she is then reunited with her child to raise?

THOMAS: If you want to know whether or not the unwanted children of the evolutionary worlds survive death, then the answer is yes. Again the survival of one individual is not conditioned by another. We are all the children of the same Father who love each and every one of us unconditionally. Once the process of life has been initiated, it must continue by decree of the Universal father. There is no infringement upon the free will of another. Those who can’t choose for themselves are treated no different than those who can, and no unnecessary delays fall upon them.

Sometimes, when these little souls experience tragic deaths, it becomes necessary to delay their repersonalization until they can be reunited with their parents so the healing process can be more effective for both, parent and child. You should understand that these traumatic events can sometime cause permanent psychological imbalances to both, parent and child, and it often takes a very, very long time before these scars can be fully eradicated. On Mansonia, there is a host of beings, including angels at the command of the Finaliters, who care for these little souls. The area dedicated to their welfare is so enormous that where you to be there, you would instinctively believe that you are inside a metropolitan city.

Session 2
February 23, 2011

THOMAS: Tonight I would like to discuss the golden rule and its implication. This rule has been known on your planet since the early formation of primitive civilization. Before this injunction became adopted as a religious or philosophical tenet, it was first discovered in the hearts of ordinary men who came into communion with their indwelling Father fragments. It was anticipated by now that most individuals on this world would come to discover the Golden Rule as an integral part of life just as important as the air that you breathe or the food that you eat.

The injunction to “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you”, when viewed as a written commandment and followed as such, often leads to an individualistic mode of living derived from a misguided sense of self-righteousness. At best, it can provide a temporary safe haven from the vicissitudes of life by generating the illusion of escape or control over nature’s law of cause and effect. But it certainly does not contribute to the brotherhood of mankind.

When spirit lead individuals discover the Golden Rule in their hearts, this injunction becomes incorporated in every aspect of their lives, and life takes on new meanings and values accompanied by the burning desire to make a difference in the life of others by being of service to them every time the opportunity presents itself. This discovery, magnified by the presence of the indwelling Father fragment, leads to the realization of the Fatherhood of God and contribute directly to the brotherhood of mankind.

On the initial Morontia levels of existence, the golden rule simply is, it is a fact of life. On the more advance levels of the Morontia existence, this fact of life achieves the expression of the father’s will and on spiritual levels of existence, the expression of the father’s will attains to the levels of the I AM resulting in complete harmony and release from the limitations of antecedent causation.

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