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HAM16- Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 6-10

1999-07-28-Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 6-10
Hamilton #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection, Malcom & Muriel
o 1.2 Group: Hamilton TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertram, Malcom, Muriel
o 2.2 TR: Tara Logan
• 9 Session 7
o 9.1 Ecology
• 10 Session 8
o 10.1 Urantia Book, Urantia Movement
• 11 Session 9
o 11.1 Adversity
• 12 Session 10

Session 6
 July 28, 1999

TARA: Is there a message today?

MALCOM: Yes, there is. You have felt our urging and prompting many times. We are here to admonish you and to help you, to strengthen you and to impress upon you the need for sincere dedication, patience and perseverance in your calling. Tara, there is much work to be done and we have need of you, your talents, your faithfulness, your sincerity and trust and loyalty to this work of the Master which he has called you to be a part now. Never grow faint in your purpose and always will to do the Father’s will in your life and in your actions of service for Him. We have told you many times you have nothing to fear, for we are here and will help and guide and strengthen you in your work for Christ Michael.

You must indeed discipline yourself and make the best use of your allotted time on Urantia. Your overall health is improving and we know this has been a most trying and recent concern for you. Your upcoming physical assessment of your health in Toronto will set your mind at ease and give you insights as to how to better nourish and strengthen your material body. Many are being called today and all come from various and diverse physical environments. All suffer from the many and diverse results of the catastrophic events which have befallen your beautiful planet, Urantia. No one lives in a perfect environment, nor was it ever meant to be so, but it was never intended that it be so imperfect as what you are now experiencing.

There has always been the potential for error, sin, evil and iniquity on such a free will experimental planet such as yours. It has always been the mandate that each evolving son have free will choice in order that there be soul growth for the ascending son and the Supreme. Yes it is true that you are each “faith sons” now in your mortal flesh, for it is by and in faith that you make your freewill choices to choose the Fathers’ will in your life. Now do you walk in faith, believing that you are indeed sons and daughters of the Universal Father.

You do not yet see what you shall be, what you are called to be, when your perfecting is complete. You must indeed walk in faith, as if in a darkness, unable to see the overall plan the Gods are outworking here below. At any one time, and in any one translation after a transition sleep, you are given more and more knowledge suited for you at that moment in your progression to Paradise. Now are you given what is needful for you at this time, especially the Fifth Epochal Revelation sent down to you in the form of the Urantia Book. Make no mistake how important is this Revelation for your beloved planet Urantia, now and in the future millennium to come. More and more are gradually becoming aware of this revelation given before it’s time. The world, indeed, hungers for the truth.

  • We would ask that you continue to:
  • Prepare yourselves for the future ministry to which you are all called to be a part.
  • Read and study your text.
  • Grow in knowledge and in the “fruits of the Spirit.”
  • Practice these attributes of the Father in your daily lives.
  • May those you come into contact with see the Father in you and glorify Him and find Him in their own lives, within themselves, that they may become aware of His indwelling spirit within their own minds, and the Spirit of Truth with in their own hearts. Then are you doing the Father’s will, when you lead these little ones into an awareness of, and into the embrace of the your heavenly and universal Father’s love.

I will leave you now, impressing upon you to listen and respond in your sincerity and faith at our prompting, for we have need to communicate with you in our work for the Father. There is much work ahead, and you, our T/R’s, are our voices, our hands, our tools for doing the work of Christ Michael on the material arena of Urantia, your most beautiful physical world in time and space. We are a team. You are pioneers leading the way into a new era on Urantia, for its betterment and growth into the coming ages of Light and Life. We are here to serve the children of our Master, Christ Michael and Father, but also to advance Urantia into its glorious place among all the inhabited planets of time and space in Nebadon.

Bertram has been with me in this transmission, for this message is for you, but also for all those who will listen and respond in his area of assignment. We admonish you all to continue in your personal growth and soul development and in your loving service to your brothers and sisters. We bid you farewell and good day, Your teachers, Malcom and Bertram.

Session 7
 July 30, 1999

TARA: Good morning, teachers! I feel there is a lesson for today. Please impress upon me what is needful for us today. Thank you.


MALCOM: Tara, you are most formal today! We too greet you good day on this most pleasant and refreshing morning. Soon it will again be very hot in your area on Urantia. This brings us to the lesson for today. We understand that you have been concerned of late of the changing environmental conditions on your planet. You found some statements of the program you viewed lately saying that environmental catastrophes were acts of God displaying His wrath and punishment upon mankind everywhere on earth today. We know that in your heart you do not believe such statements as truth or divine reality.

Mankind must come to realize that these are, indeed, not acts of your loving heavenly Father. The Universal Father loves, is love. There is no evil or wrath or sin in Him. It is not the Father’s will that any suffer. He would not and cannot deliberately bring pain and affliction upon His children. He did not send His Son, Christ Michael, to suffer and die for you. This was totally a horrendous evil and willful act of human beings in their anger and rage and in their blindness against the teachings and revelations of Christ Michael. The Father does not create evil or sin but because of his free will mandate given to mankind the potential for error, evil, sin and iniquity has always been present upon your planet.

The catastrophic weather patterns on your planet today are a result of misguided and willful acts of mankind which have resulted in the present environmentally harmful lifestyles on the planet which you see today. Atmospheric warming, disturbed weather pattens, ocean warming, due to the depletion of ozone in the upper atmosphere, has all conspired to bring upon you these weather conditions today which are far from ideal.

Crops are failing, both animals and humans are suffering worldwide. Though mankind may shake his fists at God and place the blame there; it is not a true reality on your planet. The reality is the planet is indeed suffering from the weight of mankind’s mismanagement.
The Father did indeed give into the hand of man the dominion, over care and management of Urantia. Urantia was created and has evolved to be the spawning ground of spiritual babes for the cosmic family of God the Father. In balance and beauty has it evolved to its present splendor and beauty.

Over the ages but especially in the last one hundred years, man has continually and relentlessly polluted and fouled his birthplace in time and space. This was not, and is not in accordance with the will of God. Changes of a global nature must take place before the environment will change. What will it take for mankind to learn the error of their ways and make a concerted and united effort for change?

Greed for profit and ease for living has outpaced humanity’s wisdom and love for the purity and beauty of his native home. Only when mankind truly begins to love one another and his environment and seeks to do the will of the Father will true health, beauty, goodness and prosperity bless the earth once more. Always, has free will reigned supreme upon Urantia. Mankind has had full range of that free will to do as he willed upon the earth, but unfortunately not in accordance with the will of God.

Technology has now out raced his wisdom and corrections must come and will come. In every aspect of your environment you can see the corruption and mismanagement of unguided and the blind stumbling of evolving mankind and the results thereof. But all is not dire, all is not in darkness. Efforts, even supreme efforts of sacrificial proportions are being made to advance the mind set of humanity. Of this, each and everyone of you have your part to play, especially those who love God and will that His will be done on earth.

The Correcting Time will go on into the next century. The work we have begun for the Master will go on into the future. The good works going on world wide by all His children will unite into a mighty effort to set the planet onto the true path towards light and life.
Rejoice and be glad even in your present suffering and discomfort knowing all is truly going according to plan, mankind will learn the lessons needed in time, for the betterment of himself and his beautiful planet home. I leave you now and wish you Godspeed and success in you efforts for the Master this day. Your teacher and guide, Malcom.

Session 8
 August 6, 1999

TARA: Do you have a message for us this morning?

BERTRAM: Good morning, little one. It is our delight to be in contact with you this fine summer morning. After your very hot spell, these cooler nights and days are a blessed relief.

Urantia Book, Urantia Movement

BERTRAM:  All things pass in time, renew and refresh and progress ever forward even when things appear to be confused and backward and distorted. Seeing the whole picture, the whole panorama of the plan of God is indeed difficult in one life time, in any one age, within the evolutionary progressions of time and space. Indeed must you develop patience, inner trust and living faith. Such enlightenment, such understanding is not accomplished instantly, now, or in the resurrection halls of mansonia. Truth and knowledge of lasting and eternal value are acquired and expanded throughout your eternal career of sonship.

This life is but the beginning. Urantia is your “spawning ground,” your” world of nativity,” “ground zero.” Here, indeed, do you begin as the lowest form of “will creature” in all the Fathers’ vast domains. Great is His mercy and patience towards you, His little ones, indeed. You are as a “new born” in the Father’s household and we are your “nannies” and teachers, here now to nourish and teach you and to expand to you the concepts of truth taught by your Master and Lord, your elder brother, Christ Michael from the Paradise shores of the Eternal Isle.

We will endeavour to guide you in your studies of the “fruits of the spirit” in the coming months. Be watchful and alert and open for we will guide you into the lessons necessary for you, guiding you into deeper understanding and in application of these fruits, as you absorb them into your mind and heart, so that they become a natural part of your personality expression of the Father fragment within each one of you. The Father wills that His little ones be trained and nourished in His love, and in the eternal truths He has sent and set before you this day.

Blessed are you to have the Fifth Revelation on earth today in its written form, a source of study and inspiration and guidance to right and prosperous and fulfilling life. It is your guide book, your source of expanded truth and knowledge for your planet home in the years and ages to come. It has not yet come into its own, into acceptance, as it will in times to come. You are among the earliest of mankind in this era to be aware of the Father’s Revelation on earth today in this written form.

The planet is indeed being made ready for the future acceptance of this Fifth Revelation to mankind. You are as “pioneers” leading the way, and we are indeed training you to do your part now. Many are being called and many beautiful talents and skills will be utilized in the Father’s work each one bringing their own contribution and talent of expression. New secondary works are needed in literature, music, the arts, science, indeed, in every aspect of living is there a need for the Father’s fruits to be expressed in multiple and diverse ways. Just as we are training you, little one, so are thousands of others being trained around the world to do their part in their many and diverse ways, even in the power of prayer and faith and good works.

Remember the apostles of the Master? He called his co-workers from many diverse walks of life each having their own special talent of service right down to the Alpheus twins. Remember the service of John Mark and his family, believers though not apostles?
Remember the women’s evangelistic corps; the seventy? All had their service to perform. Now are you engaged in a world wide service, with communications and networks expanded to reach nearly all corners of the earth. The entire planet will be reached, in time, and now are you in a Preparation Time, in a Correcting Time, in a time of seeking and learning and aspiring to greater heights and skill perfection.

Indeed, must it all begin with the inner man first, when you become child-like and willing to learn and to be of loving service to your brothers and sisters near and far. Indeed, did we tell you much is transpiring and taking place world wide that you know not of now but all will fall into place and into perfect harmony in the years and ages to come in a world wide and global benefit for all mankind.
Indeed do the days seem dark and gloomy and distressing news rampant and distressing times may be ahead for you as cleansing and correction continues. Do not be fearful or full of anxiety. Urantia is in good hands and you are indeed on the brink of a new age of discovery and expansion of truth, and the true realities of life as never before.

  • Always remember-
  • after darkness comes the light,
  • after spring comes the summer harvest,
  • after trial and testing comes the joy of success and accomplishment if you do not falter.
  • You live on a beautiful planet of duality in all its diversity. From the lowest can you ascend to the highest if you so will, if you so choose, if you so desire.

I leave you now to again think on these things and so bib you have a good and prosperous day in your realms of service.
Your faithful guide and teacher, Bertram.

Session 9
 August 9, 1999

TARA: Is there a message this evening?

MALCOM: Little one, we would respond to your request. We are ever ready to continue with your lessons when you open to our prompting; when we urge you to come “on line.” Recently you have been reading transcripts from Tomas regarding “soul struggle (?).”
We would like to comment further in this regard. Each of you come from your own perspective and view life and it’s struggles from your own attitudes and perceived understanding. What would be perceived as a challenge and an opportunity to grow and overcome to one, may well be hard to bear and devastating to another, bringing discouragement and despair in their trials of life.

  • The secret of how to cope with your struggles in life, is to always ask,
  • “What is the Father’s will in this matter?”
  • “What is the meaning and value and lessons to be learn from this present experience?”

You can be assured that “all things work together for good for those who love God and seek to live their lives according to His will.”
True it does not always seem so when you are in the “heat” of that struggle and you find you err in your decisions and actions sometimes much to your chagrin and sorrow. How often do you find yourself having said and done things that you know are not pleasing in His sight, after the fact?

Little ones, realize you are not perfect as yet. You are “babes” in the Father’s family. It is indeed His will that you grow up into “spiritual adulthood” and as we have said before your journey into light and life is a process, a continual progression that continues on after this life as well. Waiting for you are your teachers on all your future spheres of learning throughout Michael’s local universe and beyond, all the way to Paradise. It is not expected that you will accomplish all in perfection in this one life. Nor do you return to do it all over again here, as is so often taught and believed by so many of God’s children on Urantia today.

Regardless of what path one walks in this life, it is the heart attitude that is important.

  • Are you child like in heart and attitude?
  • Are you teachable?
  • Are you really sincere in seeking and finding the truth, in finding God the Father himself?

Ever is He available and approachable. You can call on Him and He will hear you. He is nearer than even your hands and feet, for He surely does, and in truth, dwells within your very mind!! You are indeed His very children, beloved of Him and ever is He loving and merciful towards you in all your struggles, all your soul struggles. Ever is He understanding and patient towards you as you grow and overcome in your “perfecting process.”

So lift up your heart and be glad and rejoice, for you are not forgotten in your struggle, neither do you ever walk alone. A host of teachers and angels ever surround each of you and cheer you on, for you are our charges on the evolutionary worlds of time and space.
Now must you walk in faith, living faith, growing faith, and in so doing you will not falter. Christ Michael, Himself, has sent you His very Spirit of Truth to ever guide you in all your walks of life, in all your earthly experiences. Nebadonia surrounds you with her Holy Spirit.

Oft have you heard it said, “If God be for you, who can be against you?” Indeed the way has been made for your every success in all your struggles. “All things work together for good, for those who love God and live according to his will.” It can be no other way.
When you live according to His will, then do you indeed develop the “fruits of His spirit within your evolving soul. Today we want to impress upon you that all is not in vain. Though your trials may at times seem greater than you can endure and cope with, always remember that these experiences in your “earthly school” are for your strengthening and growth, to spur you on to even greater heights indeed, such heights you can not now even imagine! Reach out, for love and support is ever reaching out to you. I will leave you now to ponder this lesson in the hope that it will refresh, reassure and strengthen you once more in your forward walk of life.

Only remember to lend your brother your helping hand in love and service in his soul struggle. And so remember your spiritual siblings and do what you can to help them along the way also. This, indeed, pleases the Fathers. Ever, in loving service to you, my brothers and sisters, Malcom.

Session 10
 August 10, 1999

TARA: Thank you so much for the lesson last night. This process is so amazing! You, our teachers, ever surprise us as to what is coming next! There are so few who would even believe in the validity of such a transmitting process. Even I had my reservations and my fears at first, even as I was being taught and trained. Could you explain further what this is all about and how we can improve our part in this work for Christ Michael?

TEACHERS: Our little one, well do we remember your fear and concerns regarding this process of transmitting and receiving. All who take part in this endeavor have the same reservations and apprehensions at first, primarily, because such a process is so new and so newly tried and practiced here on Urantia. You are indeed an experimental planet in Michael’s Universe and Urantia is indeed unique in all of them, for it is here that Christ Michael, Himself, came for His last and seventh bestowal of qualification as sovereign ruler of His universe of Nebadon. Also, as you so well understand, because of the double rebellion and default, your planet has suffered greatly. The need is so great here.

This is, indeed, an emergency mission. We are here under commission of Michael, Himself. We are here to do His will, to enlarge and expand His truth and teachings to all Urantia. We are all engaged in Michael’s Mission. You are our workers in the field. Each of you are called to do your part. All that is asked is that you be humble and teachable; willing in your loving service to your brothers and sisters. Ever be humble and dedicated to the task set before you. Prepare yourselves for the times ahead. Dire correction and readjustment is just ahead. We desire that you be ready and alert and armored against the trials ahead, in what ever way and in whatever manner, they may come upon you.

Therefore do we encourage you to continue on in your lessons regarding the life and teachings of Christ Michael and in your continuing growth in the fruits of the spirit, for you are our future teachers of the Fifth Epochal Revelation on Urantia today. Some will teach personally, some behind the scenes, some through new music, through new secondary works, through new web sites on the Internet, through alternatives in medicine, through new economics and new ethics and moral teachings, all working together expressing the Father’s will on earth.

The truth of the Father’s love to His children of time and space here on Urantia, will someday flood over all the earth. Someday shall all be aware and come to embrace the truth of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all Mankind. Then will the age of peace, the age of light and life, begin to dawn on Michael’s beloved planet. This is indeed our goal and our mission in accordance and within the plan of God. We endeavor to aid and to bring your planet into its rightful place within the commonwealth of planets within Nebadon, within the cosmic family of superuniverses of time and space.

The stain of rebellion is being cleansed. Your planet is being purified. Now the circuits are being restored and you are being newly attuned. Spiritual help is now being sent. Allow yourself to be open to receive these messages sent to you through this new mission, newly inaugurated on your planet. Lay any fears ever aside now and go forward under Michael’s banner of victory. We will all prevail. A new dispensation is upon us as we together go forward into this new millennium so fast advancing. A multitude of leaders are being called and trained and their vast and diverse skills will be utilized for the plan of God which is ever set in motion, in forward progression.

So, little one, do not be amazed or overawed at this process, for all is progressing naturally and according to plan. Michael is well pleased and sends His blessing on all your united efforts in the fulfilling of His mission of love on His beloved Urantia. I will close now and encourage you to come with confidence and assurance that your inquiries will be heard and answered in accordance with your present capacity for understanding and utilization. This is no strange or mystic process for only a “gifted” few. Indeed, all may inquire in sincerity of heart and purpose and we will hear and respond.

Never must this process replace your daily inner communion with the Father within. NEVER! Pray daily and draw close to the Father, for there do you find your strength and your help and your support in your daily walk with Him to Paradise. We are only your guides and teachers, your “nannies” in the household of God, your fellow siblings in the Cosmic Family of God. EVER let the Spirit of truth guide you in the ways of Christ Michael. Continue now today to read your text sent to you for this new dispensation now at your door.
We bid you have a good and prosperous day. Teachers, Bertram and Malcom.

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