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HAM18- Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 16-20

1999-09-07-Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 16-20
Hamilton #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection, Malcom & Muriel
o 1.2 Group: Hamilton TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertram, Malcom, Muriel
2.2 TR: Tara Logan

Session 16
 September 7,1999

TARA: Malcom, I am so excited! My beloved friend, Cheryl had her first true contact with her teacher Mary. The transmission was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes! The message was clear, beautiful and loving. Can you confirm for us if this is, indeed, what happened last night?

BERTRAM: This is Bertram here. Yes indeed, little one. It is my pleasure to come to you this evening with confirmation that this was indeed a true transmission from her teacher, Mary. We have long been in training with this little one and she has now developed to the stage of teacher contact. She will do well. As with all new T/R’s there is some degree of doubt and apprehension only because the process is so new and somewhat startling at first. You did indeed sense the validity of the transmission. Always must you listen to the message content as we have explained to you in previous lessons.

Encourage her to again step out in faith when she feels prompted to do so. It is hoped that she will now grow in grace and stature, that her faith will be greatly strengthened and peace and tranquility will at last descend upon her and give rest to her soul. As with all T/R’s on Urantia today, she must walk in faith and trust and acceptance that she is, indeed, called and is capable of preforming this service for Michael’s Mission. Did we not just recently tell you that others were being called and prepared now for further service of the Master? Well done little ones! May the Master’s love surround, bless and comfort you this night. Malcom sends his regards and rejoices with you. We are ever in service of Christ Michael and His Mission on earth today. Bertram.

Session 17
 September 9,1999

TARA: My teachers, there has been so much happening lately that I find myself overwhelmed to tears of joy! I feel so happy inside. I feel so much closer to the Father in the stillness and in fact, throughout the day! I never knew life could be like this! I am so thankful for his goodness to us all, his mercy and his love for all his children everywhere. Could you please give us further guidance on joy. Thank you.

MALCOM: It is Malcom here this morning. Yes, indeed did you feel the presence of the Father this morning. This feeling of “joyful tearful-ness” is really an expression of worship and thanksgiving to the Father who so loves each and everyone of you, his beloved children. You are indeed tapping into the very essence of the Father and developing those qualities with in your own soul. This is our mission our purpose of coming to you, to aid you in making this connection with the “true vine,” your source and center of your being. When you tap into this divine source, then do you indeed experience his love for you overflowing and enfolding you, touching the very depths of you own being within.

Now is it needful for you to reach out and express that very love to your brothers and sisters that you shall meet this day. You cannot bottle it up. Let the “genie” out to do its marvelous work in the hearts of all you meet. Indeed reach out and touch the souls of those you meet with the Father’s love flowing to all through you. Now are you producing fruit in not only your life but in your spiritual siblings as well. Seeds planted today will bear spiritual fruit in their lives “tomorrow.”

When you saw the fruition of God’s Spirit in the lives of your brothers and sisters at your recent retreat and at the birthday celebration of Michael just recently, is it any wonder that you felt this overflowing of “joyful tearful-ness?” Such feelings whelm up when such deep happiness and love pervade your mind in thankfulness for the love and mercy and kindness of the Fathers towards all their children in their soul struggles of life.

You are never forgotten. Each and everyone of you are precious in his sight. We have each been commissioned to come and serve you, love and guide you into soul growth perfection. We are ever here to guide and direct you, but the decisions are ever yours; the rewards of sincere and childlike faith are yours; the journey is yours; your chosen destiny is yours.

Everything has been provided for your ultimate success if you so will and choose. Here is indeed where you must start, within your own soul, connecting with the Father within your one and only TRUE guide home. We are here only to assist and guide when asked.
You are indeed the captain of your own “ship of life.” May you steer the true and proven path that leads homeward no matter what storms of life may prevail against you.

Therefore do you develop strength of character, tried and proven, loyal Agondonters of Urantia. Indeed have you “sailed on the waters of faith,” believing without seeing!

MURIEL:  My dear, this has been MURIEL communicating with you this morning, stepping in for Malcom. It has been my desire to be in contact with you, and now we feel you are ready for these deeper discourses of human nature and soul development. Welcome to Melchizedek University now on Urantia, dedicated to your soul and spiritual development; dedicated to the unfolding of the Correction Time leading to Light and Life upon Urantia.

Do not be surprised or dismayed at this new development. All is in progression and have you not heard the expression, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear?” It will be my pleasure to now contribute to, and bring lessons to you regarding soul growth and spirit advancement.

I have been silently co-transmitting with Bertram and Malcom as of late, easing myself into your circuitry. It is my pleasure to begin to work with you now and to bring in-depth messages to you and for your study group members, who thus choose to follow our discourses and lessons beginning with lessons on the “fruits of the spirit.” We will be using and building upon lessons already presented by our esteemed teacher, Tomas here. It would do well if your group could each have copies of his transcripts now available in transcript or booklet form. We will direct you each month concerning each lesson. Listen keenly for our prompting and guidance, and we will direct you in your course of study.

I will now close in my own tearful joyfulness of love, having at last made this contact with you, my child, establishing even more securely, our team of service in Bertram’s teaching base. I bid you good day in your loving service to those you meet this day.
Your faithful teacher and guide, Muriel. One moment please.

BERTRAM: I would have a further word with you, little one. It is our pleasure to have introduced to you our beloved teacher, Muriel. She has been with us as you have been aware, over this past year, and now we are progressing to another stage or phase in our mission work in your area. As we have told you, many are being called now into new and greater avenues of service. We are indeed in the process of developing physical teachers, to be our hands and feet, our extension of this work for Michael and Machiventa.
You are called because you are willing, teachable and capable. We do not do this work alone, you are not alone in your service.
The teachings of our Lord and Master Michael are needed today on Urantia. They will be shown as expressions of truth, beauty and goodness, seen and experienced by mankind through you, by your examples in daily living. The wake-up call is going out, lives are changing for the better and we are all dedicated to this transformation of your planet into the age of Light and Life, each one doing their part in the most harmonious team interaction possible within our capacities. Michael’s Mission will not fail. We must all unite as a Team, progressing forward in faith, in loving service to all. Thanks

Session 18
 September 12, 1999

TARA: Is there a lesson for today?

MURIEL: It is Muriel here this fine Sunday morning. Fall will soon be here my dear, and much work lies before us. I am here to direct you in your fall and winter lessons and will take you into the new millennium fast approaching. Bear with me as we lay firm foundations to support the value and meanings of truth beauty and goodness as they relate to both your physical and spiritual lives. “As above so below.” Above is the pattern which we will learn and elaborate upon. Your morontia life and the teachings you will receive there, will be a continuation of the lessons learned here in you mortal, physical schoolhouse. Each one of you pick up right where you left off here, be it three days or thousands of years. The transition sleep of survival will seen instantaneous to all. Our lessons here will not be in vain.

(My child, you are up to the task before us. Just be willing and open and all will transpire as programmed and as we will to do the Father’s will. Have faith, we will accomplish our purpose this day.)

I will expand further on the “lesson of the vine”– September 6, 1999. You must be rooted and know your source if you are to produce fruit, “spiritual fruit.” The Universal Father is your First Source and Center. From him does “all things flow.” In him do we “live and move and have our being” Without him there would be nothing! He is your very SOURCE. He is your CENTER WITHIN.
It is absolutely true that he dwells within you. He has given you a fragment of his life, his essence, his divinity. God dwells within each and every one of you!!

Think about this. Ponder it in your mind and heart. “God dwells in me!” The Mystery Monitor dwells within, your very own Thought Adjuster. You are indeed the very “temple of the living God!” There is a process taking place. A new life form is developing, your immortal soul, conceived within you at the time of your first moral decision as a child. This “embryonic life form” is growing and developing within you, consciously or unconsciously.

We are here to aid in that growth, to nourish you and assist in your development, in this early stage of your growth into the perfection of spirit adulthood. We are here to teach you as you are willing, as you open your mind as a little child and become teachable.
This indeed requires “faith,” child-like, trusting faith. Not faith in us, your teachers, no. Faith in the Fathers’ love for you, in their promises regarding your purpose in life, your destiny.

If we do not teach according to the Father’s will and purpose for you, do not listen to us.

  • We, the Teaching Corps of this Teaching Mission are dedicated to Michael.
  • We are dedicated to you, and have been entrusted with this most grave and serious responsibility to guide and teach you.
  • We are under the direct leadership of Machiventa Melchizedek and Abraham, sent to fulfill this mission assignment in loving service to you.

We want you in this lesson:

  • to become anchored to your source in the stillness.
  • to trust your teachers, if we are to be able to guide and teach you.
  • to understand that we are here only to aid in your soul growth.

This is sufficient this morning: – the Father dwells within you.

  • – your teachers are here.
  • – have child-like, teachable living faith and trust.

Well done. We will continue tomorrow. Teacher Muriel in association with Bertram and Malcom. (thank) you for your efforts and loyalty to Michael’s Mission on earth today. As we grow, more will be given and desired of us in the fullfilment of our calling. This we will faithfully accomplish together. May you now have a joyful and prosperous day. Bertram.

Session 19
 September 13, 1999

TARA: I woke this morning as if in conversation with my teachers, telling me to have more rest and that they would be in contact later this morning. I seemed to “hear” them so clearly. Later I was reading a transmission from teachers in another area saying that often times we confuse or at least don’t realize that it is our guides communicating with us, thinking it is our own ego, our own thoughts.
How do we know if it’s our Thought Adjuster, our guides or our own thoughts? Could you help me understand. Thank you.

MALCOM: Good morning, little one. It is Malcom here. You did indeed hear us this morning. You have been over tired and over loaded these past few weeks struggling with difficulties of a physical nature in your earthly realm. Thus your headache this a.m. A few more hours of rest would have been in order. Little one, we care for you, and yes, it would be most advantageous for you to learn and decipher when we are prompting you. Always your decisions are yours, of course.

How can you tell the difference? Why would you always need to? Are we not all at one ment, desiring only your eternal good? Now that you are aligning your own good with that of the Father, we are all indeed working for your ultimate good, success and prosperity especially in the areas of soul growth. We are here to teach you higher values, deeper meanings, clearer understanding of the truth, beauty and goodness of the Father’s will. You have multiple sources and resources now to guide you on the path to spiritual and physical health. Use your own common sense and will and bring all into divine alignment and harmony. Now I will turn this encounter over to Muriel, as she has much to say regarding today’s lesson.

MURIEL: Greetings, my child. All is in order and I am pleased to be with you once more. I see your little squirrel has come back to retrieve his precious walnut from your window. The busy little fellow is indeed on his mission to prepare himself for the winter! And so must we! We spoke yesterday of the importance of grounding ourselves in the sure understanding of our Source from whom all things flow. We spoke of faith in the promises of the Father. And we stressed the importance of trust between teacher and student and the need for an attitude of child-likeness.

This morning I would like to talk to you regarding “setting priorities.” “First things first.” Over and over for many years now, the teachers of this mission have been stressing the importance of the PRACTICE OF STILLNESS. This is so important to your spiritual soul growth. We cannot stress it enough.

It is so simple and so needful for you to discipline yourself, to set this time apart each day to be with your First Source and Centre, the Universal Father who loves you so very, very much. He is not the wrathful God as depicted in your scriptures. You have nothing to fear.
He longs to embrace you there, in the solitude of your temple within. He desires to commune with you there and love you, encourage you, strengthen you and refresh your soul. You can feel his presence there and even if you do not at first, know without doubt, he is there and have faith he hears and loves you. Soon joy and a worshipful attitude of love and appreciation will flow unbidden from the very depths of your being and you will know that he is God, your Father and no more will you doubt.

You need this connection with the Father, with your Mystery Monitor within, who is a very part of you, a very part of your evolving morontia soul. You are his “babe,” his little one, being born into his kingdom of love and light. You need his nourishment for your soul growth, so must you ever stay connected, just as the embryo is connected to it’s mother in the womb. We are indeed your “nannies,” here to spoon feed you as you are able to digest these “spiritual fruits of the spirit.” Unless you have this priority straight — discipline yourself to come to the “table of substance” in the stillness, it will be very hard for us to feed you, indeed! We will continue tomorrow with a further lesson leading up to our “lessons on the fruits of the spirit” which we will digest in detail over the winter. Just as your courageous little squirrel came to retrieve his treasure of nourishment, so must you all courageously step out of your comfort zones to seek your nourishment from the Father within. I now bid you a good day. Your teacher and friend, Muriel.

Session 20
 September 14, 1999

TARA: What lesson do you have for us today?

MURIEL: My child, warm greetings from me to you. Our next lesson is in store for you this beautiful sunny morning, so let’s begin.
To gather our thoughts; we have learned of the importance of being rooted to our Source; of developing childlike faith and trust in the Fathers and the very important practice of being still in the Father’s presence in the meditative practice of stillness; of trusting your teachers sent to teach and guide you.

Now to continue: We would have you come to realize that you can do nothing without the Father. It is his divine spirit qualities that he desires for you to develop. These “fruits of his divine spirit” are not naturally born by the flesh. But now do you have the Spirit of Truth to divinely guide you into all truth. You have your Thought Adjuster within you, to gently adjust your thoughts. You also have the Holy Spirt to strengthen your mind circuits, so how can you fail? It is desired that you bear much fruit and we are here to till the soil, stir you up, to nourish and water you; in all ways to encourage your soul growth.

You are indeed the “branches of this divine vine,” as Malcom has so clearly taught you on Sept. 6. I will quote for you: “Always must you remember to set time for being with the Father in the stillness. This is your anchor, your root, your starting point each day. From there you flow upward and outward in love and service. When your priorities are in order, then is your life in order and in harmony. Everything flows smoother and in harmony with the will of the Father, when you ask that he be an integral part of each moment of your day.

Then shall you walk with God in the awareness of his presence with you and he shall direct your path in your service for him among his little ones brought into your sphere of influence. He is indeed the vine and you are his branches. You have been pruned and nurtured and fed and now must you produce fruits of his spirit in your life. His spirit essence will flow through you, his mind, his nature will become a part of you. Thus do you experience soul growth in your struggles in life, in your nurturing process. It is for you to be a “willing branch,” naturally yielding to the flow of love coming into your very nature, into your own personality, from your First Source and Center. Thus are you on your way to “becoming perfect as he is perfect.”

I could not have said it better myself! This is in truth a summation of what we will be teaching in these lessons. Indeed does all flow from the Father, through you and out to his children here in time and space, even beginning here on your Urantia. We will endeavor make this process alive for you. We will help show “the way” for we are also in progress and have experienced the way as revealed and taught by Christ Michael, our Paradise Son. We will help you to produce these fruits in your own lives so that they become a very part of you, naturally flowing out to others in service but also enriching your own inner lives. We would like you to take these lessons to heart, store them up, take them out, learn them, review them but most importantly APPLY them.

This will be all for this morning. To be continued when next we meet. Your teacher in these “discourses of the fruits of spirit,” for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, and willing hearts and souls to grow thereby. Muriel.

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