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HAM20- Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 26-30

1999-10-08-Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 26-30
Hamilton #20


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection, Malcom & Muriel
o 1.2 Group: Hamilton TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertram, Malcom, Muriel
2.2 TR: Tara Logan

Session 26
 October 8, 1999

TARA: Our teachers, is there a message for this morning?

MALCOM: Little one, take a deep breath and be strengthened from within with Father’s eternal refreshing waters of love and mercy. All is well and it is needful that we continue on with our lessons. You have had much to set in order and tend to, but now we are all ready to continue on with our lessons of the “fruits of the spirit.” Bertram was indeed pleased with all that transpired last month and with the response of the study group members to the offerings given by our esteemed teacher Muriel. She is now ready to continue this morning and will again give you a new lesson. Muriel.

MURIEL: Greetings my children. It is my pleasure to be here with you once more. If you are ready and willing we will continue with our lessons. First our recap: we began with our First Source and Centre, our root, the beginning and source of all, our divine Heavenly Father, from whom all flows. Then we established the utmost importance of staying connected to our source in the practice of stillness and prayer. We saw how important it was that we produce divine qualities in our lives, the “fruits of the spirit” as divinely willed by the Father in his desire that we “become perfect as he is perfect.” And we have come to understand that this is only possible as we stay connected to the “vine,” through Christ Michael, himself for he is our vine and we are his “willing branches.”

We also spoke of the necessity of trust and childlike-ness in attitude. That brings us to our lesson this morning of “heart attitude.” Bertram recently said that it is “heart attitude” that the Master requires, that it is the starting point of certain growth. Unless one is open and willing and seeking, it’s very hard for that soul to be guided, taught and enlightened. This is what the Master meant when he asked that you be childlike in attitude.

These lessons are for your own soul growth. It is up to you to take them to heart and apply them in your lives. It is the Father’s desire that his divine nature begin to become a very part of your own being. Why? Because he requires it for your own good, for your growth into spirit adulthood. It will indeed be a long process; for here and now, we are but planting seeds for your further and future growth. In your long ascent to Paradise, these fruits will be nurtured and refined on each sphere of learning, which has been prepared for you. You have heard it said that “earth is a classroom,” the “school of hard knocks.” And, INDEED, it is! And I am your kindergarten teacher in spirit matters of your morontia soul development! My children, we are calling you to class. Over the next week I will be delivering to you two more lessons for you to study and apply this coming month.

It is my pleasure to have been given this teaching assignment in your area and I will do my utmost to guide and nurture you as the Father wills and directs through Michael, Machiventa and all his dedicated staff here on Urantia today, here to guide you each individually as you will, within your hearts, with your proper attitude of heart. We are here ultimately to uplift and lead your beautiful planet home into Light and Life as each individual heart changes; as each mind is transformed, expressing the divine qualities of our Eternal Parents.

We will stop here today. One further word. I would like you to stop and discuss each lesson as it is read at your meeting while you are together, before going on to the next. I will only give you three lessons each month. As I now begin to give you each fruit, consciously begin to apply them or begin to become aware of how you are already applying them in your daily life and bring back your experiences to share with the group the following month. You are now dismissed for discussion. Your teacher, Muriel.

Session 27
 October 11, 1999

TARA: Is there another lesson this evening?

MURIEL: Yes my child, we will continue now with part two. It is important that we understand the importance of character for in essence this is what these lessons are about. If you are to grow in Godly character it is necessary for you to understand what those divine qualities are. Last spring Bertram brought you a message in which he said, “Much work needs to be done and we call you to be ever mindful of the lessons each of you must learn in your own lives. It would most definitely benefit you to study the life and teachings of Jesus at this time. Truly embrace the religion of Jesus and how he lived it. Allow the “fruits of the spirit” to become the very essence of the life you live, the life you exemplify in your daily interaction with your brothers and sisters.”

He then gave you a reference from your Urantia Text, Paper 100, section 7, pages 1101-1104. “The Acme of Religious Living.”
He concluded by saying “Throughout his life the Master was an example of true God-like perfection. You have been called to “become perfect as he is perfect.” Realize, perfection attainment is an ongoing process, beginning here on your beautiful world, and on throughout your sojourn of time and space, in the Central Universe and beyond. You have, indeed, been given a beautiful example of such a strong and unified personality, as revealed in the Master, in your text. Read it, study it and learn and grow in spiritual stature daily.”

I commend you, that you then began to study the life and teachings of Jesus from your text. Now we would give you structured guidance in that study as it pertains to your own soul development. May I direct you to the goodness, truth and beauty of the Father and would refer you to Paper 2, pages 40-43, “The Goodness of God” section 6 and “Divine Truth and Beauty.” Study these sections and understand these divine realities and positive qualities as they relate to you own growth of character even now while on Urantia.
As part of your study together tonight, read these sections now before your closing lesson for tonight. I leave you now for reading and discussion. Muriel.

Session 28
 October 12, 1999

TARA: I am now ready to receive our next lesson for us. Thank you.

MURIEL: Yes my children, we will continue on if it be your will. I would like to give you now a brief summation of our progress so that you can see our overall direction of leading you into your monthly study of the “fruits of the spirit.” It has been important that we present these “foundational lessons,” so as to bring into your understanding the source of this instruction, our Eternal Father; the pathway of this instruction, his Paradise Son; the ongoing deliverers of this instruction to mankind, Michael’s Melchizedek Sons and now today his teaching staff of this emergency Teaching Mission now on Urantia.

Always has the “fruits of the divine spirit” been the measurement of divineness, of true, good and beautiful Godly character, beginning in God the Father, and taught to all his children in time and space as they evolved, beginning here in the flesh and during their heavenward ascent into spirit adulthood for all eternity. The development of positive, divine qualities in your life is an ongoing process of incorporating “the love of the Father” into your very being and daily expressing those qualities in your life now as a human being for the betterment of your Urantia to literally bring the age Light and Life into your reality, into the future reality of all God’s children, future generations on Urantia.

The work we do now will not be in vain for, indeed, is the Correcting Time underway and progressing ever forward. Great changes are coming. We will “hold the fort” here in courageous loyalty. We shall all go forward in loving service to mankind in each our own way, learning growing and serving as “faith sons” of the true and living God, the Father of all. With these closing thoughts I will leave you now to share and discuss together the lessons here presented. Good evening to you all, Muriel.

Session 29
 October 14, 1999

TARA: Malcom, so much has been happening so fast lately. The new direction of the study group with the lessons from Muriel and the positive response at the last meeting last month was very encouraging. At long last my new computer is within reach and delivery within the next two weeks. It is all so very exciting for me. It’s as if things are in continual preparation for further growth and service. It has been an amazing year here in Bertram’s teacher base in Southwestern Ontario. Do you have a message, or does Bertram, as our next study draws near, and this first year of transmissions draws to a close?

TEACHERS ALL: Yes, little one. Greetings to all our eager students in our teaching base here on Urantia. It has indeed been our pleasure to be assigned to this arena of operation on Urantia, our assigned area of loving service in this emergency Teaching Mission on Christ Michael’s beloved bestowal planet home. It has been our great privilege to come here, to have been personally chosen by our Master to serve you, as guides and teachers in these most difficult and trying times upon your planet. Realize you are all in good hands. The Rebellion has been adjudicated as was announced some years ago, and the spiritual circuits are now open. Great changes are at last coming to your planet, with new methods of communicating and sharing new knowledge and truth and love. New ways of expressing truth, beauty and goodness in all the arts. New ways of solving all your planets woes and dire problems.

Help is here, we are here, your brothers and sisters, to guide you now in your own personal growth but also in the growth and betterment of your planet home. There is so much we would share with you, if you are willing. New plans and developments are in the wings, preparation has been made. We will guide you into new experience of learning and growth, if you but allow us to do so.
Muriel has set forth a plan of lessons for your soul growth and development. Listen, study, learn and absorb these lessons. Try them on, bring forth the essence of the Father’s nature and character already within you. It is his desire that the unity of your mind and his spirit within, combined in the morontia soul, grow and develop as a viable surviving child of God; that it will progress forward to complete fusion. You are leading the way by your own growth and example among your siblings in your own realms of living day by day. It has well been said, “By their fruits you shall know them,” and the world will indeed know you as the children of the Living God, the Father of us all.

We want to bring to you, impress upon you, your sure and certain destiny as Sons and Daughters of the Paradise Father, as children of your Creator Father, Christ Michael, and how important it is that you develop Christ-likeness in your heart attitude and willingness to do and to be the Father’s will on earth. Only as you develop into Godly siblings, truly loving and serving one another, will you ever realize the peace on earth you seek.

So, our little ones, rest assured that you do, indeed, live in a most friendly universe and you are not forgotten. Though your long ascension journey home seems like an incredible journey in distance and time, know that you will be ever guided step by step, sphere by sphere, universe by universe! Think it not strange that your journey begins here on your planet home in the most humble of beginnings progressing to the most glorified of destinies!

  • You are never alone in your journey. For ever will your faithful Adjuster be your eternal guide.
  • We leave you now having said these final thoughts, directing you to the lessons for tonight.
  • We leave you now to your evening of study and fellowship.
  • Your teachers in this newly established teachers base, Bertram, Muriel and Malcom.

Session 30
 October 21, 1999

TARA: Morning teachers. Yesterday marked the completion of one full year of transmitting/receiving here in Bertram’s Teacher Base. What an incredible year it has been, but not only for me but for the Mission of Michael as a whole and also for our study group here in Hamilton! Do you have a message for us on this our anniversary? Thankyou all for your constant and loving over care and guidance given over the last year.

BERTRAM: You are welcome, my child. It has indeed been our pleasure to guide and direct you in your personal growth towards spiritual adulthood. Such a struggling little one you have been. But see…. you were not thrown out with your soiled bath water after all! No indeed, each and every child of God is precious in his sight and we take our mission responsibilities very serious. We promised we would not let you fall, nor fail. Now we feel you are sufficiently grounded to go forward into the next phase of growth and service. Set aside all fears regarding the coming meetings of oral transmitting. You will do well. Remember, it is we who direct you and speak through you for the upliftment, guidance and teaching of the little ones who sincerely seek Michael’s way. We are all here only for that sole purpose of personal soul growth of all the Fathers’ precious children and the salvation of Father Michael’s planet home and ultimately the evolving of the Supreme Being.

Yes little one, rejoice that we have accomplished our purpose this first year, as planned and directed. Even yet will you see a mighty work unfold. We said at the close of last year that you would look back and see a year of astounding growth in your study group, in love and understanding and perseverance and soul growth in each and every one. Now that they are ready, the teachers are appearing.
Muriel is here to give fuller, deeper and foundational lessons in spirit growth in the divine qualities of spirithood, the “fruits of the spirit.”

Malcom is here to personally guide you. Call on him at any time, little one. You need not be at your computer base to do this as you are well aware. Listen to his prompts and guidance daily. Clearly understand, that this communion with us is NEVER to take the place of your daily communion with the Father in the stillness. He is EVER your First Source and Center, your heavenly Parent, your FATHER.
Your Thought Adjuster is indeed, here within you, to direct and guide you every moment of your journey to Paradise, if you but listen to that loving voice within, in the stillness of your soul. Michael is here and ever with you personally and when you gather together in his name. Call upon him and he will answer and guide you.

Now do you have the Spirit of Truth to guide you into all truth. The Spirit of Nebadonia is also here, the most Holy Spirit and all her administering angelic hosts. NO, little ones, you are NEVER, NEVER alone now, nor ever will be again. The spiritual circuits are indeed open now and light and life and spiritual knowledge is flooding your planet as never before. So go forward in faith, ever having confiding trust in the eternal promises of the Father. What a glorious destiny awaits you! Study now and grow in the fruits of the spirit daily, TRULY becoming children of the Most High, your Universal Father of Love. Well done, little ones, In loving service to you all this special day, Bertram.

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