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HAM21- Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 31-36

1999-10-24- Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 31-36
Hamilton #21


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection, Malcom & Bertram
o 1.2 Group: Hamilton TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertram, Malcom, Bertram
2.2 TR: Tara Logan

Session 31
 October 24, 1999

TARA: My dear teachers, this is going to be a most eventful week for me. At long last my new computer will arrive and later in the week, my first evening of transmitting within the group as a whole for those who sincerely seek to join us. What can I do in preparation so that the absolutely only truth, beauty and goodness transpire between us all? I do now have confiding trust in the process and I only seek to do the Father’s will in his Son’s mission. Please give me any advice that would be helpful to us all. Thank you

MALCOM: It is Malcom here this morning. All send their greetings and congratulations on your first year of service, indeed, a loving service it has been. Tara, we sense and understand the lingering remnants of quiet fear you are feeling. But be strong in your continued commitment of loyal service to Michael’s Mission. We will ever support you and strengthen you.

Do understand that you are our facilitator, our receiver/transmitter/broadcaster in the flesh, of these messages and lessons and teachings delivered to us, for deliverance to Michael’s children on Urantia. We are here in service to all who will hear, who will listen, who will come seeking their own soul growth here in Bertram’s teacher base. Always remember, “the actions are ours, the consequences are God’s.” We can only plant the seeds and nourish. The growth and outcome, the response, is the responsibility of the

Father and the individual interaction of his precious child who hears. We will all faithfully do our part now as guided and directed. All are welcome to come now and be nourished, literally at the feet of Michael and his teachers, if they so will and desire to do so. We will answer any and all questions within our mandate, and present limitations. These are NOT seance sessions or psychic encounters. We will not be talking to the dead, receiving messages from so called spirits or ghosts. This is NOT what Michael’s Mission is all about, as you well know. Granted we have lived before and have been resurrected in the Resurrection Halls on Mansonia 1, and have progressed in our training and have been specifically taught regarding your needs and those of your planet home by Christ Michael, himself and Machiventa and his staff of teachers, long before we arrived here on your planet home. When we say you are in “good hands,” indeed it is so! You do indeed dwell in a friendly universe. In the times to come your whole planet will realize this and welcome it.
Knowledge is exploding and your world is intricately interconnected now as never before. Continue on in your growing knowledge and in the use of these new tools coming to you this week. Long have you awaited this acquirement of tools and techniques of service and now you are ready, prepared and trained, and still in training, for these new ways and phases of service. You must remember — BALANCE. It will be quite a fascination at first, so enjoy and learn and grow in your new capabilities of service. I will leave you now to think on these things presented this morning. Always in loving service, your personal teacher, Malcom.

Session 32
 October 26, 1999

TARA: On July 30 of this year, Malcom gave a transcript regarding our planet’s plight both in the atmospheric environment and our internal environment due to man kinds mismanagement. Where is all this leading? Will we suffer even more before we gain sufficient wisdom to turn our horrendous problems around and save our Urantia home and ourselves? Do you have any further words for us tonight regarding where all this is heading and what can we individually do to help.

BERTRAM: This is Bertram here. Malcom did a fine job last summer in his transmission to you at that time. You would do well to carefully read it over once more. It was asked by your beloved Lorne, if we had any further wisdom to share on this matter without raising undue alarm or fear. Little ones, you do not have anything to fear! Have we not said, all is in good hands and progressing as it should. You do indeed live in a friendly universe and we are here! Indeed must you develop confiding trust in Michael’s Mission and the Correcting Time, now in progress. Dire Corrections will be and are being made.

Greater knowledge is indeed flooding your planet home now through many, many sources and resources that you may not be in knowledge of at this time. Trust that it is so. Only recently has our dear Judy come into the knowledge of higher crystal knowledge that will indeed help in the healing of the planet and humankind in the years to come.

You must realize that always has man kind abused and misused nearly every aspect of greater knowledge as it came to him in one manner or another. You may look at it as children trying out new things, new skills before having full expertise and knowledge and dexterity to do the job properly and safely. Yes, it is true indeed that today the repercussions are greater, the harmful consequences have become global. Man kind’s scientific tinkering and experimenting now affects all worldwide. Indeed are you interconnected today as never before. Worldwide travel spreads disease faster; knowledge, good or bad travels at great speed around the world.

You see the suffering of your brothers and sisters in another part of the world instantaneously on the nightly news. You are updated, though not always, on the latest so called “scientific advancements” whether rightly or wrongly directed. You are made increasingly aware of the pollution of your planet, it’s environment and it’s food, it’s politics, it’s educational systems, it’s religions or lack thereof. You could, however, constantly look at all that is wrong, and over look all the good that is transpiring. Don’t look for a “doomsday” to engulf your world.

Progress is slowly being made, and we would encourage you to have faith in the over care and love of Michael and his teachers in all aspects of his work on earth, in all its diversity worldwide.

  • — Remember the Spirit of Truth is poured upon all flesh and the Holy Spirit is indeed active in the ministering, angelic spirits flooding your planet, now that the circuits are open.
  • –Remember also the Thought Adjusters are at work within the minds of all humanity, realized or not.

Corrections are being made; actions taken. Open your eyes to the positive, yet do not dismiss the negative, as it is said “bury your head in the sand.” Did not Michael admonish you to be, “Wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves?” Only, only, only, as mankind begins to bring his will into alignment with the Fathers’, the Universal Father and Christ Michael, will there be peace and security, true health and prosperity.

Only as the “fruits of the spirit” are increasingly manifest in the lives of God’s children worldwide, will you begin to see a world become free of the corruption so rampant everywhere in all aspects of your lives, from science to politics, to education, to religion.
These “fruits of the spirit” are indeed those divine, righteous, positive qualities of the very nature and attributes of your Father. So are you to become God-like in your character and personality expression, in your personal “demonstration of righteousness upon the earth.”

As God’s spirit born children of the Father, this is indeed your calling and your mission to accomplish this day. We are here to help you to fully develop these qualities already within you through and by the very fragment of the Father’s Spirit that dwells within you.
Do not be overly alarmed at what you see transpiring all around you in the fields of science, et al. TRUST, all will be corrected in time, and in time! Your beautiful planet Urantia will find it’s way, so be out on that “higher way” leading the way into Light and Life.
We will be no more specific than this, as mankind now has the intelligence and the will to change his conditions.

We will never interfere with his divinely given will to direct himself, to correct himself. He is learning from his errors, his folly and will continue to do so. All has to begin within the human will, as he is taught from within, and without, the right ways of God the Father by those who know and understand the true way of love and enduring peace, a PEACE that passes all understanding on earth today.
Continue to have undying hope in the success of Michael’s Mission of which you have all been called to be a part, showing yourselves to be his “true faith sons” possessing his divine qualities. Be that example; show the way; each and every day in your loving service to one another. I leave you to think on these things, Your teacher and guide, Bertram.

Session 33
 October 29, 1999

TARA: Is there a message for tonight?

BERTRAM: : Yes little one, indeed there is. Christ Michael sends his love to you all this evening, on this your first true teacher mission meeting as group. Truly are you loved indeed as his precious children. Machiventa also sends his salutations to each and everyone of you. This is truly a momentous occasion for us all. We wish you a most festive and happy fellowship this evening. Little ones it is indeed our pleasure to be your teachers in this new teacher base in Southwestern Ontario. Malcom sends his greetings also as does our beloved Muriel. Your teacher, friend and guide, Bertram.

Session 34
 November 4, 1999

TARA: Malcom, I am in need of advice regarding my present situation here, living in my son’s home. Stress is mounting again by my very presence here. Should I find another place to live? Go back to Peterborough, move to Hamilton, to a seniors apartment complex or a trailer? Whatever that would make my family happy here is what matters. My younger son tells me my religion is “killing my children.” Everyone seems to want to dictate how I live out my remaining years on this planet. I realize I have a definite purpose here in the years immediately ahead and am needed in this area for my service to Christ Michael and his Mission. My heart is so heavy and my mind reeling in disbelief at what is happening with my children. Even my daughters’ marriages are suffering and apparently failing and may not survive the coming year. Have my poor choices in the past so affected and now destroying the lives of my children? I have never asked for such personal advice such as this for myself. I feel my physical health is suffering now because of this stress. Please direct me if you are able to do so. Thank you.

MALCOM: Our little one. Our hearts go out to you in the narrow straits of which you find yourself. You desire so much to please all and find yourself bending in all directions. Is it no wonder that you find your back so full of pain, your legs cold and as frozen like blocks of ice, not knowing which way to go? It is as if you are almost “frozen in time,” not knowing which move to make for the happiness of all concerned in your life. Yet your own happiness goes lacking.

Have serene faith now and do not waiver in your purpose and calling of service in the Mission of Michael on earth today. Indeed you are needed for the work for which we have prepared you. All is progressing as planned. These new tools you are using are indeed needed for the next phase of the work opening to you now. Your son indeed loves you very much and has made possible that you have them now. Unfortunately, he has faced his own trials because of his generosity towards you. All will settled down in time but for now continue in your loving service to this family. You do indeed realize your calling is here in Bertram’s Teacher Base but the decision to move is as always a free choice you will have to make. Give yourself time and space and weigh all the consequences before you make your decisions regarding your immediate future. You will get through. We will not let you fail as we have always counseled you. There is much to be accomplished in this emergency mission to which we are all called and dedicated, in complete loyalty to Michael’s purpose and plans for your planet home.

So walk in faith and all will transpire as it should. No my child, you are not “killing your children.” You understand that in your heart. What happen in the past so long ago is over and done and is to be forgiven and forgotten by all. All are adults now and making their own way and own mistakes in life just as you did, but all is not lost. All eventually come to the place of understanding even where you are now along your path. So don’t despair, “life is FAR from over yet.” These little ones will learn in time also and find their way. We are here to insure that; that finding of Michael’s way will be more rapid and more complete for the present generation and for all future generations yet to be born on this beautiful Urantia. Hopefully this has helped you in your struggle for understanding. I am ever your teacher, Malcom.

Session 35
 November 10, 1999

TARA: Good morning Malcom. My friend Joanne is very concerned in regards to the health of her daughter, Shelly. She has multiple health issues at this present time that need addressing. What might the future hold for this little one? How may we help her? How can I be of service to my dear friend? Thank you.

MALCOM: Thank you for calling upon me for guidance this morning. Surely this is an indication of belief and trust of your dear friend in the validity of Michael’s Mission on earth today and that we are here to aid and assist wherever and whenever possible within the limitations set upon us. You are indeed helping you spiritual sister here by your constant love and support. Just “being there” for her is all she needs. Continue to so love one another as Christ Michael has loved you. His love and his peace abides upon you all each and every day.

Now regarding the issue at hand:
This dear one has strong and abiding faith in her Master Jesus and we would reassure her that Michael is much aware of the trials and tribulations suffered by her; this little one of his precious flock. Great is his love for her and great is his over care for her in her daily walk of life on Urantia. The future will indeed be much kinder and gentler for this faithful soul. She has ever proved her simple faith and trust in her Master and Lord, as she understands and believes in him.

She would indeed find great value in studying the Fifth Revelation sent to this earth by Christ Michael, if she so desired to do so, but always the choice is a personal decision to make of her own free will. This Revelation is for all who would desire to understand deeper truth and values regarding life upon this planet and the spheres of learning yet to be explored in the after life following the dissolution of this present life time. This little one is ever loving and ever service oriented in her daily living and this indeed pleases our Lord Jesus. “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for his friends” and indeed has this been the moto of this dear one you have brought before us this morning. But we would advise this little one to find more balance in her serving and giving on many occasions, as over extension, even with the best of intentions, can be over taxing and detrimental to her own health and well being.
We understand her heart rendering concern for her children, especially her daughter Shelly at this time. This little one has many problems facing her both in the physical and emotional realms of her constitution. She needs help in many areas, in regards to her health issues.

You are blessed in your country of Canada to have health facilities available to you to assist you in diagnostic and remedial procedures that can help and assist and direct you into the optimal directions to take towards cure and restored health. Seek such medical advice for this little one as soon as possible, as many areas indeed need addressing, NOW. We can only suggest. We do not dictate or tell you what you MUST do. These are personal choices both Shelly and her mother must make together. We would encourage Joanne to go before her Lord Jesus and as always lay all these matters before his feet and seek his guidance in the stillness of prayer and meditation and he will give her strength and help in the direction she must go.

Shelly must also seek for herself the help available to her and trust in her mother’s love and care for her; what is in her best interests regarding her health and to follow her leading and advice. She must understand that she is so dearly loved and all desire that she be as well as she can be in spite of the many problems facing her. There is help for her if she will accept it for herself. She needs others to help her in her decisions and she must accept this if she is to feel well again and enjoy life to the fullness of her ability. Encourage her to be positive and hopeful that the doctors and social workers and health care professionals can help her and increase the quality of her life in the coming year.

Her co-operation and trust and determination to be well will greatly affect her healing process. Much is she loved and adored by Jesus and all his ministering angels, and they ever surround and protect her daily in her present journey upon this beautiful earth home.
May this brief message have been of help to your friend and her daughter this morning. Always is the human will supreme in the mortal life. Always remember it is the Father’s will that you be in perfect health. Trust and believe that it will be so, that this life is not the end, that eternal life awaits each and everyone of God’s children on all his worlds of time and space, where perfect health and robust living awaits you, each and every one. I now bid you good day and our little one here a safe journey home. Ever your guide and teacher, friend and confident, Malcom.

Session 36
 November 22, 1999

TARA: My teachers, heavy is my heart this night. So long has it been since I have sought contact with you. I feel remiss for my neglect and for my total absorption into my personal problems of late. So weak am I! We are called to be a demonstration of righteousness and when a trial comes upon me, I crumble in despair and confusion instead of walking strong in the light of all that Michael and the teachers have taught me. Yet I do have faith, I do believe and it is my desire to do God’s will. The spirit is willing but the flesh is so weak. My human pain and ego and yes fear still get in the way to cause me to fall. Help me to react better now and next time.

MALCOM: Our little one, though we have not been in direct contact with you as at this moment with your pen in hand rather than your computer at your finger tips, rest assured that we have been with you all along. Christ Michael and his ministering angels have also been by your side in your struggles for understanding and guidance. We hear your pleas and your yearnings for understanding and direction that you are seeking. As we have promised you, YOU ARE NEVER, NEVER ALONE! All will be fine. You will be fine. Indeed is your “metal being tested, fired and honed and sharpened.”

It is indeed a difficult period of correction for you, but not only for you are all these corrections. All will learn valuable lessons here of love, and tolerance and forgiveness, faith and trust. “All works together for good to those who love God and live according to his will.”
Faith must always and is always in a state of growth and development. Godly character, at any stage is developed and manifested over time. The “fruits of the spirit” do not miraculously appear fully matured on the living branches of the Master’s vine. You are, in fact, living extensions of the Supreme. This you will come to understand in the future. Through you, does the Supreme evolve and develop also.

So fully realize now, that trials in the flesh are not in vain, NOT IN VAIN, indeed! You are our little ones, growing and developing and having your “growing pains.” Sometimes your pain is inflicted upon you not of your own direct making. This is a lesson of invaluable worth to you, to strengthen you for the future, to help you to be strong. Persecution, indeed, fiery trial may fall upon you all, and you must grow in strength – spiritual, mental and emotional. Indeed, we are here, little one, and you have called upon us and have heard you and we are here. Never doubt or lose faith. We would encourage you to seek the Father in the stillness and be at peace in his loving care for you, and all involved, in the painful situation of this present time. Return home renewed, knowing you are much loved and needed in all your realms of service. In loving service to you, Malcom.

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