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HAM22- Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 37-42

1999-11-23- Collection2: Malcom & Muriel-Sessions 37-42
Hamilton #22


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Collection, Malcom & Muriel
o 1.2 Group: Hamilton TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertram, Malcom, Muriel
2.2 TR: Tara Logan

Session 37
 November 23, 1999

MICHAEL: I am with you now and always, my most beloved and dear child of mine. I will never leave you nor forsake you. So be of good cheer. Enjoy this most beautiful and refreshing morning with your friends; your loved ones. You need not fear to return home. All is well and will be and we will continue on in our mission of service to the children on Urantia. Never doubt your calling and the work for which we have and are now preparing you. Together much needs to be accomplished. Offer your skills and means of service to those areas to which I am leading you.

The coming of Light and Life to your world will come through you, as you serve according to my will and the will of my Father.
I am calling you now, all my little ones who will hear my voice and follow me. Read your text, now, which is given to Urantia for your understanding and your enlightenment. Listen to the lessons of your teachers, for they have been instructed by me to lead you into deeper understanding of all my ways, to accelerate your growth and service, so desperately needed this day upon Urantia. Indeed must you be a light to all, and to all nations as you unite in unity and love and peace. First, above all among yourselves. How can you show to the world peace and unity, in all your diversity, unless you live it and display it among yourselves?

My banner will go forth into all the world, proclaiming a new and everlasting religion, my religion of saving faith in the Fatherhood of God to all my children and your global and eternal brotherhood. My true and everlasting peace, I offer to all Urantia. Now bring to an end, and silence all your disputes among yourselves. Solidify your brotherhood and your faith in me. Seek my direction and what I propose for you and all my children on earth. A house divided cannot stand. I will not have a divided brotherhood among my beloved children.

The hour has come. A great work is breaking forth upon all the earth. Rise up and be counted. Let your light shine forth into all the world. Be counted as the true spiritual children you are, leading the way into Light and Life upon Urantia. I leave you now, my faithful little one. Never doubt now and never despair for I am with you always and ever will be, now and forever in your journey homeward.
My blessing and peace be upon you now. My love enfold you and rest your soul, Michael.

Session 38
 December 7, 1999

TARA: Is there a message this morning?

BERTRAM: Yes, little one. We have long awaited your return. We are indeed pleased with your re-dedication to Michael’s Mission. Do not despair. We will continue on according to our calling and according to the plan now set in motion for the reclamation of your planet home into it’s rightful place among the galactic brotherhood of celestial systems. Long have you been in isolation because of the now adjudicated Lucifer Conspiracy. Never was it intended that a planet of such beauty and diversity, suffer as it has, these many thousands of years.

Dear children of the Most High, indeed are you loved and adored by your Father in Heaven. It is his will that you grow and prosper and be in health of body, mind and soul. He has so provided for you; that all his ways are even beyond finding out! Indeed you will need all eternity to explore all the wonders, truths, values and meanings of all he has created for you!

  • Do you not realize that YOU ARE CHILDREN OF GOD.
  • He is indeed, YOUR FATHER and ever shall be. Christ Michael, his Paradise Son, came to reveal his Father to you and to call you, HIS BROTHER. Truly come to understand what this means.
  • You are all one BROTHERHOOD on earth, all having a common ancestral origin.
  • You are all SPIRITUAL BROTHERS, having the spirit fragment of the Father within you, just as do we, your celestial brothers, sent to you now to aid in your spiritual upliftment during this present era of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

The Spirit of Truth is poured out upon you and is here to guide you into all truth as you remain living branches of the true vine through your free will, in seeking spiritual development. Mother Nebadonia is here to comfort you and enfold you in her love; to spiritually comfort you and give you rest in her enfolding holy spirit of love. In his love for you, has the Father sent you your teachers, to teach you as you are willing. So dear children it is, indeed, important that we continue on in our lessons of the “Fruits of the Spirit.” Muriel has picked up the reigns of this responsibility, and we would ask you to rededicate yourselves to your lessons.

It is desired that you “become perfect as your Father is perfect.” Long have you heard this message and we are endeavoring to teach you how this is accomplished.

  • — Review all lessons up to this point, absorb, study and apply them.
  • — Discuss and share them among yourselves and apply them in your outer and inner lives.
  • — Read and research your Urantia Book for more information.
  • — Read and enjoy enlightening works of others, now being inspired by the spiritual energies now flooding your planet.
  • — Listen to, learn and become a source of secondary works based on the teachings of Jesus.

Many workers are needed in the fields, many shepherds, disciples, apostles, musicians, artists, poets . …so many needed, to disseminate the way of truth and the truth of our Master Son’s teachings to all the world; a world now hungering for this truth so long lost from view; so long denied and forbidden to be taught; so long misunderstood and misinterpreted.

We are here to help you present his new and everlasting religion anew to all the world as he taught and lived it. You do well to continue on in your studies of his life and teachings as he lived it day by day, as recorded for you now in your Urantia Book. The Correcting Time will go ever forward into the new age we have entered. The age of Light and Life is ever drawing nearer and as Machiventa has now told you, a Magisterial Son has been designated for Urantia in the future and for this too we must all prepare. Of this you will learn more in the future. For now, be at peace and open your hearts in loving service to all your brothers and sisters, being “lights of truth and love” upon this darkened planet. May Michael’s love and peace be with you all as you ponder this message this day. Your teacher and guide, Bertram.

Session 39
 December 15, 1999

TARA: Is there a message tonight in preparation for the Teaching Mission Meeting this Friday night? What can I do in preparation?

MALCOM:  We do sense your hesitancy little one. Still there are remnants of fear still lingering. There is nothing to fear, nothing to fear at all. We are here and we have taught you what is required, an open heart and child like attitude desiring to do the Father’s will.
You will do well little one, when you are called upon in the forth coming night. We are here to serve each and everyone of you, to ever assist in your personal spiritual growth to spirit adulthood beginning here in your first life. We have been watchful of your studies of late, guiding you and qualifying you to become a future teacher of the Father’s flocks. You have much to offer, little one, to your brothers and sisters on Urantia. Do not underestimate your calling, as an ambassador of the Fathers love, to his children everywhere.
Now you have access to thousands, and this too, is part of your commission. We will guide and help you as you go into these several areas of service.

But we must caution you to find balance in all your endeavors, in every aspect of your fields of service. We understand that you have indeed been under a tremendous amount of stress as of late and new health issues are presenting themselves that need addressing. You will find your way to balance all aspects of your life as you are able. Little one this message is for you only. I am here to gently lead you along the way. All is well. Remember as it has been said before we are not task masters. No we are not. We are here waiting until you respond to our prompting. Only realize that we do indeed have a work to do, a mission to perform and we have need of your talents and abilities, the Father’s have need of your service as you are willing.

We know that in your heart you do sincerely believe and are a faith son of Christ Michael and earnestly desire to see his Kingdom come on earth in the hearts of all his children on Urantia. Do not be so hard on yourself little one. Just draw close to the Father in your daily walk with him and he will show the way and guide you into all avenues of loving service to his children that he shall send along your path. Be a peace and be filled with his love and mercy. With that thought I will bid you good night and sweet dreams to you too, my child. Your teacher and guide, Malcom.

Session 40
 December 17, 1999 Teaching Mission Meeting Home of Therese Logan, Cambridge, Ontario
Attending: Judy, Jeff, Jackie, Hosea, Therese

Opening Prayer by — Therese Our Father, Christ Michael, we bow before you with humble hearts and childlike attitude, seeking your will, seeking your blessing, seeking your guidance upon all that is to transpire here at this present time. We thank you for your presence, to be with us now. With humble hearts we thank you.

BERTRAM: It is Bertram here this evening. It is my pleasure to be here with you. It is my desire to be of service to you this evening. How may I serve you?

JUDY: May I ask a question?

BERTRAM: Yes, please do.

JUDY: There is much talk at this time about our water being poisoned. Is this just because of the pollution on our planet or is there a hidden agenda on the part of the multinationals to weaken the population of this planet? I would love some clarification on this.

BERTRAM: First my child, may we address your question by first leading you into an understanding of what has transpired upon your beautiful planet? Mankind was given a great commission to care for his home and over the many centuries he has certainly failed to do so. But realize, the earth does have a tremendous eco-system that can indeed and will purify itself again in time. We are pleased to see that there are many agencies with good intent and now with increased knowledge are able to correct their problems and we are here to help and guide. Yes, indeed, changes will be made during this Correcting Time, but for the time being there may be dire consequences to be faced and dealt with. Many things are happening; many that you may not be aware of. The polar ice caps are melting; the oceans are rising; the weather patterns are not as they should be. Mankind has to make his united effort to see that changes come, and this will indeed take time, but restoration is in progress.

I think Judy that you do understand that human nature does play it’s hand in all this; that mankind will use any and all means to create greedy profits off the misfortunes of mankind. He has set in motion consequences that he will have to pay the price for and some things may be out of his hands and out of his control. We would ask you to have faith, be strengthened and know that you are loved and cared for and that Michael will see that his planet is restored to it’s pristine beauty as we do go forward into the Age of Light and Life. Would you like to be more specific in your question on this matter if this hasn’t wholly satisfied your quest for an answer.

JUDY: I would like to know and be corrected if this is not so, that on purpose the waters are being spoiled so that the people’s immune systems are being weakened and therefore the chemical companies stand to make more money because more antibiotics maybe are needed which are just as dangerous as whatever they are putting in the water. It appears to me that we should be very vigilant and stay away from chemicals as far as possible, of those that we are aware of. I believe that our planet is reaching a critical time in history, that people do need to wake up and take responsibility for their own health. Thank you.

BERTRAM: You are indeed correct, Judy. Pollution is rampant in all aspects, whether water, air, food sources, food supplies, and yes, indeed, mankind’s greed does play a part in all of this. This is why we so very much need this change of attitude and heart of mankind. Until that happens we will see the consequences that you have described. The only way that the individual can avoid these consequences in his own life, is to do combat with it individually for himself and for the protection of his family. Mankind does have the intelligence to change things around, to replace evil with good; to correct what he has done. Regarding those areas that are beyond his realm of understanding at this present time, it is for you to realize that new knowledge will be coming, is coming, is flooding this planet. Only with a change of heart during this Correcting Time will corrections be made, and that is why this period of time has come upon your planet.

Until this Correcting Time has run it’s full course, we can never enter into the Age of Light and Life as promised by Christ Michael, as revealed in your Urantia Book, of which you all hope for and desire to see. In this present age, you may not see it in your life time, but it will come and it will happen. Your job today is to leave a legacy, if not lessons of how this can be accomplished, how mankind can purify and cleanse his body, how to become more healthy and not take into his body the drugs, chemical, pollutants that upset the internal chemistry of the body which leads to all manner of diseases. It was not meant that your planet should be this way, should suffer so, that mankind should be in this dire strait that he finds himself at this time. Indeed had you planet not defaulted so badly, you might at this time, even now, see a different plane of existence for yourself and the ones you love.

Session 41
 December 21, 1999

TARA: Is there a message this morning?

MALCOM: Yes, my child, our little one in the Master’s beloved flock on Urantia. We see you are enjoying your new computer and learning how to open many new doors, many new sources of learning and entertainment, of teaching and sharing. But we must caution you and admonish you to find proper balance in the use of your time in this arena of your life. So do not loose sight of your calling and the work we have set before us to accomplish together here in Bertram’s Teacher Base. We realize you are going through a “learning curve” as you call it today. Your aching back should tell you that you have overextended yourself somewhat. You must learn to properly prioritize your time with regards to prayer, worship, service, recreation, personal and public endeavors and of course the work now set out before us.

Life is ever unfolding with all it’s many challenges and avenues to follow. Wise, indeed, is the man who finds balance and wisdom in all his choices, in all he sets his hands to do. Always let LOVE your guide. In all things, let the love for your Fathers, and their love for you, be your inner guide. Allow all to fall within the realm of their divine will for you and all their children on Urantia. May all you do be to the glory of the Father, that His will may indeed be done on earth as it is in heaven. Remember BALANCE, little one. Then you will feel free and happy and joyful as this holiday season becomes your reality. We will not keep you this morning as you have much to accomplish this day in your rounds of loving service. That is your personal lesson for today. We will continue tomorrow if you so will.
Your teacher and guide, Malcom.

Session 42
 December 28,1999

TARA: Malcom, I need you direction once more. Why do I resist as I do? What is the matter with me? Why am I so unsure of myself now? Why have I been having so much illness and family problems? I know I have been fascinated with my computer, yes, learning how to access things and meeting other Urantia Book Readers on line. All the activities of the holiday season have diverted my attention.

I also see how other transmitters transmit effortlessly, so smoothly. I am relatively new and I fully realize we or I should not compare and it was key to my understanding to learn last night that our teachers can and do sound different when transmitted by different transmitters when they use our differing language skills and terminologies. So many different ways are suggested and practiced in preparation for teacher contact seeming to make it much more difficult and burdensome. How are we assured of the purest of transmissions or is that ever possible no matter how much preparation is put into it prior to the actual transmission? It seems I am going into a new phase, becoming more public and I guess it frightens me. Please shed some light on all this. Am I still called and qualified to continue on in Michael’s Mission in this way as a T/R?

MALCOM and ALL YOUR TEACHERS here this morning:
Our little one, how you fret this morning. You need not fear, we are all here. Be of good cheer and once more renew your spirit, lift up your head, be filled with the love of your heavenly Fathers on high and within. They are nearer to you than even your hands and feet, there within your very heart essence. Every child of God is indeed loved and cherished. Mother Nebadonia is ever with you to comfort you and uphold you in her loving arms. Her ministering angels ever surround you, her child, ever beloved in the Family of God, the Kingdom of God. We your teachers are now sent to you from Jerusem, Edentia, and other worlds beyond your beautiful Urantia, sent here by Christ Michael himself to guide and teach you as you are willing.

Yes it is a responsibility we have placed upon you, but you are not alone in the service to which you have been called. We are here and it is we who will guide and teach the little ones in our watch care, under the over care of our celestial instructors, the Melchizedek Sons of Christ Michael, indeed of Christ Michael himself.

You can call upon any of us at any time and we will hear you and come to you and minister to you. You do not need to be at your keyboard, or have pen and paper in hand. We instruct you daily in your mind circuits and gently guide you in the way set out before you. We instruct you in your deep mind in your hours of sleep when asked. The choice and the willingness to follow and to do the Father’s will is, of course, ever yours to make. We know that you have not forsaken your calling. We see your heart attitude, your mind set, your desire and love for Michael’s Mission, your dedication to the establishment of the coming of the age of Light and Life upon your planet home.

No, little one, do not continue in this fretful distress of mind. All is well. Yes, you are going through some personal trials, as are all your friends and loved ones, but ever be aware that this is the Correcting Time upon Urantia, upon all peoples, upon all nations. Greater trials yet will you see and indeed are you now in preparation for those times to come, to be an ever strong and faithful leader into the age to come. This present dispensation is coming to an end and a new world is unfolding. This world will not be destroyed and we will indeed be building on the old, but much of the old must be cleared away and corrected, tried and purified. Understand this, little one, and prepare yourself.

We are leading you always in all your endeavors and yes, you are learning these new skills now, so as to be of better service in the future to all your struggling brothers and sisters as they find their way also. We are not harsh taskmasters, as we have so often told you before. We would only impress upon you the urgency of this mission today. There is much to be accomplished and we will accomplish it day by day, hour by hour. Ever be open to our guidance and leading as you have in the past. When you feel our prompting, act upon those times and listen to us and transmit to paper or recorder what you hear. Walk daily with your Master and listen to the revelations he will bring to you. Listen to your Thought Adjuster at all times. Practice and develop this skill.

Trust that the circuits are indeed open and we are guiding the Children of God on all their respective paths towards the enlightenment of truth, beauty and goodness of God, their Father. All will come into an understanding of the true values and meanings of life as reveled in the plan of God the Father for all his Children. And so the old must be rooted out and purged for the new to enter. It will happen in the age, and ages to come upon your world, Urantia. So, little one, again we say, be of good cheer and go forth into this new day with a positive and uplifted heart attitude filled with the love of the Father. All is well and we look forward to our next encounter as we get down to the task of doing this work of God on earth today, right where we are in your home arena, Bertram’s teacher base.
Muriel awaits to begin her lessons once more and to prepare for your next meeting. We will indeed all do our part as the Father wills.
I bid you good morning, Your personal teacher and friend, Malcom

Collection from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada END SERIES COLLECTION BERTRAM for 1999

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