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HMB1.1- Halfmoon Bay – Sessions 1-6

1993-03-20-Halfmoon Bay, Part 2 – Sessions 1-6
Halfmoon Bay #1-6 – HMB # 1.1

Note: Within these transcripts are several areas where the T/R relates their sensations, impressions, feelings and thoughts during the TR sessions which are green text. Many celestial lessons and responses are not identified and left as they appear in the transcript. When the celestial is identified they are capitalized and emboldened for ease for the reader. 


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Half Moon Bay, Part 2
o 1.2 Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Signa, Olfana, Tarkas, LinEl, Jun-el, Lucinda
o 2.2 TR: Susan Kimsey
3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
• 4 Session
o 4.1 Dialogue
o 4.2 Note
• 5 Session
o 5.1 Lesson
o 5.2 Closing
• 6 Solo Session
o 6.1 Lesson
 6.1.1 Health
o 6.2 Dialogue
 6.2.1 Color
o 6.3 Closing

Topic: Half Moon Bay, Part 2 – Sessions 1-6
Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM
Teacher: Signa, Olfana, Tarkas, LinEl, Jun-el, Lucinda
TR: Susan Kimsey

Session 1
Energy Transmission
Melchizedek greeting

SIGNA:   Go deeper. Read with clarity. Light surrounds energy;. Energy pulls together. Resistance uses energy. TR Process movement helps Movement helps. This is powerful for you. It’s OK, trust. Let us work, transform. All there is, is peace. You are a child of God. Blessings. Greetings. Take this, use it in God’s love. This is powerful. Feelings of immensity are understood. These strong vibrations running through your body are God’s love. Blessed be. The energies Energy Transmission Healing energy we transmit are healing to you. TR Process”Trust this process”Trust this process. Trust in God. The almond seed grows into a mighty tree with the force of God’s love running through it. You are a seed. T is a seed Seed symbol of. We bless you. We welcome you. We ask you to have faith. Hold on to your beliefs. They are precious. We will leave you now. You can feel the energy lightening. All is love. Melchizedek greeting Melchizedeks greet you.

Session 2
Transmission from Signa re: S’s contact

Jane: Signa, was that you? Did you speak with S? Do you have a message?

SIGNA:  Yes, TR Process listening She is listening quite well. Continue seeking the silence on a regular basis. I will continue to try to reach her, as will other teachers from time to time. Their group has an assigned teacher waiting to begin. (Jane asked Signa for the teacher’s name. Signa declined to give it.)

Jane: Signa, why are you contacting S?

SIGNA:  I was chosen strictly on ability. I seem to have the knack of transmitting through the mortal mind. Tell her I encourage her, I pray for her, and I ask her to be calm and do not fear. That is all.

Note: S left a phone message for the Ropers of her first transmission, signed “Signa”. The Ropers asked Signa for confirmation.

Session 3
Color Visualization

OLFANA & AFLANA: Shimmering light. Bless you. God’s love. Follow us. Resistance. Trust in God. This message comes slowly. Light vibrations clear the path. Relax. God’s energy. Use this. Stay tuned to your path. Promises are made. God’s will be done. Take this energy; Healing energy Energy Transmission it is healing you. Aflana is here. Slowly though it comes. Feel this lightness, vibrations. Blessed be. Keep trying. Notice every word patiently. Color Visualization Notice colors clearly. Flashes of energy. Rest. Flower essences Flower Essences important in TR process help.

Thank you for caring. Here we begin our work. TR Process”Trust this process”Trust this process. Rest in God’s love peacefully. Olfana first contact with Olfana is here with you. Healing hands Your hands are tools for God’s love. Use them with care. They can help you heal others too. This is God’s promise to all who listen. Blessings are here for you on this planet. Light and Life promise of Light and Life is a promise we make. Believe in us. Releasing your energy.


Goodbye. Olfana and Aflana.

Solo Session 4
Energy Transmission, Color Visualization

The energy you feel makes you restless. This is good. You’re energized by patterns you do not understand. Thank you for using the essences. [Perelandra Flower Essences]. Try to listen carefully to us. Healthy Living sugar Transform your patterns of eating sugar Sugar affects energy circuits. Please understand this is necessary. You smile because you know the connection. [Patije had told me that another woman in her group, who felt she was a healer, had been told to remove all sugar from her diet. When she said that, I thought, “Oh boy, I hope they don’t tell me that.” Also, I have read much nutritional literature that discusses the harmful effects of refined sugar. One book in particular, called “Sugar Blues” had made a strong impression on me, when I read it in 1977.

When the message, “Transform your patterns of eating sugar,” came slowly, word for word, I smiled as I thought, “That’s hitting the nail on the head!”] We try to work with you in all ways that are good. Healthy living is important to this process. Try giving us a chance. Do not think we don’t understand your resistance. Humans, mortals, are a challenge for us, but we love you very much. Your abilities to hear us are growing. Flower Essences important in TR process The flower essences are helping. Listen to each word carefully.

Remember, your role in this Mission is important to all of us. We love you. We need your help. Patije is our friend. We care for her very much. She understands what is happening to you. Listen to the words carefully. Be patient, and it will come more easily, as you practice the stillness.


[My mind began to drift to my own thoughts, and questions.]

You have questions in your mind. Not yet. Wait to hear us tell you what is important.

[I was learning to wait, if I couldn’t hear a word. I would hear it again after a few seconds. Before this, my urge was to “second guess” what I hadn’t heard clearly.]

It’s good to pause when you’re not sure. Hear the word a second time. Stay with us. Movement helps you to focus our energy.

[This is a little embarrassing, but I guess I need to be totally forthcoming about this whole experience…When I start to connect with the energy of the celestials, my upper torso wants to move and sway in slow circles. I find the more I “go with this feeling,” the easier I can hear the words. However, I feel I must look like Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles when they play the piano!…and I’m not listening to music…]

Breathing is good. It calms you down. It helps. Love God’s Love: is energy; and energy are one power,.I . Energy: is God’s love God’s power moving through us, the universe, all things. This feels all right to you.

[I felt a very pleasant level of energy running through me, as if I was “tuned to the right frequency.”]

Stay tuned to us. Our energy is healing you now. Listen carefully. This is important. Rest your trust in God. Always remember his love is important to this process. Don’t think questions now.

[I was starting to drift into my own thoughts again.]

Color Visualization Blue energy is here.

[There was a long pause, as I began to see iridescent blue spots forming in my middle field of vision. Then I saw large bursts of blue coming from the top of my field of vision moving downward. At the same time, I felt powerful waves of energy entering from above my body, and moving downward, as if my body was being pulled downward by a strong magnet. This experience lasted for approximately one minute]

…That was Melchizedek energy. It is powerful, but healing. Your body rests now.

Green energy Energy green is Life Carriers green is their color. Stop worrying. They will come in time.

[This amazed me. I had been musing to myself for the past day, “I wonder if I’ll ever seen green colors? I wonder what these colors mean?” I hadn’t voiced this question, or discussed it with anyone. Yet here they were, answering my question, and giving me assurance that, if I showed patience, “in time,” I would see green. I also felt, as I read over the transcript of this transmission, that since blue had been identified as Melchizedek energy Melchizedek energy Energy blue is Melchizedek, and green had been identified as Life Carriers, that perhaps all colors that I might see would eventually be identified for me. Another beautiful understanding that came to me as I thought about this transmission, was that my questions mattered to them Teachers our questions matter. It was one thing to read transcripts of other teachers answering questions from a study group, but a whole new level of comprehension to feel my questions would be answered too!]


Olfana is here now. Thank you for listening well this evening. Practice is good. Try the Stillness Practice seek regularly stillness regularly. I am releasing you now.

[I felt the energy leave my body, as if someone was slowly turning down a dimmer switch on a light.] Goodbye.

Session 5
Flower Essences adjust body chemistry

Dear one, I am Aflana.

AFLANA: It is true that I was overseeing S’s beginning contacts Aflana over saw beginning contacts. Signa was there, and Manotia, representing the Melchizedeks, was there. Flower Essences important in TR process The flower essences, which she talks about, are another material means for us to help your chemistry for this contact. It is unnecessary, but since she has it, and is willing to use it, it can help us considerably in speeding up the beginning contact adjustments. Others can be helped by this, if they understand what it is, and use it correctly. S will help many in this service. Olfana has studied with the Chanti. Chanti, who work with those developing material-biologic uplifting methods.

One of the methods of chemistry adjustments is the extracting of the essence from various flower petals. She works with this, and with the use of it. She will work with S in the events which center upon this chemistry-adjusting. Olfana was with me as I contacted S in the Stillness Practice contact during stillness last evening. It was our intention of introducing our combined presence. When the message began, S picked up on both of our names and combined them. Therefore, we did not confuse her.

[They identified themselves as the “Angels of Healing.”]

It will become clear as she continues to practice these communication techniques. Continue to encourage S. She has many points of resistance to overcome, but she has now reached a point where “she knows that she knows” of our reality, and she will move into that realization without fear and detrimental doubt. It is a joy to see how our sisters can help one another as they harmonize and share their personal experiences, and what they think is their imaginations. Do you not see this?….

Session 6
Chakra Adjustments

OFLANA: Listen to us now. We need your cooperation. Pay attention to every word as your hear it and don’t worry about thoughts.

[I felt a strong “pins and needles” tingle in my hands. My hands felt drawn up in front of my face, palms inward.]

OFLANA: Healing hands Your hands are healing you now Healing energy. They are pulsating with God’s energy Energy Transmission. God’s Love:everything is;We know that everything is God’s love. We want you to see this too. Come with an open mind and heart to this Mission and you will grow quickly. Let yourself relax. Remember to breathe. So many things depend on this. You are a child of God. Remember this lesson…You’re “editing” again. Try to relax.

[I had told Patije that when I let my thoughts get in the way of a transmission, that I was . i.TR Process:editing;”editing.” . i.Flower Essences:important in TR process]

Thank you for thinking of the flower essences. They are important for you in this process. Seek this . i.Stillness Practice:seek regularly;stillness practice regularly. Trust in God. . i.TR Process:”Trust this process”;Trust this process, S. We know your anxiety. Fear nothing in this work. Your teacher, Olfana, is here with you. Let your thoughts go. Relax. Breathe…Breathe again. Knowing this process allows you to help others. We need your efforts in this Mission. You are a healer. You can help us. Relax…Be patient. Notice the colors.i.Color visualization;.

[I saw a large cloud-like circle of primarily fuchsia, magenta, purple and blue move in slow, counterclockwise circle. My eyes were closed, but they seemed to track this circle as if I were doing eye muscle exercises.]

They circle around you for a reason. Movement is God’s expression on this level. God’s energy is growth, change, transformation, never-ending protection of the cycles of growth. Take this message. Share it with Bob. He understands this work. Patije understands also. Let the words comfort you. Don’t judge them. They are enough for now. Stop asking questions…Listen…Feel the vibrations.i. Chakra adjustment;. Your heart expands as we work with you. Let yourself grow now. There will be time for other work later.

[I felt my hands drawn, palms facing my body, towards my groin area, and then, about three inches from my body I felt them being drawn slowly upward, in alignment with my spine. The energy moving through me felt wonderful!]

This feels good to you for a reason. We are aligning you.

[Somehow I think this experience is connected with the chakra centers, but I’m not sure. I continued to experience warm, pulsating vibrations in my hands and my torso as my hands moved upward. It felt as if someone was zipping me into a warm jacket. My hands rose over my head. I reached upward and slowly let my arms fall to my sides. I felt very, very peaceful.]


You need to rest now. Relax. Enough messages will help you understand this better. We are finished for now.

[This session closed with my hearing, ” Greetings from the Angels of Healing.”]’

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