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ICC-MM- 211013- The Great Reconnection of Planetary Mind to Universe Mind

2021-10-13. The Great Reconnection of Planetary Mind to Universe Mind

Planetary Transformation Collaboration Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

October 13, 2021

Topic: The Great Reconnection of Planetary Mind to Universe Mind

T/R:    Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER: We center ourselves in Spirit, Mother and Father, Paradise Trinity, Magisterial Son and all of our helpers. We thank you for activating those spiritual dynamics within us that are a part of our constitutional makeup, that our minds and bodies may be used in support of the planet in this very important time of change. Mother and Father, we trust you to shepherd us into this higher trajectory towards Light and Life. We are prepared to provide that means of human volition for the divine plans for this world to continue to unfold. We are grateful to participate in this sacred work on behalf of our beautiful planet and for all life here. We thank you for deepening us in your LOVE that we may act as conduits for your presence to prevail here and provide the means for more healing and transformation to occur, and may your WILL be done. Thank you. 

CHRIST MICHAEL:  Peace beyond to you, my children. This is your Father Michael. Thrilling times of change are upon you. This world is turning the corner and it is facing a new life—a spiritual dynamic that is beckoning humanity forward on its evolutionary progression to create a more spiritualized culture wherein all life thrives and blossoms in the LOVE of the Father.

As you know, your world has strayed from this path, but not completely. You have been lovingly, carefully, devotedly assisted through this long, long period of rebellion to maintain a course in the Father’s WILL. There have been fits and starts at times to get you on course and to maintain it. And when you look back over the long period of evolution you will see many attempts that have been made to help you recover from this egregious violation of divine law and to bring you forward into the light of TRUTH and to be expressive of more of the GOODNESS and BEAUTY of the divine plan for this world.

Many, many years of careful preparation have brought you to this current point. You have been assisting us, among other brothers and sisters of this world, to build these necessary circuits of spiritual energy for this world to recover. And now you are facing a new era. It is dawning and each day the light grows a little bit brighter on this world—the light of TRUTH, the yearning for truth and what that will mean for the evolution of humanity and for this world.

As you settle into the energies that are now coming into you take some deep breaths. Let the spiritual dynamic within you to open to a greater infusion of LOVE. Invite your Mother’s presence to gently swell and innervate your energy systems that you may act as larger conduits for what we will be co-creating together in this collaborative forum. Relax into Her mighty embrace, my beloved children. Invite your Mother to feed you with Her gracious LOVE and receive. (Pause)

As we have shared with you in the past, humanity is endowed with great potential. This potential comes from our Creator Father at the center of all there is. It is seeded in you, giving you the existential right to become what has been given to you to achieve. As you know, this occurs over the long evolutionary trajectory of your life beginning on this material world. You have multiple avenues open to you to choose your direction to become like the Father in Paradise. Your Mother and I have provided you a universe to explore—to  learn the ways of LIFE and to grow in the expression of LOVE. This world is now awakening to this greater potential and humanity is being encouraged as never before to awaken to what has been seeded within you as a collective group.

You have heard these words before. We have encouraged you to move beyond your comfort zones of complacency and spiritual indolence to test the waters of faith that take you into the unknown where you get to see and experience the stuff of which you are made. This is spiritual substance and you have it within you to experience and to express. You do this one day at a time through your heartfelt decisions to become more God-like. It is important now more than ever to maintain this as the focal point of your life for all that you require to live will be added to you when you adopt this philosophy and live it to the utmost each and every day

Yes, we understand that it is challenging, but we would not encourage you if you did not have it within you.  And I did demonstrate this to you in my human life as Jesus, and I am here to support you in every endeavor when you make that heartfelt decision to live according to the plans that the Father has seeded in you.

Before we begin our focus into the collective allow these words to settle in.  Join with your Indwelling Spirits and invite them to help you perceive where you may still need to grow in this way. Forgive yourself for your limitations and shortcomings and know that they are there to teach you what you have yet to overcome, and that you have every ability within you to do this in conjunction with the Father’s presence within you. Sit with this now for a few minutes, my Children, and receive our ministrations upholding you and strengthening you now in Spirit. (Pause)

My children, do you recognize how blessed you are to be alive at this time when this world awakens from its spiritual slumber, remembers the past, and participates in the GREAT AWAKENING moving this world into its bright future? We have heard your cries and complaints and we understand your perspective. Now we ask you to move into the higher spiritual perspective beyond the conditioning of planetary mind, beyond what you have heretofore come to understand, and to invite the universe perspective to engage in your mind and hold you steady as we go about our business of bringing about greater reconnection in this vast domain of circuitry that is upon the planet at various dimensional levels.

This planet has been mired in a mindset that has at times rejected the ways of the universe. But you need not do that any longer. The way is here.  It is open.  The path is before you. Will you walk it in faith and serenity and composure? When you do this, you provide greater means for your brothers and sisters to follow your footsteps. This is what I created here in my human life as Jesus.  And I only not invite you to walk this path with me but to invite me to escort you on this path that your footsteps may become wide and deep and help others find their secure footing in the path.

The GREAT RECONNECTION is upon you, bringing about a new reality perception within your planetary consciousness. This is the clarion call of the SOUL to awaken which you have been endeavoring to co-create with us, and now it is time. It is time for the GREAT RECONNECTION to yield new truths in human mind and elevate human perception to the reality of the universe and what it holds for the evolution of this world for all life here in its beauty, glory, and majesty. Sit with these words:  THE GREAT RECONNECTION for a few moments as your Mother and I and your Indwelling Spirits continue to minister to you, and we will engage in the collective in a few brief moments. First receive and allow this GREAT RECONNECTION to energize you. (Pause)

Do your best to receive with faith and the simplicity of a childlike heart longing for LOVE, PEACE, and TRUTH to prevail within the circuits of planetary mind.   Drink deeply in the GREAT RECONNECTION.  (Pause)

Let us now engage into the collective.  While the dynamics of the GREAT RECONNECTION maybe beyond your range of vision, it is not beyond the scope of your hearts. Center these words in your hearts and souls. Let the energies expand through the ministry of your Mother, and when you feel ready, project them into the core of the earth—into that very template of Urantia’s divine plan of evolution. Feel your love for your world. As you see the GREAT RECONNECTION in the center of the planet, invite these energies to move upwardly through all the various levels and dimensions of circuitry and let the world gently expand and what we are now seeding into the planet of the Father’s LOVE and the planets’ place in the bosom of the Father in Paradise.

Your mind may be wondering what this means? We understand your curiosity and in time you will recognize the significance of what is being conducted.  But fully and magnanimously project from your hearts the GREAT RECONNECTION into the core of the earth and allow its infusion to do what we wish for the healing of this beautiful world. (Pause)

You may consider this to be a reconnection in human memory to the divine plan of this planet. You long for truth. Your hearts are weary of separation. You see what this dynamic does in human consciousness and it is one of the most insidious repercussions of the rebellion mindset.  But the divine plan is still there, and now as these circuits are reconnected at the core level, let the memory patterns on the planet remember what this planet is, to whom it belongs, and what is its destiny. Think not that this will be achieved in flash of a moment of time, but it is a moment of time of recognition, and you are providing, not only the willingness for more people to remember this world’s place in the Family of LOVE, but your own individual unique role to play in it.

All of the spiritual dynamics you have seeded into this world with us over the course of many years are building a new matrix of LIGHT to feed humanity’s mind to heal humanity’s trauma and to bring you into a more flourishing dynamic of the GREAT AWAKENING now underway. Allow these words to settle in as you continue to project from your hearts the GREAT RECONNECTION into the core of the earth. Thank you, my beloved children. (Pause)

The truth-hunger in human mind continues to develop and expand. There is a repository of TRUTH on this planet. You might consider this the planet’s mind of TRUTH, and in these circuits of the GREAT RECONNECTION, we wish to expand the truth-mind with the UNIVERSE MIND wherein the TRUTH reveals a greater expression of reality, and you are being prepared for this now.

So, feel that desire for that truth-mind of Urantia, that you continue to engage with these higher universe circuits as we continue to conduct ministrations of the GREAT RECONNECTION. And if you wish, focus on these words:  PLANETARY TRUTH MIND RECONNECTING TO UNIVERSE MIND; PLANETARY TRUTH MIND RECONNECTING TO UNIVERSE MIND; PLANETARY TRUTH MIND RECONNECTING TO UNIVERSE MIND. Invite your Indwelling Spirits to fortify you with LOVE that you may hold this steadfastly with great love and mercy in your hearts for all life here to flourish in the Father’s GLORY. (Pause)

Soon you will be about the business of reconstructing your world’s cultural institutions to a higher social order. It will take many generations to fully accomplish. Do not think that your efforts here and now do not make an impact. For every effort, every positive change of mind and heart adds to the collective, and your planetary mind is being seeded with cosmic TRUTH revealing the principles and dynamics of LIFE itself that you may learn and explore them fully, come into greater meaning and value for planetary transformation. Continue to invite this TRUTH MIND of the planet to be reconnected to UNIVERSE MIND as we continue our ministrations and assist in this event of the GREAT AWAKENING all around the globe. (Pause

There is one final step. In your mind’s eye envision the globe before you, and with great compassion and love elevate this and hold this in the words:  THE BOSON OF THE PARADISE FATHER, and invite the ACTION OF THE PARADISE TRINITY to shine forth those rays of LOVE and LIGHT and LIFE upon this world, so beloved, so nurtured.  And feel your gratitude for the Father and His divine plans of evolution that you may become a more active participant in the GREAT AWAKENING in whatever ways your Spirit is encouraging you to experience. Father, receive this world. Hold it in your LOVE as we give you our gratitude for this world returning to the bosom of your GRANDEUR and GLORY.  Receive my PEACE, my children. (pause)

And now, my children, I have prepared a place for you at the TABLE OF LIFE—joyful life, abundant life, and I invite you to take your place. There are many gathered around this TABLE OF LIFE.  You all have a unique place at this table and the food you ingest is spiritual nourishment for your souls.

So, eat of this BREAD OF LIFE, drink of the WATER OF LIFE that is my LOVE, and recognize your intrinsic value to the FABRIC OF LIFE which exists in the bosom of the Father and is now part of this world reclaimed in the name of the Father of All. (Pause)

I invite you now to see yourself standing on the planet with the words:  the GREAT RECONNECTION holding you steadfast and secure as circuits of LIFE above you connect you more deeply into this FABRIC OF LIFE—life eternal and abundant, your divine birthright that you may express the SOVEREIGNTY of your personality and grow in God’s likeness. It is time. (Pause)

What you have co-created with us today will continue to unfold throughout the vast circuitry of planetary mind.  And you may notice some changes within you:  new thoughts come to the forefront of your awareness, new feelings begin to stimulate your hearts, new creative ways to address the problems you face to bring you into greater alignment with the Spirit Within. And so, welcome these new energies and drink deeply thereof for you are being called into active service now in this time of the GREAT AWAKENING, and many will need your perspective to help them shake off what has kept them in spiritual isolation.

Be gentle and patient, kind and respectful for they too have lessons to learn and it may be painful for them to recognize.  But you will minister to them with my LOVE as you grow in this capacity and reveal a greater TRUTH and all of the GOODNESS and BEAUTY that TRUTH discloses to human mind.

We have completed our objectives for today. I thank you for your faith, your trust in Spirit, and in yourselves.  Now it is time to trust in humanity and the potential for glory and greatness seeded within you by the Father, and to rejoice in how it is being courageously revealed in the lives of many.  Be among those who are courageous and know that I am with you as this world now moves in the trajectory toward Light and Life and the glorious destiny beckoning her forward. I leave you in my PEACE, my children, and may you grow in it ever more each day through the Father’s LOVE. Farewell.

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