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LLN634- Discovering the Layers of Potential Within and the Depth of Your Connectivity

2021-09-30. Discovering the Layers of Potential Within and the Depth of Your Connectivity

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2021-09-30

Teacher: Elyon, Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: I find the surest method to connect, to get to the frequency that we’re trying to connect to is through gratitude for it, gratitude for its very existence and our relationship to it, the part reflecting on the grace of the whole. By focusing on this intention, the frequency is  established, the frequency is formed and the connection can be made and so it is, even now. I seek nothing more than to do the will of my Divine Parents in service, so be it. 

Elyon: I am more than willing to join you this evening. I am an old friend, Elyon, from the earliest days of our making these connections and establishing these patterns that we now enjoy and utilize. There is ongoing consideration throughout this entire project to discern the many different connections that you have by virtue of being a mortal of the realm and as well, a spirit of infinite potential. As such, you are  discovering layers and layers of potential that have been resident with you since the beginning, since your beginning. These dimensions of your being are there to be unpacked and explored and treasured for they are the means by which you gain the experience necessary to grow in spirit and in faith. When you realize that you are connected via other routes and through other circuits, you then realize that you are a hub of connection. Simply by choosing to be so, you may gather and focus and direct the connections that you are aware of and combine the resources available and access greater potentials because you are allowing greater connection and this provides you with a greater sense of connectivity. You are learning that this is your pleasure and privilege to do, to choose to activate circuits, to build circuits, to join with others and create circuitry between you and among you.

Discovering the depth of your connectivity is what you are uncovering in this earthly experience, how many different avenues you  have available to you and how to access them. And this search for your connection, the search to define the whole of which you are a part, brings you to the search for your Onboard Partner, your Internal Guide. This Indwelling Presence is the greatest of all your connections. Making connection to others, other spirit beings, other mortal beings, these are personal relationships that you form and that you maintain and that you may then enjoy. The connecting, the intentional hooking up with your Divine Fragment enables you to connect directly to the Source through your accompanying partner. It is indeed the most direct access you have to the highest source available. All other methods and means are relying on second hand communication and the ever present need of translation. Your Divine Component provides you with the ability to share realizations, inspirations, thoughts and entire pictures through a process of direct communication and your efforts at learning to refine this process, to condition your internal environment and to return to your divine center, allow communion with spirit beings.

Through developing a technique that works for you individually, you obtain the result of lowering your activity level to an alpha state of  awareness where you then may be more receptive to the messages and inspirations provided. It is important that you have the awareness that such a thing is happening, that it can happen to you and that you are a part of this process. You need to choose to do it. Your Indwelling Guide will never shout, it will always be a whisper, a sentiment, a feeling, a thought, a realization. We are subtle and you must train your vehicle to provide conditions favorable to receiving such subtle communications.

It is quite similar to the T/R process that we have been developing throughout this experiment. Both processes require a prepared  environment and the awareness of the very act of communication, the request and prayers of the participants and the faith to accept the reality of your birthright and your abilities as an eternal spirit and a part of the whole. Throughout the duration of this Teaching Mission experiment we have dwelled quite a bit on the stillness and this has been foundational to the success that we have had in this process. Now the same intention, the same diligence, the same devotion must be afforded your internal journey so that you are prepared to receive the messages, the inspirations meant for you. It is grand to see that you have arrived at wanting to focus and develop this circuit available to you. This avenue for you to use connects you to many other avenues and is very valuable in connecting with the web, with the others and with the whole.

I appreciate the opportunity to step in and recall for a group such as this, how long we have been in development of these processes of contact and how much we have been engaged in the similar methods and approaches. I invite you to consider the success that you yourself have  enjoyed by being steadfast in your commitments to be on this journey of discovery. It has been a pleasure to observe and even contribute to this grand plan and I send my warmest regards for all of you on the path, tethered together, assisting each other in the climb and working together to rise to the next level. A good day to you all, I now step back to allow for others.

Inner Voice: I now take the microphone and thereby am able to project the voice. I am this one’s Inner Guide and when in communication such as this, I am representing all the Inner Guides, all of the fragments of divinity as one. We are all connected through the circuitry of the Thought Adjusters. You are discovering that you are as well connected by virtue of your onboard partner and once these connections are  discovered they are as passage ways to explore and each one providing you with illumination of another aspect of your dimension, particularly the aspects of spiritual growth and development. That is the game at hand and you are the players out on the field and you are gaining the necessary experience to navigate your way forward and navigate your way back home.

I offer you to witness as well that when you feel any sense of connection, any sense of establishing and maintaining the frequency, that there is a great peace, there is even a sense of belonging, a sense of being a part of the whole. As such there are characteristics of the whole that we  are discovering as part of our composition and no piece is complete, no artwork, no picture, no creation is complete without all the parts and that is why your part is so significant. It is necessary to complete the picture, to combine back into the whole. Your individual attempts to find the divine frequency through your Onboard Partner is in fact a gift of grace you give back to your Creators. The plan in action is working and by your choice, you affirm that you are seeking God, that you are searching for your divine heritage. This is what is so significant about your efforts at these times, where you are flexing your wings and attempting to gain your footing in preparation for taking flight and this flight is most certainly accomplished with your faith, with your trust that you will indeed soar on the wings of spirit should you simply accept and allow and manifest the gift of grace.

As a matter of routine, typically we take advantage of the opportunity of this connection, the pooling of this energy, the coming together of this resource that we create to do some good. As an answer to our individual petition to be of service we combine efforts in the process and in  keeping with our pattern, I would invite us today to once again draw a focal point, draw a point that the light will shine onto and illuminate the areas of darkness and bathe it with the nourishment of light. Let us bathe our planet, hosting all the mortals of the realm, the womb that you are in currently. Let’s express gratitude for this life force, for this incredible Divine Parent. Let us see the light surround and envelop and lift and raise the energy level, the vibration, the frequency of the Divine be brought into place so that it may establish a new pattern, a new order of health, of peace and of grace.

And so it is done, our gift has been received, our intentions have been expressed and our desires to serve have been met. I join you in gratitude for this process and this mode that we are becoming familiar with and will utilize for our efforts as needed. I invite you all before this circuit breaks and while the connection is still strong and while the energy field is present to personally embrace it, sense it deeply, breath it in and resonate with it so that finding it and establishing the connection becomes easier and easier and more secure with each attempt.

I feel as though our lesson has been delivered and received so I will thank you all for your participation, for your willingness, for your faith, for your devotion and for the gratitude you feel which supports all the rest. Enjoy the journey ahead. It will not be boring and we will become  closer and thereby we will share and enjoy together more and more of the journey until we join as one to finish the journey. A good day to you all, farewell.

Mark: I’m always in gratitude to my Inner Voice, every time, every time I stand on the edge of the nest and pray that when I extend my faith you will be there and you have been. I stand in gratitude for the connection even though I do not understand it. Thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace.

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