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WDC365- Welfare of the Whole

2002-07-08.  Welfare of the Whole

Woods Cross #365

Topic: Welfare of the Whole

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I thank you for your steadfastness in supporting this cause. It would seem that we really never fully appreciate our immediate family until we are away from them. You possess quite the anchor here in your group in the sea of vast possibilities. You each have grown to love and accept one another in spite of personality differences. You each definitely generate an ongoing energy for one another. You each bring balance to one another.


It is only because of your willingness to support these teachings that they even occur. Any one of you are fully capable of receiving this or any message. You each have an adequately basic knowledge on how to connect with the Indwelling Adjuster. This was in part what our  Mission had entailed from the beginning. You are teachers to one another. You each bring upliftment to one another and the strength to go forth into the world with an ever renewed faith and hope.

There is a literal energy that moves through and between you each when you are gathered together. It is not completely understood by us, that when you gather there is for the most part, feelings of spiritual safety. Perhaps the saying of old explains it best, “Where there are two or more gathered, there also am I.” There seems to be a feeling of solid and significant presence of the Master when you gather together. It is a truly beautiful feeling to know that your brothers and sisters are at hand. It is comforting to feel that regeneration of energy when you are together that seems to give you a renewed strength for the coming week.

Citizens settled on enlightened worlds have that family connection with everyone they meet. Stranger or not, there is ‘a knowing’ that each person is a well loved child of God. In their worship services very little is ever spoken, because in just the gathering alone there is an  obvious energy that brings renewed strength and balance to go forth into daily living. These individuals see no separation, no differences, that would make anyone believe that their fellows are any less of a child of God than anyone else.

These citizens utilize this energy to create workable ideas that serve the whole. There is a creative spark that occurs that generally makes life better, more beautiful. There is not the jealousy or envy among these peoples. There is a genuine gladness for any individual who has a brilliant idea. In having the support of their fellows, they feel less limited by the material life, because they fully rely upon their peers to bring balance and progressive ideas to add to the original ideas.

It is said, “Two heads are better than one.” This may be more true than you know. Those minds who promote wellness for the whole have the support of an entire universe, and believe me, at times it is easier to gain the support of a universe than it is from our mortal counterparts. Of course, one can only lend support to what one finds to be true, yes, that is understood and certainly encouraged.

There are many individuals still, however, that have that need to gain credit for lone projects. Many good ideas die every day because they are not shared and made more by others suggestions, others creative avenues. As we move toward Light and Life it is crucial that we desire a realness for the whole. Yes, that includes personal wellness, but true personal wellness comes about through doing good to others, looking out for one anothers welfare and having given up the desire to have special credit.

When we look at the Master’s life we see how He delegated much of the work out to His apostles, disciples, even the little children. He was the Creator of a universe; why should He engage in trusting His fellow mortal friends to do such important work for the Kingdom? He could have very well done it all on His own, and probably without such aggravation. He, however, deeply loved His associates, and by delegating work to them, made them feel like a genuine part of the Kingdom. One who would attempt to do everything without trust in their fellows to share the load has only self-trust, a need to control, a need to push forth personal agendas. This is not a generation of energy, no. This is to feel the burden of the world upon your back.

Your fellowship, your communication is quite important to your own personal balanced well-being, as it is to the Kingdom as a whole. What would you believe to be the most significant thing individuals could do to help usher this planet into the stages of Light and Life? Is there safety in numbers? Is this group a safe place to build creativity or new ideas? When you are listening to your fellows thoughts and ideas, what is the first thing that comes to mind? We can only pray that it isn’t “where do I fit into these ideas? What is my role? What will they have gained, while I feel loss?”


The masses truly do move the whole. Your best step toward this movement is to have genuine concern for one and all, and to do what you can, within reason, to promote this. As we gather each week I am made to feel more encouraged, more energized to be about the Father’s business. We will forgo questions this evening. Know that my love is always with you. Until next week, shalom.

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