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WDC366- Thought

2002-07-15.  Thought

Woods Cross #366

Topic: Thought

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am much appreciative of this peaceful atmosphere here this evening. It is easier to impart my message when there are open minds and serene attitudes, yes. I understand it is difficult to keep a peaceful outlook throughout your week. Life seems to move so quickly. I understand that many of you have worry that you are not taking those steps closer to Spirit, of course, in the anxiety of worrying, you are not.


Many worry about the doing of Father’s will and which direction they should go. This also produces anxiety and tendencies toward doing just anything, even perhaps things you do not want to do, but feel that you should. Worry and anxiety are disrupters of the natural flow of life. In a manner of quiet patience you are more equipped to go with the natural flow of life. In patient observance you are literally better connected to spiritual circuitry, which practically leaves you without your hesitation or questioning why.

With these morontia lessons we always refer to our relatives, who are on worlds settled in Light and Life. These citizens are raised knowing this patient demeanor and observant attitude. Just in possessing this one morontial gift– how much could the world change? These citizens so much rely on the Father that it becomes rather natural to allow the unfolding of life. Of course, they exhaust their resources, but their spiritual information is not distorted due to anxiety and wondering if they are on a correct path or not.

This week I would ask that you do what you can to promote a calm mind. For one week try to allow the natural unfolding, and although it is easier said than done, trust that Father knows every detail of every occurrence. Allow Him His place in the unfolding to aid you in perceiving His divine will. Our lesson is twofold this evening. One on a personal level and the other regarding the brother/sisterhood.

Everyday many individuals struggle to attain some sort of acceptance or love. Poor self-esteem seems to drive some individuals toward  various activities that would bring self-worth. Much of this, however, is fleeting. Much of this searching for love and acceptance is even more damaging to individuals, who already feel very little worth, love and acceptance. I am in awe at the influence mortals have over one another. It really is a living energy, bad or good, nonetheless a living energy. There are many who know not their status in Father’s Kingdom, and so much rely upon their fellows to reflect to them their true being.

You that are in the Teaching Mission and yes, beyond, have a wonderful opportunity to be a Godly reflection to your fellows. A small show of faith in a downtrodden fellow sure does bring a great deal of encouragement. Even individuals you know, who live on the dark side of life, would truly benefit from you showing them the potential you believe them to have. I speak not of empty flattery, no.

I am telling you of the awesome divine power you each possess. The power to do God’s work is yours if you should so desire. A child who  is encouraged, loved, showed that they are valued, grows up completely different than a child who is taught he can do no good on his own, he can be no good just as he is.

The core of this message tonight, however, is mostly for you to focus on thought. Negative thoughts toward others can be as detrimental as negative words. The circuitry upgrade brings you a great deal of benefits that perhaps you have not thought of before. Thoughts are real and people can literally feel them. They can read negativity in your countenance. This is not Godly reflection, nor promotional of Light and Life.

It is important to be a source of encouragement and Godly reflection to your fellows by your words and actions. True, but if perhaps  your heart and mind was not in alignment with your words, then your words are empty and believe me, people know this. The individual who finds their self-worth in God has a true desire to go about sharing that divine encouragement or being a Godly reflection. This energy is moving and uplifting, making the masses look for the good. Be good. Do good. This is moving. This is real spiritual power.

This is Light and Life.


This week, along with the other assignment, be aware of your thoughts toward others, even if you do not speak to them. Watch  your judgment arise or thoughts of compassion or thoughts of envy. Remember, these thoughts are living, also think about being a Godly reflection, a source of encouragement. This is a Light unto whom all are attracted. You have much to think about. We will not take questions. You have enough Spirit moving amongst you that you can help one another with any questions, yes. I am with more love for you each time we meet. Until next week, shalom

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