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WDC367- Spiritual Maturity & the Personality

2002-07-22.  Spiritual Maturity & the Personality

Woods Cross #367

Topic: Spiritual Maturity and the Personality

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a joy it is for me to meet with you each week. As I look at you each I am made to ponder the  infinite potential that you each possess. Possibilities upon possibilities rise within my mind when I see how different you each are.

I sometimes long to be back in your position in the mortal realm because this time in history is so exciting, moving so fast and  the assistance that has been bestowed upon the planet is quite accelerating the mass education. From where I am now I am for the most part in understanding at how precious each individual is to Father and His Kingdom. I am in awe at times when I am able to view your gifts. I feel honored to see your faces when you have really understood various things and are joyful from the enlightenment.

Last week we discussed your personal divine empowerment to bring change through good thoughts. We discussed being a Godly reflection or a light in the world. This evening I would steer us a bit off our regular course to have discussion on other topics that seems to be needed in the group at this time. Our main focus this evening will be spiritual maturity and the personality.


Personality is indeed a divine gift, but is somewhat shaped by life experience. It is perhaps a foundation to which to all other things are added on. For example: if you have had a traumatic experience as a child, then certainly is that added onto the core personality that is truly you. Life experience does make us unique to one another, but in the eyes of our Father we are more valued beyond our own comprehension.

When you first began your earthly journey you were like a seed with an eternal potential, loved and cherished,  and expected to eventually grow and find your way back to Father. During the course of the mortal life many characteristics became attached to the personality. The personality is not the soul. The soul could be viewed as a noun and the personality would be as a verb. The personality makes the soul unique. The events in life can shape the personality and that can have an affect on the soul. The God knowing individual however subjects the soul to Father and that has an affect on the personality.

When you are a child, your personality is somewhat shaped by your elders, and as you grow and experience you are further shaped  by culture, social status, peers, personal desires, fear and that feeling that the gods do not know you. As you mature and search for meaning in life, you discover that all of existence is so much more than you ever thought it could be–therein enters the presence of God.

As you are finding out who Father is and wanting to make life changes as a God-knowing person, spiritual maturity begins to show  itself. Personality is changed by this maturing through a process of cleansing, so to speak, perhaps uncovering that non-valuable experience that has caused you to have certain spiritual poisons. Perhaps there is some unforgiving that you may need to attend to, some grudge holding, some anger over experiences that you did not have the spiritual maturity to understand.

Look at the life of the Master here on this world. Disregard the fact that He was a Creator Son on a Mission here to uplift the planet, just as a person, a human being, He was treated so dishonorably. Would you think that He would remember the names of those who persecuted Him? No, of course not. That is spiritual maturity. He was looking to Father to build upon the personality, not have His earthly fellows take from who He really is, or add negative to His core self.

Last week we discussed your divine power to bring Father’s light. Let us also note how we could bring negativity to others or they can to us. One who has wronged you, and you never really find understanding for this or forgiveness, will indeed make a mark on that essence that is really you. Perhaps you will be a bit more untrusting, unwilling to be open to others, to life. As we mature spiritually we are subjecting the self to the Father’s will and that shapes the personality, that fortifies the core-self with the spiritual nutrients you need to be a producer of spiritual fruits.

This week think about your core-self and perhaps baggage that keeps you dwelling in the spirit poisons. One who is so close to Father has a sort of protection that no one can really injure you. I mean that in an emotional or spiritual manner. You cannot be dragged down into the depth of negativity because your final word and thought comes from the First Source and Center.

With spiritual maturity you feel a certain peace that you are progressing, small as it may be, you are moving forward. In a spiritual youth it appears that nothing ever changes and you are stuck. In making the effort to walk with Father you are moving into your eternal potential, your true uniqueness as His beloved child.


Find time this week to journal on your personality aspects. What is Father’s hand in who you really are and what other things may be just non-productive baggage? Ponder the freedom in spiritual maturity. No questions. Know that I am always with deep love for you each and I always have you in my thoughts.

Until next week, shalom.

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