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WDC368- Spiritual Maturity & Self Mastery

2002-07-29.  Spiritual Maturity & Self Mastery

Woods Cross #368

Topic: Spiritual Maturity and Self Mastery

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. With each passing week I am more amazed by your willingness to soften toward Father and make effort to put forth your best self. I realize that many times mortals are overcome by the spirit poisons, but still I am quite touched by the effort to put forth good.


The foundation of most worldly religions is attempting to know and do the will of God. Some religions take self-sacrifice to extremes, as if that will be pleasing in God’s eyes. Some religions are about weekly rituals or ceremonies that they believe will bring them closer to God. Many of Father’s children do their utmost to see that they will gain entrance into Heaven. Some only believe just in case God is real. Some fear what will happen to them if they don’t believe.

One thing we have learned from the study of mortals is that they do well if they are believing they have a certain amount of control in their lives, in the world. Of course, this is somewhat conflicting with the goal to be subject to the Father’s will. Spiritual maturity comes when you can understand the balance between God’s will and personal participation in daily living. I do believe, children, that the key to spiritual maturity is in the mastering of the self.

The ego would always like to have it’s way to create experience that makes it feel good, worthy and at times even superior to others. Most of the mortal lessons on finding the balance between God’s will and personal control, will be learned well within the experience of the ego. This is perhaps why we teach a great deal on the Master’s perfected humility.

I realize that Jesus of Nazareth, was the incarnate Creator Son of the universe, but still He had to experience and achieve self-mastery. Most His self-mastery was completed before He even started His ministry, even before He really knew who He was. I believe there are  several factors that played into the Master’s taming of the self.

One was His perfected humility, which placed Him side-by-side with His mortal counterparts, not above, not below.

Secondly, He thrived on learning. He loved to discover new things and the inter-workings thereof. He was a willing student.

Third, He always conferred with His Father on everything. He spent time with the Father in silence, not really asking for anything,  only becoming familiar with the Father’s presence. From this there was a wonderful energy received, to not only cope with daily antagonisms, but to rise and meet each challenge with His highest possible light.

And last, He always had a mind-set in favor of the well-being of the whole. Life was not just about Him–but everyone. Many of  life’s experience affect a great many and the spiritually mature consider the well-being of everyone.

Last week you focused on being free from that un-valuable baggage that has put you in a pattern of being overcome by spirit poisons. This week we will also incorporate self-mastery. I am understanding the mortal life. I do recall a time when I could not not control everything, everything that affected me. My intentions and actions all went to my need to control. It took many lessons in humility to release that need to control and focus more on being a co-creator with our Father.

Children, you are not helplessly subject to life, to one another, not even to God, no. To study the Master’s life and remember those factors that brought Him to self-mastery will be a wonderful head start for you. Believe me, Father knows your struggles, insecurities, fears and doubts, and truly you are not punished for any of these, because it is part of your mortal journey. You are supposed to have these experiences– like Jesus. When He had reached a certain point of self-mastery, that is when His mass ministry began, that is when He was greatly concerned for the well-being of the whole, that was certainly reaching levels of spiritual maturity, that was when He had discovered His divine identity. A few questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, Imara would like a few words for her if you have any.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I realize, my daughter, that these things you had waited for are coming slowly, and I would say that is certainly not of your doing, no. This is natural unfolding. There are some lessons you are to experience before other things can happen. It is well that you have stayed in contact with this group. I certainly do consider you to be one of my own. You have a beautifully open heart, and yet the times of uncertainty can be overwhelming. I have not any specific direction for you other than to trust in that part of you that knows God. Be careful of attempting to know God through others. You are a well loved daughter of God and fully capable of knowing Him for  yourself. Remember to balance the divine life with practicality and logic. You are a daughter with tremendous potential for being a teacher of light. You know I love you and I am with you often. Carry on.

CALVIN: Abraham, we have a new guest, daughter of Bob and Carol P.

ABRAHAM:  Greetings.

AMROLANE: Abraham, recently I have been sensing this place of fixation. Other words, it feels like in my journey I have come a place where I am butting up against a lot of resistance–internally a uprising of anger and stubbornness. There is this sense of feeling somewhat lost. If you have some direction regarding career and how to really step forward and serve in a capacity that is bigger than what I have served before?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. My son, I am seeing that you have a belief pattern that is quite set, not that it is wrong, but that it could possibly be somewhat limiting. Your experiences as of late are awakening you to new potentials, and teaching you that a bit of flexibility in your belief system, will help you to more rely on Father and not so much on self. Amrolane, my son, you need not worry about bouts of anger  and disappointment, for your desire to know more is bringing you to a place of reconciling the mind and heart with the Father’s will. You would perhaps do well to be careful of integrating your profession of choice with your true life’s work. Overall have not worry. You do well. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, I really thank you for these last two weeks lessons. I got a lot of help from your lessons and anything else you would want to throw in to help?

ABRAHAM: It is with sincerity and humor that I would say to answer that question would take more time than we have. We will make time this week to meet. Have not worry, my son. All is coming into understanding. Until we meet, be of good cheer. Another question?

SAMUEL: Abraham, Helen has been feeling some frustration among other things with sharing the Teaching Mission, the Urantia Book and trying to get a TM group going out there in Michigan. Do you have any words for her?

ABRAHAM: These things take time. They go on their own momentum. They practically happen without any effort. Take for example the newly formed group in New Mexico with teacher Tomas, among others. None of these individuals had foreseen a TM group beginning there. In the meantime however they made themselves a part of other groups. They read other teachers lessons. They still lived the teachings without having that grounding foundation that a group can bring. While a group is wonderful, sometimes you just have to do what is second best. Is this answering Samuel.

Samuel:  I hope so.

AZSURAY: Abraham, I would like to ask knowing the study group tries to coincide with this group, what would you suggest for us to study in the Urantia Book after we are done with the Jesus papers?

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