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WDC369- Perfected Humility

2002-08-05.  Perfected Humility

Woods Cross #369

Topic: Perfected Humility

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: Greetings. I am ABRAHAM. When I listen to you discussing various life topics I am made to see the fruits of the Correcting Time. Your good natured outlook on the mortal ways brings balance between the ego and the inner-God. Well done. I am amazed at the energy here this evening. I am honored to be among such sincere seekers.


Having lived the mortal life I am in almost full understanding of what you each experience on a daily basis. Last week we discussed  the difficulty in maintaining some control in life while being subject to the Father’s will. I realize that at times life seems to be somewhat of a battle and it would seem as though the spirit within is weakened.

If you would envision a small child within a large maze. The child is running and attempting to find an exit. Of course, he cannot view the maze from above because he is so small. As he searches he feels at first challenged and amused, but with every turn there seems to be  no escape. A feeling of panic may begin to arise and he begins to lose hope that he will find his way out. The child begins to lose faith in his ability to succeed.

As the small child wanders, he tires and he hopes somebody will come for him. In this state he is afraid, confused, lonely and lost. Imagine the child’s relief upon hearing his father’s voice calling to him, showing him the correct path. The Father is able to view the entire maze from above and he can safely guide the child. Once again the child is feeling that comfort and security. He is feeling that relief  from anxiety and fear. His faith is in the Father. His confidence is restored, for he knows he can always rely on the father.

As you experience this mortal life I know you have felt on occasion like this child. At times it would seem that every avenue is blocked, and even though you have done your best, you are still feeling trapped. You are at times losing faith in self and your abilities. Tonight our lesson is incorporating the Master’s perfected humility with personal confidence. The child in the story began to lose faith in himself and it was not until he reconnected with his father that he once again felt secure and confident. While you must know humility and learn how  to discern Father’s will, you also need to have some sort of faith and belief in your personal abilities.

One who has an over abundance of confidence is certainly indebted to the ego, but one who languishes in self-doubt does battle within their own mind. There is anxiety in feeling inadequate and inferior that brings you to the belief that you are really not capable of much. Many  individuals every day do not bother with what they feel is too much for them. Many times they are surprised when they have achieved a certain goal. They will certainly blame that on luck. To be with perfected humility increases your ability to hear God. To hear God is to know He is always with you and that certainly brings one confidence to move about in the world.

Citizens who live on enlightened worlds have not such self-doubt, and therefore, are not limited by their own minds. They truly live  at peace day after day, knowing that Father goes before them and their way is made clear. Their upbringing does not teach them to loathe the self, but to listen to the Father. They have moments of thought where they attempt to foresee various circumstances, but Father is always at the forefront of their minds and self-doubt is not even a factor. Each child is raised to believe they are valued and all living things matter. They were never taught perfected humility through shame and self-loathing. Perfected humility to them means to set aside the self and listen for the Father’s voice. Their self-confidence is the Father.

To be about the Father’s business one must have some faith in themselves as a child of God. To have self-confidence is to believe that Father resides within and He is ever working for your good. Self-degradation is not pious. It is not perfected humility. Father wants not for you to be humiliated and made to feel small so that you will lose faith in yourself as His child.

Perfected humility is that point where the child sits down. It is where he stops and waits for his mind to be still so that he can hear the Father’s voice. He can be helped. He can rely on that one fact that God is with him and He will show the way. Balanced self-confidence comes from knowing Father is within and He is unlimited in His ability and He works for the good of all.

This week think about your scale of confidence. Is the scale tipped toward the ego and forcing God away or is it leaning toward God who makes you feel that you can do anything? Think about the Master’s confidence. Where did that courage come from to face the masses of individuals, of whom most wanted to persecute Him? How could He walk before leaders of that day and age with fearlessness  and enthusiasm to spread the good news? He knew full well that He could have met His demise on many occasions, but He had the Father within and allowed Father His work through Him. This was His confidence, the knowledge that Father could do all things and was resident within His very being. Journal those incident that occur that make you feel without confidence or humiliation, instead of perfected humility. Only a few questions.


SIMON: I would like for the record to welcome Gus here for his first time. Please feel free to ask a question if you want.

BORGE Abraham, I would like to know my name.

ABRAHAM: Indeed. One moment. My son, On High you are known as Orionson.

Miriam: Abraham, what does that mean?

ABRAHAM: I am aware that it is a place that is vast with many mysteries that only God understands.

Borge: Can you spell it? –  O-R-I-O-N-S-O-N.

EMILY: I would like to know my name and meaning?

ABRAHAM: My daughter, you are known as Avara, yes. (Spelling?) A-V-A-R-A, meaning colorful lights, yes. Another question?

CAROL P.: Abraham, you talked earlier in the transmission tonight about enlightened beings from enlightened worlds. I wanted you  to clarify for me if you are speaking in a parable? Are these worlds among us? Is it state of mind?

ABRAHAM: These worlds are somewhat similar to yours, except for the fact that their experience has brought them to a state of peace or a perfected society, so to speak. They are real worlds that exist within your universe of Nebadon. They are planets which have the majority of their inhabitants believing in the one God and adjusting their personal selves, their communities, their government, to a perfected and peaceful state. It is the goal of many to bring Urantia to this enlightened state. It is well described within your textbook. Good question. Another question?

AMROLANE: Abraham, would you discuss a little bit more about the nature of control and choice in the perspective of this realm. Sometime it feels like there is choice, and then it feels like its just a story about choice because the way spirit moves us. There is some confusion. I would appreciate some clarification.

ABRAHAM: Our Father’s most valuable gift to us is the gift of free will and that includes the right to make decisions. He is not in any way ever trying to control you, for that takes away the purpose for the existence of His children. Even from my own standpoint now I wonder at times at my choices made. I do have full intention of always choosing Father’s will, but still now and then my personal desires can override my  intentions. This is known and completely understood by Father. Control is somewhat within the realm of power. Many individuals seek power, and therefore, they must control. Those who choose Father’s will have real power and can achieve great things all for the glory in whom all power stems from. A good measure for you to use when discerning choice and control is to ask your deepest, most highest self, ‘what is most important?’ Is it something that feeds the ego or is it something that glorifies the Father? Is that at all helping? (It is a beginning.) One more question.

LUKE: So what is the difference between being stubborn and Father’s will and knowing that or being stubborn in our thinking that we  must achieve–a guy like Thomas Edison. How many times did he try to get the light bulb right? I feel there is a path that is right and peaceful, energetic and I know it is right. Am I making sense here?

ABRAHAM: I am believing it is a matter of experience, growth and spiritual maturity. There are so many levels to view this mortal dilemma. Many individuals are afraid to share every aspect of life with Father, because they think that Father does not want for them what they want for themselves. If mortals knew that Father desires their contentment, comfort, security and abundance, they would not have the inner battle or as you say ‘be stubborn.’ If you can believe that Father knows the desires of your heart, and incorporates them into His master plan, then you look at life’s daily events as all a part of yours and Father’s journey. Spiritual growth comes from believing Father wants what you want, but spiritual maturity comes from wanting what Father wants.


I am slipping. Know that I have deep affection for you each and I am always concerned for your wellness and growth. Know that I love you. Until next week, shalom.

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