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WDC371- Self Mastery

2002-08-12.  Self Mastery

Woods Cross #371

Topic: Self Mastery

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Nebadonia

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am amazed each week when I see what your unity can bring about. You each provide a solid rock for one another to cling to when the tides of life are too swift. Truly beautiful, yes. It is wonderful to see each of you unfold with a new comfort around one another. Each of you has learned and taught, and that is the foundation of this Brotherhood.

Last week we focused on the realization that with Father we can do all things. He is the source of our confidence. He is our measure  of comfort in the world. If you could literally see the Father’s orchestration, you would trust that all is truly watched over and your ability reaches far beyond your own expectation. I realize that in the mortal body we are subject to the material life somewhat, but with the planetary healing and enlightenment you will be able to break through the limitations of the material life, to find that unlimited reality of the spiritual life.


Nebadonia: I am your MOTHER. My children, I am again honored to meet with you. It would seem there is a need to show myself and our Universe  Creator as interpersonal beings. As your Parents, we are always watching out for the well-being of our universe children. While the Son is perfected in mercy, He is also with logic. While I have shown myself to be a caring and concerned Mother, I am also with a fierce and unstoppable love.

I indeed ache for many of my children who experience tremendous pain every day, and then on the other hand, I am in total support of Father and Michael and I see to it that I do what I can to ever draw my children near. When it is time to comfort, I comfort. When it is time to  allow learning, I do step back and allow exposure to the experience you need that draws you ever Paradiseward.

Spirituality is not about coddling the downtrodden universal souls, no. It is about directing and empowering universe children to gain that experiential education that is required to fulfill that eternal destiny. I am not without mercy and compassion. I am for being committed to following the Father’s universe plan. At times that creates upheaval and it is quite a task for me to step back and allow the experience, allow the pain. My joy comes when my children look to me to help them find the value in experience. My joy comes when my children’s joy comes at the realization that our universe is quite just and orderly.

I am your Mother as perhaps you have not seen before. I am unlike your society’s portrayal of the good mother. I would be forceful in  my goal to raise my children. I am not about to be swayed away from Father’s eternal plan because of my own pain for my children. I am at your side. I am dedicated to your empowerment. I am committed to the healing of the mind. I will be known to all of you.

While daily events can seem to beat about your soul, we who stand beside you empower you to continue through any battle. I am not here with a Band-Aid and a kiss, no. I am here with the mindal tools that will empower you to believe you can break through the limitations of the mind. You can be confident in a world of uncertainty because your Mother stands by. I never quit or lose hope in a child, even when they lose hope in me.

Your mortal experience is not to beat you down into good little children, no. It is to empower you for what your eternal career will bring. Each lesson is a step forward. Each lesson is to strengthen you to become more, to take on more. Know that I hold you. I protect you. I will empower you to be about the Father’s business.

There will always be challenges, and my children, as your Mother, I will not allow you to lay down before your troubles, but stabilize you in mind and empower you to go beyond your own expectations and take hold of your eternal career with enthusiasm and confidence, knowing that your Universe Parents are near by. My deepest love to each. Farewell.

ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Thank you, Mother. With your encouragement we feel we can view our difficulties as challenges and know that our Mother, who is the embodiment of intelligence and strength, stands by.

This week contemplate your own society’s concept of an ideal mother, and compare that with what our Mother said this evening. Think about our Universe Parents role. What does that look like to you? Are they far off involved in universe affairs, sitting on thrones dressed in white? Are they by your side, whispering words of encouragement and direction into your ear? Is the universe just even when justice appears to be harsh? Is your concept of Michael still that small frame who hangs upon the cross? Your concept of Him really determines your levels  of trust in Him. What do you find empowering? How easy is it for you to become un-empowered and lose confidence, lose hope, lose faith? What steps might you take to come back to that core belief that says the universe, and all within it, is orderly and fair?


No questions. Look for me during the week in your quiet moments. While I appreciate the unity of the group, I cherish our moments of one on one. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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