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IND15- My Planet Celebrates Michael’s Birthday

1992-08-21-My Planet Celebrates Michael’s Birthday
Indianapolis #15

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: My Planet Celebrates Michael’s Birthday
1.2 Group: Unknown
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek, Machiventa; 2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.1.1 Incarnation, Ritual
3.2 Lesson
3.2.1 Materialization
3.2.2 Melchizedek Schools
3.2.3 Second Coming
3.3 Closing
Topic: My Planet Celebrates Michael’s Birthday
Group: Unknown
Teacher: Welmek, Machiventa; TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Greetings to everyone gathered here for this very special event. This is your teacher, Welmek. I am pleased to be here tonight as a representative of a myriad of personalities who are partaking of this celebration with you this evening. There is much activity in not only this room, but in what is being permitted to be viewed by others as these proceedings take place tonight.

Incarnation, Ritual

WELMEK: Our format is simple. I would like to share a few things with you. Our teacher, Machiventa, has been able to join us; and he would like to say a few words, and then we’ll have the message from Gabriel after which I would like to say something, and then we will conclude the proceeding. As I said, I would like to share with you this evening a few of our traditions from my native planet.

We hold in deep respect this day for it is truly a wonder throughout this local universe that such a thing could happen..that one who has actually created this entire complex of organization, material and energy could so give up his personality to indwell a babe and then regain consciousness as to his real identity. This is truly a mystery to all of us. It is also truly exciting.

We typically began our Jesus celebration with a short prayer. It goes like this: Originator of all creation, we stand before you, humble. We raise our minds and spirits in thanksgiving and love for all that you have bestowed upon us. We seek only your will and we pray for the wisdom in achieving that which you have asked us to achieve. For us to attain perfection will be in full recognition of that which you have started. We love you, we thank you, and we rededicate ourselves to you now. Glory be to you, and may each day be the outworking in our lives of your will.

Each of us spent time after a prayer in silent reflection after which we would take turns in recounting that which meant the most to us throughout the year in regards to our spiritual understanding. After each person shared a few moments, we then would re-enact the remembrance supper and reflect then upon the true meaning, as we perceived it, of what our Master was saying to the twelve. After the formal proceeding, we too, similar to yourselves, would break in fellowship and refreshment.

We would spend time talking about that which we felt would bring us closer to Him. We shared this all with our children, for on my world it is common for the Father spirit to indwell the mind of children at an age of 2 to 3 of your earth years. It brought us much joy to share our Master’s birth, for as the prayer indicates, and as I said prior to that, it is through Michael that we will find the Father; and in thanksgiving to the Father, we also give thanksgiving to him. I would like for each of you to take just a moment to give thanks now to the Father for that which He has given us, and also in your own private way to give thanks to Michael for that which he has given you. Let’s continue.


MACHIVENTA: Good evening, brethren. This is I, Machiventa. I am honored to be in your presence this evening, for your group truly does inspire us in this mission, not that you have accomplished specific goals, but rather that your spirit is so willing to participate. This is something that we as teachers cannot teach.

This must come from within yourself. As your teacher has said, this is a very special day for all of us. We acknowledge the Master in his full glory as attaining complete sovereignty of this universe by the initiation of his mortal life on your world as reckoned by this day. I would ask you to be aware of the inner leadings that you at times have felt and will continue to feel, for these inner leadings are truly your fragments of the Father Himself trying to reach out to you to touch the conscious awareness of your being, to guide you in that direction which you are seeking now. Michael has ordained that any person who truly wishes to understand and progress in conscious recognition of His spirit indwelling will be given an enhancement of insight if that individual is sincere and true in the undertaking of this process.


MACHIVENTA: While many of you have witnessed change in your life so far, I stand before you tonight in full authority to tell you that your lives have yet to change. For these proceedings, this God-conscious awareness that you are seeking will truly enlighten and elevate your soul to a point where, in this lifetime, you may actually witness not only myself in the flesh, but also our Master, as teacher Oren has said. I know this is strange, this is not expected or anticipated by many of you who are ardent readers of the book, but I assure you that Michael has spoken directly to me and has given me permission to personally confirm this with you tonight.

Be patient, be diligent, and be faithful, for in so doing, these things will come to pass. I have also witnessed the tragedy on your world, and I am deeply moved. I am excited about the possibility, or rather the eventuality of, incarnating again on this planet. I have a very specific agenda that I will follow. You as a group will receive information as to when this happens. We have decided not to forecast very far in advance the actual outworking of this, for as many of you know, this tends to create confusion and uncertainty in many minds.

Melchizedek Schools

MACHIVENTA: This school that I and my associates will establish on your world will be an instructional format whereby we intend to help train those selected to go back to their groups, share this instruction, and teach others how to go out into the field and help raise the awareness of many.

While your initial mission after unification of spirit within the group will be that of an outreach program, this instruction that these people will bring to you will mightily enlighten the intellect as well as help to move the spirit. It will take time, but in reality, there will be an acceleration of evolution, so to speak, on your world. For even our Father has made it so. I encourage you to mold your children, to guide them in this direction, for you will pass this baton to them.

I am pleased to witness the outworkings that have transpired in your group to date. I, through Welmek, have already given assignments to many, and in other sessions, privately held, there will be more assignments. Each of you have been reviewed and observed in a sense, by us, and we know what is best for you at this point in time.

If you feel that the teacher’s words are untrue or you are unable to fulfill the request, then do one of two things. Either not follow and remove yourself from this, for it will not benefit you, or dedicate yourself wholly to what is being asked. I know there are many who have doubt. This is fine, it is understood. We are really not concerned about that, for we know that if your spirit is willing, in time this doubt will evaporate into the air.

I would like to state now that in the future I will send you other representatives, not only teachers, but other personalities who have come to this planet and are coming to this planet, to instruct you in specific areas of the outworking of this mission. You will find it stimulating, you will find it exciting, and you will find it a growing experience in your total being, if you allow it to be so.

I will come back to you in a few weeks and I will give you a specific assignment as a group as a whole. This is actually going to happen sooner than what Welmek and I had discussed; but based on the reports that I have seen and my own observations, I agree with your teacher that it would be interesting to move forward a little quicker. Be not anxious about his. Allow it to happen, and we will discuss it in the future.

I know there is a message awaiting you, and I would like to turn this back to Welmek so that we may move forward. Once again, I give you all my love. I am with you and know that our Father has blessed what is happening, and Michael does personally supervise the overall outworking of these proceedings. Your group has been acknowledged on Salvington, and it is currently being made aware of this evening’s celebration of our Master’s birth. Without taking much more away from Gabriel, I will bid you good evening and I will be back in touch with you soon.

WELMEK: This is Welmek. I would like to pause just for a moment. (pause) It is my honor to read to you a message that was delivered to me personally by Gabriel a short while back. There is no way for me to describe to you in your language the magnitude of his personality, his being, his energy. I could try, but it simply does not measure up. Know that if you were to imagine the highest concept possible of love and goodness and happiness and truth and beauty, then Gabriel would surely exceed that.

(Gabriel’s message) Glory to God on the highest, for He has acknowledged you as a group. This is truly remarkable, for we never in our universe anticipated such an outworking. The Father acknowledges your individual efforts and has told me through Michael, that when you arrive on the shores of Paradise, there will be a special recognition for you for your fulfilling of this mission.

We, as Michael’s administrators and co-workers, are so pleased to be with you this evening. While I could not personally be amongst you, know that my mind and my spirit are truly with you tonight. I would like to share with you a message that Michael has given directly to me for your group.

Second Coming

(Michael’s message) Greetings my beloved children. You honor me this evening with your presence in celebrating the birth of my mortal career.

I am truly grateful for your participation and willingness to help my other children on my home world. As others have told you, I give you my word as your Creator, that my presence in morontial form will be made known to many when I return. With me I will bring a universe administration beyond which is now encountered.

This universe administration, headquartered on your planet, will enact the outworking of this mission to a point that within a very short time, your planet will work its way into a era of light and life. This has been ordained by my Father and yours. I will succeed in this mission, and I give you my promise.

I want you to know that I love each one of you more than you can know at this time. When you pray, I would ask you to take a moment and think of me. And when you do, I will be there in spirit. I will acknowledge your prayer and I will reinforce your being. I will never leave you. I will always be there for you. I know your lives, I know your times of happiness and your times of sorrow. I am one of you and I want you to think of me in that way.

It is no longer a mystery to many of you that the mission that I have instituted is moving forward at a pace which I am pleased. I ask your continued support; and if you are so willing, I will personally embrace you when we engage on my headquarters world. I thank you for your help, and as I said, I love you deeply. Do not doubt. Expand your minds. Allow faith to grasp me. Allow me to reach your mind so that I may become conscious within it. Worship our Father daily, for children, He has truly given you all that you are and ever will be. Reach to Him and He will lead you back to the eternal place of glory and honor.

It is time for you to truly begin your own personal rebirth. In doing this, you have given Him, you have given me, the greatest gift that you can possibly give. I love you, and I again thank you for gathering in my presence today.

(Gabriel’s message) While I know that you cannot fully grasp what it means to have a Creator Son embrace you on Salvington, as his first assistant, I can only tell you that it will be one of those few eternity career experiences that will stay in your mind forever.

I would now like to reinforce more fully what Machiventa and your teacher have shared with you this evening as far as the outworking of the teacher program. Indeed these things will happen, and indeed each of you have a very special purpose. We cannot do this without your help; for if we tried, we would have to usurp your will, and that is strictly forbidden. March forward with surety, honor, dignity.

Shield the banner of Christ. Know that whenever you share even the slightest love for one another, you are literally sharing it with him. You have a special place in his heart as he said, and you also have a special place in mine. Encourage your brothers and sisters to know our Father in whatever way you can. Do not be discouraged when you think your words may fall on deaf ears or not be recognized in any way, for whatever you do in His name, I and my staff will do our utmost to reinforce that in the mind of the one you are trying to help.

I will make a promise that I will be in your midst myself at a later time. As you grow in your understanding and receptivity to the spirit within, I am fully convinced that you will feel my presence much deeper than you sense it now. As I draw near to you I will be faithful in representing both Michael and the Father; and in experiencing my being, you will have a glimpse of them. Do not be anxious or overly concerned. Allow yourself to naturally grow and feel these things.

I have been asked to transmit the meeting tonight throughout the local universe, and it has been so done. Rejoice children, for you literally stand in the presence of He who has created you. Know that He only wants you to love Him and to love one another the same way. So much awaits you as you leave your native planet and begin your long career to the isle.

When you experience the different worlds, you will never forget this evening and you will never forget the promise that Michael and our Father have both made to you this evening. This will be the hope and joy that will help uphold you even in times of trials, for you are not exempt from that as you proceed inward.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I pray for you individually, that I ask our father Michael to grant the wisdom necessary for you to make the decisions that will enable the light of the spirit within to fully shine forth and reflect back to the Father. Go in peace. I will share a presence with an associate group tomorrow, and if possible, would ask that you do interact as you have discussed so that you reinforce within each other what I have said and what we hope for all of you.

WELMEK: This is I, Welmek. Once again, I perceive such love and wisdom amongst those who are greater than I. This moves me deeply, for not only will you receive the embrace of Michael and our Father in a special way, I and all of us who participate in the outworking of His plan are included.

This was a surprise, for we were not given this part of the message until you heard it. We are, needless to say, as you feel now, somewhat surprised, somewhat bewildered as to what exactly this all means. But know with surety in your mind that He loves us all and many, many wonderful things will come from our relationship.

If it were physically possible, the love that I feel right now, I wish that I were able to be in the flesh so that I could embrace each of you individually. While I can see some of your thoughts and your feelings, as you allow it, I cannot yet fully share my love to the extent that I hope someday we will be able to.

Our Creator is beyond words in expressing how we feel. Know that the realness and truth of what you have heard cannot be diminished by anyone or anything. Enjoy your celebration and as you retire this evening, give thanks to Him who has given all of us a recognition and love. May each of you find the Father within and I will be speaking to you both privately and as a group very soon. I love you and all of us gathered here wish to thank you for the opportunity of allowing us to express our Father’s will and communicate, interact, teach and guide each one of you.


WELMEK: Go in peace and enjoy your evening.

Group: Goodnight.

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