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IND14- Obtaining Teachers

1992-08-19-Obtaining Teachers
Indianapolis #14

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Obtaining Teachers
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek; 2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Dialogue
3.2.1 Receptivity, Sharing
3.2.2 Worship, Prayer
3.2.3 Teacher Contact
3.2.4 Teaching Mission
3.2.5 Thinking
3.2.6 Growth, Barriers
3.2.7 Doubt
3.2.8 Dissemination
3.2.9 Encouragement
3.2.10 Doubt
3.2.11 Relationship, Vision
3.2.12 Understanding, Intention
3.2.13 Discernment
3.2.14 Miracles
3.2.15 Suffering, Prayer
3.2.16 Polarity
3.2.17 Diversity
3.2.18 Materialization, Melchizedek Schools
3.3 Closing

Topic: Obtaining Teachers
Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek, Ham; TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Greetings to all of you. I wish to say how much love there is in this room. If you could feel and see the way that we do, it would truly lighten your burdens. I am also pleased to see so many hungry souls here tonight. There is much happening in our world. Many things move forward at such a fast pace, at times it is hard for even myself and my staff to keep pace with the events.

I have been active over the past week in other assignments. There is much preparation that needs to be done to enable myself to move forward with the second phase of our group activities. While we are not ready just yet, I will tell you this evening that it will not be long. If you all pursue what I have asked and help to unify your spirit, we will be able to engage in the next step.

I am pleased with the number of personalities who have joined our group tonight. While they are too numerous to mention, you can trust me when I say that this house is literally filled with the Father’s beings. I am looking forward to Friday, for the excitement amongst my staff and I grows daily. We hope you too are looking forward to this and will be able to attend. I would like to address your questions; and if there is time, there will be a few words from a visiting teacher.

Receptivity, Sharing

Q. Good evening, Welmek. This is Marty. Last week in an answer that you gave to a question by Carol, you spoke of projecting God’s love outward and then, if you do so, that you inherently build the capacity to receive more. Would you please explain what you mean by this?

WELMEK: There is an inherent capacity within each human to receive spiritual insight and love. In order for this capacity to enlarge, one must first empty out what reserves they have. By emptying or sharing this love, you immediately enlarge or increase your ability to love deeper and to receive more spiritual insight. As you share the Father’s love, for it surely flows through you, you become one with the spirit within; and that in all of our goal, at least those of us who are ascending mortal creatures.

Q. Welmek, this is Michael. I have a question on prayer and worship. Could you please clarify exactly what each of those are?

Worship, Prayer

WELMEK: Worship is simply thanksgiving to the one who has given you everything. Prayer is in the form, as you perceive it, more of a asking or requesting or petitioning for things or events. Mature prayer or spiritualized prayer is that which focuses on the enhancement of spiritual understanding of others.

It seldom focuses on yourself. The Master was very efficient at prayer, for he was able to utilize his total spiritual power to energize the thought or prayer and help affect the outcome. Think of it in those terms: worship is thanksgiving, prayer is asking the Father’s help to enlighten the souls of those around you.

Teacher Contact

Q. Welmek, this is Bob. I would like to ask a few questions. First of all, what is the appropriate procedure for other Urantia study groups who desire a teacher and request a teacher for their group?

WELMEK: You may ask me or any teacher. There is a minor point of clarification, that being not all transmissions originate from teachers. As you know and have read, there are those who speak directly to, and at times, through, individuals, who are not teachers. Their role is not encompassing that of acknowledging other teachers’ names to specific groups. While there are supervising teachers, we all have the ability to assign or I should say, allow, you to know who those teachers are. It is not my assignment, but I am aware of who has been assigned to what area.

Q. Bea Mouganis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has requested a teacher. Would this be possible?

WELMEK: It already has been done. His name is Andrew, and this is, like mine for your group, a temporary assignment for now. We see no reason why it will not be permanent, but once again, certain things can and do change that we cannot control. You may advise her of this information.

Teaching Mission

Q. Thank you. I know she’ll be very pleased to hear that. You said our first priority will be to gel as a group. I would like if you could elaborate more about this, and how are we doing overall, and how can we improve? Or where do we need improvement?

WELMEK: Overall, I am very encouraged, for I see the desire of those gathered to be harmonious with the spirit within them. The leadings are real, and you are responding to those leadings. As far as gelling as a group, what I intend to have happen is there be a common spirit amongst you, a common understanding of intent and purpose.

While your ideas will vary, and this is recognized and understood, your intent must be meshed. And once we feel that we have accomplished this, that you have accomplished this, we will then be in a position to give you more detailed instruction as to your next step. I have at times given some of you very direct instructions as to a course of action that will help.

I hope that you listened and will follow this, for each of you have your own way to find the Father, and in finding Him, you will enable us to help move you further in a conscious understanding, not only of His will but also of the mission for our group.

Q. Greetings, Welmek, this is Scott. You spoke of our group’s purpose. Can you enlighten us more as to what our purpose will be?

WELMEK: No, it is not time to discuss exactly what function we will play in the overall pattern of the unfolding of this mission. It is not important at this time to concern ourselves with what exactly we will be doing in the next phase, for we have yet to achieve what we need to in this phase.

Q. Am I understanding that our purpose now, currently, is to be more spiritually enlightened and become closer to the Father. Is this correct?

WELMEK: That is part, as well as in the group, for the intent and discovery of the Father’s will to be more unified and at oneness.


Q. Greetings, Welmek. In the Urantia Book they talk about the first step is to turn to the Father and to get into the Kingdom, so to speak, and then they talk about how do you progress in the Kingdom, and one of the ways that they mention is through what’s referred to as spiritualized thinking.

And I’ve always felt that over the years in our Urantia Book study group meetings, that sometimes, well, we struggle and wrestle with the ideas that we discuss at these meetings that that was somehow contributing to this idea of spiritualized thinking and does contribute to our growth. I would appreciate any comments you might be able to make to elaborate on this process and its value.

WELMEK: Spiritualized thinking is the way in which you perceive reality. It is through thinking of the Father in all things that reality becomes, in a sense, spiritualized for each of us. While the text provides much knowledge which contributes to our cosmic insight of reality, spiritualized thinking is an ever-progressing realization of the Father in our daily lives. As we perceive those around us through this insight, or spiritualized thinking, the knowledge that the text as well as other sources can provide will increase this cosmic consciousness of reality levels. Does that help?

Q. Yes, thank you.

Growth, Barriers

Q. Good evening, Welmek, this is Felicity. I have a question on how I can, how one person can better themselves, even though, say, they have someone that’s negative about it. Can you help me with this?

WELMEK: I’m not clear as to the exact question that you are asking.

Q. I’m not exactly clear myself, sorry.

WELMEK: That is fine.

Q. I’m trying to better myself spiritually.

WELMEK: And do you feel someone is preventing you from this?

Q. Yes.

WELMEK: And you would like to know what to do or say to that individual that is preventing you from achieving that which you seek?

Q. Yes.

WELMEK: I would say to you that no one can prevent you from achieving an understanding of the Father, for this is truly a personal experience that I, the Melchizedeks, that even the Ancients of Days can have no bearing on if you so desire to know Him. I would suggest that you follow your own path of spiritual understanding; and if those around you, in time, are not able to adjust to what it is you seek, then you must make one of those difficult decisions as to what is most important in your life. I tell you without hesitation that seeking His will and understanding the outworkings of it on a daily life is your priority.

While family life, while material existence and accumulation of knowledge through the text are all very worthy, noble and necessary tasks to perform, your relationship with your Creator is of paramount importance. As you grow in this understanding, as I have said, there will shine within this spirit light. It is like a magnet. It is very attractive to those who do not share this light. They will seek ideas and thoughts from you as to why you feel ways that you do. Do not be afraid. Do not allow anyone to keep you from Him.

Q. Thank you very much. I have another question. I would like to know my spiritual name.

WELMEK: One moment….your name is Margaret.


Q. Hi, Welmek, this is Mark. My question, we talked yesterday about doubt and what-have-you. I didn’t get an opportunity to research it, but I do have a question in terms of doubt as it pertains to our personal hesitation in our day-to-day lives and what we can do to overcome that.

WELMEK: Are you referencing doubt in a spiritual sense or in more of a material or mindal sense?

Q. I would say both, if you could reference both of those points?

WELMEK: On a spiritual sense, doubt is, as I have said, a true poison of the mind, for it inhibits faith growth. Without faith growth, you will never discern the Father and His will, let alone the love that He so freely gives you. You must accept the Father on complete faith. There is no substitute for you at this level of your development. Whenever doubt creeps into the mind, you must wash it clean. You must allow time for the Father’s love to heal and you must continually focus on the reality of His existence, even though as I have said, you cannot see Him.

On a material sense and a mindal sense, doubt is at times beneficial, for it causes one to reflect, to weigh possibilities, and to determine a course of action which will best suit the out-workings of, hopefully, the Adjuster’s plan, but at least what it is you seek at the time. Doubt can be a mighty force in moving you into a positive direction when it comes to these types of decisions. But when you doubt the Father’s existence, you truly step backwards in your spiritual growth. Does that help clarify that for you?

Q. Immensely, thank you very much.

Q. Good evening, Welmek. My name is Charlotte, and I’m very glad to meet you.

WELMEK: I am pleased that you and Guy are able to join us. I see much love and inspiration in both of you, and I feel that you will be a very positive force in helping Michael fulfill this mission. Welcome, and may God always love you.


Q. Thank you. My question is this: we have a study group in Buffalo, and I don’t know quite how to take all this back with me. I’m just overwhelmed with it all. How do I deal with this?

WELMEK: You deal with this one day at a time, for worrying about tomorrow will do nothing but, again, confuse and distort the truth that you already feel inside of yourself. If you believe in the reality of the spirit moving inside of you, then express it; for as the Father has said, if you act, He will accept the consequence. It is understandable, your caution, however, for I am aware of some of the people that are going to be influenced by these teachings and this mission.

I would encourage you to allow the individuals to read the transcripts, not only of myself, but of other teachers. Then get together on an individual basis with them, talk about it, feel about it, and pray about it. Truth is known within. If you allow time, these things will come clear to you as to exactly how to proceed after you have a group of people who are interested in having your own teacher.

I can assure you there is not a shortage of teachers. Many throughout, not only this local universe, but throughout our superuniverse, have volunteered. I will also share with you that the proceedings that transpire on Urantia are now being witnessed throughout our entire superuniverse, and it moves me greatly to know that there is such an outpouring of love for this planet.

I cannot fully express the joy and happiness that I feel; and I am clearer in my mind than ever before that there will not be anything that will keep this mission from succeeding.


Q. Hello, Welmek, this is Mary. I want to ask you about encouragement. It’s very encouraging to hear that we have so much support throughout this superuniverse, but, in fact it’s horribly, not horribly, but extremely moving and encouraging to hear these things. I don’t think I’m the only one,

I don’t know how unusual I am or how typical, but I need encouragement, I guess we all do, on a daily basis. How can we help one another? And how can we benefit more from the Father’s love and I guess, enhance this mission and our immediate prerogative which I guess is to become more cohesive?

WELMEK: One of the secrets of happy and joyful living is to find the Father in every mundane thing that you do. While the drudgery of material living can at times be overwhelming, and you feel that you have lost your way, know that you are not lost. He is always with you. He has sent Himself to live with you, and He will never forsake you. He is truly your upholder, and in Him, all things exist.

As far as what you can do for encouragement amongst yourselves, it is simply to communicate. You must share amongst yourselves not only the lessons and how you feel you intellectually understand them; but in order to achieve this intent of spirit, as I mentioned earlier, it will become necessary for each of you to share with each other on a more personal level.

For in sharing your more personal and intimate thoughts, you come to know each other; and the more you know one another, the more you trust. The more you trust someone, the greater the love grows. And when that love grows and flows completely throughout this group, we will be ready for the next step.


Q. Thank you. I want to go back to some of the discussion that you made on doubt. I guess it’s sort of the flip side of encouragement, you know, it’s not so much spiritual doubt as it is self-doubt. How do you, other than seeking the stillness and true prayer, can you give me a little more insight on how you overcome self-doubt in spiritual matters and how to apply the things that we understand and are learning in our daily lives?

WELMEK: Is there something that you wish to share that you doubt?

Q. Well, it may just be more a matter of uncertainty. It’s hard for me to say; it’s not a specific thing. It could be I’m just impatient.

WELMEK: I understand impatience, for while I am fused with my Father fragment, it is something that I experience; and I will assure you that others who have proceeded beyond myself at times experience impatience. I think the most recognizable example for most of you in this room would be Lucifer himself. As far as doubt is concerned, the best advice I can give you is to look at what it is you doubt, and try to understand why you doubt it.

I would encourage you to write your feelings out on a piece of paper so that you may look at it. Try to dissect what it is that you are doubting and your motivation for doubting it. If you find that you are uncertain as to a certain belief on a material or mindal level, then all that you can do, and I will tell you you will do this throughout your universe career, is to research the answer until the doubt has been dispelled. You will either make a decision one way or another, but you will no longer doubt yourself as to which decision to make.

As I said, as far as spiritual doubt, you must, through faith, eradicate any doubt, whatsoever. You must not allow it to live one second longer than you can in your mind, for it will surely impede that which you seek.

Relationship, Vision

Q. Hello, Welmek, it’s Donna, and I want to tell you how happy I am to be here with you and our spirit friends tonight. Could you please elaborate a little bit on how we can treat all our fellows as if they were the Creator Son?

WELMEK: When you interact with anyone, try to look at them as though it is Jesus himself. When you do this, picture in your mind, if you will for a moment, the response and actions and reactions that you will have with this individual. If you see this person as one who is a brother or sister of yours, all of a sudden the way in which you perceive them will change.

I tell you with all certainty that all of you in this room are truly brothers and sisters. While your biological origins are obviously different, as far as citizens of this local universe you are becoming, treat yourselves now as though you already are the citizens and in time, you will become that.

It is only natural for us to look at the world this way. I cannot tell you how saddened we become when we see all of the sorrow and misery that is many times self-perpetuated by one’s own ego and lack of caring. Look at your brethren as though the spirit that the Father has bestowed upon them is part of you, and when you do this you will no longer feel prejudice.

You will no longer feel hatred. You no longer feel jealousy, envy or anything other than love. Once you feel this love for them, whether you assess their character as one in which you wish to associate with or not, once this love permeates your being, you will have achieved that happiness and peace that you seek now.

Understanding, Intention

Q. When we come in contact with people with whom we don’t wish to associate, we just avoid them but try to understand them? That’s where I’m having a problem.

WELMEK: When you come in contact with one that you don’t feel you wish to spend time with, first ask yourself what is it really that I do not wish or like to associate with? First of all, before that, you must ask yourself do I understand their motivations? Do I really understand their intentions? Once you have made this assessment and you feel as though you know their motives, for the most part, I can tell you that people on your world are motivated in a positive direction.

Through fear, primarily, their outworkings in their daily lives, their expressions of character, are such that it is unliking to many. Once you feel that you understand their intentions, if you believe that you do not wish for further association, know that they are loved as much by our Father as you are.

It is in knowing and accepting this that you will be able to love them; for as a parent or friend may not like the acts of their child or associate, that does not change the love that they feel for that child or friend. It is in the acts that you wish not to continue association, not the child of the Father.


Q. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can best discern someone’s motivation?

WELMEK: You have to ask direct questions much of the time. If you feel that you are not comfortable in doing this, then it is best simply to not associate; but do not leave the relationship with a feeling of distrust or disgust or seeing them any different than yourself as far as a citizen of this universe or as a child loved by the Father. This will, as I said, eradicate much of the disgrace that is experienced on this planet through the actions of prejudice and lust and hate and so on. Does that help?

Q. Yes, thank you.


Q. Hi Welmek. I’ve got a couple different questions I want to ask you. The first one, I feel like kind of a foolish question, but it keeps coming to mind, I had a personal experience where I felt that it was like a miracle? It was a life-or-death family experience, and I’m not sure, but for some reason I wonder in my mind if it was a miracle. It happened a week ago Thursday. Do you know what I’m talking about?

WELMEK: I know of the incident. I can tell you that as far as a miracle, that there are truly very few miracles in the universe. There are things which to your minds appear as miracles because they are beyond your science’s ability to explain, but nevertheless to us they are not miracles. They are outworkings of universe or cosmic laws. I would prefer that we have more detailed discussion if you are so inclined, in a personal session, for I can give you certain insights into specifically what transpired in your life.

Suffering, Prayer

Q. Also, too, this has kind of always troubled me. When I see suffering, people that are on the other side of the world right now, and there seems to be a lot of it, and I wonder what as an individual I can do and what I should do for these individuals that I see suffering.

WELMEK: The most important thing that you can do as an individual is to pray for them. While many humans feel that prayer falls on deaf ears, that it really has little value, I can assure you that that is far from the truth; for as I have said, your prayers do generate an energy which actually helps us in acting out the plan and enabling the mission to come to fruition sooner. Do not ever think that even your slightest prayer will go unanswered as long as it is motivated by love and has true spirit value. All prayers will be answered in time.

Aside from that there are minor things that you can do. I would suggest that what Bob and Linda have already done is one of the many types of things that you as an individual, as well as a group, can pursue. I would encourage you to speak with them later and as a group have discussion at some future time as to what you would like to do in this regard.

I have difficulty understanding because what you experience is far removed from my native planet; but I have no difficulty in feeling compassion for what is happening on your world in these areas. I feel as though I have witnessed things that are beyond imagination; yet I see children, I see villages, I see nations that are truly hurting; and it fills my whole being with this unusual sense of wanting to reach out and hold them myself.

I cannot do this. What comforts me is, I am able to perceive at the level you are not; and I see so much love and so much help coming. I know in time this will be corrected. Know that even the smallest child is loved. And while they do starve and are in misery, the Father knows this and none will go to waste. All will be resurrected and given an opportunity to experience our Father.

I have even been told that because of the Father’s love and being moved so deeply, that all children of your world, regardless of their age will have the opportunity if they so choose to be mustered into the Corps of the Finality, to actually experience His presence on Paradise and move forward. While this brings me so much joy, I still cannot shake, as you say, these feelings of sorrow and compassion. Do you have other questions?


Q. Thank you for sharing that with me. I have one more question. Our friends that feel that they need to close their minds and feel that they need to limit their growth, especially concerning this mission, I’m wondering if there’s something in particular or if we should follow our personal leadings in this area, and also try to send out as much love and understanding and patience, if that is the answer; because I feel kind of sad for the limitations that some people I have a high respect for have put on themselves.

WELMEK: I would tell you not to feel sad. I would tell you to rejoice in what is happening. Know that they are loved as you are loved. They have the spirit as you have the spirit. While their minds may not be open to what is happening, and we feel that is unfortunate for they would be a great asset, nevertheless, what Michael has put in motion will be seen in its completion on your planet and that in time, as this mission expands, many of those who now are withholding receptivity through unreasoned fear at times, will surely welcome the outworking of this mission. Pray that the Spirit of Truth may so intensify within their being, that the truth of our words rings loud and clear.

But I tell you most of all, whether it is from myself or any other being who has come to this world, the most important thing that you can do is to share the Father’s love with them. It is not as important as to the source as it is the message; and that’s what we are here to do, to bring this message that it is time for you to wake up.

It is time for you to take charge of your own spiritual growth and not allow anyone else to do that for you. You have been given the text which will provide you with many facts and inspiration, in a sense, but even that is not enough. You must take this action yourself. Once you do, as I have said, this light will shine, and those people will see it also; for there is no hiding this love. It flows freely. Do not worry for them. They too are cared for.


WELMEK: As I said in opening, I am so pleased to see so many gathered here. I know that there is a variety of understanding, not only in the depth of the lessons I have given, but also in the reality of what transpires. As I told Ann, that does not matter. If I am real or not in your mind is of no consequence right now. What matters is that you seek Him and do His will as best you can.

Learn to love one another. Learn to accept one another as a citizen of the universe, not as a neighbor or a countryman or someone who lives over there. You are all part of this planet, which is part of a system, which is part of a constellation, which is part of this local universe. There is meaning in most everything. Search for the meaning in your relationships with those that you encounter.

I will tell you that if you accept this mission and want to be a part of it, there will at times be people who are brought to you that will need to have you share some of the insight that you have. While some of these people may not be easy for you to associate with at first, look at it as a challenge. Look at it as an opportunity to expand your own self-awareness as well as sharing the Father’s love. For throughout your universe career you will encounter many diverse personalities, some of which whom you will not find comfortable to associate with, yet you will not simply be able to walk away from them as you can now.

Michael has acknowledged the group and has asked me to relay to you his love, his appreciation and his willingness to walk the mile with you. I am asked to confirm teacher Oren’s comment that indeed he will visit this planet in the morontial form sometime within most of your life spans. This is something that will be witnessed by those who have eyes to see. I would like to allow an associate to say a few words, and then we will adjourn to listen to your conversation.

HAM: Greetings, children, this is Ham. I have been watching you for some time. It pleases me to see the outworkings of this group, for in a little over three weeks much has transpired, and much will continue to take form.

My group, as some of you are familiar with, continues to grow. It will not be long before we will initiate a course of intercommunication that we wish for you all to follow in regards to understanding the general messages that come from the teachers of all of the groups.

I have witnessed many things since I have been assigned to this planet. I can tell you that your group is unique in as much as we have not witnessed to date such a large gathering in such a short time. We are encouraged by the possibilities of what your group may be able to contribute to the outworking of this mission. Hold fast to the teachings of Welmek. Welmek is great.

He has a mind that is second to none, as you would say. He is willing to devote himself completely and totally to you. Follow his leadings, let him be your guide, and you will not miss the mark in achieving a greater understanding of the spirit leading with inside of yourself. Know that Abraham has witnessed some of your meetings, both personal and as a group.

He, too, is pleased with the outworkings to date and will, at a future time, like to address this group. Machiventa and I have discussed you as a group over the past few days, and have decided to add a couple of unique trial or experiments, that over the course of the next few weeks we will ask you to participate in. Do not be alarmed, there is no danger to any of this. Trust us, and you will be pleased with what you find.

Materialization, Melchizedek Schools

HAM:  I want to say that I have been able to personally spend some time with most of you in this room. I find the love in your hearts growing, and I find the desire to seek Him growing as well. I cannot tell you in your words how wonderful this makes me feel, for I was one of the first teachers in this country; and it has been at times slow in growth.

However, now we have moved past 35 groups in existence or coming into existence; and we see potential in many areas. We feel that very soon this growth will take geometric proportions and in time the teachers will truly make themselves present in flesh and the schools will undertake their mission.


HAM:  There is so much love I wish I could truly help you understand just exactly what it all means. Know that our Father loves you, that we are here. We all love you and we want only that which you want for yourself. Go in peace, and think about what your teacher said in regards to your interactions with each other.

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