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IND16- Thought Adjuster Contact

1992-08-26-Thought Adjuster Contact
Indianapolis #16

1.1 Topic: Thought Adjuster Contact
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek, Machiventa; 2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Dialogue
3.2.1 Stillness, Communication
3.2.2 Thought Adjusters, Fusion
3.2.3 Teacher Contact
3.2.4 Dreams
3.2.5 Spiritual Pressure
3.2.6 Love
3.2.7 Gender
3.2.8 Ufology
3.2.9 Melchizedek Schools
3.2.10 Rebellion
3.2.11 Names, Facts
3.2.12 Adversity
3.2.13 Listening
3.2.14 Urantia Book
3.2.15 Gender, Language
3.2.16 Reserve Corps
3.2.17 Seven Psychic Circles
3.3 Closing
3.3.1 Materialization

Topic: Thought Adjuster Contact
Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek, Machiventa; TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Greetings to all who have gathered here tonight. This is I, Welmek, your guide and teacher. Once again I am honored to be in your presence to share with you my thoughts and your thoughts. Much has happened over the past few days since we were together as a group and after the questions I will share with your some coming events. Without further ado, let’s begin with our questions for this evening.

Stillness, Communication

Q. Good evening, Welmek, this is Marty. When you tell us to listen to our stillness, can you tell us specifically why this is helpful and crucial to our spiritual growth?

WELMEK: It gives the spirit fragment within your mind an opportunity to refract into the superconscious mind those messages which your spirit feels necessary for your to be made aware of at your particular point in progress. If you are unable to still your mind completely, which I have observed that most of you are, do not let that interfere with your continued effort; for your spirit is great and registrations on the superconscious level will be made, and you will in time sense what the ideas are.

As you become adept in this sensing, for I perceive that most of you have already experienced this at some time in your adult life, you will soon learn how to relax more and in this relaxation you will actually become consciously aware of the inner leading. It is a practice which I on my planet put into full use and within a relatively short amount of time, we were able to achieve actual Adjuster recognition.

Thought Adjusters, Fusion

You will not misinterpret this communication, for there is nothing like it. At first, as I said, it is a sensing or knowing, and later, direct communication will evolve. As your book tells you, there is nothing on your world that will prevent spiritual growth except your own lack of decision. You may, if you so desire and actively, sincerely, and wholeheartedly pursue this course, ultimately achieve fusion. This is something which each individual must deal with themself. However, as you know, there have been a few mortals of your realm who have achieved this in their short life span.

Teacher Contact

Q. Greetings, Welmek, I’m Jeff. Last time that Jane and I were here, you implied that you had some degree of information about Jane and me. I’m curious to know how you, Welmek, teacher and guide of the Indianapolis group, have information about Jane and me, who are not regular members of the group.

WELMEK: The Father and Michael have known of your potential participation in this program for many years. We have been given a list of those candidates and were asked to make contact prior to the actual transmission of the lessons to make certain determinations on our own as to whom we felt would be the most likely attendees to the session. I have a staff who works with me and reports daily on activities of the outworkings of most of your lives.


Q. In the last three weeks, I’ve had two extremely vivid dreams. My question I guess would be, is your staff in my dreams somehow?

WELMEK: One moment…there is no record of any interaction in your dream state. However, as you are aware, your spirit fragment does become very active during this time. It is difficult for you to know the exact meaning and content of spirit communication during dreams. The text and I both admonish you not to attribute much to the inner dwelling, for it may mislead or guide you into incorrect thinking. We respect your private times, and we do not interfere. We only observe when we believe you have allowed us to do so.

Spiritual Pressure

Q. Is this apparently sudden spiritual pressure from above precedented in the universe?

WELMEK: The outworking of this correcting time is unlike anything in the entire superuniverse. We are experiencing something which, of record to date, has never been known before. As mentioned last week, once Michael himself arrives, there will come forth an enlarged administration; and the mission will unfold at even a faster pace that what we are now experiencing. It is important to note that your world is not the only world involved in this. All worlds that were isolated due to the rebellion are now receiving similar help.

Q. One of your replies seems to be suggesting you are able to read my thoughts. Is that true?

WELMEK: I am able, to a certain extent, to penetrate your mind and perceive thoughts. However, I am cautious because we have not met one-to-one and I do not wish to go beyond what I feel you would allow me to.


Q. Welmek, this is Johann. When Jesus spoke to the apostles following the Remembrance Supper, he called them his children. And in Michael’s message to the group on Friday, he called us his children. If we want to understand how the Father and Michael see a person, should we try to love that person as though they were our own child?

WELMEK: I could not say it better myself. For the love of the child goes beyond that which is normally experienced in relationships. In your life on this world you cannot imagine anything greater than that of a father in regards to the Creator of all. When you associate with friends, think of them as a child of yours.

Think of the love you feel for your child, and allow it to flow from you to that individual. I assure you it will truly change your attitude in your relationship with all mortals if you only try. Realize that you are not perfect. I am not perfect. We all continue to make misjudgments. However, the Father asks that we all try. I ask that you try, as the Master asks that you try.

Q. Welmek, this is Rick. I find there’s a change in my vision. Can you comment on that?

WELMEK: Can you be more specific?

Q. Yes. I have a large black spot in the back of my eye.

WELMEK: I am unaware of any particular effect that any adjustments we may try to make would result in this. However, I will research further and respond later.


Q. I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting that that would be the cause. I’ve known this before. I have another question for you. I’ve noticed through the transcripts that when people ask for their spiritual name that the gender of the spiritual name given is always the same as the gender of the requester. I understand also that the sound of the name and spelling many be unfamiliar to us. Can you comment to me about the specific gender?

WELMEK: As you start life on this planet, whether a male or female, you will always intrinsically carry that trait with you throughout your material and morontial careers. At spirit level, it is more difficult to fully discern the difference. However, those that I have been allowed to perceive, I do still, even in spirit state, sense somewhat of a difference.

There will always be a difference between a man and a woman. However, that difference has no bearing on relationships. You are all the same in the eyes of our Father. It is interesting that you noted that, and I was waiting for someone to pick up on that, for it was a question that I had early on in my mortal career.

Q. Could I ask for my spiritual name?

WELMEK: One moment…..this is interesting. Your name is Richard.


Q. Welmek, this is Scott. The question I have tonight is in regards to UFO phenomena that some people experience in their lives. I was curious if you had any knowledge or any comments on this.

WELMEK: I have substantial knowledge…one moment. I can tell you that as you already know, there are indeed visitors to your world who hail from many distant places. They do not all travel the gravity circuits. There are those who travel in vehicular structures that you might label spaceships. This is a real phenomenon. While many of the supposed sightings I perceive as unreal, there are those who have witnessed such things.

I would like to further clarify one point and that is, under no circumstances would any visitor be allowed to take aboard their vehicle and experiment, molest, probe or any of these things. This would be strictly forbidden and cannot happen. If such events were to happen, that vehicle and all on board would be sent immediately to a detention sphere and would undergo rehabilitation and be offered another opportunity of service elsewhere.

Q. Why don’t these beings reveal themselves to us openly?

WELMEK: Why would you think they would not? (group laughter)

Q. I just don’t think they have in the past.

WELMEK: That’s correct, except for . … there are occasions which I am not allowed at this point in time to detail. However, I am permitted to say there are occasions throughout the history of this world where such contact was permitted, once accidentally.

Melchizedek Schools

Q. Greetings, Welmek, this is Jill. I was reading in one of the transcripts about the Melchizedeks that are visiting earth now, and I wanted to know if you had any more information about that? Or if one of the beings is going to be visiting Indianapolis soon, or when it’s going to happen?

WELMEK: The Melchizedeks have been here for some time in preparation for all of these proceedings. As you know, there will be three who will incarnate in the flesh to start the teaching schools. Machiventa himself has spoken I believe three times, either in private or to the group collectively.

The Melchizedeks are very active. They are our instructors, they are our supervisors. The lessons that I give you are mandated by them, and I in turn word them based on my perception of this group. I really am not permitted to elaborate in much detail exactly what Machiventa and his staff are doing. Know that he has told you within a short time there will be events happening in this group which he will actually preside over. Look forward to this as I do.

Q. Hi, Welmek, this is Mary. At one of our early meetings you mentioned at one point there was a multitude of personalities in the room with us, and that some of these personalities were designated guides. My question is, are these guides seraphim or are they other beings that we’re not aware of, and are they individually appointed to each of us or are they sort of like group guides? Just what are they?

WELMEK: You will have individual assignments made by me. Some will be destiny guardians, while others will have unseen and unrevealed helpers to you at this point in time. This is important that you have specific assistance, for as you attune yourself to your spirit leading you will also be attuning yourself to their presence.

And when you are engaged in an assignment, whenever you find yourself in difficulty, it will be this guide that you will turn to for assistance. This is one of the reasons why it is imperative for you to seek the stillness and learn to better attune yourself to your spirit within.


Q. Welmek, I would like to ask a question on clarification. When you spoke a moment ago, you spoke about, if I heard you correctly, when Michael would set up his headquarters and that would be on our planet, is that for all the different universes having headquarters on this planet? Is this correct?

WELMEK: No. Michael will establish headquarters here for his particular local universe to assist in the rehabilitation of those worlds that were isolated by the rebellion. It has been mandated by the Father Himself that all planets in association with this rebellion will proceed into Light and Life at an accelerated pace. The time for misery and suffering is within our sight as far as the end of these things.

Q. I would like to say that during the meeting last week I think you mentioned that the children from this planet would be able to see the Father if they chose; it was really comforting for me to watch the news and watch all the suffering going on in the world and know that those children are going to a good place and they will be cared for in a way that would be extra-special.

Names, Facts

I have one more question. There was discussion months ago in confusion with some of the transcripts coming from other groups as to individuals knowing what their spiritual names are at this point in our development, that they had known that there was a place in the text that said that we would not receive our spiritual names until we were more advanced. Are you familiar with this or can you comment on that?

WELMEK: I am familiar with this. I would tell you that due to the nature of this mission, we require your help. And in requiring this help, it has been granted that each of you now be assigned the name by which your soul will be known throughout eternity. It is somewhat unfortunate that you are unable to perceive the true sound or know of the real meaning. However, this designation has been granted. It is a change from what was given almost 60 years ago.

You will find as time goes on that there will be certain facts within text that will be superseded. This is necessary, for at the time the book was written, all information regarding facts was accurate. However, time moves forward and facts are relative to the time in which they are perceived. This is not any inconsistency, only an adjustment. It is regrettable that there are those who refuse to believe in the validity of what is transpiring based on such facts differentiations.

Q. I can understand that explanation. What is my spiritual name?

WELMEK: Your name is Lucinda, L-U-C-I-N-D-A.


Q. Welmek, in one of the transcripts we are reading about adversity. I think we all know that we have to go through a certain amount of adversity in our lives. Do some people have to go through more adversity in their lives before they learn their lesson? Or are we all endowed with the same level of adversity and it’s just our own stubbornness and our willfulness and the ways in which we’ve grown and been raised and have lived our lives that prevents us from overcoming the adversity with which we were dealt, or is there a combination of both? Can you clarify this?

WELMEK: Adversity is necessary in order to achieve wisdom, for in understanding the decisions that you make you grow; and as you grow in this understanding, through wisdom you achieve spiritual insight. It is regrettable that so many on this planet seem to need to go over the same thing time and time again. We do not fully understand this. It is as though you hurt yourself and need to do it again before you realize you’re in pain.

I can tell you that you are very fortunate, however, for with the amount of adversity that faces you, you also have a great amount of opportunity. This opportunity is what many of beings on our side are somewhat envious, if you will, in as much as you have ample opportunity each day to be in the service of the Father. You do not necessarily need to volunteer for assignments, you have many right in front of you. Learn from this, and especially as you progress on the morontial worlds, you will look back and thank the Father for the life that you now have.


Q. If we are talking to someone with whom are having a certain level of adversity in their life and trying to talk to them about the way out of it through the Father, could you offer some suggestions on how to approach that, or is that individual for everyone?

There are so many people that we know that are in pain and we’re trying to help them because we are beginning to find a new life and we want to share that with them too. It’s just so difficult reaching people if they’re not ready for it. Are there some ways in which we can try to perceive at which point we can make a little bit of an entry way?

WELMEK: It is difficult unless you know this person well, for in giving too much light or spiritual insight you may actually cause them to retreat further within their mind and not respond to your help. The best information that I can give you is to do your best in your discussion with them to help them see their shortcomings, to help them see what might happen if they continue on the path that they are on, to listen, and listen intently, for most service, most ministry is nothing more than that.

It allows the individual an opportunity to express themselves; and many times, when one hears what their thoughts are, certain insights are automatically gained and certain doubts, confusion, frustration seems to dissipate almost immediately.

I would encourage you as you share the love that you feel to make them aware that you will always be there for them. They can count on you as you count on Jesus. Aside from that, I would encourage you as a group in one of the topical discussions that you are planning, to use this as subject matter; for the minds in this group are great, and I believe each of you can learn from each other. As our meetings progress, the format will change slightly. Instead of me always giving answers, I will be asking each of you to respond to another’s question. This will provide much insight for you as a group in understanding each other.

Q. Welmek, this is Marva. You mentioned a while ago that the life here on earth, we have a lot of time to talk to Christ. What happens when we pass this earth that we lose that kind of power?

WELMEK: You do not lose time, but simply, the opportunities are not as frequent to serve in the way that you can serve here. For as you move forward toward the Father, the personality disorders, the confusion, the lack of insight, is much less than what you experience here. It gives myself and others like me great pleasure to be able to help you become more God-conscious and God-aware.

Q. Welmek, this is Peter. I can honestly say I don’t have many questions, most of them have already been asked and you responded. But I do have to ask, what is my spirit name, please?

WELMEK: Your name is Daniel.

Urantia Book

Q. Welmek, sometimes in dealing with all this, this mission, while we don’t even to really fully understand it yet, it seems to be more of a spirit or spiritual nature. I’m wondering, I guess, how significant, how important is our continued study of the Urantia Book? Will our sessions, will our developments, move in other ways? Or should we continue to use this as a guide? Are there particular sections that we should focus on? Any guidance that you can give would be appreciated.

WELMEK: In a general sense, each of you will be given assignment to start at the beginning and read this text. I understand that your comprehension will vary. I am mostly concerned with you becoming familiar with the contents. Your depth of understanding will increase and be enhanced by your spiritual insight as you learn better to communicate with the spirit fragment inside.

On an individual assignment basis, as we have meetings each of you will be given assignments. Some of you already have these assignments. They may be a particular book, they may be a particular paper, they may reference a particular word or concept.

I will do my best in trying to perceive what I believe you need the most help. However, let it be known now, that part of our next and third phase will be to reach out and bring more people to this group. In doing so, it will be required that you, each of you, become the focal point as far as answering questions pertaining to our text; therefore, the need for you to read and re-read. Ask questions in your study group and ask questions amongst yourself for clarification.

While there are many sources of truth on this planet, I can tell you that there is no greater single source of spiritual truth than that contained within this text, aside from the actual fragment of the Father Himself.

Q. A follow-up question, please; and thank you, you’ve been very helpful. We have passed around a schedule tonight of the various times of meetings and we obviously are continuing this once a week. We’ve set up topical discussions, and I think our other regular sequential study of the book is set up for every two weeks.

Could you comment on: is our frequency okay? Should it intensify at all? And secondly, do you have any comments on the value of our continued sequential reading versus a more topical approach or perhaps even another approach that you would prefer?

WELMEK: Both questions are truly your group’s decision. I will say that I am pleased with the progress that we have made to date, for in just a little over a month now, much has transpired. Many are here and more will be coming. It matters not to me so much the frequency, but more the intent and motivation.

I would prefer that our meetings be weekly for much will happen. I encourage at least the frequency of your individual study group, and I encourage more interaction regarding specific concepts and questions you may have, whether it be in person or over the phone. Stay in touch with each other. Support each other, and help each other grow.

Gender, Language

Q. Welmek, this is Jane, and I have had many disturbing things happen to me over the past three weeks. Over the past three years, in fact, I have not read the book so much, and I’ve had trouble with the use of the masculine pronoun and of the fact that the authors of the book were instructed to use the Father as a term on sex planets when referring to the Father.

I think I’m okay with that, but my question tonight involves the Son who is supposed to be the Mother-Spirit and yet throughout this the word “son” is used. I have real difficulty explaining to my women friends who feel excluded by the male language, by the use of “brotherhood”, words like “sonship”; and I feel excluded. I guess the truth shines through, and yet those words get in the way. Could you explain this to me?

WELMEK: It is simply a matter of reference. As you know, Michael himself did not discriminate between men and women in his heart. He only used the current set of circumstances in acting out his mission on earth. There is much awareness of your question. I am concerned for you that it may impede your or other female associates’ spiritual progress.

Do not let the sex connotation mean anything to you. The Father or the Mother when referring to the First Source and Center, I tell you, is all the same. It is not a question of sex whatsoever. The First Source and Center, the Creator, the I-AM, God, the Father, whatever designation you want to use, then use it. If a sex designation causes discomfort, then change this in your mind.

Q. I understand this, accept this within my heart. I feel that that is true. And yet when I try to talk to friends about this, and I present them with the book, they have trouble with the male pronoun usage. Do you have any suggestions, other than what you’ve just told me, that I could tell them?

WELMEK: This is truth. There is no question of that fact. I would

ask you to tell your friends to overlook the pronoun reference and simply read the words. Allow the Spirit of Truth to act within their mind, and let things happen as they will. There is no changing of the words within the text, obviously. I am somewhat puzzled, however, if one is truly a truth-seeker and believes that you are leading them to the well of this truth, why they would not drink from the cup, no matter what nature this cup takes.

Encourage them to read. Tell them it matters not if they prefer when they see the word “Father” substitute “Mother”, when they see the word “brotherhood” substitute “sisterhood”. I tell you these meanings are not sexual in any way whatsoever. They are only referenced to make a point. Do your best to prevent them from staying away from this book based on what is really not important. Do not misunderstand my word “not important”, for I know in their mind it is, but in reality I tell you, it is not.

Reserve Corps

Q. Welmek, what is the Reserve Corps of Destiny?

WELMEK: The Reserve Corps is comprised of those beings, those humans, who are willing to dedicate themselves to particular functions. In the past it has been limited, mostly on an unconscious level, to a very few Urantians.

However, with the mandate of Michael to make things change, we must incorporate many Urantians to assist in this outworking; and therefore, you have been invited to become a part of this group. In time, it will have little meaning, for all will have their own guardians and will be ministers of the Father.

Q. Is it then a correct assumption on my part that this group is part of the organization of the Reserve Corps of Destiny?

WELMEK: That is correct. I would tell you, however, that as far as your spiritual progress, it has little meaning; for this is an individual attunement whether you are in the Reserve Corps or not. It matters little, for there are many on your world who are in a psychic circle reference in the 6th or 7th circle, but from a spiritual attunement level are advanced as many who are in the 2nd or 3rd. The difference is in their cosmic understanding of their relationship to this universe and the realities thereof.

Seven Psychic Circles

Q. Could you explain more about the psychic circles?

WELMEK: They are an attainment level on a conscious basis as to your recognition of the spirit within, your willingness to pursue the Father’s will, and your relationship to the universe. I would ask you to read the morontia mota and it will give you a better insight as to what you must fully, consciously and personally know in order to be at least at a 3rd level.

Do not, however, put too much importance on these things for now. While they will become more important later, your mission now, as I have said, it to familiarize yourself with the Creator and to better communicate with His spirit, to understand your brothers and sisters and to learn how to love them as Jesus loved you.

WELMEK: This is a relatively quiet group. I anticipated more questions. I would ask each of you over the course of the next week, to read the paper in your text regarding Adjuster relation to the individual. I would like to address this next week, specifically, and we will begin a course of action that Machiventa himself (spoke) of earlier.

It has become apparent to me that you are truly desirous to know much more and to move forward. This has been granted. Machiventa is here and would like to make a brief statement about this progress. Then I will adjourn our meeting.

Before I turn it over to him, please do your best to read the selection that I have given you; and read it with an eye that you have not read with before. Attune yourself to the words and I will tell you that you will literally facilitate your spirit fragment to make impressions upon your mind.

Go in peace. I will be with you. I will be with you also when Oren comes to visit; and as has been suggested, we will have a surprise visitor.


MACHIVENTA: Greetings. This is I, Machiventa. I am pleased to be with you tonight. You have already perceived what is coming to be for you in regards to the next phase. This assignment of Welmek is the beginning. As he mentioned, there will be more interpersonal discussion within our group in the weeks to come.

I have asked your teacher to give you this assignment for three specific reasons which we will discuss later. For now, as your friend and as your teacher, I would like to make a personal petition to each one in this group tonight to do what has been asked of you. If you wish to grow, if you wish to partake of this mission, this ministry, then you must allow us to guide and direct you as we see best at the given point in time. There is no short-cuts. We will grow as a group, and we will be with you faithfully to serve you and guide you.

I would like to share with you a thought that was given to me by Gabriel in recognition of your celebration last Friday. The message is simply that Gabriel has made record of each of you, whether you’re present or not, he is aware of your intent. He does pray for you, and he has personally relayed to Michael the intent of this group, and Michael has relayed to me that he is pleased, that he sends his personal blessing to you tonight, and has asked that when you retire to think of him and he will be with you.

I would also like for you this evening as you retire to pray for those who have just faced devastation in their life in your country. This is such misery, you cannot fully understand it unless you have participated in something like this yourself. Pray for them. If you can, I would ask you to do whatever else you can to help their plight; for as the teacher said and as I tell you now, these people are your brothers and your sisters.

When you resurrect on the worlds above, you will know these people as such. So why wait? You know in your mind what I say is true. Now it’s time to feel it in your heart and reach out. There is no substitute for this feeling of love. You must allow it to flow and be directed to those who need it. I pray for you, as Gabriel. I pray that your minds be opened, that your hearts be filled, that you achieve the wisdom necessary to make the decisions that will lead you to the leading of the spirit guide within you.


MACHIVENTA: I will soon be amongst you in the flesh, as I have said. I look forward with great anticipation to this time. The schools, as far as format has been finalized, I and my team are fully prepared to undertake this task. We now await Michael’s mandate for the directors and others to initiate the process of materialization. This will be soon. It will be in your lifetime. I will be back at a later meeting to discuss in more detail some of the school functions, and perhaps we can even discuss the role of the students and what will be required.

For now, ask the Father to allow love to flow through you. Ask your teacher for insight into the questions and lessons that have been presented, and learn to love one another. I thank you for this opportunity to be with you, and I will make a promise now that within the next 3 weeks I will walk with you individually at some time. Those of you who are aware will know, those of you who are not will not know.

However, it will not change the fact that my presence will be there. If you sense it, call upon me and I will attempt communication. Do not worry if you do not sense this, for in time you all, if you so desire this, will become attuned to many personalities. Go in peace and each day rededicate your will to the Father’s.

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