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IND17- Faith Mota Mind Service Truth

1992-09-02-Faith Mota Mind Service Truth
Indianapolis #17

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: VanEssa Q & A
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek, Orophim, VanEssa
2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.1.1 Moment
3.2 Lesson
3.2.1 Forgiveness
3.3 Dialogue
3.3.1 Faith, Worship, Inner Life
3.3.2 Thought Adjusters, Discernment
3.3.3 Conscience
3.3.4 Accidents, Morontia Mota
3.3.5 Seven Psychic Circles
3.3.6 Sleep, Dreams
3.3.7 Mind, Brain
3.3.8 Survival
3.3.9 Forgiveness
3.3.10 Service
3.3.11 Fusion
3.3.12 Love
3.3.13 Affection
3.3.14 Conscience, Authority
3.3.15 Service
3.3.16 Truth
3.4 Closing

Topic: VanEssa Q & A
Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek, Orophim, VanEssa
TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Good evening to all who have gathered here this evening. This is your teacher, Welmek. I am again pleased to be with you. As usual much is happening. I and others have been very active, spending time with you as well as preparing for what will happen with this group within the next 2 or 3 weeks. There are many among us tonight. There are several teachers with me who are waiting assignment; and if you will bear with us, we would like to introduce a few of them to you, and they wish to say a few words.

MARK: Greetings. I am Mark. I am honored to be in your presence this evening. I am excited about the possibilities of being amongst you for some time. From where I hail, your world is unusual; and I look forward to the opportunity for much personal growth in my interaction with the group that I have been assigned to. I encourage you to listen to your teacher. Welmek is strong of mind and spirit. We look to him often for guidance. I wish you all well. I send greetings from others in my association to you and look forward to coming back another time and sharing more of myself with you.

VIRGINIA: Hello. My name is Virginia

WELMEK: I, too, am excited about being here this evening. This is my first opportunity to speak to the mortals of your planet and I am so honored and thrilled to be able to partake of Michael’s mission. I volunteered a long time ago and was not sure if I would be given an assignment. I arrived only three weeks ago to your beautiful planet, and I am looking forward to my assignment also.

I wish that you could see what we do, for there is so much love on this world now it will only be a matter of time before your understanding of these events will enlighten your mind and perhaps even improve your vision to see more. I have some time to be free and I will be working with your teacher over the next few weeks to become better acquainted with the human mind and how to best utilize my skills in teaching my group.

Know fully within your hearts that our Father loves you and Michael loves you; for before I transported to your planet, I was permitted to share a few moments with him, and was asked to bring you this message: (Michael’s message) My children, I love you. I am with you now as I always have been. Receive me in your hearts as well as your mind and I will bring your comfort, joy and happiness. Look for me in the not-so- distant future, for I will be among you.


OROPHIM: Good evening, friends. I feel as though I can use that word, friends, because I have spent a considerable amount of time with your teacher and with you. I am Orophim. I am pleased to be able to finally speak to you as a group. I wish to extend my love to each of you this evening and pray that your minds open, that the wisdom will be given to you through your decisions to receive our Father in your life and allow His will to work through your life each day. As I have watched some of you in the morning, I wish that you would think of this thought.

Look at each day as a new beginning. Look to the Father as your source of love, energy and happiness. Do not worry about what you cannot control. Simply try to find Him in each thing that you do, for each day is truly a new adventure; and you should learn to look forward to it rather than be doubtful or unsure or unhappy as to what the day may bring. I have become close, as I said, to many of you. Some of you have heard my words. While I will be leaving soon, I wish to let you know that I will be back and that I love you very much.

VANESSA: I am not a teacher. My name is VanEssa. I have spoken to David once before. I am primarily associated with Sarasota.
My function is that of a Midwayer. I feel very affectionate to all of you for I am literally beside you now. My order of being, as many of you know, is very close to you.

You are so close in your visual spectrum, yet you cannot see me. I have been here on occasions to witness your great teacher and have learned many things. As some of you know, I have had trouble communicating with certain humans in my group, and your teacher has helped me in this…

I wish to thank him for allowing this greeting to you this evening and look forward to meeting each of you, if not on this world, then on the next. Thank you for being here and know that there is much on your world that has been designed to help you learn to help yourself and to attune yourself to our Father.

WELMEK: I believe we should now continue our meeting. I hope that you have been able to whatever degree you can, sense the presence of the teachers and others that are gathered with us this evening. The Father’s love surely abounds and truly is freely given. You must only ask and you will receive.


WELMEK: Before I address your questions this evening, I wish to discuss the concept of self-forgiveness. Many of you have discussed this with me, yet I perceive that it would benefit this group if we were to discuss it together. In order to facilitate the spirit fragment within to better impress upon your mind that which your spirit wishes, you must do several things to eliminate certain blocks or obstacles within your personality, within your mind. Self-forgiveness is essential. Each person must reflect within themself and ask the Father that all transgressions that you have caused to others be forgiven.

All that is necessary for you to do is to simply acknowledge your imperfection, make a commitment to the Father and yourself that you will try your best not to make the same mistakes. Know that the Father has forgiven you already and that you must now do the same. If you are unable to fully and completely forgive yourself, then I tell you you will impede what you now seek.

This is not complicated, it is simple, for His love is freely given; and through His grace you are also forgiven. Simultaneously, you must forgive those that have transgressed against you; for as our Master said, you should learn to love your enemies as you love yourself. We have talked before about not necessarily associating with those who behave in a way unlike yourself, but you must be able to separate the act from the actor.

You must be able to realize that you are all citizens of this universe. Your minds are expanding and will continue to do so. You will help yourself significantly if you truly learn this forgiveness and let it play itself out in your daily life. Think about what I have said, and as you retire this evening, go deep into your mind as well as your heart and make sure that your slate is clean. I would now address your questions.


Group: Good evening,

Faith, Worship, Inner Life

Rick: Welmek, it’s Rick. Yesterday in our session we spoke about faith. You suggested that I discuss this with the group and bring up questions about strengthening faith. Can you advise us on how we can go about strengthening our faith and our beliefs so that we can grow more quickly in our lives?

WELMEK: The surest way to increase your faith is through worship. Communion with the Father is the only real way to access the things which you now seek. Each day talk to Him as though He were next to you and your best friend. For I tell you, the Father, the First Source and Center, the Creator of all that ever has now and ever will exist is truly personal.

He desires all of His children to speak with Him continually. The spirit that resides within your mind will instantaneously act as the facilitator to relay this information to our Source. Do this each day. Worship is nothing but thanksgiving and also talking about yourself. Share with Him your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Talk to Him about that which pleases you and that which concerns you. You know that He already knows these things before you speak them. That is obviously not the point. The point is simply that it organizes your thoughts, it creates an energy flow within your heart, so to speak, that will facilitate your spirit fragment, your Adjuster, to be better able to relate back to you that which the spirit wants you to know. Faith will truly uphold you and lead you all the way to Paradise. I cannot stress enough the importance of daily worship. Give back to Him some of that which He has so freely given to you.

Thought Adjusters, Discernment

Q. Welmek, this is Scott. In the paper that we were asked to read, it speaks about differentiating between the voice of the Adjuster and the voice of your own intellect. Can you tell us more how we can differentiate between the two?

WELMEK: It is true what the author says that for the most part, in your state of existence, clear, precise communication with the spirit is, at best, difficult, not only on the electro-chemical side, but also lack of willingness on the part of the human to truly seek this inner guidance. For the spirit will not force that which you are not willing to participate in.

The spirit will always subject Himself to your will. You know within your mind when you think of a problem, you think of a person or you think of anything, what the process seems like.

Yet when the spirit speaks, at first you have a sense of knowing that something is being said or suggested to you that comes from a source you are not quite familiar with. Oftentimes I perceive, within my own earthly career in these initial phases, that indeed, this was leadings of the spirit.

Attune yourself to this; for while it may not always be so, you can know more certainly the origin based on what the message is, how it affects your life, and how it affects your relationship with the Father. If you find that it improves yourself in these areas, then I would say more than likely, there is some relative degree of contact with the spirit. Does that help?

Q. Yes, thank you very much. One other question, at times in my life when I know I should be doing something and I’m not doing it, or I’m doing something that I know I shouldn’t do, and I get the voice in my head or something along this line, that’s saying “Do this.”, is that the Adjuster talking at this time or is that me?

WELMEK: I am inclined to say that if you fully hear a voice in your head, that it is not this spirit, for I do not perceive among those gathered a development to the point where you would fully be able to hear this voice. There are exceptions, however, but I believe in what you are asking me, indeed, this is probably more of an emanation of your own mind, for your mind does indeed know much more than what you are consciously aware of and your conscience also plays a part in this.

It is, as this paper discusses, important to differentiate between the spirit leading and one’s own conscience. You know right from wrong. Your spirit tries to lead you into further understanding of spiritual values. There is indeed a distinct difference.


Q. Welmek, could you elaborate on conscience. Where does it come from? Is it an innate sense of things, or is it as we think of it in our psychology as an accumulation of our own rights and wrongs that we’ve learned over the years? I’m looking for the origin of conscience.

WELMEK: The capacity is innate. What you perceive as your conscience is that which has developed from the time of birth, the knowing of right and wrong. It is more behaviorally learned than it is instinctually given. However, as I said, the capacity for receptivity is inherent within each mortal at the time of birth.

Conscience grows as your understanding of the material world grows. It will however not play an important role as you better attune yourself with the spirit, for by this point in time, the spirit will have taken over, so to speak, for that aspect of your mind. Do you wish further information?

Q. Yes. So if I understand what you’re saying, it might actually be possible that our conscience, as this product of what we’ve learned in our life might actually be different from or antagonistic to the spirit truth, our true innate sense of what might be true. Is that correct?

WELMEK: I do not necessarily perceive it to be antagonistic, for that which you call conscience, as I perceive, is the desire within your being to do what is right. Your actions do not always follow the conscience, but the conscience does try in your mind to give you a perspective of reality and better enable you to discern the difference between good and evil. It acts as somewhat of a bridge, if you will, between the animal and the spirit in early human development.

Accidents, Morontia Mota

Q. Welmek, there are 28 illustrations of human philosophy as a way of understanding analogous morontia mota meanings in the Urantia Book. Number 7 of those 28 illustrations is as follows: “Blind and unforeseen accidents do not occur in the cosmos. Neither do the celestial beings assist the lower being who refuses to act upon his light of truth.” Can you clarify that for us?

WELMEK: There is much in that statement. First, regarding accidents in the cosmos, in the greater scheme of things, indeed there is organization. There is an order to things. I realize at times this is difficult for you to understand, for your planet is so disordered. However, once you leave this world, you will immediately perceive a substantial difference in the way things are and we hope to bring about on your planet.

There are, however, accidents in time on a smaller scale such as when one may be injured by the blow of a hammer when trying to strike a nail. For it is surely not, I would hope, your intention to hit yourself. This is indeed an accident.

There are many illustrations of this which I’m sure you’re all aware of. Secondly, most gathered this evening are not yet aware of the faith which they really have. This is a process which you will become conscious of if you practice that which I have asked you to do. The Father is desirous of all of His children to come to Him.

This command of “Be perfect as I am perfect.”[1] is held universally, yet none of us have achieved perfection. We are asked to try. Each day do the best that you can. If you are unwilling to participate in this plan, then you retard yourself, you keep yourself away from that which is real, important, and when your inside grows, you will retrospect actually and see your duty.

The Father will not give to one and continue to give unless that individual is willing to receive and not only receive but act upon what they have been given. There is deeper insight into this statement which would not make a great deal of sense to you now, for your experience is so limited. Know that this mota in the book is a very preliminary philosophical understanding of that which you must master in order to achieve even fusion.

Q. Welmek, in the paper you asked us to read this week, it listed 4 ways to facilitate contact with our Adjuster; and one was to develop “an intelligent and wise affection for each of your fellow mortals.” What do they mean by “intelligent” and “wise”?

WELMEK: How would you answer that?

Q. Well, we have been told a number of times. basically love them the way the Father loves them. try to see the Creator Son in them, motivation, but it’s still, and I know I’m not the only one, the problem has been asked by others, does wise affection mean some form of assessment or judgment, or way of dealing with a person that isn’t just . .. well, it has to do with practical reasons? I don’t know quite how to put this.

WELMEK: Mary, how would you respond to this? (group laughter)

Q. Well,… Welmek, I was reading the other day toward the back of the book on page l948 and it really kind of brought all this out very clearly to me, or at least where I was at the point where I am now, about loving one another, on page l948 or 1949, at the last supper, when Jesus was talking to the apostles and he talked about the Spirit of Truth.

Hold on, let me find where I was reading, I had it marked….you took me by surprise..(group laughter) Oh, it’s “The Vine and the Branches” on page l945. It just seemed so clear at the time, it still’s something I felt I could immediately apply to my life about loving one another.

It says, “As the Father has love me, so have I loved you. Live in my love even as I live in the Father’s love. If you do as I have taught you, you shall abide in my love even as I have kept the Father’s word and evermore abide in his love.” (180:2.2)

Up above that, about to the middle of that first section, it says, “If you would share the Master’s joy, you must share his love. And to share his love means that you have shared his service.”…okay, that’s not it either. Hold on…no that’s not it.. You really caught me by surprise,

Welmek, “The impulse of friendship transcends all convictions of duty, and the service of a friend for a friend can never be called sacrifice. The Master has taught the apostles that they are the sons of God. He has called them brethren, and now, before he leaves, he calls them his friends.” Well, I can’t find it.

WELMEK: Enough in knowing that service is the key, for when you serve one another you will learn to love one another. For as Master said, “The least that you do for my brethren, you do for me.” Therefore, Johann, I tell you and the rest of the group, that in loving one another wisely and affectionately, you do discern where that individual is coming from.

You discern what you can do, if anything, to be in service of that person. It is indeed affectionate for as you so serve your children helping them to grow, I now challenge you to serve one another to help them grow also. Does this help you?

Q. I think so, but we’ll have some things to talk about tomorrow.

WELMEK: Elaborate..

Q. Well, I guess it’s the practical application. I’m getting something that I have to think about referring to something you just said, and I’ll have another question tomorrow.

Seven Psychic Circles

Q. Welmek, I want to talk about the seven psychic circles. I’m confused about how a being progresses from one circle to the next. It says that faith is not involved so much as action, and I’d like you to elaborate that. Also, I’d like to know if there is any way we can know how far we have progressed.

WELMEK: You cannot determine your progression, for soul growth is wholly unconscious as it happens. What is important to know is not so much circle attainment, but what you need to do each day in order to fulfill the will of the Father. I have told you before there are essentially four things which you must do.

You must worship, you must pray, you must learn to wisely and affectionately serve your brothers and sisters, and you must forgive yourself and others. Do this and you will surely grow in circle attainment. I would add that, as the pages tell you, there are those in the 6th or 7th circle who spiritually are as advanced or knowing or conscious of the Father as those in the 2nd or 3rd.

The difference is solely in one’s intellectual understanding of cosmic relationships and values. It is in relationship to your understanding of your citizenship within this universe. I have been asked this before and agree with the author of the paper that to detail this information to you would not be wise.

Q. Welmek, I was reading in Paper 110 about continuous reception of mortal conscience. Is that an individual conscience? You talked before about this being something that you learn from birth, whether the capacity is innate. Is that an individual entity or is that a universal entity?

WELMEK: Is what?

Q. Conscience.

WELMEK: Conscience is a part of each mortal of normal mind. It is an evaluating process, so to speak, which enables you to discern that which is right and that which is wrong.

Q. So when it talks about your continuous reception of that it’s just your communication within yourself, within ourselves?

WELMEK: Correct.

Sleep, Dreams

Q. Are there things that we can do to help the Thought Adjuster communicate to us other than what we’ve already had listed by you and in the paper? I understand that an attempt to communicate is made during our sleep. during dreams. Is there anything we can do in preparation for sleep that would aid that?

WELMEK: The only thing that I have perceived that might facilitate communication is to relax your mind as best that you can and concentrate on the Father, concentrate on the spirit within and rededicate your will to His. There is much confusion about dreams. Most are purely psychological and physiological reactions within your mind.

They are not spirit motivated. Most of the time, the registrations made during sleep are wholly at a superconscious level. There are times, however, when you awake and feel as though you have been strengthened. I would suggest at this time, indeed, there may have been some awareness of spirit adjusting.

You have been given many tools between what I have shared and what you’ve read in this paper to begin your effort to learn to know the spirit, to work with the spirit, and to prepare yourself to receive the instructions.

Q. I’ve had occasion to awaken like you talked about, but I’ll have to think more about what that experience is about. Could you tell me what’s meant by our spiritual counterparts to our careers?

WELMEK: In what way?

Q. Is it just the Thought Adjuster? The paper talks about the Thought Adjuster working to build up our spiritual counterpart (110:2.3)?

WELMEK: The spiritual counterparts are simply those realities that are signed. They help to, if you will, construct the soul. It is the true value meanings of your earthly career that you will carry forward with you throughout eternity.

Mind, Brain

Q. Where is the mortal mind located?

WELMEK: Why do you ask that question?

Q. I’m just curious. I guess for me it helps to visualize, sometimes. That’s just how I seem to understand things. If it’s not important, I understand.

WELMEK: The mind is a circuit, if you will, and you are each hooked up, so to speak, to this circuit. I have mentioned before in this regard about the collective conscious and the collective unconscious. Each of you are also part of this. Know that the mind is around you. It is not physically located, however, in the material brain.

Q. Am I correct in understanding it’s around us, but it’s not in the physical brain? Is it located in some part of the physical being?


Q. Do we experience our superconscious and subconscious (?)minds?

WELMEK: You have much experience with your subconscious. You have, to date, had little full and conscious awareness of the registrations made upon your superconscious mind.

Q. With our subconscious, our psychology says to us that things that happened that are removed from our conscious mind, our present mind, is in our subconscious. Is that how you would define it?

WELMEK: I would perceive that as adequate.


Q. Welmek, this is Brenda. In the Paper 110, it says three times in there, it ends a sentence with “if you survive.” Why wouldn’t someone survive? I mean for what reason would someone survive and why?

WELMEK: If a mortal of your realm were to fully consciousize and be aware of the spirit and actively, wholeheartedly not pursue the plan that the spirit has laid before them, then the chance of survival for that mortal is diminished.

There is no record on your world of this happening, for most of the mortals of this planet do not come to this understanding and relationship of the spirit within. However. there are occasions on worlds such as mine and others where indeed, an individual simply does not desire to continue.

This is puzzling, yet I have witnessed this. They are made as though they never were, once the adjudicators have fully determined that within their mind they are sound and this is what they truly want. Do not concern yourself with survival, for I cannot imagine any of you here not resurrecting on the halls and continuing your career.


Q. Welmek, I’ve got a question on self-forgiveness that you mentioned today. Understanding that God does forgive before you even ask, it is enough just to intellectually and emotionally forgive yourself without some form of apology or retribution on your part, simply saying, “I feel sorry for what I did” but yet not doing anything openly to who you transgressed against.

You’ve taken a brother down in some sort of act of cowardice or intolerance or anger. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to hopefully apologize to that person? It seems like self- forgiveness is so simple, yet is it that simple?

WELMEK: It is truly that simple. I would add two things. First, you must consecrate yourself to the Father that indeed you will do your best not to err again in those ways. Therefore, if you add that to the simple fact that “I forgive myself” then I tell you you are forgiven.

Many times in human relationships, circumstances do not allow themselves to enable one to apologize in a way that the one who has been offended would fully understand or appreciate. If you determine that in your own being it makes you healthier to seek out this person and express your feelings and thoughts, then I would encourage this.

However, I perceive that for the most part, your real opportunity for seeking this individual out and expressing your sorrow would be better understood on the morontial worlds. Trust me, you will want to do this when you are there.


Q. I have another question with regard to something that…there’s a section in the Urantia Book where Jesus is on the road and he runs into this lad, Fortune. And through the Master’s receptivity of the individual, he was able to get Fortune to outwardly ask him for help, which the lad was withholding from him, but somehow Christ Jesus finessed this out of him.

We are asked now to, or will be asked pretty soon from my understanding, to go out and muster people into this same kingdom, to try to seek the Father and so forth. Will we be able to have this same sense as Jesus has to try to bring out in the individual, or be able to sense in the individual the crying of this help that we can give?

WELMEK: You have perceived insightfully and very deep. This is indeed what we are about at this time; for as each of you build your foundation, as you build your faith in Him, you know that He will give you all which you need in order to reap the harvest, to bring others to Him.

This, as I said, is what part of my goal is for each of you in this initial phase, so that when I or others bring people to you, you will able to perceive that which they need, that which they thirst for. I am pleased that you recognize this and would encourage each of you to ponder upon what Bob has said and my response.

It, I would add, is a wonderful feeling to have someone brought to you and to share with them His love and to watch this person start to drink from this cup, for I tell you, this is the reward that the Master spoke of. You will see, you will feel, you will know of His love much deeper when you share it with another, and they also feel it and know it. I am mightily moved by this, and again, wish all of you to think about it, for it is of paramount importance.


Q. Welmek, this is Sarah. In the paper there’s a section that says that when the Thought Adjusters indwell the human mind, they bring a predetermined plan for the intellectual and spiritual development of that human. And I’m wondering, if, after fusion, we are able to see the ideal life that they talk about and see how well we followed the plan and how our will choices have altered that plan so that we may learn by what we’ve done to move forward.

WELMEK: When I fused with my spirit, I was made aware of all of the experience that my spirit had accumulated in his association with all mortal affairs. It broadened by consciousness beyond that which I can fully describe to you. I was enabled to perceive my course of action. I was able to determine what decisions facilitated and what decisions kept me back. Indeed, this is one of those experiences that you have in your universe career that you will never forget.

However, it should be noted that the spirit cannot impart that which you are not ready to receive. The spirit continually leads me. While I am in communication, it is still my will constantly to attune to the Father’s leadings. I have difficulty in fully describing this relationship to you for you are as yet so far removed from it. But rejoice and know that it is only a matter of decisions and time before each of you will share what I now know.


Q. Welmek, this is Mary. Let’s get back to this love thing. Sometimes I get the impression that love, understanding that we have for love and for the concept of love in our fellow man and loving one another is inadequate for what you’re trying to get us to understand.

WELMEK: Describe to me your definition of love.

Q. Well, let me put it this way. It’s seems that my definition of love is changing and my experience of love is changing, and especially toward other people. When Linda was talking about loving one another and the lessons that you’ve given us, individually and as a group about loving one another is obviously very important.

And I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about and trying to work out its application in my personal life. It seems that, as a matter of fact I read in the Urantia Book and the transcripts, that if we channel our love that we receive from our Father and Christ Michael, then we’re given more love and we’re capable of receiving more love and then passing that love out.

I have also picked up that the love that we give to one another has to be very individual and personal. If I’m going to love someone, I have to kind of get to know that person before I can actually show whatever love I’m going to do.

The affection that I have for Karla is based on my understanding of our relationship and then on what I can do as a person who loves her to help her in her own growth, whatever I understand to be best for her is how I would bestow my love on her. And I guess channel that love of the Father to her.

WELMEK: Do you perceive that Jesus needed to associate with one before he loved them?

Q. No.

WELMEK: Then I would suggest that perhaps we look at love as the desire to do good to one another. Whenever you meet someone, if you look at them and in your heart say, “I wish to do that which is good. I wish to get to know you if we can, but my whole-hearted intent is to do good for you.” Does that help as far as the way in which I and the Master would encourage you to look at one another with this attitude of love?

Q. Yes, actually.


WELMEK: Affection is different, and I agree with your assessment that as you get to know someone you do become affectionate. You learn more of their traits and characteristics and then you decide whether or not you wish to continue that relationship. But love transcends affection.

Love is the desire to truly do what you can that would benefit that individual. If you start with that premise in your relationships, then as far as you are concerned, the relationship can do nothing but grow in a positive direction. Would you agree with that?

Q. Yes, of course.

WELMEK: Therefore, now maybe we have a better understanding of how it is to perceive one another.

Conscience, Authority

Q. Welmek, this is Scott again. I have a couple questions relating to some things we spoke of this evening. Regarding conscience, I understand from what you said that conscience comes from childhood, grows with the person, and it’s the sort of thing that separates us from animals. Is it possible or does it happen that some people do not have a conscience at all?

WELMEK: Some people are deficient. If that’s what you mean, I would agree. I have witnessed on your world many individuals who I would perceive as very deficient in this…

A. It is even more regrettable to witness some of these people in positions of power and authority. It is wholly regrettable, and I can assure you we will do what we can to help eliminate this problem; for unfortunately, many of you are unable to change it yourself. People seem to tend not to be concerned about these people in power.

They become more involved in their own lives and sense that it is best not to become involved in the lives of those who, in a sense, control theirs. Again, this is puzzling to me, for on my world, if one were to try and set themselves above another in a position of power or authority, they would immediately be sent for rehabilitation, for this is not the way that it is in universe administration.


Q. My other question is regarding service. We speak a lot of service and the word itself lacks in my mind because service is such a broad word. We speak of service like Bob was talking about, meeting a person and seeing their needs, helping uplift them spiritually. But service I think encompasses much more than that, such as meeting with people who are equal or even more uplifted than yourself. How extensive does the service go, that we should or do provide other people?

WELMEK: Service is not reserved just for the spirit. It is something which should be done on all levels of existence. If you perceive someone who is crippled and cannot pick up something dropped, then help them; for again, if you perceive that individual as Michael himself, would you not run as fast as you could to pick it up?

I tell you that as your awareness grows of the spirit within each of you, your understanding of the importance of the relationship amongst yourselves will also grow; and you will be willing to serve each other any way that you deem advisable. Does that help?

Q. Yes it does, and it leads me to another question as far as either a material, spiritual or emotional reward for the service given. Of course service given in love is rewarded in love; but as far as service given in physical action or (?) or something like that, should we expect a reward or is the reward beyond what we would otherwise perceive?

WELMEK: Do not expect anything. Simply give freely as it has been given freely to you. The Father will add all that you need at any point in your existence. Expecting rewards tends to diminish your motivation for service and places it more in a material self-aggrandizement rather than unselfish devotion to one another.

Q. On the same subject, should we or should we not serve others when it is detrimental to ourselves?

WELMEK: That assessment must be made individually; for would you not give up your life to save another?

Q. Yes, I would.

WELMEK: It is difficult for me to give you a definitive answer, for as you can perceive, each situation requires its own evaluation.


Q. Welmek, this is Herb. It’s my first time here. I have a question on truth, enhanced truth. It seems to me that there are many paths to truth; and in our journey, in our seeking, are we better served following one path or taking what we can from many different paths?

WELMEK: There is only one path to the Father. However, there are many ways, many avenues, upon which one can walk to reach this path. Truth emanates from many sources, from people, from books, from teachings. Learn to discern that which appeals to your highest concept of the Father.

Always seek truth in whatever you do. I wish to add that in your association with people, embellish the truth and ignore the error; for as you read how the Master so eloquently did this in his life, it will better enable you to give advice when asked for it.

Q. Welmek, this is Davin. This is, as Herb said, our first time here. I think we’ve both been on a very long spiritual journey. Coming here has certainly been insightful. For whatever reason, we needed it; and I’m very grateful. But as a new person in this mission, I feel very naive; and I’m wondering if you would suggest what someone such as myself who was just recently introduced to this type of teaching, where we should start?

WELMEK: You have already started. You began years ago when you desired to know more of Him. For now, I would encourage you to read the transcripts that have been given to this group already. I encourage you to read the teachings of Jesus in the Urantia Book; and when you are comfortable I would encourage an opportunity to meet with you individually so that I may further give you personal instruction.

I would like to suggest that coming here this evening, for you, was no accident. There are many who work with me, before I was here and now that I am, who constantly strive to bring you to a greater understanding of the Father. Accept this. Do not necessarily try to always understand it. Just accept it, and learn from each experience.


WELMEK: I wish to conclude this communication for this evening. I hope you found it enlightening. I hope you find it stimulating and will ask for clarification on some questions next time.

As you know, we will meet Sunday. I will only tell you that you will not be disappointed. I am looking forward to this, for it will be a first for me. I have not communicated directly to you or other mortals that I have contacted with other teachers in the way that we will this weekend. Know that the Father loves you. Seek His guidance daily. I love you and I wish only the best for each of you. Go in peace and practice what I have said.

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