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IND3- Meeting With Welmek

1992-07-28-Meeting With Welmek
Indianapolis #3
1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Meeting with Welmek
1.2 Group: Unknown
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek
2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Dialogue
3.3 Closing
Topic: Meeting with Welmek; Group: Unknown
Teacher: Welmek; TR: Unknown


WELMEK: This is I, Welmek, your teacher. Greetings to you, David & Karla. I have been looking forward to this time. It pleases me to see you both practicing the meditation & seeking the Father’s will. There is much love that surrounds us. God knows your heart & loves you very much. These first meetings will be informative & interesting. Don’t be worried about making mistakes for I am your teacher & your guide. Do you wish to ask questions?


Q. How do you spell your name & what is your gender?

WELMEK: W-E-L-M-E-K. I am male from this local universe. I am a fused ascending mortal.

Q. How often should we have meetings?

WELMEK: As often as you can. I am here, I am ready. That is up to you.

Q. How soon should the private sessions begin?

WELMEK: Private sessions should begin when David is better prepared to speak these thoughts clearly & without hesitation that he now experiences.

Q. What can David do to improve communications?

WELMEK: David has done what he needs to do. He needs to continue what he has already done.

Q. What about other beings practicing with David? How often should David be available?

WELMEK: He will know when we are ready. He has been faithful to his stillness. We acknowledge his dedication. We are grateful for the opportunity to work through David, to practice our abilities & our attempts to contact humans.

Q. Will there be more than one TR?

WELMEK: There will be more than one TR. I cannot tell you now. They will know when it is time. Tell them to practice their meditations.

Q. Who contacted me (Karla) with my spiritual name? What sort of being was it and will I have further contact?

WELMEK: Oraphim is a teacher and you will have further contact.

Q. What is David’s spiritual name?

WELMEK: Ezekiel.

Q. We (David & Karla) have begun a detox program. Are we on the right track?

WELMEK: Yes, you are on the right path. Many poisons have inhabited the body. We work hard to try & overcome these problems. All you can do to help the body you should do.

Q. Who should attend our meetings? Any restrictions?

WELMEK: You will know who believes in what is happening. Draw strength from believers. As time passes, more will come. You will know when there should be more people. It is best to contain to the believers so the base may be built upon solid foundation. There will be ample opportunity to reach out at another time.

Q. What can I (Karla) do to improve my relationship with Andy?

WELMEK: Be patient, he seeks your love but is unsure with himself. He has many questions about his relationship with you both. Show him your love, and in time, he will know your intentions.

Q. I (Karla) have questions about baptizing my children. I know it is not needed for eternal life. I more would like to ease my parents minds. Will you comment?

WELMEK: These practices are of human concern. Your motivation is good. Do what you feel is right. God loves you & your children, nothing can take it away. The gift of life has been given to all.

Q. I have strong feelings about not sending my children to a Godless school. Will you comment?

WELMEK: God is revealed from within. You, as parents, must take the role of teacher as relating to religious matters. School is a place to learn facts & concepts. It is unfortunate that our Father is being omitted from the daily practice of school. You cannot change the way it is but you have a responsibility to teach your children about the love of [[the Father]]. Never hesitate to bring Him into your family & show your children how the Father’s love works in your life.

Q. What can Dennis Kersey do to enhance spiritual growth?

WELMEK: Dennis knows that the Father lives within him. All that the Father asks is that we seek his will daily. The communion within results in understanding & love. Dennis knows that the Father loves him. He must now let that love fill his whole being so that others will be touched by that love. In doing so, Dennis will see the Father working through him. This new vision will clearly allow Dennis to know God’s love. Tell Dennis not to worry, his life is blessed.

Q. Is it required by the African government that Rev. Icoral incorporate? Would $ contributions be significant?

WELMEK: It is required of Rev. Icoral to incorporate. Dennis should not become involved in that which he does not understand. We cannot dictate what you should do in situations that government is concerned. It is simply not our place to advise you. Tell Dennis to seek the answers within himself & he will understand what to do.

Q. Is there a comment to the group?

WELMEK: Tell them they are loved. Tell them not to be anxious. Many will be contacted. It is important for all to seek the Father daily, to commune with their spirit fragment. Look for the beauty in daily living. Do not be afraid to let God’s love show forth in your activities. Be kind to all. Listen for opportunity to do the work of the Father.
I wish to continue these talks daily. As David continues, he will gain confidence in what he hears in his mind. We are pleased to see how things progress and ask the Father to bless you all.

Q. Is it best that we schedule a time with you?

WELMEK: It is best to set a time. I have many things to do. I will be with you all during the day to comfort. Know that you all are cared for. If you wish to set a time, I am glad to meet again tomorrow.

Q. (Time set 10:00PM). Thank you Welmek for coming into our lives. We love you & will seek our stillness daily.


WELMEK: Do that & you will surely find the Father. Go in peace. Goodnight.

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