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IND5- Welmek Practice Session

1992-07-30-Welmek Practice Session
Indianapolis #5
1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Welmek Practice Session
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek
2.2 TR: Michael Painter
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Dialogue
3.2.1 Pace
3.2.2 Love
3.2.3 Teacher Contact
3.2.4 Midwayers
3.3 Closing
Topic: Welmek, Machiventa Practice Session; Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek, Machiventa; TR: Michael Painter


WELMEK: – Practice with David & Karla – Greetings to you all. This is I, Welmek. We have a special visitor with us tonight. He would like to say a few words before I answer questions.

MACHIVENTA:  Greetings to all of you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am so pleased to see the progress being made in your group. Everything goes as planned. Rest assured that these transmissions are accurate and true. I wish to inform you that your group is special to us. We have many tasks that you will be assigned in the future. It is our prayer that you continue on the path that you have started. We need your help.

Many of you are capable if you will only set your minds free and allow the Father’s love to permeate your being. Set aside fears. Do not be anxious. What is happening is real. I know what I am saying. We have been here for some time. We have seen much progress. There is much more to come. I will be with you in the future. The Father is with you always. Seek His guidance. There is nothing more you can do to achieve the harmony and happiness you desire.

I leave you now with Welmek, your trusted and true teacher. We are pleased with his being in charge of this group. We ask, I ask, that you push Welmek, make him “earn his keep” as you say. For he has much love for you and is desirous of a long and lasting relationship with you. Go in peace my children. Know that I am here. I will not leave you. God loves you all very much.

WELMEK: This is I, Welmek. I am always in awe of the Melchizedeks. They are such strong and beautiful personalities. It pleases me that Machiventa takes such an interest in our group. We will all benefit greatly from this relationship. Let’s begin with your questions.


Q. What is Linda Buselli’s spiritual name?


Q. Did you contact her with this name before?

WELMEK: It was not I who communicated that to her.

Q. When you told Linda about her anxiety, were you referring to mental or physical anxiety? Do you have any suggestions on how to relieve this anxiety?

WELMEK: Mental anxiety creates much physical tension. Through seeking stillness she will find much relaxation. Continue practicing, truly seek the stillness, for her Adjuster is strong and is ever eager to assist her in these matters.

Q. Should Mary tell her family about what is happening?

WELMEK: Mary must decide these answers for herself. Mary knows what Mary knows. It is not for me to tell her these things; however, I will say as Mary’s understanding of the transformation taking place within her grows, her confidence will assume new proportions, and she will know at what time to say what things. This is not only true for Mary, but true for all of you. For doing the Father’s will you open yourself up to allow His words to flow through you, similar to what I am doing through David now. Put your trust and faith in Him. He upholds us all. Without Him we are nothing. How long He has waited for all of you to do just that.

Q. My friend Pam is very confused about what direction her life should take. Do you have any words of encouragement or direction for her?

WELMEK: Pam is confused of spirit. She means well, but is not guided. Tell her that she knows in her heart, if she seeks deeply, that the Father loves her. I know this sounds like I say the same thing over and over but truth is truth. It is simple to us who have achieved this already. But everything is simple to one who has understanding. All that she must do is open her mind to new thoughts and to open her heart to receive the love that is already there. Once she does this, her life, just like some of you, will change. It is true, once this change takes root, the tree of life will grow within you and you will blossom into beautiful God- loving, God-knowing beings.


Q. Karla’s life is very busy both materially and spiritually. I am exhausting myself. Do you have any suggestions or words of encouragement?

WELMEK: Material life must be paced. If you accelerate your activities to the point of exhaustion, you lose ground on all levels. Balance is the key. Read the Master’s life in the Urantia Book for help in this area. Do not overstress yourself or you become good to no one. Always stop to think what it is you are doing. And when frustration enters your mind, allow it to dissipate quickly; for these things, frustration and anxiety, devastate the spiritual energy that is growing inside of you now. Do not allow these things to interfere with the work your Adjuster has set forth at this time. There is much energy around all of you. Try to do whatever you can to conserve that energy while you go through this consumption phase.

Q. Were you with Karla when she wrote the letter to her father?

WELMEK: While I have been with David most of the time, for that is what I am supposed to do right now, I have been with several of you today. You are starting to sense a presence, you are starting to get a glimmer of my words and thoughts. Continue on your path and these things will become clearer day by day.


Q. I have read in a Daniel transcript that we are capable of sending our love. If this is so, how can we do this?

WELMEK: Love is a gift from the Universal Father. It is something that we all experience. We do not create it. We experience it. It flows through our beings. You may pass love on to another individual by feeling the Father flow and work through you. While these people, some people, may not be consciously aware of what you are doing, do not make the mistake in thinking that this love has no bearing on their soul. Never forget, the Father fragment indwells most people on this planet. When you think in terms of love, think in terms of God’s love flowing to that person’s spirit being, that fragment of the Father.

He, the fragment, will in turn work and manage the Father’s love in that individual’s life. Never hesitate to project the Father’s love through you; for in time, as this love grows and you better manage this love within yourself, people will seek you. They will want what you have and this is one of the many opportunities that you have in Universe experience. This is the greatest gift of all – sharing God’s love.

Q. I also wanted to thank you. The letter I wrote today said to my father what I wanted to say for a long time and the words did not flow like they did today. I truly felt like they were inspired. I do appreciate your help in this matter.

WELMEK: You should also, more appropriately, give thanks to the Father fragment; for it is the God within you that truly directs, orchestrates, what is happening to your soul now.

Teacher Contact

Q. Can you give Karla any suggestions that might prepare her for her teacher contact?

WELMEK: All I can say is that what you do now you must continue to do. Do not be anxious about hearing our words. We know that this is difficult at first, but you can see in David that things are changing. It is becoming easier for him to go through this process. His attitude is correct. He knows that he is simply a tool. He deals with it very well. We are pleased with this. He, however, is no different than you. You all are able to receive. It is a matter of time. Personal question from Dennis. Answer given.

Q. What did you do as a mortal and where have you ascended from?

WELMEK: I was waiting for that question. I was an engineer on my native planet. I hail from this local universe. I have spent time on Jerusem in training. There is much beauty that awaits you. If you could only realize, understand, the things you have read about in the Urantia Book, you would have no hesitation to daily seek the Father’s will and to glorify Him.


Q. Do we have Midwayers associated with your teachings here in Indy and if so, what are their names? Do they function as a liaison between you and the T/R?

WELMEK: At this time, there is no liaison between myself and David. These communications are direct. The Midwayers on your planet have provided valuable assistance in preparation, in communication to us as to the nature of your types of personalities. Many Midwayers are involved. There is no specific Midwayer involved in our group at this time; however, that may change. For the course of work that is planned for your group will actually involve a wide variety of personalities. You will be excited to learn about each of them as time progresses. Some of these personalities have not been revealed to you in the Urantia Book. There is such joy and excitement that awaits you all.

Q. Why do people see different colors when they meditate? Do they differ according to personality type, psychological disposition or energy balance? What do the colors white, green, yellow and purple signify?

WELMEK: These things I cannot comment on. There are natural phenomena. In time you will understand. Personal question for Dennis. Answered.


WELMEK: I again want to wish all of you God’s love. There will continue to be contact for some time. I look forward to Sunday’s meeting when we can all share in the Father’s love together. Go in peace and sleep well. Goodnight.

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