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IND6- TA, Spirit of Truth, Circuits, Vision

1992-07-31-TA, Spirit of Truth, Circuits, Vision
Indianapolis #6
1 Heading
1.1 Topic: What Questions To Ask
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek
2.2 TR: Michael Painter
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Dialogue
3.2.1 Inquiry
3.2.2 Thought Adjusters
3.2.3 Spirit of Truth
3.2.4 Teaching Mission
3.2.5 Circuits
3.2.6 Vision
3.2.7 Teacher Contact
3.2.8 Parenting
3.3 Lesson
3.3.1 Doubt
3.4 Closing
Topic: What Questions To Ask; Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek; TR: Michael Painter


WELMEK: Greetings to everyone. This is I, Welmek, your teacher and guide. I am pleased to be here again tonight to share many thoughts and feelings. Once again I say I look forward to seeing you all grouped together Sunday, for this will be the first of many meetings. I know there are questions. Let’s address those first.


K: First, I would like to let you know your words truly comfort and stimulate those who are listening. I found reassurance in your message to me last evening. In my stillness, I found the answers. Today was a much better day for me. Thank you very much.

WELMEK: You’re welcome.


K: The first question this evening is: what type of questions should we ask? Can you give us parameters, a range of questions that can be answered?

WELMEK: This is a difficult question to answer. While there are many questions that I will receive and give answers , as you are starting to discern, there are those types of questions which we are not permitted to address. My best advice is to come with your questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Do not presume that I cannot give you the advice you seek, for I will tell you when you ask if it is permitted for me to answer. There is, as I said, a wide range of questions that I can respond to. I look forward to our meetings. These opportunities to answer questions will be stimulating to all of us.

Thought Adjusters

K: You spoke to Dennis last evening about speaking to the Thought Adjuster inside other people and it is not clear to us. Will you give us some guidance in this area?

WELMEK: Each person has an indwelling Fragment of the First Source. This Fragment knows all there is to know about each of you. When we speak to the Father Fragment, the spirit moves the human at the level the human can respond to. Unfortunately, many times the human mind is closed to the Indweller’s leading. However, this does not take away from the fact that the truth has been registered in the superconscious mind. In time, the human mind will perceive that truth. Does that help?

K: If we let the love of the Father flow through us, will speaking to the Adjuster in others become automatic?

WELMEK: It is automatic, yes, that the Father’s love flows through you to the individual; but to progress closer to fusion this requires a conscious participation on the part of the human. That is why it is important also to communicate thoughts, concepts to the human fragment, to the Fragment of the human, so that these thoughts can be lodged in the mind also.

Spirit of Truth

K: Was the reason for the universal bestowal of the Thought Adjusters at Pentecost so that Spirit of Truth could be perceived through them or are Thought Adjusters perceived through the presence of the Spirit of Truth?

WELMEK: The Spirit of Truth was bestowed by the Creator Son to facilitate the ability of each human to discern the truth as it is given to them. Through the Adjuster the truth is channeled to the individual. The individual senses the truth and it is reinforced by the Spirit of Truth. It is a knowing, as you say, and this knowing rings true in the individual.

K: According to the Sarasota transcript April 30, l992, our Creator Son Michael addressed the group and clearly indicated that he would stand in their midst. Is this message real and can you reveal any details?

WELMEK: We are told that this message is real. We do not know exactly when this manifestation will occur; however, you can be sure in the knowledge that Michael has given priority to this plan. This plan will be executed in perfection and in time you will see all of the events that will take place. It is of great comfort to us to see the Creator Son visit the planet and speak to his children. We are continually amazed at the events as they unfold. What a glorious plan, and what excitement awaits all of us as this plan unfolds!

Teaching Mission

K: Can you tell us how many teacher groups exist currently?

WELMEK: One moment…There are 28 groups in existence or presently to come into existence.

K: Are they world-wide?



K: Will you update us on the reflectivity circuits?

WELMEK: All reflectivity circuits are operational. It has enhanced substantially our ability to pursue this plan. All is going according to plan. You can be assured of that.


K: According to the Sarasota transcripts, our optic nerve is being worked on to enable us to visualize the teachers and other beings. Can you comment on this?

WELMEK: Yes, this theory has been conceived and is indeed being discussed and experimented with. I cannot reveal to you our exact timetable, but much progress is being made. We have been commissioned to help your planet in many ways. Through your help this goal will be accomplished. You are the first participants on the human level to partake in this extremely important project. In time you will receive much benefit and reward for your willingness to serve the Father so faithfully without seeing. It is your faith that makes you whole. It is your faith that separates you from your brothers and sisters at this time. The Father is pleased with your willingness, and we are pleased also. Continue your daily practices.

Teacher Contact

K: Are you aware of our daily thoughts, our insecurities as well as our triumphs?

WELMEK: Yes, most of the time. These things are made evident to me.

K: Who was it who communicated Linda’s spiritual name to her, and can you confirm the spelling J-O-H-A-N-N?

WELMEK: The spelling of the name is as David has said. The contact for Linda.. one moment please…was a celestial teacher whose name is Josephine. She is a very beautiful being with much love and was drawn to Linda’s faithfulness and desire to know. It was permitted for her to make this contact.


K: Our son, Andy, who is ll years old, is beginning to ask questions about what is happening. We do not know what to tell him. Can you give us some suggestions?

WELMEK: When children are involved, it is best to use discretion in these matters. While their minds are curious, we should be cautious not to give too much detail as to the nature of these transmissions. Tell Andy the Father in heaven loves all His children, that much help and guidance is coming to you all and that you are practicing each day to send out God’s love to each person. We must try to eradicate all injustice, all racism, all hatred. We must transform these negative traits to positive emotions of love, understanding, trust and faith that our Father is with us and will never fail us. As children grow, their questions will penetrate deeper; and as you perceive their hunger for understanding, you will know at that time the depth of your response.


WELMEK: I would like to give a small lesson on self-doubt. Doubt is a poison of the mind. It will keep you from reaching the goals you have set. Doubt will laden your heart with uncertainty to the point where the Father fragment will not be able to clearly communicate to you the Father’s will. If it is your goal to live daily by the Father’s will, then you must remove all doubt from your mind and allow to happen what will happen. No one can force you to do this, for free will is pre-eminent throughout the universe.
We ask that you follow the leadings as we give them to you. Know that the Father is here, that Michael is here, that all the administrative staff and helpers are here to help you; but you must help yourself.

We cannot do these things for you. If you can eliminate doubt from your mind, you have cleared the path for righteous living, which I believe, as I perceive you, is what you all are seeking at this time. Never hesitate to ask questions. Always try to discern the truth in each situation. Do not be misled by unrighteous thinking. As you progress in your spiritual evolution, there comes within you a knowing. This knowing deepens as your insight grows. As you progress the psychic circles, you understand this clearly. And with fusion with your Adjuster, there is no longer doubt as to the Father’s will. It then becomes a matter of universe realization at whatever level we are at.


WELMEK: Work hard on this. Strive to eliminate this poison from your mind, and be of good cheer for much happiness and joy is coming your way. If there are no other questions, I will bid you adieu for tonight. Take care all of you. My love is with you. Seek the stillness and listen. Good night.

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