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IND7- Guardian Angels, Planetary Gov’t, Rebellion

1992-08-02-Guardian Angels, Planetary Gov’t, Rebellion
Indianapolis #7
1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Welmek’s First Group Meeting
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek
2.2 TR: Michael Painter?
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Dialogue
3.2.1 Teaching Mission
3.2.2 Super-consciousness
3.2.3 Guardian Angels
3.2.4 Urantia
3.2.5 Planetary Government
3.2.6 Presence
3.2.7 Teacher Contact
3.2.8 Vision
3.2.9 Humor
3.2.10 Teaching Mission
3.2.11 Thought Adjusters
3.2.12 Spirit of Truth
3.2.13 Rebellion
3.3 Closing
Topic: Welmek’s First Group Meeting
Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek; TR: Michael Painter?


WELMEK: Greetings to all of you. This is a day that we have been looking forward to for some time. It is truly our pleasure to be here today. It gives us great joy to see so many faithful in this group. I, Welmek, would first like to address your questions and then I have a few words.


LINDA B.: Welmek, this is Linda. I’d like to say this for the group, partly for myself, partly for the group. I have been thinking about this for days so you probably know it anyway; but I want it on record.

Teaching Mission

This is momentous for us too. It’s the beginning of a new adventure. Ever since our first contact with this mission through some of Ham’s tapes, something has struck me very forcefully; and that is the difference between this mission and the Urantia Book, which is personality. For over 20 years I’ve been inspired by the truth in the Urantia Book, but since this mission began I realized that no book can love me, or care whether I succeed or fail or grow, or pick me up again when I fall down and dust me off and get me going on the Father’s business again.

Through the study of the transcripts and tapes from other groups, we have already been a part of the mission, kind of. We have all in the last few months, have begun to feel the intensity of the Father’s love as we never have before, partly because of the urging to find the stillness and partly because of you and all the others on the teaching staff who have let us experience what the love of God feels like coming from a personality and not the pages of a book.

We have learned to love you back, at least I have. I don’t know you or anyone in the group, but I already love Daniel for his sense of humor, for the way he tries to use imagery and especially when he gets worried about being a wind bag, because I’m worried about that right now. I love Will. When she expressed sheer frustration when trying to deal with human beings and yet wanted so badly to understand us, I could have just hugged her. I don’t know how to express it any other way. I know I’m going to love Welmek even more because I’ve already frustrated him. And Josephine. I love her for that gesture she made to me. I look forward to getting to know her much better in the future. I know she must be beautiful.

But especially the personality that has come through the most is Machiventa. I know you have been watching us; so you’ve heard me go around saying “Don’t you just love him?” And I do. I am in terrible awe of him, but I think I love him even more. And I enjoy him so much, his sense of humor, his exuberance and the way he can express things to Urantian minds that paints such vivid picture – the camps of Israel in the desert for instance. If I were an artist, I would have painted it. Ever since, I’ve thought of slacking off as disappearing back into the night sands.

Anyway, today we are all here, gathered around the campfire for the first time. I know I speak for all of us when I say we are humble and we feel very much loved and maybe a little scared. I do. We are so looking forward to knowing all of you. We already love you in general terms. I know we’re going to love you much more as individuals, not just as teachers but as friends. I am a little nervous to say this, but I’m really looking forward to a “Big Mac Attack”. Thank you.

WELMEK: Your words are very beautiful. Many of us here gathered today are very touched by your thoughts. Your motivation is pure of heart. This is what the Father asks of all of you in seeking His will. We have no doubt that you will all be successful in your attempts to follow His leadings and do what He asks of you. There is much that awaits us all in the future. Do not be hesitant to ask our guidance for we are here for you all. It is also pleasing for us to have, as you say, a “Big Mac Attack”. His personality is very strong. His love permeates everyone who is with him.


DONNA: Could you elaborate on the distinction between the superconscious and the subconscious? In our scientific understanding of the superconscious could some of the things scientists have attributed to the superconscious be taking place on a subconscious level?

WELMEK: The superconscious is that part of mind which humans are usually not aware of. It is that layer or part in which the Father fragment tries to adjust the spiritual thoughts, insights, direction, that the Father wishes you all to experience. The subconscious part of mind is that which deals with the lower or mundane parts of living. It is not always conscious, but it is as though you are easier. You have more ability to tune in to that part of the mind.

DONNA: In my meditation, when I reach my stillness, I learn things. Also in the course of my day, I’ll get a flash of insight. Is that the superconscious coming through or is that just my mind? Can the superconscious’ presence be known in a conscious state?

WELMEK: Yes, if you are attuned to the adjuster’s leadings. The Adjuster acts as though he is reflecting thoughts to your mind. Your conscious mind can be, if trained, made sensitive to these reflections. In time, if you continue to practice your stillness, you will become adept at understanding these things. There is no reason why humans (….) all of the leadings of their Adjuster. It has more to do with your unwillingness to cooperate. There is little interaction, correction, no interaction; if I understand your question about superconscious and subconscious between these two levels of mindal awareness. Always keep in mind that the superconscious level is that of the spirit. The subconscious level is that of the animal.

DONNA: When our psychologists refer to the Id, or our scientists refer to the moral leadings of the subconscious, are they really referring to the superconscious?

WELMEK: The scientists of today do have some idea of the workings of the human mind. Moral choices tend to be from a superconscious leading, but not aware of usually by the human at the time the choice is made. Many times humans have hunches, have insights, have feelings. Some of these come from the superconscious, while others come from the subconscious. It is not always easy for the human to distinguish the leadings until the human mind truly focuses on their spiritual side.

DONNA: Thank you, that was very helpful. Thank you again for being here. I’m grateful for being a part of the wonderful phenomenon. We are fortunate to have you and your teacher friends among us. Thank you.

WELMEK: You’re welcome.

Guardian Angels

DENNIS: A question that Linda has stimulated me to look into is concerning the seraphic guardians. I have envisioned them as manipulating our environment to stimulate us to make decisions and grow, not working inside the mind or influencing the mind. There seem to be two different passages that somewhat contrast in this regard in the Urantia Book. I’ll just mention these two sentences. “Angels do not invade the sanctity of the human mind”[1]. The other is “On the intellectual level they are the correlators of mind and morontia; they are interpreters.”[2] How do they influence us; can you elaborate on this?

WELMEK: These beautiful beings have been ever faithful in serving you for a long time. While it is true they do not invade the sanctity of your mind, for that is a gift that you have, and by gift I mean the gift of will, they are permitted to make certain registrations in your mind pattern which lead you in certain ways. Opportunities are made ever present, some by angels, some by Midwayers, some by personalities that you are not even aware of. The goal of these leadings is to help each of you in your decision-making to choose the Father’s will. Never have any of these personalities been motivated by anything but love. They will always remain faithful to you.


DENNIS: I am curious what kind of environment you experience when you are on the planet. Are your gardens different from ours and/or do you share the same terrain as us?

WELMEK: Do you mean on my native planet or do you mean here on Urantia?

DENNIS: Here on Urantia.

WELMEK: I experience as you experience. I see as you see. However, my vision is greatly enhanced. We can see things far beyond your visual spectrum. There is so much beauty on your planet. It is truly a sacred place. If you could only appreciate how much we care for your sphere. It is, after all, the world of our Son, Michael. As for consciousness is increased in these things, your attitude towards your loving home will change. You will surely appreciate more the beauty, the grandeur, in just a simple glimpse of each day.

Planetary Government

DENNIS: It is mentioned in the paper on the seraphic government about a planetary headquarters. Is this a morontian building or some other kind?

WELMEK: If you could see with morontial sight you would see many structures that exist on your planet. There is much activity for there are so many beings here. This is a central point in the local universe; for Michael has made several appearances already to this planet. As we understand, many more will come. The circuits are fully operational as I have said. It is quite an interrelationship. You will in time know more about these things.


BOB: I have a few questions to ask. When each of us are meditating at our different times, are you present at these meditations?

WELMEK: Not always, for I cannot be two places at once. However, never forget that the Father fragment is always present. It is the indwelling spirit that is truly your guide. This fragment will lead you throughout eternity, all the way to Paradise if you so choose. Whether we are with you or not is not as important as your efforts and trying to understand and hear and feel the Father’s spirit inside of you.

Teacher Contact

BOB: Above and beyond getting in touch with the Father’s spirit, several of us are still making attempts to contact you, Welmek. Is this still possible?

WELMEK: Yes, there will be contact. While it is difficult to penetrate your mind for several reasons, I admonish you all to continue. However, the most important thing I can share with you now in this regard is to relax. The harder you try, sometime the more mental stimulation and the more difficulty I have in trying to make contact.

BOB: I’ve noticed that a few of the T/Rs communicate through the fingers via the computer. Is this a viable method with you and would you suggest that some of us try that?

WELMEK: There are teachers on the planet who are better adept at this technique than I. My training is more proficient in mental contact as you are all witnessing. However, that does not preclude the opportunity for this to happen in your group. If there are any of you who wish to attempt this, please advise me; and I will make this known in our circles.

BOB: At what point were you assigned to this group?

WELMEK: It was approximately six months ago that I was given the indication that I would be coming here. It was at first temporary because I had things that I had to finish in my training before I felt qualified to be a full teacher with the personalities of this group.

BOB: Do I understand that you knew beforehand that we were going to make contact with Woods Cross and request a teacher?

WELMEK: The Father and Michael know, have known for a long time, which would be receptive to these teachings. Much preparation has already taken place in your minds. Yes, this was known. I was given this assignment for my personality,my training, seems to correlate best with the minds of your group.


BOB: Welmek, do you see David’s Thought Adjuster? Where is his Adjuster during these teaching sessions?

WELMEK: We only see a light. We do not totally see as what I believe you mean as seeing. There are times when his Adjuster is not present. There is much going on, some of which I cannot tell you now. However, the light that is within him centers in his heart area. However, it emanates throughout his whole body. When you have morontial sight you will be able to see a light also. There is so much you will see when you are given this new vision. It will surely validate to you what your faith must now accept.

BOB: The other evening Karla described David’s reaction when Machiventa spoke. David’s leg was shaking and I can understand this. Was this David’s reaction or your reaction that David was sensing?

WELMEK: It is solely David’s physical response to the energies felt. There is certain mechanical functions that he cannot completely control. We are working on this, however.


BOB: One of the teachers, I believe it was Will, made a statement that she didn’t know about a sense of humor until she got on the morontia world. From your native sphere was there a sense of humor? Does Welmek have a sense of humor?

WELMEK: Welmek has a sense of humor. Mine is somewhat like Will’s. My planet too was fairly well settled in Light and Life. A sense of humor as you know it, is derived from having contrasts in daily living. We on our planet did not have the contrasts as you have; that is why we, through the Reversion Directors, have learned better how to appreciate humor.

Teaching Mission

BOB: You stated the other evening that there are 28 groups in existence or coming into existence. Of these, how many are Urantia study groups? I would like to make an attempt to communicate with the other groups to exchange experiences and perhaps form a social organization. Can you provide us with information as to how to get in touch with these groups, including the non-Urantia groups with active T/Rs?

WELMEK: We can give you information in this regard. Most of the groups now in existence have experience with the Urantia Book. Some do not actively read at this time; however, most do. There are a few groups who exist that have not as yet come into contact with this book, but they will shortly for we know that the information contained within the Urantia Book is of vital importance for you to fully understand and help us with this mission. I do not at present have a complete list of all of the locations, but I will be in touch with David as to where and how you should proceed. We are anxious to have communication begin on a more active basis between your groups. The reinforcement and encouragement that you can give each other is needed. There are some groups that are still unsure of the nature of these transcripts and they need to hear from those who are more accepting of them.

BOB: Do I have a spiritual name, and what is it?

WELMEK: One moment….John. You shall be known throughout eternity by that name.

GINA: My name is Gina Buselli. First of all, I would like to know if I have a spiritual name?

WELMEK: One moment…Your name is Rachel.

Thought Adjusters

GINA: Thank you. I have some things I want clarified. While I don’t meditate, I have sometimes come to Urantia meetings, but in my spare time I don’t read the book. My mother told me that when this all started that at night before she went to sleep she said to the Thought Adjuster or God that you can take over and do what you need to do to answer some of the questions that I have. If I do this maybe I’ll get answers to the questions that I have for myself. I did this a few nights ago and I did receive something. I’m not sure if this came into my head or if my Thought Adjuster answered. I’ve been having some sort of frustration with my gymnastics and believing in myself that I can do it. What hit me was my coach told me that she believed in me. She believed that I could be whatever I wanted to be, do whatever I wanted to do. What hit me a few night ago is that I have to believe in myself first. Was that my imagination or was it my Thought Adjuster?

WELMEK: I cannot say the source of that particular thought. However, I would like to say that, and I would address this to the whole group, you must first know God loves you. God knows you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. First accept that, then accept yourself for what you are. We all have shortcomings, we all have strengths. Do not be discouraged when you come across those things which frustrate you. Always look inside first.

Your mother is correct in what she says as far as you turning your thoughts over. Ask you indwelling spirit to become more of a Thought Controller than a Thought Adjuster. Your spiritual progress will hasten the more you are willing to seek His will and actively pursue righteous daily living. You must accept these things on faith now, but surely I tell you in time all things will be made known to you.

You, Gina, should be proud of what you have accomplished so far. Many people your age are not even thinking about God to the depth you have started. If you pursue this course, you will surely find happiness and joy in your life, and you will bring much happiness to others for, barring accidents, you will be a long time on this planet.

MICHAEL B.: Greetings, Welmek. I am Michael Buselli. I have not been able to have much time to think about questions I will ask you so I just want to say today that I’m glad that you are here and I look forward to future meetings like this. The only question I ask today is, what is my spiritual name?

WELMEK: One moment….your name is Jeremiah. You will be known by that name for eternity.

MICHAEL B.: Thank you, Welmek.

WELMEK: You’re welcome.

Spirit of Truth

MARY: Hello Welmek, this is Mary. I’ve been kind of shy about talking to you. This is very emotional to me. I do have some questions I would like to ask you. I just came up with them for I have been real busy too. My first question is about the Spirit of Truth. What I understand in the Urantia Book was not real clear to me. Is the Spirit of Truth a personality or is it or he a part of Michael that he bestowed upon all of the worlds when he ascended?

WELMEK: The Spirit of Truth is a part of Michael’s personality. It reaches everyone who seeks truth. This is how we are in touch with Michael constantly. Through his spirit we can know him, we can love him and we can serve him. If you allow your mind to attune to this spirit, you then have the mind of Michael. Does that help?

MARY: Yes, that helps a lot. Have been made familiar with each of us in your preparations for coming to this group?

WELMEK: I have spent much time with each of you. Although you are unaware of these events, much preparation had to take place before such an occurrence as this can happen. While it may seem easy, you can rest assured we have spent much time and energy in preparation for today. However, this brings us so much more because we too, like you, seek to do our Father’s will. In doing what we are doing we are fulfilling our own desires. That is the beauty of doing the Father’s will.


MARY: Thank you . This is a historical question. The Midwayers and angels who originally went over to Lucifer, when Lucifer was adjudicated and Satan and Caligastia and all those guys, what happened to the lesser beings?

WELMEK: All who seek salvation were saved. Many were reassigned to different spheres throughout the universe. There were, however, some who did not seek to exist and therefore they no longer do. This saddens us to see this for them. However, we rejoice in the fact that the wisdom of Michael and the Father have prevailed for much of the turmoil that was caused by the rebellion has resulted in so much understanding for those of us who witnessed this experience. Although that is difficult, I’m sure for you all to appreciate because you cannot see, in time, again, you will know the true depth of my words.

MARY: Thank you. How old are you?

WELMEK: It doesn’t matter, my time of existence. I know there are many questions you all have in reference to these things. However, you will find that we do not answer all questions pertaining to our personalities.

MARY: Thank you. I do want to say that this has been a very strange and wonderful week for me, and I appreciate everything that has happened within my life because of the experiences that have been happening. The communication that I have been able to make at some points with the Father, not really communication, maybe I feel communion. I know that the Father hears me and I thank Him for this but I also want to thank you for your efforts. Thank you for being here today

WELMEK: You’re welcome. The Father does hear your cries, your prayers, your words and your thoughts. He is forever with you. He will never leave you. Never hesitate to seek His guidance. We all have to be reminded of that. Remember that it is by your decisions that these things happening to you now are being made real in your awareness. You must make decisions. You cannot escape this process. If you dedicate your will to seeking His, if your decisions are based on that motivation, more joy, happiness and understanding will come to you than you can ever begin to imagine at this point in your life.

MARY: Thank you.

WELMEK: You are welcome.

KARLA: Welmek, this is Karla. I don’t have any questions. I just want to thank you again for your beautiful words and encouragement to me last night. It meant a great deal to me to know that you were there with me and those few words made such a difference in my life. And I look forward to continuing the conversation.

WELMEK: Remember, in reading the Urantia Book you are told that whatever you do for the Father you will receive tenfold in return. What you did for your father, Sarah, is something that had true spiritual significance and you were rewarded by being made aware of that.

KARLA: I think we are ready for your words now.


WELMEK: There is much anxiety on your part to hear my words within yourself. I understand this. While I cannot snap my fingers to make this happen, I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to facilitate these contacts. Stillness is what is required on your part. You must be able to find the time in your busy days to take the opportunity to seek Him. While I can do things on a physical level with other helpers, I cannot make you take this time. Many are trying and we recognize this. However, you must be totally dedicated to seeking His will and in time more will come your way. The Father is truly a glorious being. We are all in awe of His presence. Relax your minds for a moment now. Seek the stillness with all that are gathered here and I believe you will experience a very loving feeling. I will leave you now in your silence. Let me know when you want to make more contact as a group and I will be there for you.

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