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IND9- Reflectivity, Guidance, TA, Emotion

1992-08-05-Reflectivity, Guidance, TA, Emotion
Indianapolis #9


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: What Is The Correcting Time
1.2 Group: Indianapolis TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Welmek
2.2 TR: Unknown
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Announcement
3.2.1 Correcting Time
3.3 Dialogue
3.3.1 Reflectivity, Attunement
3.3.2 Correcting Time
3.3.3 Materializations
3.3.4 Guidance
3.3.5 Names
3.3.6 Influence
3.3.7 Thought Adjuster
3.3.8 Presence
3.3.9 Communication
3.3.10 Emotion
3.3.11 Progress
3.4 Closing

Topic: What Is The Correcting Time
Group: Indianapolis TeaM
Teacher: Welmek; TR: Unknown


WELMEK: Greetings to all of you this evening. We are truly pleased and honored to be in your presence. We cannot tell you how excited we are that so many have come to share in the beautiful message which you will receive tonight. It does us….it pleases our hearts greatly to see so many willing and faithful to hear these words. Our mission moves forward with much progress. Many things are happening at a pace even faster than what we have anticipated. Know that the Father loves you, that He is ever present and He is desirous of you all to turn to Him.

I have a special message to share with you tonight. It is true as some of you have heard that Gabriel himself has shared a special message with us and wishes us to share it with you. Gabriel himself is not in your presence, but his words will nevertheless make the same impression on your minds and hearts.

Correcting Time

GABRIEL: (Gabriel’s message): Greetings children. You are witnessing a time of much love and joy on your world. Our Lord and Creator Michael sends his personal greetings to you all. If you could but imagine the love that surrounds you, you would not hesitate at all to return it to your brothers and sisters. It pleases me deeply to see so many faithful gathered in His name.

As you know, much work has already transpired on this world. This is just the beginning. Michael has commissioned myself and others to follow through with a program that would bring your planet into an era that has never before been known. It will truly liberate the minds and souls of the people who live here. It is such a time to rejoice. Open your hearts and your minds to the Spirit of Truth which has been intensified greatly.

We wish that you know with the oncoming birth of our Master that there will be additional information forthcoming. It is my honor to address this group tonight and my special message for you all is that I personally will, in time, speak to each of you if you so desire it. The wonderment of these proceedings has yet to dawn on your minds.

However, this can change quickly. We cannot make this happen. You must want this to happen. If you could but see with morontial vision, you would see a planetary administration that is beyond anything we have witnessed to date. The Father indeed stirred Himself years ago and now we are witnessing the outworking of His plan. Glory be to our Father in heaven, for in Him we all have our being. I wish you all the best. I give you my love and look forward to meeting with you again. Go in peace, God bless you. I now turn this meeting back to Welmek, your teacher.

WELMEK: Greetings. This is I, Welmek, your guide and teacher. We cannot begin to tell you what impact these words have on us, just as we can see in your hearts the impact it has on you. Yes, we too cry joys of happiness…..we too cry tears of joy and happiness. It is something that never ceases to amaze us when beings like our creator, Michael, and his assistant Gabriel, as well as the Melchizedeks come to these sessions, either in person or in spirit and share these messages. We do not always know the exact meaning of everything that is being said. However, I can assure you that if Gabriel says he will attempt to make contact, and there will be additional messages in the future, you can put your faith in him. I would now address questions and would like to say a few words before we adjourn the format meeting. Let’s begin.

Reflectivity, Attunement

Q. This is Dennis. Welmek, I was wanting to ask about the meaning of the following quote from Jesus: “As prayer may be likened to recharging the spiritual batteries of the soul, so worship may be compared to the act of tuning in the soul to catch the universe broadcasts of the Infinite Spirit of the Universal Father.”[1] I would like you to discuss guidelines on how we go beyond taking in energy to tuning in.

WELMEK: Tuning in is an active process that you must engage daily if you are to seek accomplishment. The fragment, the spirit that dwells within you is your access to the universe broadcasts and circuits. He will forever lead you faithfully and guide you to the Father. His spirit is so great you can put all of your faith and trust in Him.

We have asked several times that you give your heart and mind to the spirit fragment, and in doing so, He will adjust and later, control your thoughts to the point that your own mind becomes the mind of the Father. When this happens, you will achieve the fusion that the Urantia Book references. I said it is an active process. There is no short-circuiting this. You must want it with your entire being. You must practice as you must practice in everything you do that you want to achieve. Does that help?

Q. Yes. One further question in this vein. Would it help if we….to tune in to Michael or the Spirit of Truth or is it only necessary that we tune directly in to the Father?

WELMEK: As a suggestion that I gave to Sarah the other night, I would encourage you to focus on Michael, for it is his mind that you ultimately seek throughout the local universe experience. Focus on Michael’s love, read his life with eyes you have never had before, read between the lines. As you seek the Father daily, your life will assuredly change. Your outlook will become positive; and as this progresses, when you read the life and teachings, you will understand so much more than you ever have before. By attuning yourself in this way, you facilitate your spirit fragment to reflect or refract, in a sense, the messages from him to your mind.

Q. We have two guests from out of town this evening, that you’re probably not familiar with. They are Jeff Lomax and Jane Woods who traveled all the way from southern Indiana to be with us.

WELMEK: Greetings. However, I would say that we are familiar with Jeff and Jane.

Q. I’m Jeff.

WELMEK: Greetings, Jeff.

Correcting Time

Q. What is the correcting time? A. The correcting time is that time when all of the inequities of this world will be corrected, to eliminate the negativism on this planet. We have been commissioned to initiate these changes by Michael himself. We will not fail in this mission. We are encouraged to see so many in this area willing to participate in these activities. I will say that we must have your help, for without you, we cannot make these changes occur as rapidly as we want them to. Next question?

Q. Are these changes, then, going to occur from spiritual pressure from above or from mortal activity from below?

WELMEK: Both. The mortal activity will be initiated by the spiritual pressure from above. We constantly make contact with those who are open and willing. However, you, for the most part, are unaware of this contact, for your minds have not yet been made ready. Actually, I should say, your physical brain mechanism has not yet been made ready. But, more importantly, your commitment to the Father’s will has not yet been dedicated fully. Once you dedicate yourself daily to seeking His will and sharing His love with your brothers and sisters, you open the channels so that we many better communicate.

Q. Hi Welmek, I’m Scott.

WELMEK: Greetings, Scott.

Q. Is there spiritual name for me?

WELMEK: One moment, please….Your spiritual name is Jerome.

Q. Thank you. You spoke of the correcting time, and I am not fully conversant with what the Urantia Book says about it. My question is, granted this time will come, how, more specifically, will these changes occur? What are these changes going to be?

WELMEK: I am not permitted to go into great detail on many of the specifics. There is much information that is already available to you through other transcripts. Most important for us now is to daily attune ourselves to the indwelling leading. Once you have achieved some success with that, you will be in a position to receive our thoughts.

I can share with you, however, a few things. First, there is an attempt being made, and I will say, with certain success, that many of you will actually achieve a vision beyond what you can see now. While I know this sounds far-reaching to your minds, you must understand and believe that what Michael has said will be so. And with his permission, many things can transpire that heretofore you have not been able to either know, understand, or even imagine.


WELMEK: There is a tremendous circuitry that has been put into action on your world. The administration is unbelievable, even to myself; for we, as Gabriel said, have never seen the outworkings of such things before. I have no doubt in my mind that we will be successful, and that in time, your planet will be purged of the strife, hatred, war, poverty…all of the things which so sadden us and our Father.

We truly weep over these things, and you must know that with our very being, we are here to help you help your brothers and sisters overcome these tragedies. We also can share with certainty that within most of your lifetimes, barring accidents, there will be incarnations of the Melchizedeks.

The statement made by a teacher in Florida is accurate, that Machiventa himself has made several appearances throughout the world, unannounced. We don’t know specifically all of the reasons why he has yet to be fully materialized. However, the power directors have enabled him to make certain specific contacts.


WELMEK:  Again, I cannot stress the importance for each of you to not overly concern yourselves with the outworkings of this correction time. Before you can be made ready to work the plan that we have for your group, which, by the way, each of you will have specific tasks to perform if you are willing, you must first make yourself ready to receive contact, for each of you will be . . have been assigned a guide.

Q. Hi Welmek, I’m Marty.

WELMEK: Greetings, Marty.

Q. You say each of us has been assigned a guide?


Q. Already? A. Yes.

Q. Are the guides present this evening?

WELMEK: Most are here observing. I can also share with you that there are many personalities witnessing this event. It would…boggle, as you say, your mind?…if you could but perceive the number of beings who are pouring out their love for you now. You should know that, as our Father knows all things, as Michael knows all things, you being here tonight is no mystery to them. Next question?

Q. Hi Welmek, this is Linda. A. Greetings, Linda. Q. My daughter and I are planning to attend a conference this weekend. Should we share what’s happening in our group?

WELMEK: You may share what is happening with our group to anyone you feel that you would like to share that with. We are to a point in our group, even though it is still so very young, that we are moving forward regardless of other’s perceptions of the truth or realness of what is happening.

When you share your thoughts and feelings, always focus on the Father’s love when you address the people you talk to. Through His love, they will know, perhaps not at the moment that you speak; but always remember, they, too, have spirit fragments. They, too, are loved by the Father; and they, too, in time, will know these things. Next question?


Q. I’m interested in what my spiritual name is.

WELMEK: One moment, please….your name is Sheila. You will be known throughout eternity by that name. I would like to add a comment here, if I may. Many people have asked questions about their spiritual name and the significance of it.

While you hear your name in your language, it is truly not the way it is heard throughout the universe. We cannot impart to you the exact sound and meaning, for there is no reference in your mind for these things. It is also true, as Johann pointed out, that there may be many people who apparently have the same name, but to us it is uniquely yours.

Q. I have been feeling some different energies recently, and actually tonight while we’re meeting. Is this significant?

WELMEK: Yes. It is literally true, if you desire to do the Father’s will, you will know many things yet in your lifetime. I know I say these things to you again and again, but I don’t know how else to impart the truth. If I could but make myself present, perhaps some would believe deeper. But we have seen throughout history that this technique is not always useful, for many who have seen these things still do not believe in them. You will know the truth from within, and in time, you will literally see the truth.

Q. Has contact been attempted with my person?

WELMEK: Contact has been attempted with all the personalities in this room. The children present are less contacted at this time than the adults. However, be not dismayed or feel anything other than the Father’s love because of this; for right now the adults in the group have more specific tasks at hand. The children are the future. They will carry the torch as you pass on. They will, in time, also see and know many wonderful things.

Q. Hi, this is Amber.

WELMEK: Hello, Amber.

Q. I want to know what my spiritual name is.

WELMEK: One moment….your spiritual name is Ambrosia. It is very beautiful to us. When you hear with morontial ears, you will find the depth beyond what you can imagine now. It is true that oftentimes, spiritual names are not given to people until they have reached a certain point of spiritual understanding of knowing our Father. However, the children present here are very fortunate that their parents love them so much and are willing to share with them their lives.

By doing this, you open the hearts and minds of your children to receive the many special gifts that the Father has waiting for all. Continue in your searching, Ambrosia, for the Father is truly within you. You have many years to progress on this planet; and if you are willing, you can believe me when I say we have your work cut out for you. (group laughter)

Q. This is Gina.

WELMEK: Greetings, Rachel.

Q. I would like to know if seeing children here pleases you and the other teachers. Does it?

WELMEK: My first response was to say you know that you know. However, you are…such wonderful experiences for us because, in you, our mission will come to more fruition than your parents’ generation will see. Not only will your work be important, but your children and their children must also have this light that is starting to glow within you now.

It is your duty, as well as your privilege, to serve the Father and Michael in this way. While we recognize the pressure that you are undergoing, never forget that our Father upholds us all; and when you think times have treated you poorly, never forget that He is waiting to take this burden from you. Yes, it pleases us beyond your understanding that you are receptive to our words.

Q. Hello. I am Jane.

WELMEK: Greetings, Jane.


Q. I would like to know what I can do as a teacher and environmentalist that I am not doing now to spread the love of God.

WELMEK: There will be more instruction later as to specific tasks that we would like for each of you to perform in areas of specialty or areas that you will find will be your specialty. You can rest assured, Jane, that we have something very specific in mind for you.

However, in the meantime, we also admonish you to continue on your path. You have sensed a certain feeling. You know of our presence, and we are very desirous of you to listen to our words. As a teacher, you are in a position to touch many lives. As you grow in the Father’s love, share this love with the pupils, students, that you come in contact with. They will see in you a light that will draw them to you, and you will have an impact on them beyond what you can imagine now.

Q. Is there anything that I can do that I’m not doing now to awaken reverence in the people I work with, my spouse and children?

Thought Adjuster

WELMEK: Our master said “By their fruits you shall know them.” There is nothing more powerful for a doubtful person to actually see another fellow’s life, attitudes, hopes, desires, commitments change in front of their eyes; for while they may not fully understand all that is happening, they surely see that you have something they don’t.

Through your actions you will have the most impact on them. Do not hesitate to share with them what you perceive to be what they need at the moment. Always remember, the Father is within you. If you are willing to do His will, He will speak through you, similar as to what we are doing with David. I think you have, most of you have had experiences in your past where you have said something to someone and later wondered where those words came from.

I can attest that these are definitely the leadings of your Father fragment, for at that moment your mind was open, and the Father flowed through you. Continue, Jane, on your path of seeking the stillness, opening your mind and heart; and soon, more answers to your questions will follow.

Q. Hi, Welmek. My name is Ann.

WELMEK: Greetings, Ann.


Q. I had an experience a couple weeks ago that really scared me, and maybe you can enlighten me a little bit about that. I felt the presence of an entity, I sensed this a couple times real strongly, and I felt very uncomfortable with it. I meditated to get in touch with it, but it scared me because it was such a strong presence. Can you tell me, is that someone from your mission?

WELMEK: No. The feeling that you felt was somewhat real. By that I mean, when Caligastia and Satan and Daligastia and the rest of the unbelievers were allowed to roam your world, many negative life-threatening situations were allowed to occur. There were many events that they put into motion that caused harm on many levels.

What you’ve sensed is the aftermath of their presence. This presence can no longer do anything to harm you; you simply felt it in your being. Know, in time, that this will all be eradicated; for God’s love is so powerful that within all human minds these things will no longer be experienced.

Q. That is a big help to me. At the time that I was meditating, I asked to be surrounded with the light like in Jesus Christ’s consciousness and nothing of negativity be surrounded by me; and that presence stayed by me until I had instructed that I only wanted information to come through my higher self and then it was gone. Can you give me any information beyond what you just said?

WELMEK: Your psychic attunement to the presence is strong. However, your will is more powerful. If you do not wish to feel or experience these impressions on your mind, all you must do is seek inside to the Father, and these things will be as though they were not.


Q. So I can receive information through my higher self about your mission? Is that correct?

WELMEK: You can receive information directly from us about this mission if you attune and desire contact. You receive information, guidance, leadings, feelings, thoughts, a knowing, in a sense, from the spirit fragment. As you attune yourself, as you make yourself sensitive to these leadings, the contact with us for humans seems to be easier at present than contact with the spirit fragment.

However, I must say that contact with your fragment is the most important mission that you have; for it is this guide that lives within you that will literally take you to the Father and experience His immediate presence when you reach Paradise. He will never fail you. He will always uphold you. He will always love you, and in time you will know this and you too will love Him, fully.

Q. One thing that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable is that I’ve always felt that information that came through my higher self could be trusted purely, but that information from another entity, I felt more uncomfortable with. Can you…if I ask for information through my higher self, will I be blocking other information that I should hear at this time?

WELMEK: No. Always seek information, contact from your higher self; for our role as guides and teachers is to simply uplift your spiritual awareness to the point that you can finally attune to this guide and then you will be on your way, as it were, in understanding and communicating with the fragment. Once you have achieved that, there will no longer be a need for this type of contact. We are, so to speak, helping you bridge the gap.

Q. I’ve felt led recently to take on a new type of work, and I’m wondering if there’s something real specific that I should do at this point to try to help further this mission.

WELMEK: The most specific thing that you should do now is to seek the stillness, remove the doubt that you have in your mind about the realness of our mission, and allow us to do the rest. Actually, what we ask of you, although seemingly difficult, really is not, for we are here to do most of the work. You must make this commitment and in time you will hear our thoughts and words; and I can even say, in time it may come to pass that you may even see us.

Q. And this comes through greater faith in God.

WELMEK: This comes in a complete and total dedication to do His will daily, to feel His love flow through you, and to share, express this love with your brothers and sisters.

Q. Hello, Welmek. This is Mary.

WELMEK: Greetings, Mary. We are pleased that you were able to join us tonight.


Q. Yes, me too. I have several questions; I’ll try to keep them brief. I guess the most important one for me it seems is, how do those of us who are, like, emotionally so responsive, control these emotions so that we can martial our energy and sort of pool our resources?

WELMEK: It is a natural experience to feel emotions, deep emotions, when you start to actualize the Father’s love in your life. Allow this for a time, for it is a cleansing and healing experience. As the conscious awareness of these events start to manifest themselves in your daily life, the emotions will come under control themselves.

Q. I notice that whenever someone asks their spiritual name that you pause and seem to go away or something. Are you seeking for translation, or are you going through a reference of some sort?

WELMEK: There are records that must be checked, for I do not have all answers to all questions. I, too, am a mortal ascender. While I have fused and I have spent time on Jerusem, I, like you, have so many things to experience. During this time of delay, I am seeking information from sources available to me that one day will be revealed to all of you.

Q. Would you tell me my spiritual name?

WELMEK: One moment….your spiritual name is Sha-ra-lee. You would spell it S-H-A-R-A-L-E-E.


Q. Thank you. I was wondering, when I read some of the transcripts from the Will group in Tallahassee, I think Will gave specific instructions on how the group could most benefit from her teachings. I was just wondering, do you have any guidelines for us? When you give a lesson, what should we do so that we can become more cohesive as a group, and work together better, and help each other more?

WELMEK: As our weekly meetings progress, there will be lessons given. I would ask each of you to ponder the lessons and return the following week with questions. On the intellectual level, that is how you will grow. On a spiritual level, you will grow as you share with each other. The more you are willing to give, the sooner trust will grow.

As trust grows, friendship, companionship and love will flourish. In time, you will perceive yourselves as a family; and as this family grows, you will receive more people in the group. Those of you who have started must take care in making your new fellows welcome. I have no doubt with the love in your hearts that anyone who comes to this group will immediately feel welcomed. In time you will see this happen as you say, right in front of your eyes.

For now, know that I am with you. Others are with you. The Father is with you. I cannot seem to say this enough, for it is the most important message I can share with you at this time. I would encourage you to limit your questions, if it is acceptable, for David is tiring and I have a few parting words for you all.

Q. Good evening Welmek.

WELMEK: Good evening, Brenda.

Q. My earthly name is Brenda. My teacher, whom I call Samuel, has always called me Sarah. What name would you give me?

WELMEK: Yes. This is how you will be known. However, when you hear with expanded vision, you will see, hear, your name more beautifully than you can now.

Q. Thank you. I have no question. I just want you to know that, for what it’s worth, my heart is just wild with joy that we are finally on our way.

WELMEK: I can tell you with complete certainty, that all present feel this love and joy. It touches the Father and Michael himself. There is much in store for you all.

WELMEK: It is important for us to see you here as I have said. In the weeks to some our first priority will be to gel as a group. I will request and appreciate that you bring your questions so that we may all hear the answers together, and for you to discuss these transmissions afterwards.

It is literally true that we are here after we have finished speaking. We do listen to what you say. It give us an indication as to where we need to pick up with in the week following. There have been several lessons given to date for this group. I ask each of you to read these lessons. Feel within your heart the truth.

Bring to the group meeting any questions for clarification or a broadening of understanding. It is advisable and permissible for you to have individual sessions at this point. However, there will come a time when this will not be necessary, if you make it so. We have witnessed many things here recently, tonight’s greeting from Gabriel and encouraging words, all of the personalities who have visited us and will be here for a while.

There is so much that I wish I could just lay out in front of you. I must admit at times I, too, get frustrated because I know your heart and I know you want to hear our words, see us and better understand how to feel the fragment within. All that I can say is what I have already said. Go about this week.

When you wake in the morning, rededicate your will to His. As the day progresses, take a moment to think about what your priorities are; and as you interact with your brothers and sisters, let the love of Him, our Father flow through you to touch them. In this way, you will find much happiness and joy, for as you look upon the master’s life. That is exactly what he did.


WELMEK: Go in peace. God bless and love you all. We will be with you this coming week. Good night.

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