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INS200816- Beginnings with the Healyons

2020-08-16.  Beginnings with the Healyons

Formerly Light Circle – LCR #1

Light Circle is a new group formed on Sunday, September 6, 2020 by the active members of the North Idaho Group after consulting with Mark Rogers, who suggested that we form a new group. Our focus for sometime since Mark had to leave the group to attend to family issues has been on healing – individuals, relationships of all types, the environment, communities and governments of all sizes to contribute to the Correcting Time to bring Urantia to Light and Life through working with our members of our celestial teams co-creatively in support of each other for the highest good of all in whatever ways are most pleasing to Father.

We were well accustomed to working with many members of our celestial teams; Dr. Mendoza with his team of assistants and the Mentori along with Light and WAVE. On August 16, 2020 we were introduced to some beings from another world, who introduced themselves as Healyons and stated that they wished to be of assistance to us in healing ourselves and the humans and animals on our world. They are very friendly and very approachable. Thus, a new chapter began for our group and we think of them as members of our Cosmic Family. Michael has stated how pleased he is that we are working with our brothers and sisters in our Cosmic Family because we are all his children.

The Light Circle transcripts will take a new form with dialogue instead of messages that would have little meaning without the context in which they were received. The Light Circle weekly transcripts will be posted online and on We will be posting the transcripts from the first one onward so you can follow the progression of the process. We ask for your patience as it takes a lot more time and effort to transcribe dialogues than messages.

We wish to let everyone know that all transcripts from North Idaho and Light Circle that have not yet been transcribed are preserved on and will be available when they have been transcribed and edited. Nothing of either group will be lost. We thank you for your patience as we adjust to this new format.

The transcript below is the first one from the Light Circle introducing the new format and the beginning of this new chapter of meeting and sharing the words, information and gifts of healing our Cosmic Family has to share with us. Future Light Circle transcripts will include information about another Cosmic Family group that has spoken with our group and any others that may come forward to share and join with us.


Formerly Light Circle – LCR #1

August 16, 2020

T/R: Allene Vick

Subject:  Healyons

Allene: Did everyone get my information about the Healyons?

Mark: Encapsulate it for us, please.

Allene: Okay. They are going to be visiting us today. I always read the things on the site, ‘Prepare for Change’ and there was something about the Tachyon chambers for healing. And I read at the very bottom something that talked about not needing to go into one of the chambers; you could create one at  home yourself. Ellen and I had always been told by the Life Carriers, that no matter what the technology was, we didn’t need the technology. We could do it ourselves and so this really intrigued me. I read a little bit more. What the entities from the Pleiades said was that you could create your own chamber by simply lying down and stating three times, “Command 771.”

I was out in the sun and sitting very comfortably in a chair with my head back and I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable. I silently said the command three times, “Command 771” and then I sensed these beings around me. I would guess probably 5 or 6. I don’t know. I realized that they must be the ones associated with the Tachyon chambers.

So I asked them if they’re the ones with the Tachyon chambers. And they said, “Yes, we are.” Then I said, “What planet are you from?” And they replied, “It would not make any difference, because you would probably never be able to pronounce it. So why don’t you just call us the Healyons; HEALYONS. So when you tell others about the Tachyon chambers, you could use this word Healyons when you explain it”. That made sense to me and I agreed.

Then I made a healing request. They said, “Okay” and went through my whole body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet just like the Mentori do. I thanked them and they said there was no need to thank them, but what they would like is for this information to be shared with many others. I told them that I would be happy to share this information about them. They thanked me said that they would be coming to me again. That was in the early afternoon and the rest of the day my personal issue was improving all day, I mean REALLY improving and by the next day I realized it was totally gone. And now it is totally gone.

Also, I had been checking my heart rate every day trying to get rid of my arrhythmia before my next doctor’s appointment the following week. When I took the next readings, the palpitations were almost completely gone. And I think now today there won’t be any more. As I was talking to them that night about my arrhythmia they said, “When you talk to the doctor you might as well tell him that there isn’t any more arrhythmia because there won’t be anymore and it will not cause you any further problems.”

The Healyons are quite responsive and effective healers. I told one of my friends, who has had multiple ailments for years. She called me later to let me know that she could feel parts of her body as they were working on her along with a great amount of energy. She was astounded to hear them tell her how some of her issues started decades ago. Now she sounds so much stronger and for the first time believes that she will be strong and healthy once again.

Healyons: Good Day. We are glad to be with you. We are the Healyons you were just speaking about. We’re here to help you and, as was said, if you just state the words, ‘Command 771’, three times we will be there to assist you in healing. And we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have and to help you heal. So please do call on us. And please do share this information with all that you can. Thank you.

Healyons: We are aware that you work with Dr. Mendoza, the Mentori, WAVE and Light and also the other groups you work with.

Attendee1: Okay, so are you more in the spirit or celestial side, as we call it or are you 4D or 5D or what we would term ‘off-worlders’?

Healyons: Well, we’re definitely off-world but we’re definitely into healing during this Correcting Time of which we are aware. We basically heal physical bodies – human and animal.

Mark:  And is it done with frequencies?

Healyons: We work with Tachyons , which can be a particle or it can be a wave frequency. We insert the Tachyon into the cells that are healing so they can heal more quickly and can go back to the original divine pattern of that cell so that the original organ will be returned.

Attendee1: Can missing parts be regenerated?

Healyons:  Yes, they can.

Cathy: When we’re preparing to call you is there something like drinking water or some nutrients that would help you in this process?

Healyons: Not necessarily. It’s always good to drink a lot of water because that’s how your body disposes of the dead cells, so water is always needed in any healing.

Attendee1: What amount of water would you recommend on a daily basis?

Healyons: Quite a lot. A lot more than you think. Close to half of your body weight in ounces. When each one of you works with us, and we hope you will, you can discuss this with us as we actually work with you and give you more specific information to drink for your body.

Cathy: Do you need more than one session usually?

Healyons:  It usually depends on what the situation is, however, we think when you start working with us you will want to come back for more as you find out how you can begin to regenerate your body.

Cathy: We’ve talked about living a longer time to be of service. Is this part of what will help us in that endeavor?

Healyons: It certainly will. You can increase your length of life a great deal by working with us on a daily or routine basis. When we work with you we’ll let you know how often you need to come to us. When you’re ready and you give the command, we’ll will pick up the phone as we said and you can just relax and allow us to proceed with what we do. Of course, to accept and believe is always good.

Healyons:  We’ll accommodate and answer any questions you have when we are with you.

Cathy:  So, Am I correct in thinking that this process works for anything that is not in the original pattern that has been disrupted? Like, what we called mental health issues and things like that?

Healyons:  Yes.

Healyons:  You could merely think it. We think you’re going to be really surprised to notice how you will feel when your body starts working at its optimum level, which it will begin to do. We should also say that some of you may notice some rather instant changes and others of you may notice a slow incremental series of changes. It all depends on what your situation is and how your body, as a total, reacts to each one of these changes.

Healyons:  This is basically working with frequencies and taking on energies which are very different than what you’re accustomed to.

Attendee1: Yes, I just recently heard through Allene and some articles about Tachyons so I’m not really familiar with them at all except when they’re trying to discover them by blasting atoms apart.

Healyons: Fortunately, it is not necessary for you to understand how they work. It is a totally off-world technology that we’re trying to share with your world.

Attendee1: Well I would not be opposed to being educated to the limit of my understanding. I always like to know.

Healyons: Okay, maybe you can ask us whatever questions you have.

Attendee1: I would like to learn about this, as much as my mortal mind can grasp.

Healyons:  Yes, what we’re very interested in your learning is that you don’t need to use all the extraordinarily expensive equipment that is being produced; that you can do it right in your own home. Just calling us, calling our command. This is what we want everybody to know, because this is for everybody. This is not for those who are extremely wealthy or have unlimited opportunity because most people do not have the opportunities and that’s what we’re here to supply.

Attendee1: You mentioned technology and I’m semi-aware of technology that’s available but is, like you mentioned, which is only available to select individuals. They call them Med-Beds. This is where they can regenerate body parts and repair things. As I understand, it is withheld from the general public. Is this the same kind of technological approach that they’re using?

Healyons: No. That’s something different. Those Med-Beds are basically reprogramming the mind. They give instructions to the body to recreate whatever cells or organs they are re-creating. Tachyon technology is totally different. We’re not working with the mind to send messages to the body to heal. We’re just going and directly cutting out the middleman.

Attendee1: Cutting out the middle man.

Healyons:  Well, we are the middle man because Tachyon particles go into the cell themselves. But they’re not programmed through the mind like the other technology is.

Attendee1: That’s what I was calling the middleman. The mind. Are there binaural frequencies or solfeggio range of frequencies that can also assist the mind and the body to develop.

Healyons:  We have nothing to do with that. There are many things that many of you do that are very helpful in your body for staying well or healing. We don’t wish to interfere with whatever you’re doing with this here. When things go wrong and things need to be repaired, that’s what we’re here to do… to make the repairs that are necessary and putting your body back into really good solid health.

Mark:  What happens if several of us call on you at the same time?

Healyons:  That’s not a problem. We are large in number. We have as many as you need. And like the Mentori, we work as a team.

Attendee1: Now, is that for the power purposes or is that because each of you have a special ability as well?

Healyons:  It’s a combination. It’s like combining the best that we each have. We’re each unique. Just like you are each unique.

Attendee1: Okay. So collaborative effort then?

Healyons:  Right, Exactly. We’d also like to say that you can do long distance healing for your friends. If you would like us to visit loved ones or somebody you know who could use our assistance we will be happy to do that too.

Attendee1: Do they need to invoke the ‘771’ command as well if we do that or I can invoke it for them?

Healyons:  It is best if they invoke it themselves, but we can also take your wishes into consideration. It has to be something that this person would wish to have happen. If they’re not able to make the command then it has to be in their highest and best interest. In that way, they have to be in alignment with this.

Cathy: Well, we want to know what other amazing help is out there

Healyons:  We suggest you start with this. This is enough to start with in the beginning. It’s going to surprise you.

Cathy: It doesn’t answer the question when you, Allene, were asked if you would be willing to be here for 400 years and it seems to me that this is a good starter on how this could happen; if we keep rejuvenating and regenerating. There is no limit to how long we can be here. 400 Years might be a tiny, little blip.

Attendee1: This is valuable experience that we get to take out there on our journey through the universe when you get out there. This is all good stuff. And anything I can do to enhance my ability to help others after I leave here.

Cathy: It’s kind of like those folks who are in a hurry to fuse. Well, you learn a lot of stuff unfused. I guess I’ve been of that mind all along.

Allene: I think we’re all being lead to be exactly where we need to be when we need to there. And I think that we’re coming across this information right now is because this is the right time for us to come across this information.

Cathy: I’m glad you were alert and you noticed that.

Allene: Well, this is basically what my assignment has been, working with the MTeam on my non-profit. It was to get all this information about healing from the inside, all-natural healing. That’s what my search has been about that has led me to all these different things, all these different avenues. So I’m just delighted when it comes to finding out something as huge as this that has huge possibilities for a huge amount of people.

Cathy:  Just think of the changes that could happen if people were all feeling good and there weren’t all these issues. That would be a whole different scenario as far as I can see.

Healyons:  Completely different.

Cathy:  A whole lot of people are so tied up in their pain and anguish. Dealing with all of the energy that those emotions take, they are not open to other possibilities. I can’t even begin to think about it. That things would be good and happy.

Attendee1: So did I hear right? That they can heal the mind?

Mark: Yes.

Healyons:  Yes.

Cathy: Part of that is because the mind is biochemical. Maybe healing with cells is enough to heal issues with the mind?

Attendee1: Well, I’m not calling the mind the brain. The brain is where you could have the biochemistry. The mind is a gift of the mother. And where I was going with this is one of the biggest problems I see in the human mind as they’re embracing a fear, which is a soul poison, it keeps them from advancing at all in many areas. Perhaps there is a way to utilize the teaching that we would get from the Healyons to help individuals work themselves out of fear. And, I don’t know if staying in fear is for their highest and best good, but that’s not for me to say. I was wondering if there’s a way to assist the human mind to get out of this morass of the ‘fear’ mindset.

Cathy: I think the biggest issue right now is the fear is planted and nourished.

Attendee1: Right.  So how do we get them out of that? Is there something we can learn from the healing?

Cathy: It’s a whole different thing.

Attendee1: Is there something that we could pass on to make that a tool in their toolbox to work it out with? So I pose that whole question to the Healyons.

Healyons:   Yes. And we have an answer for you.  When the body is totally well; it is not stressed so they can relax and fear and relaxation do not go together. We just have to get the people who are in fear to relax.

Attendee1: We just have to get to the people that have a fear of relaxing. Lol

Cathy: Things are beginning to move on our planet where people are just starting to begin to accept extraterrestrial visitation and help. I am hopeful that that will help us to introduce you to others who haven’t accepted the possibility of extraterrestrial existence and contact.

Healyons: This is why we meet with you and hope you will share our abilities to work with people. We really like to put our good will out for all of the other planets. Some of you seem quite frightened of us.

Cathy: We’re going back to the fear and the relaxing.

Healyons:  Right.

Cathy: I like the idea of introducing good will and help.

Allene: Sharing information about the Healyons, as they gave requested, showing how friendly and helpful they are will do a lot to put aside some of the fears about our cosmic off-world brothers and sisters.

Attendee1: OK, until next time we meet.

Healyons:  And we are sure it will be soon for sure.

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