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INS210420- Apunian 2nd Meeting

2021-04-20. 2nd Meeting with the Apunians.

Attendee1: We’ve been chatting with various off worlders from different planets. And as you know, I explained that we’re working with one in particular with an Earth Project. We have other projects and based upon our desire for service and to help usher Michael’s Correcting Time plans and to help this planet move on, a couple of other off-world contacts have come into the picture which is The Galactic Federation in particular. We haven’t done much work with them except to mostly just get to know each other right now.

This latest group is from a planet called Apu, which is the name of their planet.  We started working more closely with them and then decided to have a cosmic forum to get others to know more about them and know more about the larger galactic family that we all belong to. They’re excited to have somebody to work with in a meaningful way.

So I think tonight we’ll present the opinions from two of the beings from Apu and called Apunians. There are a couple of books written about them. The beings names are Antarel & Ivika who we are in contact and working with. Machiventa has related that they’re all excited that we’re starting this kind of forum to work together and to get to know each other. So, here we are.

Attendee2:  Oh good. How did you find that out?

Attendee1: They introduced themselves to us. Machiventa investigated them and thought we were a good fit and introduced us to each other. What we intend to do is create an platform for the interchange of information and ideas with the ability to ask questions of the various races as they come on board and get connected. To have a place to create relationships using the BigMacSpeaks website; called “Cosmic Insights”.

As we move along, we’ll publish these questions and answers and conversations that we have and as they develop. We have a tremendous opportunities so let’s do some good with it as Michael has told us today. He is so pleased that we’re doing this.

The “Cosmic Insights” on BigMacSpeaks is a place to bring all of his Children together so they can learn from each other and work together. So as we do this, we’re going to be hearing from more and more races because they’re going to find out they’ve got a gateway here where they can come in and speak and it will be shared the way they want it to be shared.

All of the cosmic family members we have spoken to so far want to have this information shared. They’re here to help us move forward and grow into our future and with our cosmic family. This will be a ‘no judgment’ zone and a place to share opinions, ideas and thoughts free from any criticism providing an exercising arena to hone our ability to listen and learn from each other and from our diverse natures, cultures and experiences.  It will also provide opportunities to learn about our similarities.

Ivika: (TR2): This is Ivika. Good evening. Good evening. We are your ancestors and of course we’re talking maybe hundreds of thousands of years. Very well complicated. Of course it goes both ways into the future and into the past. We were originally from here and then left and they also admixed their DNA. Our friends immigrated to a world near Alpha Centauri and then had to do it again to another world. We did it twice more or less and started over.

Attendee1: Are our genetics and your genetics still similar enough that both could reproduce together?

Ivika:  Yes. If that were somehow to be a good thing to do. If it if it helps you.

Attendee1: You mentioned last time we met that you’re working with over 70-75 different groups here on Earth. Which is something that would really keep you busy, at least from my perspective it would.

Ivika: Yes, and because we have deep warm feelings of love, it’s a pure pleasure to communicate like this with our friends.

Attendee3:  Another question that I just thought of. Do you have a soul mate or a companion that’s for all eternity where the two of you exist and live together and work together?

Ivika: Yes I do.

Attendee3: Alright. Do you have cause to have conversations with our planetary prince Machiventa?

Ivika: Yes. He’s our dear friend.

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