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INS210603- Apunians meet the Arcturians – and then there were 7

2021-06-03.  Apunians meet the Arcturians – and then there were 7

Machiventa: This is Machiventa.

Group: How are you?

Machiventa: I’m here again with you on your evening talks. It is always a pleasure and I don’t want to miss any of these talks. You wanted to know what I think about these meetings?

Group: Yes. What do you think?

Machiventa: I think absolutely, to put in your words, “a fabulous opportunity”. Things are moving pretty good and I like the way things are developing. Something exciting every day. We love we love to watch you and see your joy and excitement when these meetings happen. It’s very exciting for us because we realize you will have a powerful dynamic that’s going to turn out with what you’re doing. Well, I would suggest that we invite Ivika and Antarel to join us. I’m always with you when you meet as your foursome to include Capicio and Rana.

Group:  Okay that’s the plan then. Start to discuss our relationships and opportunities. Well then let’s go for it. I’m just having fun with you as always. I try to keep a good attitude, good spirit sense no matter what.

Machiventa: I enjoy that aspect of you very much. It’s just enough that comes from because Father. He has a sense of humor and that’s where you get your senses of it. It’s very interesting for me because I get to see such a diverse spectrum of humor through all the different ages, civilizations, cultures and individuals. It covers quite a huge gamut

Group: Yes, You’ve had quite a journey with all of your different involvements here on Earth and elsewhere.

Machiventa: I have and I’m very happy to be here where I am now on Urantia and working with you too and seeing what’s going to develop from these relationships, not only the you that are here, but to see the day that’s dawning across this world. This is wonderful to see.

Group: You have to be excited?

Machiventa: Yes, This is this something I’ve been waiting for, for a very long time.

Group: Are these developing off-world relationships something that you are accommodation or taking advantage of the moments or is it the converging of various vectors to a nexus point?

Machiventa: Yes, well, we’ve been trying to promote this for generations and centuries. To get people to think and move when they reach higher levels of understanding, to reach higher levels that this could possible come about. Now when it’s come to this particular point, particularly when you’re learning more about your cosmic family, this information is going to come forward. Corruptions will be exposed. It’s a very dynamic position for your planet to be in right now.

It’s almost like what you were talking about earlier regarding person ABC. You mentioned she had to go through the troubles, trauma and horrors of their life in order to move on, to chosen to a new day. That’s what’s happening on your world right now. You’re going to move through all the dramas, horrors and traumas into a brand new day and it’s on the horizon.

So now you can see why we are so excited and supportive of what this group is doing. Can I particularly point out our appreciation of your group because you have the intellectual ability to accomplish this. You bring different dynamics to this and are providing a way to develop these relationships but without your intellectual ability to create the platform, it would have no way to manifest itself for the public to see.

Group: Other people can do it.

Machiventa:  The difference is the belief system behind it and the importance that it plays. Other people might see it as a task or that is a bunch of hooey and would not put the care into it. What I’m trying to do here is to assure you that this is going to make a difference really. It is already connecting different groups. Look at your conversation tonight with the Apunians and the Arcturians together. It’s already coming together. This is good. It’s more than good. It’s fabulous. I was just going to use your word for it.

Group: Okay, let’s get started getting these guys together. It’s always as always. Thank you for kicking it off here.

Machiventa: Thank you for coming together to make this opportunity to do so.

Ivika: Good evening group.

Group: Good evening Ivika. A pleasure as always.

Ivika: Yes, and Antarel is right here with me to hear.

Group: Hello, Antarel.

Antarel: Hello group. I’m here with you. I believe we have a busy night tonight. It seems we’re going to chat with you guys and then bring in the Arcturians; Capicio and Rana that we met prior to meeting you and make introductions.

Before we do that, I would like to say how appreciative we are for your sharing your experiences and sharing ABC’s experiences. This is wonderful to see. This is actual experience in action and you see somebody else being able to interact with us. I just want to confirm that as you continue to go forward, there will be others doing this and therefore you will have testimonies that will bring people together, to learn about us, to share, and learn about all the other members of our cosmic family.

Group: Well, that’s one reason we are here.

Antarel:  We’re here, and we’ll be very appreciative of meeting to Capicio and Rana. We can learn something from each other, to take the best of it and working with that to benefit all of us because we work a lot more with Oneness than you all do no doubt. And that’s one of the things that might prevent you when talking about your learning from all of us, how well we work in harmony together. So we’re really looking forward meeting Capicio and Rana

Capicio: This is Capicio. I am so pleased to be with you today and to meet Ivika and Antarel. This is a most delightful opportunity for us. We are looking forward to it because we’ve heard you talking about them. Rana is also joining our group. So now we have six in this group and Machiventa.

Group: I would like to ask Capicio if he could perhaps share with us a little bit about the opportunities to receive healing. If they can speak to that, that would be great.

Capicio: This is Capicio. I would be very happy to speak to that. We can we can come to you for healing and as has been requested, we are able to make sure that you are able in the morning to recall and remember all of the experiences you had with us.

Group: You have a way to do that?

Capicio: Yes we do. If we couldn’t we wouldn’t be talking to you about this.

Group: I know I’m just wondering because of the energy body. I don’t know how this whole thing works because we have our different body parts that make up our being. So if you’re just affecting the energy body, I was wondering if that energy-body experience would become part of my memory and part of my soul. How does that information stay with the energy body? I don’t understand the whole dynamic.

Capicio:  Well the interesting thing is that when you astral travel you still have your mind because you know what you’re seeing, you can relate to it, you can identify. So this is just like astral traveling.

Group: Okay I got it, because when I’ve astral traveled, I do remember what happened. So yeah. Right. Yeah. Okay that explains it. Thanks.

Capicio: You’re very welcome, and in your answer to your question about when to do this, you don’t have to make an appointment. It’s whenever you choose to do this. You can just say Capicio and Rana, “I’d like to work on healing tonight”. What needs to be healed and the order of healing is better to for you to leave it to our discretion. The other thing I wish to say to you is that healing does not have to be done on one trip. You can have as many sessions as you wish. It doesn’t have to be limited. I think that Ivika and Antarel have said to you, one of the most important things is to relax knowing that all things that you want can take place. And the other thing we say to you which they also said it is to drink lots of water prior to going to sleep or just throughout the day to help us. Good water is necessary to carry away the unhealthy by-products from the healing.

The way your group works together without ego or competition is wonderful to watch. We think that you to make a fine team because you all do different things and there’s no competition. It’s just a wonderful blending. That’s part of the reason it works really good and actually that’s part of the reason we’re working with you. If that wasn’t the case we would not be working with you, Ivika or Antarel.

Group: Antarel said the same thing so we’re in total agreement. I think once they get a bite of the apple, they’re gonna keep coming back.

Capicio: Well, that’s certainly what we think is going to happen.

Group: This is a wonderful new relationship, relationships.

Capicio:  Well actually it’s not all that new, we’ve been with you for some time if you remember. We thank you. As we keep saying, this is a team effort, you benefit, we benefit everybody benefits, it’s a win, win, win. That’s the goal, and the goal is happening now. You all have a difficult time on your planet where you are thinking about the now because most of the time you’re thinking in the future, when this happens, when that happens, it’s happening now. Creation is not in the future. You might see results in the future. What we’re talking about creating, which is now. That might be a statement from us. You might want to put on your backbone. “Creation happens now, and they see the results in the future.” Patience happens now. See the results in the future.

Machiventa: This is Machiventa. It’s hard for me to tell you how joyful it is for me to watch this conversation tonight. Amongst all of you. This is very much like what I was saying earlier. If I could share anything to be effective on your world, it’s for all of you to understand how to work harmoniously with your cosmic family. And this is a beautiful example of how this works. No, it’s a joy to see this happening tonight. And the joy of knowing that this is just the beginning. It’s exciting. It’s like start of a new journey. Actually it is, it is your first, your first steps are well placed and your hearts are strong, your dedication and devotion are going to carry you all the way. This has been a great day from start to finish with all of you, Thank you.

Group:  Well we’re traveling together here so why not remember it all? I mean then I can share part of her journey. It builds a camaraderie.

Capicio: There’s probably not much more to say tonight. You need a little time to assimilate, to take it all in. We’ve given you a lot to thank you about think.

Group:  Thanks. I think so too. As a closing, I would like to express how much you are appreciated.

Capicio: We would express how much we appreciate that you work together. You are a fine example of working in harmony that I was mentioning before. You don’t realize. We’re pleased to offer this good affirmation to you because it’s most deserved and we appreciate it. So we’re glad that you’re able to receive it because it is not often are you able to receive compliments? You’re getting better. We see that and that’s is a good sign. You don’t recognize what a good sign it is. Good night.

Michael. This Michael. I don’t know a better word than Machiventa used about expressing his joy to you see you all working together with your cosmic family. This is what I wanted to see happen for so many, many centuries and it’s now it is happening. This is the original intention that all comes to work as one and it has to take a very long time and it’s got a long way to go but this is a wonderful step that you’re taking.

Group: We’re starting.

Michael: You’re not starting. You have already started. You’re on your way and this is a wonderful, fabulous contribution to the correcting time not only on your world, but on all worlds because everything has to come into Oneness and that includes everything. So this has just created a ripple that goes out and affects everybody absolutely. You’ve already started the ripple. It’s already going out. It’s beautiful. What makes me happy? That’s does. So I thank you and your mother’s spirit is supporting you along the way with her networks. She thanks you because this is a wonderful work in progress that we have waited for. Now we’re beginning to see that we know it’s going to take a very long time, but we’re happy to see the first little wave has gone out. It’s gonna be exciting 10 years say? Well, more than exciting. It’s very rewarding to see something start to come from all of our efforts and our intentions. So you will continue to have our support with all of Mothers networks behind you.

Group: Thank you again. Thank you for your message and your words.

Michael: They certainly can’t adequately explain my appreciation. Yes these things are coming about. It’s all about Oneness wonders within with the Father’s Oneness with all, Oneness with all around you, Oneness with everything and this is where this is heading. So we appreciate all efforts and intentions in this direction. Good night, thank you, and I embrace you with my love and Mother’s spirit offers you the grace of her clarification. So these are the gifts that we can give to you as you give all of your gifts to us.

Group: It’s beautiful. These are great gifts. Thank you.

Michael: Yes. For you and for us. So go in peace and be well. Good night.

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