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INS210421- 3rd Meeting with the Apunians

2021-04-21. 3rd Meeting with the Apunians.

Machiventa: I’m really pleased that you’re going on this new adventure with your new friends Ivika and Antarel. Pleased that you’ve started this program. It is going to turn out very well for everyone. You’ve learned a couple of really good lessons and now you have a good way to start the next time. Things are going very well. I’m very pleased with what you’re doing. I’m always available when you have any questions.

Ivika:  Good evening. This is Ivika.

Group: It’s good to see you. How are you?

Ivika: Good, I’m doing the best I can.

Antarel: This is Antarel, I’m here too. We’re both here with you tonight.

Group:  Oh, thank you. I started reading the book that talks about both of you and Ricardo. Interesting stuff. The possibilities that you are presenting here for us and everyone. I don’t think I have a word for it. Fabulous! That’s my word.

Antarel: Well, you can’t have a word for it yet because it’s something you can’t even imagine yet and is so far beyond your imagination.

Group: You’re correct. I don’t have any clue. Well, I look forward the opportunity to have that put to the test. LOL. I don’t even know where to start. I guess the first thing is if/when there is an opportunity to go through the vortexes, vortices or whatever they are; Is there any preparation that needs to be made?

Antarel: No.

Group: Do you operate on the earth where there are little natural vortices or you can do it anywhere?

Antarel:  It can happen anywhere.

Group:  When we go through the vortex, are there energy eddies that remain that might disturb temporal space?

Antarel: No.

Group: Do you use vortices with the other groups that you are in contact with here?

Antarel: Some of them have no wish to travel. Those who wish to travel, we can do that with them.

Group: How many others do that with you?

Antarel: You might think it’s quite a few, maybe 100 or more.

Group: That’s awesome. I will be reaching out to Ricardo. Are you familiar with my future friends known as the Leians?

Antarel: Yes.

Group: Do you guys work together or are you just aware of each other?

Antarel: We’re just aware of them. We can do space and time travel.

Group: Do you eat physical foods or just absorb universal energy? How do you sustain your bodies? … mostly from energy?

Antarel: Last week we told you that you can do the same thing yourself, you don’t really need to eat. Still it might be a good and better idea for you to gradually move into not eating rather than just make a sudden switch to give your body time to adjust to a totally different energy. This would take training. You can do mental reinforcements every night before you go to bed or in the morning saying; I am energetically healing, regenerating, sustaining and maintaining my body.

Group:  And how much rest do you take? Do you need as much in general as we do? …8 hours?

Antarel:   Not much. We don’t take rest in long periods. Like you do, we do take more of those short times during the day or whenever as a little rest period. You call them ‘naps’. Yes. We rejuvenate.

Group: What is your vocation and what do you like to do? And we would ask the same question of Ivika.

Antarel: Okay, well what we really like to do is exactly what we do. We like helping people as you do. We always learn new things from helping them. We always go into different places. Life each day is a different one.

Group: Do you take time out for play activity or is it just always business? What do you enjoy doing?

Antarel: Not always business. We have some things we do enjoy doing. We enjoy music very much.

Group:  Do others play instruments? Do you play music? Do you play an instrument?

Antarel: Yes, we have instruments. Probably the closest thing that you might think of is, I think your word is a lute. We also like to do group tonal things.

Group:  Group tonal things?

Antarel:  While in a group we make different sounds that blend together, not necessarily singing, but tones to what you call, A Capella. We like to be in places where the tones reverberate beautifully from the walls.

Group:   To change the subject, let’s talk about ‘unity’. Unity consciousness.

Antarel: What’s even more important is the ‘unity in consciousness’. It’s wonderful to come together with ideas, to come together in ways where you can live together peacefully but the ideal is to come together in Unity in Consciousness; where you are all thinking along the same lines and Unity Consciousness always includes the heart. It’s not a mental unity, it’ is a totally unity.

Group:  They say that we have about 40,000 brain cells within our hearts. How does that play into this concept?

Antarel:  This plays in very well because your heart is where your feelings are. Your heart is where your love comes from.  Your brain and your heart work together. The heart gets the emotional part, puts the love into the brain intellectual part and that’s what makes your heart so extremely important. So, what’s in your heart is really who you are. You asked about the fragrance of your Self? Well, that spiritual fragrance is what you are in/from your heart.

Group: I hope we put out a good heart fragrance!

Antarel:  Yes, or else I wouldn’t be here talking with you. We would not be talking with you. You could be jabbering all you want to us for us to talk together, but you wouldn’t hear from us. We like the way the messages are and will be coming out. These messages will speak for themselves and also the messages will show the unity between each one of these groups as they come out and their descriptions emerge. There again, they will see that we’re all here working to help your planet and all of you. So they will see all the larger unity from these many different groups. We are not the only ones, of course, who will be coming on your call for many years to come. You give information away, but what you’re giving away is so very valuable and it is needed and wanted. People are hungry for it. Do you see a how incredible this is to have this outlet? It’s all free!

Group: How soon do you expect to see open disclosure that we’re not alone? How long do you think before this happens from the way you perceive that Earth will be ready?

Antarel: Well, as information comes out from your platform and others races are being disclosed all the time.

Group: How about disclosure to reveal yourselves. It’s not like you’re going to land on the White House lawn.

Antarel:  It’s not necessary for us to appear in physical ships. The most important thing is before that happens, people need to know that we’re not a threat and your military needs to know this as well. They are so compartmentalized.  We’re working with your military. Part of them still think we are the enemy.

Group: So what about the ones that are not nice like you that are working with governments around our planet?

Antarel: There are not many of them. That’s pretty rare and that’s a good thing. That’s the good thing out of the Galactic Federation efforts and work. They work really hard to keep the bad guys under control.

Group: Well, you’ve given us a lot to think about this evening so let’s bring this meeting to a close. Thank you for our time together. Until we meet again. Thank you.

Antarel: You’re welcome. Until next time, good night.

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