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INS210425- Apunians on Healing and the Minius Particle

2021-04-25. Apunians on Healing and the Minius Particle.

Attendee1: It’s very interesting to me that that Minius particle is, as I understand it, the origin of all energy of everything and that we have the Minius inside of us.

Attendee2: We need to activate it and I think the key to activating it is to learn to believe that we can activate it and what it can do. As I was reading about the Ultimaton, the Higgs boson particle, and this Minius particle. I was under the impression the Ultimaton was the smallest particle but apparently not.

There are things they didn’t reveal in the Urantia Book so I guess why not? I’m sure there are other things that are not mentioned or unrevealed in the Urantia Book. So now here we have a race of beings using this Minius. As I understand the Minius is not the same as the Ultimaton.

OK so we take it that it exists, they’ve identified it and they know how to how to utilize it. So it’s just another one of the hidden mysteries not mentioned in the UB. That’s all.

Ivika: This is Ivika. Antarel and I are here. Thank you. We’re both here to be with you today.

Attendee2: Yes, thank you for coming on short notice. So we’re talking about the Minius and the hyper box or Tesseract cube and we’re trying to figure out what our next step is for healing.

Antarel: This is Antarel. The crystals, the white light, the Minius, the hyper box and all the individuals like Dr Mendoza, the two of us, we are only providing the opportunity but also it has to happen with you, through you, and by you. Does that answer your question?

Attendee2: I’m just trying to figure out what I would. Do I just sit up and say some sort of mantra or say something repeatedly to convince myself of what am I doing or my intention?

Antarel: The most helpful thing you can do is to open your heart and ask to believe.

Attendee2: Is this part of the remembering? In one of my conversations with Michael, He said that we came here to do this. Our whole path and journey has been to do what we’re doing. That’s what I mean about remembering; who we really are, why we are.

Antarel:  It’s not necessary to remember. That always gets revealed at the most appropriate times in people’s lives.

Attendee2: Do we need to use the Tesseract cube, the container that emanates Minius particles?

Antarel: You don’t need any of that for your belief that it might help you with your body. As your body gets better it might improve your belief in the system; and by the ‘system’, I mean the universal system of healing.

Attendee2:  I’m sure that would go a long ways to do that.

Antarel:  Belief effects all of these things. Belief is a linchpin to healing yourself. It has to do with all the other things you want to do; 5th dimension things, manifesting, travel, going to different time zones, and so on. And as you say, it is a major linchpin that holds you back, not only you but it is also true for most people.

Attendee2: And how did you did you get over it? What did you do?

Antarel:  Well, I didn’t grow up on your world and I didn’t grow up with your circumstances. Basically what we’re here to do is to help you understand, for you to learn to live in peace and harmony and in unity with all of your brothers and sisters, not only on your world, but on all of the connected planets. And they are connected. This is the most important mission that we have.

Attendee2: The other night when we had Michael come in and where you expressed gratitude for your opportunity to be with Michael. Is that something that is not a regular occurrence for you? Or did I misinterpret your reaction?

Antarel: No, it’s not a regular occurrence for me.

Attendee2: That explains your reaction then.

Antarel: It’s true. Yes.

Attendee2:  And what did it feel like for you to be in that proximity that Michael?

Antarel: It felt very comforting and very peaceful and I could feel the gentle power of his presence. It’s a love that pervades, a love that’s beautiful, and I’m learning from you that I don’t have to wait for somebody like you, to approach Michael.

Attendee2:  He’s very approachable.

Antarel: Yes. But we did not know that because from my perspective, it always seemed normal. That was just the way of things. We come from two completely different cultures. We’re all brothers and sisters who are all his Children. This is what we’re learning from you while we watch you and it’s quite interesting to observe each of you and how you interact with Michael and Mother’s spirit during the day and with different groups and the other people you engage with. We share that divine quality. However, we also realize that not everybody on your world has the same experience. Most people and most of us know who they are, but we don’t have any real active connection with them.

Attendee2:  Yes, we are very fortunate in that way.

Antarel: Yes, you are very fortunate. This is just a grateful little gathering here with joy and humor and having a great time in the process. The more we meet, the more we’ll get to know each other and appreciate our differences and our commonalities. Thank you.

Attendee2:  Thank you. I’m going to say goodnight and until we meet again. Thank you very much.

Antarel:  Okay. Very good, good night. It’s been a wonderful evening with you.

Attendee2: Same here.

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